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Another filler. Enjoy.

Sanskar gulped reading the note. He was never scared of warnings but when it comes to his family, he can’t risk, he just cannot. He wiped the drops of sweat formed on his forehead and the letter once again.
‘ roses represent love, a strong emotion but mine is not love’
Hatred! He thought because after love, hate is the strong emotion which can make a person lose his wits. He kept his gaze on ‘ Mr. Maheswari’ . does this letter represent him or his brother. He is confident enough that no one would be able touch them even, then who might be the one. His thoughts trailed to his bade papa and he immediately called him.
” hello” sanskar tried to be normal.
” ha sanskar” durga Prasad answered.

The voice, the concern and the love in his bade papa’s voice soothed him.
” are you fine?” He asked.
There is a pause for a moment
” is everything okay?” Durga Prasad asked worried.
” nothing papa, just missed you” sanskar said in a emotional tone. He observed the silence in the background.
” are you in meeting papa?”
” yeah buy not yet started” durga Prasad said casually.
” I will call you later. Please be careful” Sanskar disconnected the call and crushed the note.

” gift?” Laksh asked sanskar once they are inside a mall.
Sanskar smiled at him and turned to swara ” after all we have a new company so a gift costs. Right?” He raised his eyebrows.
Swara is completely enjoying this shade and felt relived as he started to accept her as a friend.
” okay then” laksh rubbed his hands “each one if us will buy for the other two and no one must meet the other during shopping” he stated.
” and we will meet at a cafe, downstairs” sanskar informed before leaving the place.

” so what did you buy for me?” Swara asked laksh with loads of excitement.
” ladies first ” sanskar said.
Swara smriked and turned to laksh ” but today, you are first”.
Laksh smiled and gave a gift pack to her. He then gave another pack to sanskar. Swara closed her mouth with two hands seeing a platinum ring.

” thank-you laksh” she said sliding the ring to her finger.
“I know” he teased seeing her expressions because he guessed.
” open yours ” laksh nudged sanskar.
He smiled and opened the pack to see a empty box.
He narrowed his eyes but laksh hugged him.
” you are the best. I really didn’t find any thing to gift you because you already have everything”
Sanskar gave a faint smile listening his words but he knew how his brother loves him and its true that he really didn’t want anything except laksh.
Swara cleared her throat.
” actually, I tried hard to gift something valuable to you but I really didn’t find anything as such but then I brought something very precious which you people can’t even afford” swara said with bright eyes.

Laksh raised his eyebrow while sanskar narrowed his eyes listening that they cannot afford.
” forward your hand laksh” swara ordered.
She repeated when he didn’t.
” don’t say that you are tieing rakhi to me” he is really worried about that.
” shut up” she tied a friendship band with friends forever. She then turned to sanskar and tied a band with besties forever.
” friends forever?” Swara asked forwarding her hand.
Both brothers smiled and joined their hands with her.
” where is my gift?” Laksh asked.
Sanskar smiled and gave him few DVDs of latest version of laksh’s favourite video games. Laksh jumped in joy. No one in the entire world can read him as best as sanskar. And it never needed any confession. Sanskar embraced laksh and then turned to swara giving a gift pack. She opened it with excitement and saw a book in it. She raised her head questioning him
” books are best friends. They shape up your personality ” sanskar said casually but looking straight into her eyes. His gaze tickled her and so she looked down. ‘ biography of mother Theresa’ was written on it. ‘ a gift from your bestie’ written in ink pin didn’t fail to reach it. Her heart raced reading it because finally they both are friends.
” I love Teresa” sanskar’s deep voice cut her thoughts.

” I love her because the way she left her happiness, her wealth everything just to spread love to the people who were abandoned by this society. I think this is what you are also missing.”
Swara understood what he is talking about and simply nodded.
” this will be my favorite from now” she hugged the book.

Swara opened her eyes when she felt someone tapping her. She rubbed her eyes and saw sanskar dressed decently as if he is going out. It confused her because it is still 5:oo am.
” where are you going?” She asked after yawing
” not me but we”
” we?” Her sleep vanished.
” come with me” he dragged her.
” but what about laksh?” She asked pointing laksh who is in deep sleep with his hands spread wide.
” dare if you can”

Swara approached laksh and took his name out. She shaked him vigoursly but no response.
” laksh” she screamed totally annoyed. Sanskar chuckled.
” don’t dare to disturb my sleep ” he murmured. ” you will be punished.
“Let’s go” sanskar dragged her and she stumbled behind him.

” where are we?” She asked not able to understand her surroundings. It is almost 5:30 but the sun didn’t rise. Slowly, she understood that they are standing on a cliff and she is able to see many tourists. Probably a tourist place.
” you will get to know” sanskar said rubbing his hands.
Soon, her confusion broke when she saw sun rising behind the light house. As they are far away, it looked like a huge ball rose behind the light house which is in another cliff and the sun filled the background. Optical illusion.
She turned towards sanskar and saw him smiling. It lit up his eyes and she understood that it is genuine. Her happiness doubled seeing him.
” beautiful” both of them said at the same time and laughed.
” I wish laksh was here ” he pouted.

