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Enjoyed previous episode?? Well then enjoy this too. A small surprise.

“By the way bhai” laksh turned to sanskar “you never mentioned about her?”
” she is raj’s sister and now please don’t ask who he is” sanskar stated.
” your best friend in graduation. Right?” Laksh asked.
” yeah and you were in US at that time so you obviously don’t know her, Ramu kaka” sanskar shouted. “show ragini her room”
Ragini, swara, laksh and sanskar are in sitting in hall. It has been one hour since ragini entered the house but it passed like a minute for laksh.
” why to trouble him bhai. I will help her” laksh immediately responded.
Sanskar raised his eyebrow ” it’s okay laksh” he dragged. Laksh signalled swara to convince him. She smiled and turned to sanskar.
” let it be sanskar. We have some pending work to finish” and grabbed his shoulder.
Laksh showed the way to her room.
” so?” He asked nervously.
Ragini raised her eyebrows ” good evening, probably good night” with that she shut the door.

Sanskar streched his body and a huge smile came on his thinking that he didn’t had any work that day. So he decided to read some books but felt disappointed when he surfed his shelf as all are very old and he read them more than two times.
” will anyone join me to the book store?” Sanskar asked everyone during breakfast. Laksh rolled his eyes. Swara wanted to spend sometime with him and so she readily accepted. Seeing ragini nod, laksh also accepted to join him.
Through out their journey, ragini and laksh kept exchanging glances. Swara and sanskar smiled looking at each other.
” so, what did you buy?” Ragini asked sipping orange juice. They spend almost three hours in purchasing the books and then entered a restaurant for lunch.
” nothing much, only three” sanskar casually replied eating a paratha.
” philosophical?” Swara asked seeing the names of the books.
” actually every person needs to have some rules and goals to lead their life. It teaches us manners” sanskar explained.
” and you ?” Swara asked laksh.
” historical romantic novels ” laksh replied excitedly. swara and sanskar chuckled.
” what?” He glared them “love is essential guys”
“Who opposed it?” Sanskar asked him
” detective series. But why?” Laksh questioned ragini very curious because generally girls don’t like detective stories.
Ragini shrugged and sipped the juice ” I like the way the detective unfolds the mystery. It feels good and I personally love suspense and investigation. Don’t worry, I purchased few romantic novels even”
” oh!!” Laksh is to totally impressed by her. Well it’s not a point to be impressed but this crazy guy fell for that girl madly.
” murder mysteries ” laksh almost screamed when swara mentioned what she brought.
Sanskar raised his lashes to see swara’s face but immediately lowered them.
” actually I like them because it consists of life” swara answered in a deep voice.
” what do you mean?” Laksh questioned.
” every murder has a mystery and every mystery has a reason laksh. And in every reason, the person who will kill will be either betrayed, treated badly. Sometimes jealousy might be the reason. Ultimately it makes us learn that not every person are same the way they look and how a good person turns bad” ragini raised her eyebrow.
” but criminals are criminals” ragini stated staring into emptiness.” And they will be never forgiven by the society” her deep voice, dark eyes held something which everyone failed to notice.
” I agree” swara nodded. Laksh shook his head because he never thought that girks would talk something so deep.
” I have something for you” ragini informed sanskar searching her hand bag.
” not for me?” Laksh pouted. Swara stamped his foot under the table.
” ah it is here” ragini exclaimed before gifting him a wrist watch.” Bhai sent you this”
” wow. I really love watches ” sanskar’s eyes gleamed with happiness. Swara smiled seeing him.

Swara opened her eyes during midnight when she heard some sound. She came into the corridor and saw sanskar opening the main door. She wondered what work he had during night and moreover, she is really afraid to leave him alone after the attack. So she decided to follow him. He walked out of the manison and after twenty minutes, he met a person in desserted area. After more fifteen minutes, he turned back to return home but is completely surprised seeing swara standing with folded hands. He understood that she needed answers and he is ready for that.
” who is he?” Swara questioned him.
He shusshed her and dragged. Swara is really annoyed now. What is he thinking of her, a slave?
” he is my private detective” sanskar answered once they reached manison’s garden.
” what!! You spy people?” Swara is again shocked.
He sighed.
” not on everyone. I spy on the persons whom I deal with in my business, you know security” he explained.
” okay but why did you drag me?” She questioned.
” walls have ears swara”
She smiled slightly satisfied with answer
” even your partners or dealers might spy you..right?” She asked him after a while.
” it’s the reason I will be quiet and reserved outside swara. I don’t want anyone to know my weakness.” He answered her genuinely.
Swara silently followed sanskar into the manison.
” ouch” someone murmured when they dashed sanskar.
” ragini!” He is surprised.
” I just came down to drink water…ouch” she screamed holding her ankle.
” what happened ragini, I think it’s a sprain” concern is echoed in swara’s voice.
Sanskar and swara helped ragini to get to her room. Sanskar bandaged her leg and both of them bid bye. Ragini smiled at them and lay on bed. Suddenly her mobile rang.
” oh..very good..yeah..even my work is done here ” she replied to the person on the call.
” good night” she wished and disconnected the call. She raised her lashes and then smriked.

