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“where now?” Swara asked once they are out of mall. Swara, sanskar and laksh came to a mall for swara’s shopping.
” to home” laksh said really exhausted by the way she took him to almost every shop to purchase a single dress.
Sanskar smiled and bent down to pick up the car keys that fell down while taking out from his pocket. Suddenly, they heard some sound and a water melon in the juice counter blasted. Sanskar stood up and turned back only to learn that the fruit was behind him. Before they could react, another shoot came but it missed. Swara dropped all her bags and shivered. Sanskar grabbed her hand and pick up the bags. They ran hiding themselves behind the cars in the parking area. The shower of bullets didn’t stop.

” get inside the car” sanskar screamed to swara. She immediately obeyed him. Her heart pumped in her ears. She shivered and turned cold. Laksh came running behind them. Everything around them is so confused. Laksh looked pale but he managed to be brave.
” get inside” sanskar yelled at laksh and went to drivers seat. Car keys fell down form his hands when a bullet pierced into his left bicep.
” ahh” he screamed holding the wound.
” bahi” laksh ran to sanskar and held his hand.
Two bullets were shoot but he managed to escape and made sanskar sit in the car. He then turned to swara who is completely shocked with sanskar’s ingury.
” drive him to hospital. I will come with in five minutes” laksh ordered her before disappearing.
Sanskar’s eyes welled up because of the piercing pain. Swara tied hand kerchief to his wound and drove him to hospital.
” we need a police statement to treat him” doctor casually said looking at sanskar who pressed his lips together holding the pain.
” can’t you give him a first aid?” Swara shouted at doctor with teary eyes. Her heart ached seeing sanskar.
He ordered a nurse to do first aid.
” here is the statement ” laksh said from behind.

” is it paining?” Swara asked sanskar with full of concern when nurse is bandaging him.
” oh no! It’s like heaven” he replied sarcastically.
” who might have attached us? May be wrong aim” laksh comforted himself once nurse left the room.
Sanskar shook his head in no “the other day in Sydney, I received a letter saying it’s time to pay back Mr. Maheswari”

Swara and laksh opened their eyes side.
“why didnt you say earlier? ” swara asked annoyed because she is really worried for him now.
Sanskar tried to give explations but laksh raised his hand.
” no need of any explanations. Take care”

Swara caught her breath and bit her nails seeing the emotional drama on TV.
” hey girl, get up” laksh said to swara, sitting in the sofa. She raised her eyebrows.
” cricket swara” sanskar said whistling. He had a big bowl of popcorn in his hands. Swara pouted. Sanskar sat beside swara and she is literally sandwiched between them. Laksh changed the channel to sports. She saw laksh and sanskar enjoying it but it really bored her. It’s not that she is not interested in cricket but only watched at the last over moreover she hardly knew their names.
Sanskar’s mobile rang in middle of the match. She shook her head and concentrated on eating popcorn. It has been two days that sanskar got discharged. Doctor has strictly adviced him to use his left hand rarely but this fellow is doing exactly opposite to it. even now, he received the mobile with left hand. She and laksh tried to explain him but being stubborn, sanskar rejected them.
” okay, sure..bye” she heard the last words conversation.

Sanskar turned to them “my friend is coming to stay in our house. Actually she has applied for a course and it takes three months to complete.” He informed them.
” she? ” laksh asked as if it is only valuable word in the whole statement.
Sanskar shook his head and fixed his eyes to screen. Swara chuckled.

Swara came to laksh the next evening to chit chat with him. Actually she has been observing him past few days, he was behaving totally wiered and sometimes dreamed of something. No doubt he was attentive at business but so dull and lost when alone. She wanted to know the reason for his strange behaviour and so landed in his room. She is surprised to see his absence but then heard shower sound. She sighed and glanced the room. Her eyes caught the tab on his bed. She sat on one corner of bed and unlocked it. No doubt that his wallpaper is a love symbol with a couple standing infront of it. She rolled her eyes and opened note pad casually.

