Swasan – Accidently yours (Episode 3)


Hi guys thank for ur support and suggestions. A very big thanks you to all my silent readers too. I hope you will enjoy today’s episode.
Recap: Parineeta insults Swara.
Today’s episode starts with Swara getting ready and reaches MM. When she is about to enter Uttara’s room she gets a call.
Swara: Hi Uttara, u got up so early in a teasing voice.
Uttara: Blushes, madam stop pulling my leg, tell me whether you r ready or not.
Swara: Arrey yar, I just opened my eyes, with a smile on her face
Uttara: What and gives a shocking tone, U know how much important is today for me and y r u dng this to me. U promised me that u will be with me for the whole day, makes sad faces.
Swara: Ok ok dnt worry I ll be there in an hour and hangs the phone.

Uttara: sadly ok plz cme as fast as possible and she can feel some one is calling her.
When she turned, to her surprise it was Swara, Uttara has a big smile on her face and started to beat her for lying to her and both have pillow fight. Both become tired and lie on bed. Uttara asks Swara will everything be ok. Swara assures her that Sahil will take care of everything and not worry. (Yea guys Sahil is a positive character)
Sahil, Uttara and Swara are college friends. Sahil’s father and DP are close business friends too. Sahil is senior. He was also responsible for Swara and Uttar’s safety. Slowly Sahil and Uttara started liking each other and after few months it turned to love. Sahil has promised Uttara that he will bring his parents once her college is done. Today Sahil is bringing his parent’s to MM. Ram Gupta (Sahil’s father) calls DP and asks his family to be in home as he wants to discuss something important. Sujatha Gupta (Sahil’s mother). Manav ( sahil s brother)


Uttara is tensed that what will happen, Swara tells her not to worry as everything will go well, Uncle gives importance to their kids wish. Everyone arrives at MM. DP greets everyone. Sahil is wearing a black suit a looks stunning his attire. Uttara is wearing a simple red salwar. Sahil gets blessing of everyone and gives a side hug to Swara and Uttara.
RG: I need to discuss something important, that’s y we came in short notice. I hope you don’t mind.
DP: Oh c’ on RG there is no need of much formality. You are welcome at any time.
RG: Where is Parish, they r not seen,
DP: They went for an important business meeting will be back in 10 days.
Uttara is holding Swara’s hand. Laksh and Sanskar are sitting in front of Uttara and Ragini is standing beside Swara.
SG: AP ji can u plz bring some sweets, becoz we r here to dicuss smething sweet.
Everyone gives a blank look at her. They don’t understand what she meant.
RG: Ok DP let me come straight to the point. Sahil likes Uttara, and I think Uttara also feels the same. So we r here to ask for your daughter to our son Sahil. You know me well, my straight forward character, the decision is yours I will not force you but I assure you that I will take care of Uttara as my own daughter.
Everyone gives a blank look again. They did not know how to react as everything is happening so fast. SG (mind voice) Is today a looking competition going on or what, y all r give d same expression, can’t they change the expression at least and smirks her face.
DP: Uttara is it true.
Uttara: Says yes with a fear in her voice.
DP: Swara do you know abt this asks in soft voice.

Swara: yes uncle I know.
DP looks AP and she nodes her head. DP agrees after all it’s her daughter wish and has full faith in RG he will take care of her like own. Uttara blushes everyone hugs her and congratulates her. Sanskar and Laksh are happy for her. Uttara and Sahil gets blessing from elders. RG is about to say smething, AP asks laksh to call pandit. Laksh calls pandit.
Ragini: Uttara we will miss you and gets tears in her eyes. She thn adds more than us Swara will miss u ha na Swara.
SG: Y will she miss she is also cmg to our family na, u all nly will miss her.
Again everyone gives a blank look again. Array I m taking in English only na not in Korean or japnese why all r giving the same expression if I tell smething :P)
Sahil: Mom tell them clearly, ok let me explain this. He goes near Swara and holds her from shoulder, how will I allow my best friend to miss her best friend. I know how much Uttara is important in your life, so we decide that we will also take u with us. I will marry Uttara and you will marry our Chotu Manav.
Swara: Gives a shocking look and holds the side of her dress with her hands tightly (usual gesture when she is tensed) and goes away from there. Ragini tries to go but Sahil stops her and tells her let us talk to her Uttara and Sahil leaves.
AP is sad, ragini is consoling her. DP enters.

AP: I always wished Swara to be my dil. How can they ask just like that in a sad voice?
DP: What is wrong in that, they want swara and Uttara to be together, this shows how much they are giving importance to our children. I think this is good option for Swara and they will take care of her very well.
AP is still lying on Ragini who is standing near her bed. DP asks Ragini to bring Swara. Ragini leaves.
AP: Are you happy with this descision.
DP: I wanted to protect swara no matter what, I m even ready to risk my life for her safety in a low tone. There is something above us fate which decides so we have play according to that.
Swara is standing still while Sahil and Uttara are convincing her. She is physically present and mentally absent.
Ragini: Swara, papa ji is calling u.
Swara does not move or tell anything she is in her own World. Ragini understands her and pats her on the shoulder. Ragini again says papa ji is calling you and both leave. There is no conversation between then until they reach the room.

DP: Swara I know it is very difficult that everything is happening so fast. But it is all on your decision we l ll not force you, but one thing RG and SG will take care good care of u like us. Uttara will be there ansdsahil is also there. Manav is also a kind person.
Swara: hugs DP and on a very lone tone controlling her tears, I know uncle you took good care, you understood all my needs before I could ask. I will always listen to your decision no matter what and her tears falls in DP hands.
Pandit ji: There is one good mughurtam after 2 days. If you leave that there is no good mughurtam for next 6- 7 months.
DP & RG: We can keep the marriage in next 2 days.
SG: No no 2 days we can’t do anything. All the arrangements can’t be done. Relatives all can’t cme in 2 days.
RG: In that case we can do the marriage in next 2 days and have a grand reception later.
DP seconds that as it is the best idea. Marriage will happen in MM. Sanskar, Uttara, Sahil RG, SG all r happy. DP, AP, Ragini are not happy. Swara is still position with no reaction. Guptas leave. Sahil calls Swara that he will drop her.
DP: No beta, Swara will remain here only 2 days is left for marriage. I will shift all her things.
Sahil: Ok uncle and gets blessing and leave.


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