Swasan – Accidently yours Episode 19

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Guys you can imagine ASR same character from IPKND with same look and same caring nature for his sister. Yes guys Arsh, Navi ur guesses were right ASR and Swara are siblings.

Sanhil are waiting for ASR in the waiting area. As they are setting up the company, the renovation work was on full swing. The employers were busy with their own work. They both had mixed emotions of handling the project.
Sanky: Then the most waited ASR entryyyyyyy. PA took us to conference room. ASR with other board members.
ASR was in his light blue pin striped suit with his white shirt and perfectly paired tie. He just looks like upper management, with his trimmed hair and the coolers.
ASR: Hey guys, he introduced us to everyone in the room. I was looking forward for your presentation.
Sanky: Yep, that’s our pleasure.
Sahil: Very happy to know you took over our project within hours. Have a lot to learn with his cool talks.
ASR: Not interested in Sahil’s blabbering. Shall we start the presentation.
Sanskar was ready to present while sahil was in laptop. Sanky just kept his mobile on the table. ASR was overwhelmed to seed Swara’s pic. When sanky started the presentation, all lights went off. ASR wants to see Swara’s pic so he took the mobile near to him without any ones notice. All were tensed and busy with the presentation.
He was just seeing Swara’s pic again and again and did not know what was going around. After half an hour Sanky finished his presentation.
Sanky: So guys any questions
ASR: Without hesitation. Nope perfectly done we can continue. All clap.

Just then Sanky’s mobile start to ring both ASR and Sanky are happy to see her call. Sanky cuts the call. Sorry about that
ASR: It’s ok, must be your wife right
Sanky: Ya she was more worried and tensed than me for this project.
Sahil : In fact it was Swaut idea and plan that you’re seeing. The base was laid by them with full pride.
ASR: With proud smiles, so sanhil why don’t u join me for lunch.
Sanky: No actually my wife and parents are waiting for us. So we ll catch up some other day
Sahil: Hey ASR why dnt u join us
Sanky holds sahils hand and gives a deadly glare. What the hell man, how can you ask just like that.
Sahil: chill bro just a lunch right, not a dateeeeeee and winks.
To sanky’s surprise ASR agrees and all leave to MM. Sanky had called and informed about ASR arrival.
ASR to himself: Swara I was waiting for this moment for so long. I can’t waste a single minute hereafter. All reach MM.
DP, AP was there. They received them happily.
Sahil: Ma, where I can’t find anyone.
AP: Ya Swaut were tensed about ur presentation. Dadi took them to temple.
Sahil: It’s ok Ma, we ll go to temple and pick them. What say bro.
Sanky: But already driver s there na.
Sahil :Come Sanky. Jyust cme he drags him. They leave to temple.
ASR gets blessing from DP and AP but does not show any emotions or concern.
DP: How r u beta, so long years. We still can’t believe that ur alive. After that incident we thought u too dead in the fire accident with your father.
AP: With tears haaan beta and touches his face.
ASR: I just came for Swara, not for ur family drama or emotional blackmail.
DP and AP are taken aback by ASR’s cold reply.
DP: Arnav, you are misunderstanding us.

ASR: With full anger seriously, closes his fist I am misunderstanding you after all what u did with my sister and her life. How many lies, you left her in hostel from the day 1, y you did not have any place in this house for her not even a small room.
You made her long for relation and affection; you never revealed the identity neither yours nor hers. You changed her name, at last her marriage drama. Y did u take Shona from there. You should have left there only, at least she would have been with me.
My shona, who was our princess, u made her orphan, she lost her bubbliness her smile. It’s all because of you. She is princess of Raizaida Empire u know very well she was the World to my parents.
DP: Interrupts we always wanted Swara to be our DIL. We loved her as your parents did.
ASR: With same cold tone. Ohhh ya, how can I forget, that’s y you fixed her marriage with that Manav, then u heard that I am alive so for properties you changed your decision am I right Mr. Maheswari.

Just then AP who cannot bear any word against her husband gave a tight slap to Arnav.
AP: ( red shot eyes) Don’t u dare talk to him like that. Yes we changed Sawar’s identity; we kept her in hostel, her marriage drama. If we did not do that Swara would be dead. You would better known than us who is waiting to kill Swara.
Today Swara is alive because of him. We shifted from our native place to this place only because of Swara and for her safety. You don’t know what all he sacrificed for her. He protected her. If he would have gone weak, today you would have not found ur shona and talking to him like this.
ASR: If so then THANK YOU MR & MRS MAHESWARI I know everything that’s y I m her. I know how to teach that blo*dy a lesson for trying to hurt my sister. From now on, he can’t do anything. I know how to handle him. But I can’t take people lying. I ll take my shona. Very soon she will come with me leaving you. I will not tell anything about ur lies. But Shona will come to know ur true colors very soon.
AP with pride nooooo not even in your dreams, you can’t separate her from us. She is my daughter and she will be with me.
ASR let seeeeeeeeee.
Dadi enters with her nokjhok. Here all compose themselves.
Sanky introduces ASR to everyone. ASR gets blessing from dadi and greets Uttara.
Swara distributes prasad to everyone and gets blessing. Swara gives prasad to ASR but he was lost in his own thoughts.
Swara: Bhaiya, bhaiya, and forwards her hand. ASR takes the prasad and she gets blessing from him.
ASR was on cloud nine hearing this word from Swara’s mouth and the blessing. He wanted the moment to freeze. He wanted to take Swara immediately with him.
Sahil: Ohhh oh swara he is not bhaiya ASR.
ASR: Gives a angry look to sahil, softly to Swara, u can call me bhaiya no need of ASR. Sanhil were shocked on his comment as he never allows anyone to call him like that.


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