Swasan – Accidently yours Episode 17

Hi guys thank for your support and suggestions. A very big thanks to all my silent readers too. I hope you will enjoy today’s episode. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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Guys in need of some suggestions do help me with it so that I can proceed with my story further.
My long chappy is it boring, should I shorten it or will the present one will work.
I make each and every chapter portrait with details, should I continue with same or cut short not with my details.
Never thought about the episodes, just writing with the flow, will not make it long, will try to complete as soon as possible 
Let us go to the story:

Swa: Darls with confused look.
San: Offo, pulls her cheek, my wife is so dumb. Darling is very long na with pout face so short form darls.
See how intelligent your husband is with proud face.
Swa: Makes faces ohh ohh. Suddenly her reaction changes oooooooo shit dadi, she is angry with u na .
San: With smile, u dnt worry, I ll take care of her and kisses on her forehead. Go change I will go and convince dadi.
Swara smiles, sanskar chooses a pink salwar for her. She goes for change.

4 hours before in the afternoon. I was in office with an important meeting. Today I am dam tensed about 2 things, first about my dream project results, next my presentation with an important client. I just want this day to pass as fast as possible. I was checking the final proof for the presentation. I got a call from dadi.
Dadi: Hi sanskar you busy.

Sanky: Ya s*xy have an important presentation will call u later byeee.
After half an hour he again gets the call from dadi.
Dadi: With fear in her voice, sanskar plzz dnt tell any reason, just come to Lakeline mall.
Sanskar: Lakeline mall, dadi is everything ok with concern. I have presentation.
Dadi: I don’t know anything, it is very urgent plzz come, and she said with stern voice.

I asked Adarsh bhai to handle the presentation, I left immediately to mall. During the drive I was not able to concentrate on my driving, I was haunted by dadi’s words. Just want to reach the mall as soon as possible.

I reached there within 20 minutes. So you can imagine the speed. I called dadi after reaching. She asked me to XY café in the mall. When I went there both dadi and swara were there. Dadi was so cool and having ice cream. Swara was busy with some stuff in her mobile.
I went near to dadi with full anger. Whats up dadi
Dadi : Very cool manner : arrey come come I was waiting for you do u want ice cream. She was testing my patience to the core.
Swara: Congrats, it’s for you, with full happiness handed a cover to me.
San: I just took it from her did not even open. What is this? I don’t want to lose my control

Dadi : Open , it is for you, Swara selected for u that’s y I called you.
I could not control my anger anymore; I hold swara’s hand with tight grip. Both dadi and Swara were in state of shock. What the hell Swara, you want to give this stupid gift so you called me here. Seriouslyyyyyyyyy y do you have any idea about the important the presentation I have now. Swara eyes were welled up with tears. After seeing her tears I jerked and left her hand.

Dadi: Sanskar, why are you behaving so rudely, dnt dare to tell anything to her? It was my plan she has nothing to do better understand that. I got call from Adarsh bhai, left immediately without giving a dam to anything. But I took the things which swara gave me.

I felt bad after leaving from there; I was just getting the flash of swara’s face. Oh god this girl… Dnt know whats happening to me.
Adarsh: Sanky where did you go. Was anything urgent

Sanky: Bhai leave that how was the presentation. Ya it went well dnt worry about that.
Sahil came and hugged me tightly with full happiness. Bro we got our dream project he was jumping here and there. Everyone congratulated us. Sahil saw my reaction.
Sahil: What was that reaction dude? Didn’t Swara tell u about the project?
Sanky With full confusion Swara know about this
Sahil: Ya dude, she told she will inform you.
Sanskar thinks about Swara’s gift and the reaction. OOO god what did I do. I tried calling both dadi and Swara but none of them received. I could not leave because of the client. I ran to my car and took Swara’s gift.
I opened it. It had a letter and a beautiful watch. I started to read the letter
Hi sanskar,

We both are happy today. I wanted to give you something special but don’t know what to buy. At last I bought this watch for you. I thought it was perfect for us. Whenever you see this watch, it will remind you that I am waiting for you each and every second. I will be by your side no matter what.
I always have practiced ways to express my love but when I see you I forget. So came up with this idea to convey my feelings for you. Thanks for making me strong, accepting me the way I am. Stood by my side, made sure I was comfortable in my space. You complete me in all ways. Only few get best friends as their partners and I am one among them, blessed with you.

Yessssssss I am ready to be your soul mate.
Sanskars gets smile and tears at same time. OMG again I hurt her. Because of my stupid tension I messed the beautiful moment. How bad she should have felt.

