Swasan – Accidently yours Episode 23

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Sanky hugs Swara. AP asks him to take her to guest room. Swara stood on her weak knees. Fear was overpowering her pain. Though Sanky was holding her by shoulders, when she took the 2 nd step she loses her balance, Arnav rushes and holds her hand.
Sanky shows a sigh of relief, Arnav assures him through his eyes. Sanav are holding Swara from both sides. She was walking as if she had no power and will exhaust at any moment. Sanav makes her lie down comfortably. AP brings a glass of water and dress.
She bit her lip and tightened her fingers around the blanket. A shiver shook through her whole body. She barely inhaled a shallow breath and then struggled for another. AP gives her water, here hands were trembling, Arnav holds the glass and feeds her water.
Tears were continuously flowing; she is swiping her tears and wants to hide from the family. She doesnot want to bother them more. AP asks her to change the dress, but she remains silent. AP insists her again; she helps her in cleaning and changing the clothes.
Swara came out, holding her dress from both the sides. Sanky could not see her state she went back to holding her dress. AP makes her sit in the bed. Sanky is holding Swara in side way, while she is resting on his shoulders.

DP: Swara beta, how r u feeling now. Swara hugging Sanky, still she is not out of shock and AP sitting next to her.
Swara: Just nods her positive sign. Arnva closes his fist in anger. AP asks everyone to leave as she needs some rest. All leave.
After all left Swara breaks down vigorously.
Sanky: He pecks on her forehead. Darlsss plz calm down, u are safe now, dnt think about anything I m with you. I will not allow anything to happen to u. He pecks her again on her cheeks and hugs her more tightly.
Swara:I got scared. I did not know what to do.
Sanky: Caressing her hair, it’s ok. Curiously ,but how did all this happened and that fire.
Swara: (with hesitation).I dnt know, I was arranging our wardrobe, suddenly I smelled something burning, I checked all the things but nthng was there, within few minutes everything happened I dnt know, she squeezed her eyes. I even did not know how the room got locked.
Sanky: caressing her and assuring tone: It’s ok darls, we all are here u dnt worry. Due to continuous crying and sobbing Swara dozes off in Sanskar’s arms.

Arnav in full anger bangs the door, leaving cuts in his hand due to glass pieces.
AP: Arnav what are u doing, she turns him; his eyes were welled up with tears and anger.
Arnav with full frustration: I am feeling awful and I can’t see Shona in this state. The fire, Shona I wanted her to be happy buttttt. It took these many years to forget everything and today everything is back to square 1. He falls in his knees and cries badly.
DP: Holds him, no Arnav, you can’t fall weak; if you lose ur confidence think about Shona. You should be strong enough for Shona’s life. You know only you can save her now.
Arnav: Who was the caller, do you know him by any chance
DP: No this is the first time he called, he told shona. All are shocked to hear shona
DP gets the call again. Arnav asks him to put in loudspeaker
Per: Waaaa DP, you saved shona today. This is just a trailer here afterwards no happiness will be there in her life. And ya convey my thanks and regards to ASR because of him we confirmed that Swara is shona. Today Swara is in danger because of Arnav and cuts the call.
Arnav is finding it difficult to hear with mixed emotions tense muscles felt blood boil. It’s all because of me.
DP: Arnav what to do now. We have to protect her carefully even more now.
ASR: With tears I am sorry for misunderstanding you. AP: Its ok, it happen, u loved her so much now what should we do.
DP: Should we shift Swara from here.

ASR: Immediately noooo, we can’t shift her that is more dangerous for her. She should be in front of our eyesight. I have to meet Shekhar first.
DP: No nooooo arnav dnt do that, he will do something to you also.
Arnav: With blood shot eyes, he can’t do anything. I have case against him. If anything goes wrong he will automatically go to jail, so he will not dare even to touch my shadow.
DP: butt Arnav, it too risky, you know Shekar right.
Arnav: It is high time that everything should get resolved. After meeting that blo*dy Sekhar and Sumi I will tell the truth to Shona.
AP: Feels pain in her heart hearing truth.
ASR: But Kushi and Kavitha. I have to make arrangements for them.
DP: No, dnt worry abt them you leave them here. ASR: Noo its ok how will I
AP: Ya DP is correct let them stay here matter of 2-3 days u will also feel relaxed.
ASR hesitantly agrees. Sanky comes to DP’s room.
DP: Is Swara ok, y did u leave her alone.
Sanky Dad relax, she is fine, she slept. Curiously how did u come to know about Swara’s danger. Who was in the call.
DP: O… tahhht..he stammers,

AP: Its our neighbours who called seeing fire. No one was here only Swara was there na that’s y
DP shows a sigh of relief and thanks her for saving him and handling the situation wisely.
Sanky looks questionably :ASR how come you are here?
DP: OO he called me while I was coming back, I explained him the whole situation.
ASR: I thought he was too much worried so thought to stop by.
AP: ASR is leaving to London for 2-3 days. He is new right so Kushi and Kavitha will be staying here.
Hearing Kavitha’s name, he make faces but DP insists Arnava to drop kushi and Kavi here for 2 days.
Sanky: Mom after u left who was in the house, Swara feels someone locked the room.
AP: Only Chotu was there. DP calls for Chotu.
DP: Chotu, who came after we left.
Chotu: Thinks for a while ya one girl came in black car and wanted to meet Swara babhi.
Sanky: who is she. Have you seen her before.
Chotu: No, no this is the first time, I dnt remember her name, but she left within few minutes. All are confused who could be that girl.
Sanky: Ok if you see her again, let me know.
Chotu: Ok bhai and leaves.
DP asks Sanky to be with Swara, as she might wake up anytime.
ASR: Uncle, I want you to install camera in all entrance of the house.
AP: Worriedly camera,

ASR: Just for 3 days after I will come back I will take Swara with me. Please take care of her, dnt leave her alone. ASR leaves.
AP: Could not digest the fact that she will leave her in 2 days. She wants Swara to be with her.
DP: Its ok Swara’s safety is more important.
AP: Proudly Swara will not leave us. You wait for 2 days. She will be with us only.


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    I want swara to b wid ASR for sometym n want to see bro-sis bond…

    1. Mirna

      Agree Arshan soon u will get to see bro -sis bonding 🙂

  10. Scooby

    Ayiyaaa joliee same pinch for same thinking… do u think its kavitha?? May b not.. my guess.. and today chapie ws awesome.. their live towards swara and asr got to knw hw thy care swara and ap confidence on swara…
    semma ji..

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