Swasan – Accidently yours Episode 15

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Episode 14
Sanskar comes near Swara and thanks her. All are happy about Swasan bonding. Uthil enters. They get blessing from elders, hugs Swasan congratulate Raglak. All are happy while AP calls breakfast.
Dadi: So whats up my Sanky in a teasing tone.
San: Gives a confused look, what u want to know s*xy.
Dadi: Enquires curiously what’s happening between you and Swara.
San: Smiles and tells nothing much

Dadi: Ohh nothing in a sarcastic tone.
San: Ya s*xy there is nothing and now I don’t need any help from you so thank you proudly.
Dadi: Fake anger ohhh is it then let me see how you will enjoy today and smirks at him.
All are seated in dining table for breakfast. Swara, Uttara are serving for everyone. Dadi asks them also to join, everyone can serve themselves. Sanskar gets happy draws the chair for Swara, Dadi silently watches him.
When Swara is about to sit near Sanky, dadi asks swar to sit near her.

Dadi: Swara come sit next to me; today I want to feed you with my hand and smiles evily at sanskar.
San: Gives a deadly stare to dadi, fumes in anger ofcourse upset by Dadi’s plan. Dadi feeds Swara. Everyone enjoy their breakfast except Sanky.
After breakfast everyone chats and have a nice time. While Swara is talking with Uttara, Sanky comes to sit near swara while dadi sends Arav and Riya to her.
Sanky: (Frustrated) He pulls dadi, what is your problem s*xy why are you doing this to me in full anger.

Dadi: Smiles happily on seeing Sanky’s tension and frustration. Nooo nothing what happened to me you told you don’t want anything that’s y smirks
Sanky: OMG dadi seriouslyyyyyyyyyy you are unbelievable smiles. Ok I proposed her, waiting for her reply but you are trying to spoil plzzzzzzzzz s*xy don’t do this to me.
Dadi: Opens her mouth wide open. You proposed her astonishngly. Good job sanky I am so happy for you pull sanky’s cheeks. Ok I will help for my buddu grandson gives a side hug.

Arav and Riya insist on playing something as it is too boring with these elders. They want to play treasure hunt. While Ragini is tired, wants to take rest.
Everyone agrees as they were so desperate to play treasure hunt. Dadi becomes umpire for the game. Arav, Adrash, laksh on one team, Riya, Sanhil on the other team.
While Rags, Swa, Uttara , Pari start to play cards with their girly talks. Swara feels back pain keeps on shifting her siting position. Sanky notices her discomfort brings cushion for her and place it for her.
Rags: Awwwwwwww San how dutiful husband u became happy to see u in this avatar.
San: Blushes enough of pulling my leg bhabs and leaves.
AP notices DP tensed since morning, but she did not ask anything. She doesn’t want to spoil the mood. After 2 hour of play everyone gets tired after playing treasure hunt and settles down. Finally Sankys sits beside Swara.

San: With concern r u feeling ok or finding it difficult with your back pain. If you want you can go and take rest.
Swa: Happy with his concern, no I am absolutely fine enjoying with my family. I don’t want to miss any enjoyment over here. Sanskar is continuously gazing at her while she is busy with Uttara.
AP serves gulab jamoon to everyone. Arav and Riya stands in front of AP ask for their first share. AP serves everyone.

Utta: Ma, today you should feed me with your hand, I came after long time so you should feed me.
AP: Nods her in disbelief, u r such a drama head feeds her happily. AP feeds Swara also. Swara becomes happy with tears.
AP: Offo you are also my daughter, feeds her with one more. Dadi takes Sanky’s share. Sansy fights with dadi for his share. Dadi asks Swara to feed her. Swara takes a spoon, about to feed her, Sanky takes Swara’s hand eats the jamun and wink’s at Dadi. All are enjoying their moments.

AP: Here, I bought jamun for you.
DP: Tensely, no I don’t want anything please leave the room. I want to be alone.
AP: Is everything ok, is anything bothering u. From morning I am watching you.
DP: Yells at her at full anger, I told you to leave why you can’t understand.
AP: shocked. No ther
e is some issue. Please tell me. We will handle together in a soft tone.
DP: sits on the bed restlessly holding AP hand. Arnav is alive.

AP: Arnav, who is that.
DP: Arnav Singh Raizaida is alive. He is the one who is protecting Swara.
AP: Ar Arnnnn Arnnavvvvvvvvv is alive. How is it possible? No it can’t be true. There is some misunderstanding.
DP: He met me today morning. Tells her the whole story what happened.
AP: After listening to the story faints and falls in bed.
DP: Annapurna what happened, AP pats her cheeks. Shouts Raglak. Everyone gets tensed and runs towards DP‘s room. All r shocked to see AP lying unconscious. Everyone starts crying and panicking. Laksh asks Ragini to bring the kit. Laksh checks AP.
Laks: Mom’s BP has increased, tensed about something. May be that’s y she fainted. She wants rest. I ll go and buy injection, leaves.
DP asks everyone to leave as AP wants rest. But Uttara and Swara insist on staying. Dadi takes everyone and leave the room. Swaut cries vigourously. Both Sanhil hugs them. Swara hugs sanskar tightly and cries. Swara goes to near caress on her forehead.

Swa: Cryingly, ma plz get up, ma plz get. I have no one. U just showed how mother’s affection will be I started enjoying it and you can’t leave me like this in the middle. I want my mom back, plz dnt leave like this. I want you ma plz ma get up. She falls on the floor rests her head on bed. She cries badly. All gets emotional on listening Swara’s words. DP asks them to leave.
Sanky goes near Swara hugs her and takes her from there. Swara is continuously crying in her room. Sanky brings water for her. She says no, but he feeds her.
San: Don’t worry Swara nothing happened to mom, she just needs rest thats all. Dnt worry after sometime she will call you, feed u and u can fight with her. But she hugs him. Today I was very happy but now everything stammers.
Dadi tells AP gained conscious. All are surrounded by her. Swaut sits beside her and cries.
Ap: In a low tone, I am alright nothing to worry.


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