Credit to: Sree harini

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  1. Ohhh wow. …is ragini upto something. ….wow it’s gonna be interesting. ..

    1. It will be interesting dear. Keep reading to know more.

  2. i think ragini have some motive..
    n that conversation of b/w swaragsanlak was too good i liked the most..
    keep it up dear 🙂

    1. Wow..actually every person choose books accordingly to their personality and thinking.it’s the reason I have added it…well about ragini, keep reading.

  3. Omg ur surprises r just killing me…….each nd every episode is containing surprise……….very happy nd yeah u were right that we will be confused that who is behind sanskar let’s see………eagerly waiting to know ur ff has some depth in each nd every character nd i love that plzz now stry opening the surprises but I know u will not do it so fast so we have to wait…………but luv the story line nd luv u too ur killing it ????

    1. Please be alive my dear more twists on the way. You are right, every person is unique…every charecter has its own depth. Strings will loosed from next episode dear
      Stay tuned.

      1. Waiting eagerly

  4. Wow suspence…

  5. Nice..waiting fr nxt

    1. Thank-you bresh and kittu..omg after many days. Thanks for commenting.

  6. As usual awesome but this part led to some trap to sanlak I think this ragini is seriously upto something nasty her last smirk seemed me danger and swara’s liking for murder mysteries I think it’s related to Dindayal Gadodia may be I’m wrong but that’s what came into my mind after reading this part

    1. Maybe seriously someone is trapping them. Swara’s reason for liking murder mysteries.. You will get to know in future but you guessed right(not accurate).. Keep guessing my dear friend.

  7. Sree wts happening????, who is rags talking to??? Btwn this epi is super cool…. nd as u told i hav to wait fr d suspense story…..

    1. Rags is talking to someone which will not be revealed…you need to wait.

  8. Ooooohhh…… what is this now???
    Another question too be answered…

    Amazing sree

    1. Thank-you so much Anjali. These questions will be soon answered raising another few.

    1. Thanks Swati for commenting on both the stories.

  9. Omg!!! Episode by episode suspense is reaching heights yaar!!!! And even every character now seems to be so mysterious…… I just loving this yaar!!!!
    And I am very much curious to know the reasons behind…..and in today’s part I just liked that books selection part…..awesome!!!!! Waiting for next update….

    1. Suspense!! That’s what I am trying to build up. You are right, every charecter is mysterious and they will revealed soon…everyone purchase books according to their thoughts. So I added here just to represent their personalities.

  10. Ragini!!!… u r giving me shock lady… Every one is nt the one they show… no one is genuine here… All r artificial… I feel…I have a doubt… Sanskar a leading business man… why he kept swara with him. … even after she completely recovered…I know u will be mad at me for doing stupid guess bt can’t help it…may ragini kept GPS in his watch to keep an eye on him.. or ragini is nt atall involved it a more big secret… n I must u have developed ur writing skills very much from ur previous ff… this ff has much more greater standard than that…n plz upload nxt ASAP. ..

    1. Haha..not everyone are genuine dear. But sanskar has allowed swara to stay because she is orphan and He has a soct corner for orphans…about ragini, you should be patient and thanks for the appreciation dear. Even I observed some change in my writing style.

