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Recap: Sanskar and laksh are sons of a multi billionare, durga PRASAD and his brother who stand in the list in top five business men of the country. But the brothers are perfectly opposite to each other yet they were always inseparable. One day they happen to meet swara who came to their house with a secret intention of killing Sanskar in exchange with her parents murder caused by ram prasad maheswari. At first, laksh and Swara plan up to make swasan encounter but laksh is unaware of swara’s intention. Sanskar gets a red roses bouquet with a threat in sydney but he ignores it. Later, he gets shot with a group of goons at a mall. As days pass by, Sanskar starts loving Swara while ragini enters the manison as sanskar’s friend.

Laksh immediately gets infatuated to her as he already saw her before at a shopping mall. One day, Swara proposes to Sanskar and after an heated argument, he accepts that he too loves her but the tables then and Swara plans to kill Sanskar along with vansh, who is her neighbor. At peak time, ragini makes a grand entry as police and saves Sanskar who remains mute about the kidnapper. Ragini gets pissed because apart from swasan, she knows who was it. Unfortunately, vansh dies in the shooting.

After the truth is out, everyone starts hating her which changes swara’s thoughts and she decides that punishing Sanskar for his father is not good. On a rainy day, she pours her heart out to Sanskar who holds her at the time of need…things slowly starts to get good among everyone but not Swara and laksh. Later at a business party, swara overhears a person talking to someone about killing sanskar but she fails in catching him as he escapes with another person on bike. On swara’s birthday, the trio surprise her with a party where laksh rebonds with Swara. Meanwhile, Swara thinks to talk to kamala bai, who was a common servant to maheswaries and her family in India. Hence Swara and Sanskar reach kamala bai’s house but she gets killed by someone before they reach. Meanwhile, in sanskar’s office manipulations starts with singhania project and he thinks that kunal is responsible as he hold grudge for making kunal work for him without salary for six months as a punishment of her s betrayal.

When papers disappear just before few hours of meeting, Sanskar gets angry and scolds him, later he attends another meeting ordering Swara to bring another set of copies from his desk. As Swara was about to step out, she gets a message from unknown person treating her to meet at a particular address. Swara obligates and finds laksh there along with heart broken ragini.

Sanskar too reaches there on time and laksh pours out his jealousy for Swara saying that it was all his materplan of meeting Swara too and also that vansh and him were partners in crime. Sanskar fidgets with pen when ragini asks him to sign on FIR…durga PRASAD comes in time to rescue his son along with lawyer. Later he scolds snaskr and asks Swara to get out of his house and laksh to be head of some other branch. Laksh convinces him for a week time. Meanwhile, Swara and Sanskar make a trip to Banaras where Sanskar meets Annapurna who left them for a wealthy person. Durga Prasad decides to bind swasan in marriage and conducts an engagement ceremony. Once, Swara happens to enter into ram prasad’s bedroom where Swara and Sanskar finds few illegal business papers along with the old missing case papers of gadodia’s murder. Swara accuses him but Sanskar drags her to hospital and shows ram PRASAD inside ICU who was in coma since gadodias were murdered. It confuses her more but she concentrates only on wedding.

Inspire of doing many things, ragini doesn’t forgive laksh and decides to transfer from the place. Sanskar buys a diamond ring for Swara in auction which makes her mad but eventually she gives in. After checking herself for the last time, Swara enters the engagement hall..
Holy cow!

A/N: hello everyone! *waves nervously*
I know! I know! I know! Most of you all…not most of you but everyone over here wants to kill me with those daggers in your hand or rip my head off from throat or some might be planning to turn left into vampires just to suck my blood but guys seriously! I am so sorry…so….much. More than you ever know .

Let me explain from the first, as you all know I was hospitalised nearly half q month and then another half to recover from it..then I promised you all to update the episodes back to back and trust me I did type all episodes in fact finished the episodes but unfortunately I lost my mobile…I mean someone stole it. So I released the teaser from my PC and as I’ve already said, I rarely get a chance to use it. After that, my dad promised me to buy a mobile but it turned out to be a featured phone…a freaking feature phone and that’s because my mom was all disappointed by me gluing to my mobile the whole summer. So I lost every thread to contact you can people. Then my college reopened and also I joined in internship. So literally my day beings at 6 am for attending few coaching classes for to future and ends up at 11 pm, me coming home. So I hardly got time to infirm you all people about my sudden disappearance.

And believe me when I say that I have been trying to give this episode out since a month. The remaining Sunday, I attend my dance classes..so it has really become hectic…but today I have decided firmly to update you all people because my guilt is eating me away. Whenever I see some Hindi channel or listen to any news of swaragini, its like a knife twisting in my soul. Even when I hear a song that I planed to add in this series, it is making me cry…I love you all people…really love you and I am so sorry for making you worry about me. Please forgive me for one last time.

Coming to the point, I just wanted to know whether you people want
1: to wrap the whole story in one episode
2: two updates a week

Please let me know your decision because your happiness is my strength and as always, I am here to entertain you.

Regarding raglak, only two episodes are there but I will merge up and give the ending this weekend. Hope you forgive Me.

I found this method because the comment box got disappear in both the the fictions…I am really sorry guys. Please understand me!

I will try my best to reply you all.

Credit to: Sree harini

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  1. Sreeharini

    Hello guys…neha, rupa, Dev, needhi, Sree, crystal, stone heart, nupur and all others before…any..you too….
    I have actually got five minutes time now, so giving a mass reply.
    I am so happy to see you all back and about RAGLAK, I will wrap that this weekend. Just wait for it. Then sindhu is back!! I need yo meet her and you are right needhi, new life and new environment.

    Any dear don’t worry and you are right I will never forget any one of you. Planning to give my email.I’d.

    Dev, my brother… You are like the one I had never…I will surely take care of myself.

    Rupa,, even I can feel your excitement because just reading your comment is making me smile.

    Sweety, angel, Sree, sakshi, ally, crystal…oh god many names but I don’t have time to reply here. So meet you all in my first episode of comeback..

    Until then bye…cause I have to run to catch my bus…love you alll

  2. Vyshu10

    Am i dreaming? My goodness….after so many days! Consider it a coincidence…..I have commented for the first time on the last chaps of acceptance and REA posted and then we had no clue where you were. I was so worried. I kept on waiting for your post and thank god…the wait is over.
    Dear…i don’t have a problem even if u upload once a week but plz plz don’t stop writing these ffs.

    And Welcome back!

    1. Vyshu10

      And there was absolutely no need for writing the recap as i didn’t forget it all.

  3. Missed u dr n welcome back hope u r well now……love u

  4. Ohhh so u r back hmmm ….
    Idiot !!!!

    Sorry …. my frustation ???? u know how much i missed u i kept asking everyone where are u …. everyday i opened tu i thought about u …. ask my mom how much i blabered about you ….

    After may 31 st they was no trace of u you are back after 65 days ….

    Sree *bit emotional * missed you sooooooo much ….

    Please please reply me asap

    Arre first do you remeber me ????

  5. Dhara

    Sree, I hope you are fine now. I checked with Anjali about you but she wasn’t aware of your whereabouts. Take care dear 🙂

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