Swasan – Accidently but you are my destiny (episode 1)


Hi guy. Thanks for beutiful cmnts. Sorry didnt reply. Srinajal m sorry i write wrong precape. Acautlly i didnt give space.

Here is the epi-

@sanskar mansion
he goes out wearina black gince tee n jacket.

@Swaras side
she also come out wearing a short read dress.
Both swasan was at mall cz tmrw they are leaving so they needs to buy thier thinks.
Here sanskar is walking talking in mobile in absent mind.
Swara is also in same mall. She is typing something in mobile.
Both swasan come in front of each other n when they crush they even also dont knw.
Swasan: what the hell.
They are suprised .
Swasan: sorry.
Again they look at each other with widen eyes.
First they both are saying sorry.
Swasan: no sorry.
Again they look at each other.
Swa: i mean no m sorry.

San: no m sorry ms
sw: swara.
San: ok
swa: ok bye
They left.

both swasan are thinking about each other . While thing they doze off.
dp is coming toward sanky roam. With a water full backet. Its their daily routine that dp pours water on sanky n morning bashan.

@sanky room
today is difrent. Sanky wake up with a jerk.
San: oh good i hope this bad dream naver comes true.
Saying this he goes to washroom. Dp comes and find sanskar nowere.dp is suprised.
Dp: hope this boy is chainging.

@ swaras mansion
swara also sees a bad dream. Now she is brething hevily.
She then drinks water nd ran to wash room.
so all are at station.
Train has also come.
Both family is now on train.
Train just started .
Swara is wtching the outside scenre.sky is becoming black dark and dark. Almost like night rain can come at anytime.
Swa: ma m coming.
Saying this she goes to oppside .
Her sanskar was with dp n ap. Swara was pasing by them. Dp calls swara.
Dp: swaraa!
Swara turns and sees dp.

Swara in excitment: duggu uncle.
She goes near him.
Swa: annu antie.
Ap: how are u beta ?
Swa: m fine antie.
(looking at sanskar) who is he?
Dp: dp he is my son sanskar maheswri.
Swasan: toom.
Dp: do u both knw each other.
Swasan: hmm.
Ap: it means mishti is also here.
Swa: yes antie.
Dp: swara beta u take sanskar with u we are coming.
Sw: ok uncle.

Saying this she goes toward her side n sanky follw her. As soön as they are in door side train gives a studen jerk. Swasan both hold each others hand. Swara did not foll but both foll from the runing train. Not runing crused train. Ya for the train crused with anther.
After some time sanskar come in sence by outing blood from mouth. His eyes filled with tears. San saw swara.
San: swara swara
talking her in his lap.

After many calling swara come in sence.
Her eyes also filed with tear to see all scenare ( blcak black air. Blood. Crused train. Dead bodies. Hope u understand)
swa shout: ma, baba.
Sanskar i cant leave without them.
San: so lets die.
Swa: ur are right.
Saying this she start to fell dizy n showly close her eyes. Here sanskar also feels dizy. Swara sliped from his hand n he also close his eyes.

Precape: suprise/shock.

So is this the end of swasan. May be the birth again or what will happend. Think think.

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    Nicee ?

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      Thanks rabia. Just wait .

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      Thanks dear. Glad u like it.

  3. Mica

    whaaaattttttttt !

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      Yap dear. Lets see what will hapend.

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  5. Awesome…!!

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  7. Whattttt??????????????…… it was their dream rit?????? if not then ohhhoooo what a shock!!!!!!!?

    1. Samaira

      Glad u like it. Keep reading.

  8. Samaira

    Hehehe. Kaikali yes it was their dream but it isnt dream. Its reality. Now just wait will they born again. Keep gusing.

  9. Is it thier dream?……oh god…..????
    Feeling bad,fr them???

    1. Samaira

      No dear its not thier dream. Its real. Me to feelling bad for them. But they are swasan. They can overcome with any prob. Kep reading.

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