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SWASAN-“Accident”al love!!? Three shots

34 dears… Its me HOPE.. I’m a mad fan of many ffs on telly.. This is a SS of Swasan inspired from one of my fav movie..
I’ll give you the intro first.

A story of a girl who falls for a person and tries her best to win him over… But the person has secrets..dreams..and Heights to conquer.. They both were not even meant to meet each other…but destiny..
It has its own game..

Meet, Swara Mehra(20 years old)… A optimistic,bubly and chirpy girl and the one and only daughter of Shekhar Mehra and Sumi Mehra.A PUNJABI… Shekar is an rich and well known businessman as well as a loving father. Sumi is a house wife. They pamper Swara a lot.
Swara is wannabe media person.. Her dream is to work for National Geography. She just finished her bachelors in Visual and Media Communication.

Sanskar Maheshwary(24 years old)
An arrogant but well mannered.
A Doctor by profession. He finished his MBBS and doing his Internship at “CARE” hospital. He only has his mom Sujatha. Dad died when he was a kid. Loves his mom a lot. Hails from a marwadi family.
His dream is to become a cardiologist..coz his dad died of heart attack..and he wants no one to bear the pain of losing someone like he and his mom did when his died.

The story is a simple but same time complicated love story of SwaSan.. There is RagLak also..even though they have a minor part..they play a great role in SwaSan love story.. All the other characters will be revealed on the story itself…

The story revolves around 3 questions..
How they met? Will they fall for each other? Will their dreams be a hurdle for their lovestory or their community?

Please guys..comment if u wants me to complete the story.. Its only has 3 parts.. Please support me…

And i wanna give you guys all a bearhug for inspiring me..
Nandana… For writing “THE JOURNEYS OF LOVE STARTED FROM BOOKS” for me!! Love you sissy..

Mona lil sissy from Palakkad..
G_S, Sha, Bushra,Sujatha,
Sethooty, Angel, and many more writers of SWARAGINI PAGE.. Have inspired me to write this.. If Sreeharini and Bushra is reading this… Please update “acceptance” and “you are mine!”.. I’m literally begging…..

Credit to: Hope

  1. Hey hope…. nyc yâar. … looking forward to the story….
    N thnx ya for mentioning my name….
    I went gaga after it…??…
    Let’s c how bubbly swara n doctor sanskar leads to swasan….. n that too accidentally….. I love accidental n love by chance stories

    1. Tnx.. Suju.. I try to read almost every swasan ffs dat i can.. U r one of my fav..

  2. Wow..I think its gonna be a different love story…all the best dear..intro is good…
    3shots let s how their love story begins….

    1. Tnks..sethooty…U r a mallu.. Ryt.. So i think u can guess the movie which the story is inspired from..after first shot. I’m sure dat movie is one of ur favs..

  3. its looking awesome post first episode soon. ☺

  4. Pls. Continue d story hope….

  5. nice …plz continue

  6. The plot nd intro is awsm….
    update soon….
    nd me 2 request to update acceptance…nd U r mine….
    I m 2 a big fan of these ff….
    plz update evry1…

  7. It’s good start plz

  8. Plz update u r mine

  9. awesome….

  10. Wowww…. hope… can’t wait… ??

    And thnxx for mentioning my name…??

    Very eager to know the plot…

  11. nice introduction pls continue
    and even i want them 2 upload acceptance snd you are mine as soonaspossible
    pls pls pls

  12. A very big thanks to Ireena.. Niku.. Teja.. Vyshu and Nandini..
    Vyshu i think we have smthing in common.. Guess what is it!?
    My bff’s name is Nandini too.. Keep smiling..

  13. I’m feeling so good ryt now.. Tysm Rosey..Shagun..and Shan..4 cmnting.. It means a lot to me..

  14. Hey plzz write its intro is awesome and story too seems interesting…. Don’t leave will surely love reading it

  15. I will post the part 1 in nxt evng..coz i have exams in after noon.. My imagination runs wild when i’m really “concentrated” on studying, lol

  16. D nnk ingne chyyenda valla avasyavm undarunno
    Njn e ff writing okke matiakki mindate irikkuarunnu
    Pnne innthe episodil verte oru cmmnt idan keriapo da kidakkunnu hope
    Njn e paripadiye nirti enkkippo Swasane ishttamalla pretekich aa Swaraye
    Nasan avk ellam ormayund enna pavam avne matram ormayilla
    Pyar dill mein hota hai dill mein hota hai enn prnj vlkm ennt avlk avne matrm orma illa

