Swasan – Accidently yours Episode 16

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Dadi informs AP got conscious. All are surrounded by her. Swaut sit beside her and cries.
AP in a low tone I am alright now, nothing to worry.
Dadi: Ya ya we know how well you are. Look at me learn something, these days no one give importance to health. I will make diet chart winks at everyone.
Everyone in chorus dadi noooooo your diet chart impossible please don’t give punishment to all of us burst out in laughter.
Uthail leave to their house. AP asks chotu to call Swara. After sometime Swara knocks the door.
AP: Swara beta come in na , she tries to sit. Swara comes fast no no ma take rest, u need rest.
Swara: U need anything, how are you feeling ma, holds her hands. In low tone u know how much I missed you, fear of losing …..
AP: Pats her cheeks to herself ( I was worried to lose you). I want something from you. Will you give me.
Swa: Confused look from, ma what do I have, I have nothing na
AP: No Swara u have everythingggg. She composes herself. Leave all that I want a promise. Promise me that you will not leave me and our family at any cost.
Swa: Smiles bitterly, I have only you and family how will I leave that as if I have someone. There is no one for me tears fill her eyes.
AP: I asked for promise. Swara ok ma I promise, I will not leave at any cost whatever the situation may be.
Dadi enters both compose themselves. Ohh ho Saas bahu time is going on wickedly.
Dadi: Ok swara, you leave now, now sas and bahu time for us. Swara smiles.
Dadi: Ahnn eat something , you did not eat anything since afternoon, see your eyes mannnnn. I don’t want another patient ( fake anger).
Swara smiles heads to her room. She is thinking about AP promise. She thought to discuss with Sanky but he was busy with Adarsh and Laksh. She browse some stuff in laptop and falls asleep.
Sans enters the room. He sees Swara sleeping with laptop. OMG this girl did not eat also. I don’t know how she can manages without eating lol, closes her latop , makes her sleep properly and covers her with blanket. He sleeps on the other side.

Few weeks pass, swasan bonding becomes stronger. Now she is ready to fight the whole world for him. She did not express her feeling to Sanky but both understand each other without conversingggg . Swara tries to express her feelings but she is not able to tell him. She even practices , when she is in front of him she gets lost for words.
One afternoon Sahil calls Swaut informs that they got the dream project. All three jump in happiness.
In the evening Sanskar returns home. All wish him luck. AP tells she has arranged for special pooja, all should assemble at 7. Sanky nods his head in disbelief. Not today mom by holding her shoulders.
San: We have arranged for dinner and all r going out that’s it final with full of happiness. He searches for Swara, and dadi in vain both are not there. He sees Dadi and Swara coming from kitchen.
AP: (Happily)Ma, sanksar got his dream project. He has planned for dinner.
Dadi: Reluctantly oh congrats, I will not be able to come I have severe head ache. You guys go I will be in home.
Swara: I will also stay with dadi, in case she needs anything.
Sanky understands both are angry with his behavior. He curses himself for what he has done. Both are hurt.
AP: (With Concern) ma if you’re not well we ll cancel the program. Sanskar gets dejected listening dadi and Swara.
Dadi: I don’t want to be the reason for spoiling something special. I will come. Swara go get ready.
All are confused by Swara and Dadi’s strange behavior.
He goes to room sees swara selecting dress. He can feel the pain in her eyes. Today I will set everything right. He stands behind her.
Swa: In full anger with red shot eyes what, what u want now…..
San: I think someone is angry with me
Swa: NOOO why should I be angry, who r u to me, nothing in stern voice
San: Teasingly nothing, shows a gift and letter, is this nothing
Swa: o th at wass.. she stammers. San: Ya nothngggggg .
Sanskar enjoys the moment, as she is stammering out of words what will she make up now. Her eyes are filled with tears. He can’t see her tears welling up. He slowly goes near to her. He gently nudge her chin with his thumb, and her lips parted with a sharp intake of breath. Then he admired his wife’s beauty. The gentle rise and fall of her chest, the arch of cheekbones, large expressive eye , pout of her mouth flitting to his lips and then quickly away. His gaze gentled, taking in the vulnerability in her eyes, the fear in her face, and all he wanted to do was hold her, reassure her and wipe her tears.

He lifted her chin and brought their lips together. It was the kiss of an ardent lover, communicating with his mouth that he desired her. He kissed her slowly. Everything went slowly so he could follow her temper, and search into her eyes.
Swa: What the hell. He makes me breathe faster and faster right now I might black out.
He walks me a few feet until the wall behind me replaces the hand that was on the back of my head. Now he’s touching my waist. I reached up for his neck, and he pulled me up by my waist onto my tiptoes.
Back ground music
ithuvarai Illaatha Unarvithu
Ithayathil Undaana Kanavithu
Palithidum Annaalai Thedidum
Paadal Kaetaayo..
He slowly begins to lift his face from my shoulder, and I have to close my eyes, because he’s making me so nervous I can’t look at him. I feel him tilt his face up to look at me, but my eyes are still closed. I squeeze them a little tighter. I don’t know why. I don’t know anything right now.
With a fierce hold, he cupped the back of my neck and kissed me deeply, gently, possessive in his touch. His fingers twined in my hair, desperate to explore. And before my head spun me round and round, I knew that I was kissing him back.
If time was to stop or freeze at the exact moment, we want to be posed like this forever. The kiss explained how our relation was perfect give and take.
Sanky: I am sorry I love youuuuuuuuu.
Swa: With fake anger, I hate uuu.
Sanky: It’s ok but I love uuuu. I know (with sarcasm) the way you kissed me smiles.
Swa: Playfully hits him, I hate u. Sanskar hugs her tightly. You are my darls
Swa: Confused darls. Sanky: Lovingly mmm darls short form of darling.
Swara nods her head in disbelief.


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