” don’t! ” laksh screamed from behind.
She turned to him and raised her eyebrows. A mischievous smile came on her face when she understood the reason seeing laksh’s worried face.
” sorry laksh.. I want to see what treasure you hid” swara said running out of his reach.
” please swara” he pleaded running behind her
” no way ” swara shouted smiling at him.
He ran after her and tried to grab the tab but she didn’t allow him.
” catch me if you can” swara teased him showing the tab. It irritated laksh and he increased his speed. They ran around the bed, to the balcony, then again to room, around coach and finally she reached bathroom door. She turned back as there is no way to escape. Laksh is already standing infront of her with a smrik in his face. She gulped and opened washroom door. Laksh tried to catch her but he staggered and ended in washroom. Swara immediately bolted it and smiled.
” swara” he shouted from inside banging the door ” you are not going to read”
Swara smiled sheepishly and opened it. She read it aloud.

” why did suddenly my words started stumbling, why did the tension grew in my body and palms become wet thinking about you and why am I sure that I am not the old person anymore?”
Swara let a sigh out. Laksh banged the door. She continued ignoring him.
” suddenly, I have started reacting like a teenager, my steps gained their speed, my breath grew more warm, my senses are enlightened, my eye lids always wished to remain closed to dream you but why?”
Swara laughed ” laksh, I never knew that you have knowledge in poetry ”
” swara! Stop reading that. Please ” laksh shouted inside the washroom.
” just shut up laksh. I am missing the lines here” she searched for the lines and continued
” we both stay at different places but the sky, the moon and the stars always keep us in touch. Today may be you and me are different but a day will come where it becomes we. The world is very small when compared to love and so I am sure that my feelings reach you. My stupid heart knows every thing yet I feel tensed, sweaty thinking about you why?

It’s because my heart is racing to meet you. It want to check whether you are that perfect puzzle piece for it. I see you every day in my dreams, I feel you in my every breath, I sense you in every feathery touch, I want only your name to be in my mind and in my tongue forever. I want to live in your every happiest moment, I want be your shadow, want to shine brightly In your every smile, sense your care, feel your touch, share my life with you. I might have seen you just for few minutes but you really don’t know the affect of that on me. I want fill your entire life with myself. You don’t know how mad I am about that and I can’t wait to marry you my dear Mrs. Laksh maheswari ”
Swara coughed sarcastically and opened the door. Laksh shot a deathly glare to her and snatched the tab from her
” who is she?” Swara angled her head and asked teasingly.
” oh God! Blush??” She said again seeing laksh.
Finally he accepted his defeat as he understood that swara is not going to leave him until he opens and surrender.
” in shopping mall. This is not love at first sight. I tried to stay away from her thoughts but without my senses, she filled me.” Laksh explained looking down.
” what is her name?” She asked casually.
” I don’t know” he shrugged. Swara rolled her eyes at him. She really felt annoyed for not knowing her name.

They heard some sound downstairs and came out of the room.
” I think your brother’s friend has arrived” swara said.
She saw sanskar speaking to some girl while descending her stairs. Sanskar laughed occasionally and their closeness showed that he knew her from years. Laksh followed swara and his breath stopped seeing the girl. Not even in his best dreams, he dreamt his dream girl to come in search of him.
” is she the same girl?” Swara asked laksh after studying the change in his face.
” yeah” he nodded. His face lit up and his smile extended to his ears.
” close you mouth” swara scolded laksh. He then realised and cleated his throat. The lady turned towards swara, laksh and asked something to sanskar pointing them. Sanskar nodded to her and she walked to laksh.
” hello, you are laksh..right?” she asked forwarding her hand. Her voice is sweeter than the best honey he ate. His name sounded so good from her mouth that he wished to listen it through out the day.

” I am ragini” she introduced herself.
Laksh tried hard to show up that he is stable but his heart literally pumped in his ears.
Laksh forwarded his hand to shake with her but swara interrupted him by grabbing it.
” hi, I am swara. Sanskar’s friend” swara introduced herself and motioned ragini towards sanskar wrapping an arm around ragini’s shoulder. She then turned back to laksh who is almost fuming. He glared at her while she winked him teasingly.

Credit to: Sree harini

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  1. Superb treat………it was very very nce but who wants to harm sanskar??????? Waiting to know it

    1. Whao..that’s a surprise which I shouldn’t reveal. Keep guessing and I promise you all will get confused by tomorrow.

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    1. Yipeeeeee hold your breath cause I will update another during midnight.

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    1. Will always dear.

