Swasan – Accidently yours (Episode 5)


Hi guys thank for ur support and suggestions. A very big thank you to all my silent readers too. I hope you will enjoy today’s episode.
Sorry guys next episode will be late and Iwait for the upcoming twist.

Pandit ji says if u r ready we can start the rituals as the good time has started. DP asks AP to bring Swara and Uttata. AP bring Uttara while Swara bring Annapurna. Swara is confused as what is happening in her life and can be easily understood in her face. AP, DP, RG, SG all r happy.

Shail and sanskar cme to mandap………… .Ya u heard it right its SANSKAR. Pandit ji completes all the rituals and asks them to do the pheras, this time all r wishing wholeheartedly and everyone has a broad smile in their face except Swara and Sanskar who are looking confused.

Pandit ji ask them to wear the mangalsutra and sindhoor. First Sanskar takes the mangalsutra and goes to tie for swara, while swara’s eyes are closed and tears fall while he is wearing it. He can feel her pain, then fills her hairline with sindhoor. Pandit ji asks them to get the blessing from the elders. Same ritual is followed by Uttara and Sahil, uttara blushes and happy to the core as she married her love.

Swara and sanskar gets blessing from elders. AP hugs her and tells everything happened for good and blessed her with happiness. Sahil and Uttara are also blessed by elders.
SG:s AP ji now u have to give send off for ur daughter and Grahapravesh to welcome your new daughter, so which one will u choose first.

AP: Let start happy things , I will first welcome my second daughter and then will go for vidai so that there s someone to console me in a sad tone.
SG: Wow that’s a great decision and all prepare for Swara’s grahapravesh.
AP helps Swara in completing all the rituals. They go the pooja room to light the diya. Pooja lits the diya and prays for this family’s happiness who always supported her. All r gng to prepare Uttar’s vidai Swara feelys dizzy and faints, when she is about to fall, ragini and sanskar hold her in their arms.

AP comes running to them to see what has happened, Ragini consoles her by saying this might have happened due to stress and not to take tension she will take care of her, she asks sanskar to take her to room, Sanskar carries her to room. Sanskar makes her lie on the bed and covers her with blanket with confusion. While downstairs everyone gives send off to Uttara and Sahil.
Sanskar removes his garland. Ragini cmes to room and asks him to go and change his clothes. He leaves. Ragini takes care of swara and gives her an injection for good sleep. Saanskar then comes in.
Ragini: Sanskar I have given her injection, she will sleep for next 3-4 hrs so nthng to worry.
Sanskar: nods, bhabs , then hears Laksh entering the room.
He hugs sanskar and tells now ur a married man and have to be responsible and to take care of swara. Snskar gives him a fake smile. Laksh phone rings and he attends the call.
Laksh: Ragini there is an emergency in the hospital I need to leave right now.
Ragini: Right now ! is there something serious. Should I also cme with you.
Laksh: Nothing serious I have an urgent appointement and he leaves hurrily.
Sanskar: Bhabs, you also go and change, I am her na I will take care.
Ragini : But sanskar, u ok

Sanskar: Ya bhabs I m fine you go, Laksh also needs you.
Ragini leaves smling and asks him to care of both Swara as well as his. He nods and gives a fake smile again. He sees Swara who is sleeping and goes to the balcony , leans against the wall and thinks how his life has changed within two hours of time and closes his eyes.

Uttara and Sahil are very happy holding their hands while Manav and Swara are quite with mixed emotions. Manv friends are standing near to him and clicking pics. Pandit ji asks them to do the pheras. First Shali and Uttara followed by Manav and Swara. When they r going for rounds, suddenly manav friend tries to stop him and show smething but first he denies, then his friends stops him and show something from his mobile. Manav is shocked to see that and turns and looks at swara. Pandit ji asks them to sit.

Manav: Swara I want to ask you smething and yells at her . All r shocked by this behavior. Sawara stands there shocked and frightened. DP and RG ask Manav whats it. He tells I need to talk to swara plz dnt interfere. Ragini and Uttara stands beside swara.
Manav: Swara are you happy with this marriage or did any one force you for this.
Swara: Trembles and says no one forced me it’s my decision .
Manav: Oh is it in a sarcastic tone. Do you love anyone.
Swara: Is taken aback and did not reply anything.

Sahil: Shouts at manav, how dare you, manav says stop bhai its my life let me it sort out. It is me who is gng to lead this life not you or someone so let me clear it myself. Swara holds her dress tightly with her fist . Manav pulls her hands and asks to speak up, while swaras bangles break and start to bleed. Manav shouts at her to speak up with full anger, she says no while crying hard, he just pushes her hard Uttara and Ragini holds her.


I hope I did nt disappoint u gus enjoy.

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