Swasan – Accidently yours (Episode 1)


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Maheswari mansion
In the morning everyone is getting ready for the pooja in home. DP and AP are well dressed and are checking everything is ready and welcomes the guest. DP asks AP are the kids ready why no one is here, make sure that everyone is on time and I don’t want to get any issues. AP calls for Chotu house maid and asks to see whether everyone is ready. He tells maa there is Adarsh bhaiya and Parineeta bhabi. Adarsh is in his traditional outfit while Parineeta is in her pink legenha. AP is talking with Adarsh and Parineeta, Raglak also joins them. Ragini is in her traditional red outfit with matching jewelry and she was looking gorgeous. AP enquires Lakh about Sankar and asks him to bring him on time or else his papa will do pooja for him. Uttara says that’s true mom bhaiya is always late and never on time. AP asks Uttara why is she is wearing salwar and not leghenga, she says I can’t wear so much heavy dress and she feels comfortable in salwar. Parineeta teases her saying get used to it or else you will suffer in your in laws place. She blushes and saya bhabi ap bi na everyone seconds parineeta.

Swar’s room
Swara wakes up in the morning and she is tensed that she got up late and has to go to MM , DP uncle will not like persons who are not punctual. She then goes to the pooja room where her parent’s photo is also there. She prays and takes the photo and asks ma baba why you left me alone. It would have been better if you took me also with you. She cries and tells pls come back to me or takes me with you. The only reason I m living is because of DP and AP aunty. They are taking care of me like their own. They say that I saved them but I don’t remember anything they are only taking care and saved me. She then gets dresses up in off white salwar, not much of jewelry but only jumkas that match her dress. She then leaves to MM, she waits for auto.

Maheswari Mansion

The house is all set for pooja and filled with guests and relatives. Pandit ji informs DP that everything is ready and we can start the pooja. DP asks pandit ji to wait as the person he is waiting has not arrived. Laksh asks Ragini to go and check for Sanskar, as Papa is waiting for him. Ragini goes to sanskar’s room and she is shocked to see Sanskar still sleeping. She tries to wake him up but in vain. She then pours cold water on his face. He suddenly wakes up and asks bhabi y u dng this. You are the only person who understood me; she then tells all are waiting for him for pooja. He eyes are wide opened oh shit pooja I forgot dnt worry I will be there in 2 mns. Ragini leaves. DP enquires about Sanskar to Laksh, Ragini interfers and tells she has given him some work and he will be here in 5 mns, Sanskar joins. Pandit ji asks shall we start the pooja subha muhurtam is about to start. DP asks pandit ji to wait. Parineeta asks papa are you waiting for someone important, AP says swara has not reached yet. Parineeta says she is not that important person or a VIP so they can start the pooja and no need to wait she will join when she reaches. DP and AP get furious and tell her that Swara is also an important member; we will do pooja without you people but no without Swara.

Parineeta thinks why they are giving so much importance and love to Swara, I agree she saved their lives as they tell but this much love and affection looks something fishy and that orphan get so much love more than us. DP asks uttara to call Swara and ask about her whereabouts. Swara enters and tells sorry uncle & aunty I was late. They say its ok beta and DP asks pandit ji to start the pooja. AP asks Parineta and Ragini to bring Prasad from the kitchen, parineeta and ragini leaves. Parineeta tells ragini that she does not like the importance givn to Swara and everyone should be kept in their place, I don’t know why mummy ji and papa ji doesn’t understand this. Ragini supports Swara telling she is a nice girl and in need of love and affection and not to badmouth her, papa and mama will not like these types of talks about Swara as they love her very much. Parineta says ya you are right they will scold me without understanding I am talking for the sake of family.

Precap: Parineta insults Swara, Ragini and Uttara consoles her.

Guys, I hope I did not disappoint you. Keep reading.

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