    1. Haha..u r too filmy..actually njanum maduthu swasan…ksndittu kure nalayarunnu but inalethe onnu randu epi superb.. Sanskar thakarthu…kashtam thonni thadi oke vechu nirasha kamukan…

      1. Hifi chechi pavam Sanskar thadi okke vach kashttam tonnippoi aanerath avle ente kayyil kittirunnkl undallo mm njn onnm parayunnilla
        Kore kalathinu sheshm nalla oru couple ne kandata avrk nalla oru kata kodukamarunnu

  17. Avnte itrayum innocent face kanditt avlk avne kolpataki enn pryan tonniallo
    Enk vattanenn tonnunnu alle serikkm enikkm tonnunnd
    Nmml e ff oru episode okke eztan manikkurkal edkkm ille
    Appo 24hrsl mukkalum nmml ivre 2 perem nenjil keti vachondirikkuarikkm
    E ffkal ellam ideal couplesne patialle
    Ennt itokke serialil kanunnato nere thala thirichum
    Enne sambandich ath ente ezuthine badhikkm ath knd njn e paripadiye nirti
    Avr serialil happy ayi irunnal matrame enk ezutan patu atu kond njn e paripadiye nirti
    Avr oru nalla couple anenn enk tonnunnila
    Thank you dear njn ninne sarikkm miss chyym
    Sorry sorry noorayiram sorry
    My unseen sisoo bye
    Nnk katha aryan anenkl njn prnj taram
    Shamikkeda please
    Avr ideal couple anenn prove chythal chelpo njn tirich varum

  18. Ayyo ninte ff nte krym njn marannu
    Kavita superb kathayum angne arikkum I trust you dear post next part soon

  19. Nandu.. Nte SwaSan orikkalum piriyilla.. Enikkum vishamam und..aval avane kolapataki ennu vilichathil.. But nthu cheyyam.. But i’m really looking 4ward 4 dis track.. SwaSan will never be apart.. Pnne kadutha theerumanangal onnum idukkaruth.. Plz..

    1. Piriyullann enkm arym da enthokke kanichalm avsnm oru hug kond ellm solve akm pnne nxt drama then nxt break up entha ith nonsense
      Aa writersne njn nokkikko trust enn pryunna sadaname aa Swarakk illa Sanskar pinneyum honest aanu
      Avl full showya,aadyam avn Kavitede krym prnjappo avl viswasichila pnne avl inn vare avnumait oru karyavm share chythittilla Aa Rajatinte krym avn arnjath avl Raginiod pryunnth kettittalle allnkl ivl janmath avlod pryillarunnu. Atinu patiya kore veettkarum orale kidnap chythu kore per v8nullil tokkumaitt nadappum irippm kedappum ennttm aa mandabudhikal onnm arnjilla
      Avn snehatode kodta vala maharani kallanmark oori danam chythu.
      Ivlde tali ith evde poyenna enk manasilavate atnem vellatil oori kalanj kanum
      Aadyam Laksh pnne Sans ippo verorutan ith etra ennm ayi. Enthayalm ippo vannavnte karyatil oru teerumanam ayi onne jail allnkl savakkuzhi ethilnklm onnil avl avne ethicholm

  20. U know wat when I saw the cover pic, u striked my mind..
    N I’m really happy.. Yippee.. Story of Swasan.. Will love to read… Pls do continue Dr….
    Waiting for it….

  21. Ha malayali thanne….film ethaa…nokkate…sathyam paranjal film kanal kuravaa..madiyaaa….
    ‘Om Santhi oshana’ vechoru story ezhuthamooo…

    1. Guess what! Ith ath thanneya.. Om shanti oshana… 😛
      pnne njaan characterisations um incidents um okke cheriya maattam varuthi..

      1. Omg…sarikkum….but…avalu 10 th std thottu ulla story ezhuthamooo plzzz…bz that age difference is important… Haha anyway waiting for the story …sarikkum engine sarikkum hope nte version ennariyan Agraham…athu ente fav movie anu…
        Want few epi…not just a 3 shot…

  22. Nice one.. Plz continue 🙂

  23. Nice plz continue

  24. Woow …. seems intresting , lets see what happens next …. even my aim is to become a cardiologist , by name its suggesting that they will meet through some accident like swara ‘ s heart operation like that , just guess ha …. update asap

  25. interesting ……………….

  26. Awesome start. Plz continue dear

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