Swasan – Accidently yours (Episode 4)


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Uttara and Swara are in their room.
Uttara: ouuf Swara everything went well and shows a sigh of relief and sees Swara
Swara: Simply gives a fake smile and does nt utter a word.
Uttara: Are you not happy with the proposal, or is there something u want to tell me in astonished look.
Swara: Sadly nods, ( face is ull and can see the emptiness) I dnt knw whats happening in my life, I really dnt know whether I m ready for marriage or not. You know me, I never thought about all these stuff, I still can’t cme to any conclusion whether its right or wrong. I am neither happy nor sad.
Uttara: Swara, again calls swara she doesn’t respond, she holds her face and turn towards her. There is nothing wrong, if not today tmr papa will marry u to someone. But now I will not miss u , u and I will be in the same home. U know RG&SG very well and how sweet they are, Sahil is also there so stop worrying and give me a smile now my buddhu.
Swara: smiles slights may be whatever ur saying is correct, I must stop thinking and looks at Uttara with a clear voice.
Uttara: That’s my girl, come we ll sleep, we have to do so much shopping and blush in a very happy tone. But we can’t have any rasam , sangeet nd all since time s very less both families wanted it to do later with a puppy face.
Both goes to sleeps, Swara holds her parents photo while sleeping. AP comes to the room and kisses Swara and Uttara on their forehead. She stiil wants Swara to be her DIL. She sits near Swara and caresses her hair, I know what u must going through now, u suffered a lot, but it is all to save u beta tears falls on swara’s hand. I always wanted u to be my DIL and show you the real affection of mother which you are longing for these year, but now (again tears falls on swara) u r gng to be DIL of some other house which I never imagined in my dreams also. I miss u beta and kisses her and wipes of her tears from swara. Raglak are watching her from outside.
Lash: Mom always loved swara, she is worried because both her daughters are going to leave her.
Ragini : Simply nods. Ragini’s mind voice. No one can understand her pain Laksh. She always wished Swara to be her DIL, now she is broken into pieces no one will understand her. Laksh tries to call ragini but she is lost in her own thoughts. He waves his hand O madam where r u lost. She simply nods and they leave.
Next day morning preparations are in full swing. Swara and Uttara are pampered to the core. Both go for shopping and chose their wedding attire. Uttara choose pink bridal ware. AP chooses red bridal wear for swara and tells that she will look very pretty, swara has mixed emotions but does not want to spoil family’s mood.
Ragini tells about the parlour booking for thm and they have to be there in the evening. Swara and Uttara complete all their works and sleeps early.
Day before Marriage
AP and DP are in their room. Swara knocks thr room.
DP: Swara beta cme inside, is everything fine.
Swara: Ya uncle everthng is fine; I wanted to talk to you and aunty before marriage.
DP: U can share anything and holds her near to his chest.
Swara: Uncle I never saw my parents and longed for their affection with a slow tone and tears in her eyes. I always see them in photo and talk to them, people tell that I m gone crazy but I had no one. AP cries silently hearing her. I had always feared for darkness and night and I always pray that these dark nights should pass very quickly and pauses for some time.
B u , buu stammers but whenever I was near you and your family, I felt that I was very safe in a bold tone. I got a dad protection from you, mother’s touch from aunty. Uttara was my bestie smiles no more than a sister. Raglak caring natures towards me. All these memories are very special to me ( once can feel her sadnees and emptiness in her voice) which I will cherish in my whole life. She takes a pair of watch and gifts to DP and AP. I always wanted to gift to you smething but was waiting for the right time. I know uncle you love watches. I think this is the best time for this gift. She gives to AP and DP. AP hugs her and cries I will miss u aunty, thanks for everything and leaves .DP, who was turning towards the wall, turns and watch swara leave with tears. I will never let you go. AP hugs DP and cries.
Everyone are making fun of Utttra nd Swara and how Guptas are gng to manage them and pulling each other’s leg. Everyone have dinner together with mixed emotions.
Finally the most awaited D Day:
Rag lak are looking stunning in their traditional attire. Ragini in her blue and pink shade leghnga . Laksh matches her with blue shade kurta. Guptas arrive at MM. Sahil is in traditional half white wedding attire, Manav I his royal blue outfit. Of courseeeeeeeeeeeee sanskar is in half white kurta and pink coat with some works in it.
Pandit calls for the bride and bride groom. Swara and Uttara come down. AP is amazed to see her both daughter and gives a broad smile seeing them but hides her sadness inside. Swara is in her red atiire with heavy jewellery with tradition hair do. Uttara is looking pretty in her pink bridal outfit. Ragini and SG take them to mandap and make them sit.
Uttara and Sahil are very happy holding their hands while Manav and Swara are quite with mixed emotions. Manv’s friends are standing near to him and clicking pics. Pandit ji asks them to do the pheras. First Shali and Uttara followed by Manav and Swara.

I hope that I did nt disappoint you.

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