” me too” she slowly reached his hand and intertwined their fingers. The atmosphere is still cool and the breeze shivered them. Sanskar too intertwined their fingers and suddenly the temperature became warm for her. He gave a smile when their eyes met.

” swara, I saw these two gift packs on dining table” laksh stormed into study where swara and sanskar are deeply involved in some business discussion. It has been nearly two weeks and the friendship grew among them. Sometimes, they three slept on same bed.
” for us?” Swara frowned before taking it from laksh’s hand. They both opened it with curiosity. As soon as they opened, some lever came up and it flushed pink color on their faces.
” ahh” both of them screamed wiping their eyes.
” laksh..” Swara screamed. ” you are becoming naughty day by day” she warned.
” seriously swara. Trust me I didn’t do this. I just saw the packs on table addressing us” he explained
” then who might… ” swara gaze turned to swara followed by laksh.
Sanskar pouted and stood from his place. Swara and laksh narrowed their eyes. Feeling their intensity, sanskar walked few steps before running.
” sanskar” swara yelled behind him.

” bhai..wait” laksh screamed running behind sanskar.
They followed sanskar to the garden. Swara saw a water pipe and smriked evily. She took it and aimed at sanskar.
” stop it” sanskar said covering his face with both hands.
” no way..you continue ” laksh encouraged swara but least he knew was he is also a target for her.
” swara” laksh screamed when water turned to him.
Sanskar grabbed the pipe and aimed if to her. Soon everyone bursted out laughing and did a mess. Laksh got hold of the pipe and turned towards swara. Swara stepped back for his every step forward to her. Suddenly laksh changed his aim to sanskar who was relaxing and trying to breath. Laksh laughed aloud. Swara turned back and saw few water balloons lying there. She filled one of them and threw it on laksh.

” aoooo” laksh screamed dropping the pipe. He then rubbed his bicep where it hurt
Swara and sanskar looked at each other and bursted out laughing. Sanskar laughed such that his stomach ached. He placed at hand on his stomach and took a backward step still laughing. Due to wet mud, his foot twisted and he fell down. Swara laughed more seeing him falling down. Tears filled her eyes.
” will anyone say me why you both are laughing like mad?” Laksh placed his hands on hips and asked them, really clueless about the reason
Sanskar sat on the ground with one leg folded and the other spread. Swara sat beside him and both their dresses are spoiled. They laughed for more than five minutes till they went out of breath. Laksh crossed his arms and is waiting impatiently for answer.
Soon they both stopped laughing and panted. Sanskar wiped off the tears.
” laksh..” Swara said panting “you really sound like a”
” girl” sanskar finished her and again started laughing. His cheeks turned red,
Laksh’s nostrils falred.
” I am sorry laksh” swara apologized before throwing another ballon on him and the reaction is same. Sanskar stood up brushing his knees. He tried hard to surpress his laughter but not successful.

” yeeeww” swara scrunched herself when a ball of mud landed on her shoulder.
Laksh laughed at her ” you sound like a kitten”
Soon, swara and laksh had a mud ball war. Sanskar kept laughing all the time but it stopped when he saw both of them glaring him. He tried to escape from the situation but before he could, a series of mud balls landed on his body.
” laksh please, swara” sanskar pleaded but they didn’t listen to him.
Ramu kaka, who came out listening to the noises bursted out laughing. Each of them looked like a joker in circus with drenched clothes and mud all over the body including hair.
Sanskar, swara and laksh turned to ramu kaka, listening his laughter.
” lunch is ready” He paused to take a breath “and I won’t allow you to step in dinner hall unless you get changed” he warned them left the place chuckling.

The trio stared at each other and sighed. They understood the reason of ramu kaka’s laughing and suddenly felt irritated by the way they smelled.
Swara followed sanskar who is a bit forward. He suddenly turned to her.
” thanks swara. I really laughed like this before four months. You are a chirping bird. I..I like the way you are”
Without waiting for another moment, he left the place with a smile of satisfaction plastered on his face.
Swara stood motionless still unable to believe what she heard.
” did you listen that!” Laksh nudged her.
” he likes you” he whistled.

Swara playfully slapped laksh’s arm before turned into red tomato.

Credit to: Sree harini

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    1. Actually, few lines were not copied I guess. There is a lever at the bottom of the box with color on it. As soon as they opened, the lever pushed up and flushed the color…yeah sanskar started liking her..yipeee

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    1. I wrote this episode only to show how close they became and what is sanskar’s charecter. Hi-fi dear. I love exams more than results…

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