Swasan – Accidently yours Episode 28


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Swasan and Swaut are sleeping. Sanky’s sleep is disturbed opens his eyes slightly, shocked to see like some is standing, he rubs his eyes and sees in the same direction this time he find no one. He opens the door and goes the balcony.
Sahil: pats sanky’s shoulders. Sanky jerks and was about to hit.
Sahil: Heyyyy bro its me, what the hell man. Sanky shows a sign of relief.
Sahil: You ok , is there anything
Sanky: I woke few minutes ago and felt someone was standing , when I checked no one was there.

Sahi: May be some dream, may be due to yesterday’s incident.
Sanky: No yar , I dnt know ok leave it u got up so early.
Sahil: Just like that and smirks. Sees a shadow standing and signals him to be quiet. When sanhil reach silently no one was there, when they turned Kavitha , with her cup of coffee.
Sahil : You
Kavitha: Ya any problem. Sanky presses his hand.
Sahil : No I m good. Kavitha nods her head in disbelief and leaves. Sanhil are lost in their thoughts.
Sahil : Bro, are you thinking the same what I am thinking.
Sanky: Ya, we can’t confront her directly. This ASR believes her blindly. This is not easy but there is a way bhabi let’s try it. Come let’s talk to bhabi pulls Sahils hand.

Sanhil : Hi bhabi good morning.
Khushi: Happily, good morning, you guys got up so early, after your tiring journey.
Sanky: Nthng like that, just like that new place so did not get sleep . We ll also help u.
Kushi: No no its ok .
Sahil: You dnt know about our cutting skills, u will get to know today. I will cut vegetables, u peel this garlic gives to sanky.
Khushi: Wow ur wives are so lucky see Arnav never enters kitchen, where are they.
Sanky: they are sleeping, they are tired and Swara is not an early bird.

Khushi: Same like her mom and smiles.
Sanky: Bhabi can I ask you something. Plz dnt mistake me
Khushi: areey yar dnt be formal
Sanky: Kavitha and ASR shares a good bond right. He scolds everyone but never seen his anger side to Kavitha.

Khushi: Becoz she will not do anything that will make ASR wil get angry. He belives her 200%
Sahil: What if she does mistake and someone confronts her what will ASR do.
Khushi: Confused y suddenly is there any problem.
Sahil: No no , seeing ASR anger, but very cool with her , we saw in office that’s y.
Kushi: Ooo then ok, Kavitha is like his sister, I now she has bit attitude and gives importance for money. But she will never do mistake. We have full faith in her. ASR will confront her only if she had mistake which is very difficult and to convince him that is even more difficult.
ASR calls for Kushi. Kushi leaves.

Sahil: bro, we need some strong evidence/proof to show against Kavitha or else ASR will not believe us and it might lead to some other problem. They both are discussing in kitchen while pair of eyes watching them.
Swara wakes up and finds sanky is not there. She gets up and comes of the room. Ouuch this leg is still paining. Someone lift her ( not always sanky)
Swara: bhai, what are you doing, leave me down. I m ok

ASR: ya ya I know, just now someone was murmering about pain. Swara pouts.
He makes her sit in the couch. He orders servants to bring some hot water and balm.
He sits down and places Swara’s feet in hot water. He applies balm and gives an nice massage. All servants are watching this scene wide open mouth. Swara feels their reaction with proud.
Swara: Bhai, plz leave me see how everyone are seeing us.
ASR: I dnt bother, u are my sister, who the hell are they to me no one right. For me u and ur heath is important. Swara’s tears fall in his hands.
ASR: Dnt u dare Swara, Swara pouts.
Kavya: Guys good morning , u here come see the scene outside.

Sanhil: Why what is happening. Again Kavitha started something
Kavya: 8 th wonder of World. Stop asking me questions. Pulls sanky to the living room.
All are awestruck to see ASR and Swara’s bonding.
Kavya: Seriously never imagined no not even in my dreams that ASR will do all this stuff.

Sanhil goes Swara. Swara side hugs both. They also get settle in couch.
ASR: ok guys take rest and be ready at 4. I bought dress for everyone so it will reach in an hour.
Kavitha: Swara, You are married right. I always see you in casuals or salwar. I saw babhi family everyone wearing saree. U dnt wear saree or what.
Sanky: From when a saree or other dress started represent a marriage.
Sahil: Its our wish, u plzzz look out in to ur work and ur dress that would be better.
ASR: guys plz stop , she asked casually that was her doubt y r u behaving odd. Kavitha sanhil is there anything u would like to share to me.
Sanky leaves from there angrily. Swara follows him. Sanky bangs the door in anger.
Swara ; Sanky what are u doing, takes his hand. Uthil also comes.
Sahil: Bro calm down , nthng happened.

Swara: What’s happening here. Why are you behaving like this. If u want we can go back no need to attend this function nd all.
Before sanky could tell something
Sahil: no no Swara, nthng yar, we ll attend the function. What will ur bro think. See after all the adventurous trip we have reached here u want to spoil that also. Swara smiles but she is not convinced by his answer. Uttara takes Swara.
Sanky: Have u lost it. Y the hell should we stay here. We can leave. I am not going to stay here not even for a minute. Did u get it.
Sahil: Ok after going what will u do. How will we prove our thinking. U want everything to spoil.

Sanky just listens to him.
Sahil: If we are here, I am sure we will able to find something or the other. That’s why we need to stay here.
Sanky: Ya u r right, there is a chance for finding some proofs. Thanks bro. Sahil hits him playfully thanks han both hug each other. I have a plan so dnt worry.

In the evening everyone get ready to the party. Swara wears a beautifly red robe, sanky in his white suit. Uthil are in blue and blue. When They are about to leave.
Sanky: Bro, you fine
Sahil: No yar severe headache
Sanky : thn u should rest na
Sahil: thn function
Swara: Its ok we ll go late

Sanky: Aree no no swara, if you go late ASR will feel bad. U know na how much excited he was. Uttara and you start we will come after some time.
Uttara: But bhai, Sahil is not well, how can I leave him and go.
Sahil: Uttara you go sanky is here na we ll manage we will come soon
Both leave reluctantly. After they left. Sanhil rushes to Kavitha’s room and search her whole room.

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    Keep writing dr
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