Swasan – Accidently but you are my destiny (episode 2)

Hello guys how was the sock.tomato, eggs all are wellcome but not sandle. .It isnt dream. Nw let see is swasan died or alive or born again.
precape: swasan meeting. Acedent.

Swara close her eyes n sliped from sanskar’s hand. Sanskar also close eyes. Now both are at ground with pool of bloods.
1 day is pa$sed.
Raglak are seen wearing white dress. They are weeping. Raglak is at some cavin of hospital. Rag is sitting in front of a gal’s bed n laksh is sitting in front of a boys bed.
Rag to the gal: shona (yes swara is alive) get up na see ur di is calling u. U always listen to me na so why are u not listing today. Laskh why i goes to US BY Leving swara this is my fult.
Saying this she again start to cry.
Lak dont have any strenth to handle her.
Lak: after mom n dad died (RAM ND SUJATA) bade papa nd ma take a good care of me. Even give thier bussiness to me. I sateled to US . Nw see my fate they also died. How can i leave my bro like this it was fult. Nw i will naver ever leave him.

Both raglak was crying by huging each other n knel down. A nurse come n says them to fill some forms. So raglak leave.

Here swara grain her sence.
Swa: where i am.
She looks around. Then she remembers all thing.
She starts to cry. Here by listing criyng noise sanskar also grain his sence n slowly slowly opens his eyes. He sees swara criyng but swara dosnt notice him. He then remembers all thing nd his eyes also filled with tears. Here swara somehow manage to stand n slowly slowly goes near window. Sanskar feels something fishy so he also maneges to stand n goes near her.
Swara goes near window nd directly was about to jump when some one hold her by hand n pull her.
Swa: leave me i want to die. Plz sanskar.
San: does ur parents have not any wish one u.
Swa: they want that i handle the business.
San: swara finishing life is not sulusion. I get it. God also want we fill their wish. Dont cry.
Swa: ur also.
San:ha. M also felling killing myself for not fill their wish.
Swa: i hate myself.
Saying this she foll n his emberes. Both tietly hug each other nd knel down n cry loud nd loud.
At nick time raglak come nd saw the state . They also feel crying.

They goes near swasan.
Rag: shona plz stop na.
Lak: let them cry by criynd they can feel pece.
San: laskh why dint i listen them. Why.
Lak: sanskar all will be ok. (weping tear)
san: when.
Lak: dont knw
San: i hate myself.
Swa: ragu why this hapend.
Rag: (criyng) i dont knw swara. I dont knw.
The episode end with criying face of swasanraglak.

Precape: a new journey.

How is it. They didnt died but their family died…

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  1. Seriously feeling bad?????
    Feeling like crying……
    Awesome part dr

    1. Samaira

      Thanks. Dont feel bad . If u feel bad then who will feel happy in good moments. Keep reading.

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        Thanks shanu di. Keep reading.

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    Awsm dr….

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  5. Mica

    aahhhh, they aliveee ???? thanks god

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    Feeling bad for swasan…

  8. U all writers are soo sooo sooo baddd…???… u all giving us soo painful n emotional episodes that m not being able to stop my tears????…m not talking to u.. bye..???huhhhhhhh…

    next part ASAP..((( m still not talking to u?)))

  9. nice…!!

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    awesome 🙂

  11. Feeling bad for them

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