Swasan – Accidently yours Episode 24

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Swara is still sleeping, while sansky is sitting beside her and working in his laptop. AP enters
AP: Sanky how is she. I think we should wake her up. You both did not have ur lunch yet. See the time now.
Sanky: Ma , you dnt worry you go I will bring her.
Swara’s sleep gets disturbed by their talks and she slowly opens her eyes. She immediately gets flashes of fire and holds the blanket tightly.
AP: Caressing her hair, how r u feeling.
Swara: (did not want to show her fear)better ma. I am perfectly fine, sorry ma all got tensed because of me.
AP: (Fake anger) hits her cheeks dnt dare and smiles. Lunch is waiting for you for such a long time so both of you come down quickly.
Sanskar hugs Swara.
Sanky: How is my darls feeling now, pecks on her forehead.
Swara:I m absolutely fine, I ll go nd freshen up.

AP and Swasan have their lunch. Swara is just boggling with her fork. AP nods her head in disbelief.
AP takes her plate and feeds her. Swara is shocked by her behavior.
Swara: Ma, I will eat, its ok
AP: Ya I am watching u for the past 10mns. Today I will feed u will eat. She feeds her 2 spoon. Uthil enters.
Uttara hugs Swara: You fine, you scared all of us idiot with tears in her eyes. Swara: Ohh ho sorry yar with pout.
All smile on seeing their bonding.
Kavshi comes with their bags.
Kushi gets blessing from AP and greet Swasan. Kavitha was in her whole attitude and greets.
Kushi: Swara, h r u ASR told there was fire accident.
Swara: Ya I am fine bhabi you here, I mean

Kushi : ASR went to London for some important work, so DP uncle insisted us to stay here, so we will here for 2 days to disturb u guys.
Swara: Ohh oh bhabi nthg like that you are always welcome, come joins us for lunch.
Kushi: No swara we already finished.
Kavi: I would be glad if u can show us room, I have work. Sanky gives her an impossible look.
AP: Oh sorry beta, come I ll show ur rooms.
Swasan and Uthil have their lunch.
Sanky feeds Swara.
Uttara: sahil learn something from bhai. See how he is taking care of his wife, ur just waste with fake anger
Sahil: Wow man, you started the fight between us.
Sanky: Gives an impossible look mannnnnnn you will blame me for this also so mean.
Sahil: Ok feeding is the problem right. Today we will feed each other what say sanky and smirks.
Sanhil takes the spoon near the wives, but when they open their mouth they both feed each other. Swaut drops their jaws and hit them playfully and have their lunch happily.
Kavya: Ohh ho love birds enough enough, see we all r here. Swara is embarrassed and blushes.
Sanky: So what I am feeding my wife, I have full rights on her han na Swara. Swara smiles and nodes her head. Uthil seconds him.
Sanky: You here that too in the afternoon is everything ok.
Kavya: Ya Kavitha mam got shifted here na that’s y. Today we have to prepare important presentation.
Sanky: Ya ya that kadoos s here only.

Kavya: Ok you guys continue ur lunch I will be back.
Swaut goes to room. Sanhil goes to living room for their office talks.
Uttara locks the room immediately.
Uttara: With Confusion: Swara listen, I want to talk to you something important.
Swara: With concern what happened Uttara is everything fine.
Uttara: In sad tone: Noo swara I dnt think so.
Uttara makes swara sit on the bed. Swara let it be confidential with us plz dnt tell anyone, not even bhai about this plz.
Swara does not understand anything and nods. Swara I want u to talk to Manav for once plzzz.
Swara was completed shocked to listen to her.
Swara: What to Manav,,, y uu stammers
Uttara: plz for me once. He is in US. He is nt here plz once it’s very important. Swara agrees. Uttara calls Manav . Swara and Manav are talking while tears were continuously flowing from her eyes. She is loss of words. She drops the phone from her hand.
Uttara hugs Swara. Plzzz calm down Swara. You need to be strong. We can fight this, we all are with you.
Swara: Everyone cheated me. She sees her parent’s pic in mobile and start to cry. Why did you leave me alone? It would have been better if you took me with you. Today I would have not suffered much. Y did they do this to me. Uttara is hugging Swara.
Sanhil were in the living room with AP.
AP: chotu did you make arrangements for the guest.
Chotu: lost in his thoughts. AP calls his name loudly.

Chotu: bhai, she was the girl who came to meet Swara bhabi that day and points towards Kavitha.
Sanky is in full anger: what are you sure, simply dnt blabber something
Chotu: No bhaiya, I am very sure she was the one who asked for bhabi.
Sanky’s anger is out of World and he tries to go. AP holds his hands.
AP: No sanky, you will not ask her anything.
Sanky: confused: But why mom, I need to clarify.
AP: Let ASR cme then we can ask not now plz understand.
Sahil : Ya sanky mom is right just matter of 2 days we will wait for ASR. Till thn we will take care of Swara.
Sanhil goes to room. They are shocked to see swara crying.
Sanky: Swara. Swara who is unable to bear the truth hugs Sanky still tears brimming her eyes.
Sanky releases the hug.
Sanky: what happened, he locks her hair behind the ears.
Uttara: Tensed whether Swara will tell the truth. Bhai nthng, Swara dropped my phone and it broke. She holds Swara’s hand and pleads nt to tell anything.
Swara nods in agreement. Sahil: Swara it’s just a phone leave it. Cme we ll play smething I am bored. Kavya knocks the door.
Uttara wipes her tears and all behave normally. Swara is holding sanskar’s hand. Sanky understands her and holds her from shoulder.
Kavya: Did I disturb u guys
Uttara : No no kavya nthng we were just talking nthg important.
Kavya thn lets plan something shall we go out. Swaut in chorous shouts nooo. Actually we r nt in mood to go out. Kavya becomes sad on listening them.
Sahil : thn y nt we play smething. Sahil convinces everyone to play cards. They play as 3 teams. Swasan, Uthil, Kaviya and kushi in one team. AP is watching them play; Kavitha is working in her laptop.
One pair of eyes is constantly watching swara. Swara was resting her head in sanky’s shoulder. Sanky made sure she is comfortable constantly holding her hand. Swara was relieved with support of sanky and Uttara.
Swara was battling with her emotions as she is not able to digest the truth. She just wants the day to pass quickly. She want the answers for all her question, she was feeling as if her head was about to explode. She start to cough badly. AP brings water and was about to feed her. Immediately Swara jerks her hand and did nt allow her to feed leaving everyone in confusion. She went away crying. AP was hell shocked by her behavior.


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  1. Mahjabeen

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    1. Mirna

      Hey Mahjabeen dear, Manav was Swara’s ex- fiancee and sahil’s brother 🙂

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    wt hpn 2 swara??

    lvly epi as always.

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    1. Mirna

      yup bang onnnnnn navi sema detective 🙂 almost there

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    Awesome one Mirnaaa !!! love it dear … SWASAN scene was cutee .. n bdw what did they took in lunch..*allu paratha…yummy!!! hmm..
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    oh gooosh.. manav instigated Swara against AP ?

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