Swasan โ€“ Accidently but you are my destiny (episode 4)

Hello guys. M so sorry for late. Dont miss my any chater coz in any capter any twist can cjtome.
So if u want to read previous part this is the link.
Episode 3

<3<3<3 acedently but you are my destiny<3<3

The girl fumes in angar.
Girl: sanskarrr.
Sanskar makes a inocent face
she take a file and trow on his face.
Girl: u idot. How dare u to call that.(raning behind him)
san: ( raning) jhansi ki rani.
Girl: (trowing pillow) u donkey. Idot. Monky.
San: ouch. Plz dont give u so ahh much name hahaha i just ooh only uuuh give u one name but u….
(The girl kick on his bump)
Sorry sorry swara.
(yes she is our swara)
sanky losed swara rocked

swa: good.
San: mamma. Bacho.
Lak: รถof u both na drama or drama.
Swara gives a glare to him.
Laksh ignore that.
Lak: swara what heppend to udaaipur wala project.
Sw: wo tho complete ho gaya.
Lak: so soon.
Sw: ha we used extra man. Bcoz it is very importante to our compani.
Lak: good.
San: laksh mr. Sinha’s hospital wala work is very importante for us. We have to take that project at any cost.
Lak: ya but its not easy.
San: i knรถw.
Laksh is about to say something when a voice come from back

all turned.
Lak: ragu.
(ss she is ragini)
rag: i got the ticket of uk.
Lak: thats great.
Sw: u both are going.
Lak: u r going for shift here parmanetly. So we have handle the business of uk.
San: ok come soon.
Swa: btw when is the flight.
Rag: tmrw evening .
Swaras eyes become teary.
So san n rag sidely gives her hug.

Precape: swasan moments.

Shocked for leap . But what to do u guys are felling bad. Thats why.
M writting the story on full flow. Plz readers correct my mistakes.


  1. Samaira



    Reader open mouth if m doing mistakes or it is boring then tell me. By shuting mouth or skiping my ff will not change any thing. After so much prob i write the story. If then sees that least cmnts how it will fells.
    A write can understand all.
    M ready to bear all bad takings. M just telling cmnt.
    M upset that i even cant write a story well. Thats ok.
    Next chappy will be last episode.

  2. Kakali

    NIce…but u have some spelling mistakes… n as i before said it’ll vanish with time .. soo keep it up dear… u r going really well..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.