  4. Wow laksh is a poet hahaha yeh swara bhi na.kabhi nayi sudregi.waiting for next episode

    1. Swara and laksh share a special bond in my fiction dear and it lasts till end.

  5. Wao sree finally a teasing swara I really like swalak bond true friends their care now concern is so good to see according to me friends are the most important part of your life and a true friend always fills you that’s what I’m seeing btw swalak and now I think swasanraglak in same house seems interesting good work deary ??

    1. I am happy again to know that you love swalak. I agree with your lines but sadly till few months I mean before coming to this site, I didn’t had one. SWASAN and raglak are going to be fun? O really don’t to read your comment after reading the next episode.

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    1. Keep loving swapna.

  7. Wow superb epi

    1. More surprises on their way.

  8. Hey its awesome !
    One of ur readers spoke abt both of ur ffs ??? Both????

    1. I didn’t get you dear but thanks for reading my two fictions

    2. Yaa both one is raglak second love nd other is swasan acceptance

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    1. Thanks for supporting me silently and now breaking it dear. Yes Saba’s fiction is too close to us because of its intensity in love.

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    1. I love the way you guess but I will try to be unique dear so you won’t get to see a jealous laksh…omg..57epi in one go. Hats off yaar.seriuosky? You suspect laksh!! I would love to read your comment after reading next episode.

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  13. Oh my god harini!!!!! U are portraying each and every emotions so perfectly…. Love,care,fear,fun,excitement etc….loving it dear…..and yup even I m even waiting for those intense moments coz they have their own importance in strengthning relations and making them more stronger this is what I feel…..I guess thoda zyada hogaya 😉 anyways waiting for next episode……

    1. You forgot hatred dear. Intense moments!! Let me clarify you that I am very bad at writing romance and hence you won’t find it in my stories.

  14. hi i m first time commenting on ur ff..
    i read ur swasan 7 shot n swaragini limitless love.. u r too good n to days episode is so good shree harini (Divya).. 😉 🙂

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      1. First of all thanks u too dear..
        N yeh Falguni is one of the name of Arjun n its the Hindi month falgun n Gujarati month Fagan..

        Actually I also want to talk to you since your last episode of swasan 7 shot.. But its OK n ty for ur reply

      2. Whao.. .actually thanks for sharing the meaning but unfortunately I too know it dear. No problem. You can talk to me now

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  17. Needhi Singh

    Hi sree,
    It was amazing dear . I loved it. Waiting eagerly for the next update. I am certain that its going to be excellent.Had a gruelling day.God!! first that b.tech exam and after that b.arch exam.Two exams in one day . I am just hell tired but ya exam was good especially that b.arch one ,so tbought to share it with u.Love u sissy.ummmmmmmmmaaaaahhhh. Update soon.

    1. Oh so finally you did well and I am really really happy for that. Hope you will bang in results and I pray God too…umaahhh and please don’t take high expectations my sister. You will hate me if they don’t reach.next update at 10:00

      1. Teju dis one also u r writing aa but I donno till now …..I didn’t even read d epi till now just saw ur name nd started to type ….I will read nd tell how is d epi….I know u will always write too well but also need to know story na….

    2. Hello needhi….ohh so ur xam was good ahh well done…ya its reallu a very hectic day….I wrote only b tech xam but I wrote well donno abt results…..missed u very much nd lov u yaarr

      1. Hi Vaishu, finally u r back. Missed u too yaar.How was your board exams dear???????What other entrance tests u r giving???love u too.

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    After Saba i liked ur ff so much n limitless love is also my favourite ..
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    actually i only checked this site n suddenly open this ff n saw ur name i couldn’t stop to comment..
    love u dear sree.. 🙂

    1. Wow that’s really good that you love army dear. Thanks for the appreciation. Actually I always wish to be unique and try hard to develop scenes. This idea popped up when my little brother of one year old walked with me…you liked me? That’s a way too honorable for me…Limitless love is my first story then SWASAN- A hate story (18), SWASAN ff (7) . then started RAGLAK- second love updated epi 3.

      1. yes in starting years of carrier my grand father was in army.. n i love army men n their courage for nation.. really Heads of to them..
        sorry i forgot ..
        i read swasan – a hate story in one day..
        mostly half episodes i read in 1 day after that i egearly waited for ur update.. 🙂

    Am so glad I’m free form tomorrow… Would hate to miss any of ur chapters… <3 <3
    Soo many unanswered questions… Cant waittt

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