  11. Loved it. I was waiting for it. Wow!!!!!! U did a fabulous job.I am not disapointed rather i enjoyed thoroughly .Even if i don’t like your ff, which is next to impossible ,then also i can’t hate u ,so don’t talk about hate . I love my sissy ,no matter what she writes. As far as i think ,our relationship has gone far beyond these ffs.Is n’t it???? Ya i agree these ffs played a vital role in connecting us but there is nothing like hating and all , i love u a lot. Oh god!!!! I seriously gave a good lecture for writing the word hate , so i sincerely hope that u wouldn’t mention it again. Book part was really good. I love detective novels.Shelock Holmes series is my favourite one.I must admit that u again gave me a pretty shock by the end of the episode and left me in suspense. Well , now i think i should be prepared for last part of your episodes , so that i can save myself from shocks. Well done. U again compelled me to expect something higher.Look , i am not at fault ,u r only widening the horizons of my expectations by writing excellently well.Enough of bak bak .Bye .Love u dear .ummmmmmahhhhhh.

    1. I love you too my dear little sister. It’s just that I am scared that what if I don’t reach your expectations but I don’t have the one now…after reading this, I will never ever use the word hate. Yeah I am thankful to TU for giving me such beautiful friends and sisters. Same pinch. Even I like detective novels and Sherlock Holmes too. Mamma..I didn’t heighten your suspense. Even I am not at fault..haha. Crazyme. Love you too. Ummah

  12. I guess ters a tracker in d watch wch ragini gv to sanskar…n she nly fired bullets on him in parking lot too

    1. Well..I liked your guess but can’t reveal anything dear. Keep reading.

  13. its nice dear . u are doing a good job

    1. Thank-you Jane. I am happy that you are liking it.

  14. This is only story of you which is running like Shatabdi Express…

    1. Do you mean that I am running fast? If yes it is needed or if you mean that I am updating regularly, then I like to please my friends with faster updates dear.

      1. I mean to say about the pace of the story.. and if u update speedy that is good for us only 😛

  15. Superbb epi u know wat ur each nd every ff has a diff concept nd they r entirely diff from each other u r fabulous writer dear
    …..nd u told na u like to keep uniqueness In every ff u even succeded in dat ……

    1. Hi Vaishu,
      My board exams were good. I have applied forms for VIT ,BITS, UPTU( State level engineering entrance ) , B.H.U ( for B. Sc. Honours ) .

      1. Hey needhi, I really pray for you to get admission in BITS..

      2. Ohh but told u will not enter in engineering field then?? When r u writing BITS nd vit I mean date…..mine is on may 17 (bits) nd 8th april (vit)

      3. Needhi Singh

        Ya Vaishu my plan is to go for B.Sc. Honours only but my dad and brother advised me to consider B.Tech too , so that i have options to choose from incase i don’t get B.H.U. Dates r same 8 April and 17 May only. UPTU is on 17 April.

    2. Thanks so much vaishu for appreciation. I am trying my best to not make you bored. JEE exam ela rasav? All the best for EAMCET

      1. Hahaha wat r u saying sissy u nd making me bored it will never happen even in my dreams I already said na ur every ff infact each nd every epi has some r other special quality in it ….u r fantastic dats it I can say nd don’t say thanks for me for appreciating u ….1st of all u r worth of it dear u write in such a way dat my words becom less to praise u nd 2nd ly u r my sissy nd frnd dear so no thanks to me ok do u understand………..nd ya mains exam baane raasanu….nd ya eamcet is der nd bits nd vit too so preparing for dat ………nd I want to ask one thing if its not personal then tell me..nuvvu present chadive engineering cllge lo eamcet rank batti join ayyava ?? Collge peru emi chepanavasaram ledu kevalam adigina question ki answer cheppu….if u r ok with it

  16. Harini wat a brain u have…fab…convo was d best part for me…ragini character is so mysterious I felt like that….super episode…well I want to ask u if ur reading my ff????

    1. Hello swathi. Everything will be sorted out with in few episodes . just wait for it…uff what should I say about fiction. I contionusly read all the fiction which I have missed so I really didn’t get time to read yours. Today, I planned to read yours, jaf and malar..will surely comment on it.

      1. Okay fine…n one more thing ru studying microbiology???

      2. Okay…whenever u get time u read..sry if that hurt u…n one more thing RU studying microbiology???

  17. awesome dear….i think deendayal gadodia is swara’s grandpa n he must have disowned her after shekhar n shumi’s death..anyways, ragini is -ve?? or she fell for lakshya n is now on her mission to get him?? anyways, its just my guess…love u for such a beautiful story…*lots of hugs and kisses* plz update soon

    1. Thank-you so much kritika for appreciation. Lots of love, hugs and kisses from my side. Frankly, I loved your guesses but not so accurate. You will be surprised regarding ragini. Whether she is positive or negative.will be revealed very soon.

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