Sanky: Hey s*xy are you still angry with me with sad face. I am very sorry s*xy. Please forgive me you know na I am ur dumbo grandson.
Dadi : Please leave me alone I dnt want to talk to you.
Sanky tries to convince dadi in many ways but fails. At last he takes a bunch of roses and dedicates a song.
Oru Naal Sirithen, Maru Naal Veruthen
Unai Naan Kollaamal Kondru Puthaithene
Mannipaaya Mannipaaya Mannipaaya..

Dadi blushes for his antics and forgives him. Don’t try to hurt her. She was very upset in the afternoon.
Sanky: Promise never again ok get ready fast s*xy have to go to dinner na.


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  1. DivzS

    Very nice and emotional, but cute too

    1. Mirna

      thanks DivzS 🙂

  2. Aww sanky u should apologise to her as soon as possible

    1. Mirna

      He already did this is his flasback 😛

    2. Mirna

      Our sanky is so goood 😀

  3. No no dr dont cut….want looooong part it awesome dr….
    And this angry bird sanskar is too much now????????
    Always hurts my poor baby swara?????
    Give some brain to sanky dr….??????
    Part was awesome dr….just superb …..waiting for next part…??????

    1. Mirna

      Lol ya sure y not we ll give some brain to sankyyyyyyyyy 🙂

  4. Good one

    1. Mirna

      thanks ruhi dear 🙂

  5. Rabia

    hahahahaha awesome u know when u commented on my ff i was going to ask u about your next update and don’t worry write the way u r writing no need to change 🙂

    1. Mirna

      Lol rabs, sure will not change 🙂 thank you

  6. SNY

    Amazing epi .. &&
    Semma song dr….
    Plz nxt one soon…

    1. Mirna

      Thanks SNY dear 😀

  7. Scooby

    Wow awesome chapie.. hahehe cite proposal frm swara.. and sanski has bad habit losing his temper so easily.. it resembles my charactr lolz….
    and mirna never expected such a song for dadi frm his grandson rofl…
    finally my request do continue post long chapies yaar mirna… i wil b waoting for nxt part post soon

    1. Mirna

      Ya me tooooooo so much of us are in the same category 😀 will continue with long chappies dear 🙂

  8. Scooby

    And dont change ur writing style.. ipudiyea eludhu.. its funny nd love d way ur writing. Its lovely..

    1. Mirna

      Thanks Navi will continue with the same 🙂

  9. awww
    rly nice epi dr.
    he he ye dadi bi na.
    dnt knw wt 2 do with her. 😉
    urggg sanky is always angry.
    swaras confession is rly nice. so cute.
    waiting 4 swasan sweet cute romance.

    and dr write like dis nly. dnt try 2 change it. dis is nt long epi and i lv 2 read dis.

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. Mirna

      Thanks Chanu for ur suggestion 🙂

  10. Rosey

    wow great 1 yar
    dramebazz sanky was awesom

    1. Mirna

      He he thanks rosey he is indeed a dramebazz 🙂

    1. Mirna

      thanlks S dear 🙂

  11. Ayonti(swasan)

    awesome. no need change anything dear

    1. Mirna

      Thanks ayonti dear 🙂 will continue the same way

  12. Nice

    1. Mirna

      thanks Afra dear 🙂

  13. Abirsha

    Awesome….. Very nice…. Dont change anything dr….. And post long parts only….. Sanskar and dadi scene was superb…. Song Sema

    1. Mirna

      He he thanks shan, glad u liked d song that too with dadi 🙂

  14. Arshaanya

    Write d way u r writting… no need to chnge anything….
    Chappy was gud

    1. Mirna

      Thanks Arsh will continue the same way 🙂

  15. Mumpi

    awesome epi…

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      Thanks mumpi dear 🙂

  16. Kakali

    Super duper hilarious chappy Mirna !!! love it … thnk u…

    1. Mirna

      thanks kaks glad u liked it 🙂

  17. Stupendously amazing

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      thanks tani dear 🙂

  18. Awestruck …..dun cut…plz…..n sanky z really dumbo….

    1. Mirna

      Thanks Xavia dear 🙂 sure will not cut it will be long chappie 😛

  19. Soujanya


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      Thanks soujanya dear 🙂

  20. Vyshu10

    awesome…..swara confessed too….yipee….want some cute romantic swasan moments

    1. Mirna

      Thanks Vyshu dear sure will get to see very soon 🙂

  21. […] Hi guys thank for your support and suggestions. A very big thanks to all my silent readers too. I hope you will enjoy today’s episode. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Previous episode link:Episode 17 […]

  22. Mica

    Mirnaa,, huhuhu crying, poor Swara.. and poor me, i’m soo behind, huaaa
    btw, i read episode 16 just now but unable to comment ty

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