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“What!” Sanskar screamed on phone.
Laksh smiled sheepishly. Sanskar glared laksh and disconnected the call.
” be ready laksh” sanskar said trying to suppress his anger
” what happened bhai?” Laksh asked innocently batting his lashes.
” Mr. Mark informed that he would make a deal with us only if I will come to Sydney.” Sanskar said rolling his eyes.
” whao!” Laksh screamed, ” that’s awesome”
” I will kill you” sanskar said between his breaths.
Laksh smiled and turned to swara.” What about her?”
” do you have a passport?” Sanskar asked swara.
” yeah but why?”
He turned to laksh and smiled.
” well she is coming with us”
Laksh winked but swara bit her nails in confusion.
” sanskar…with what status can I come there? I mean you don’t like to discuss business matters infront of strangers”
Her words stabbed him and she knew that
” you are my P.A” HS said after thinking for a while.
“From when?” She raised her eyebrows.
” just a minute ago” sanskar left the place to avoid further questions.
Swara and laksh bursted out laughing.
” it’s time for swara to get close to sanskar” laksh teased her and she blushed.

After three days, three of them landed in Sydney airport. The drive to hotel was smooth. Swara kept staring outside the window while laksh was busy in sleeping. Sanskar was equally bust in attending mobile calls.
” laksh getup” swara shouted once they reached the hotel.
” we came so soon” he said yawning.
Swara narrowed her eyes and three of them went inside. After filling the details, they were shown a double bedroom suit. Sanskar and laksh occupied master bedroom while swara occupied the other.
” take rest swara. I have the meeting at evening in hotel night star. So get ready. We will go out tomorrow. ” sanskar said to swara before closing the door if hos room. Swara sighed and glanced the room. She jumped in joy and waited for the sun to set.
” where is my blue file” sanskar shouted adujsting his tie.
” here bhai” laksh said handing it to him.
Sanskar smiled ” I really don’t know what might have happened if you were not in my side.
” I be always with you my dear Bhai. Stop acting emotional.” Laksh said.
After half an hour they reached the restaurant.
Swara glanced at the restaurant. Laksh and sanskar asked her to stay at restaurant while they went to banquet hall. Minutes passed but they didn’t come. Swara felt annoyed and she sighed heavily after eating third piece of cake.
” missed us?” Laksh winked coming towards her.
Swara rolled her eyes. The Victory in sanskar’s eyes said that they finalised the lead. Laksh gestured swara to come along with him. She silently followed them. Her eyes flew open when they entered the bar section in the restaurant. Almost everyone had loads of make up on their faces and minimal clothes. She looked odd among them with jeans and a formal shirt. Everyone are dancing madly and it is for sure because they drank. The total atmosphere irritated her and she wanted to punch laksh’s face. She turned to him and he signalled her to come on dance floor. She gave a disgusting look to him and stood still. But something unexpected happen. Her breath choked in throat when Sanskar literally dragged her to the dance floor. She raised her eyebrows but he nudged her to dance. She turned to laksh who was already dancing. Swara started tapping her feet to the rhythm and soon a pop is played and now every danced in hip hop. Swara coordinated with laksh and sanskar but she is shocked to see sanskar this way. He is laughing and seemed like he enjoyed dancing. Her steps gained speed seeing him and soon she started dancing with grace. All the three kept exchanging glances
” I am done” sanskar said panting once they reached the counter.
” I am surprised ” swara said to sanskar.
” I said you..right?” Laksh said with a look i-am-always-correct.
She smiled at him and understood how friendly sanskar is.
” so how about dinner?” Laksh asked sanskar. He already know what will be the answer from his dearest brother but he wanted swara to know it.
” seriously ” sanskar gave a disapproving look ” we will enjoy tonight, will hang out” he pouted.
Swara opened her mouth wide with unbelievable look.
Sanskar’s mobile rang and he went out
” I said you right. Bhai is really a good guy” laksh said to swara and she smile.
” I want to drink. Come ” without waiting for reply, laksh dragged her.
Laksh ordered shots . swara moved her head in accordance with laksh as he drank every shot.
” wanna taste?” Laksh asked drinking another. Swara didn’t want to buy she nodded involuntarily
” take this” laksh gave her a shot ” drink at a time.” He stated.
Following his orders, swara drank it in one gulp. The next moment she started jumping. It is her first time and really burned her throat. Her eyes filled with tears, everything went blurr.
laksh shouted ” drink another one, hurry up”
Swara drank another thinking that the buring sensation in her throat. After drinking, she learnt that the shot didn’t work. Her stomach, throat, mouth and lips. Everything burnt. She took deep breaths with her mouth but every thing pained. Slowly, she started feeling dizzy. She turned to laksh and wondered how was he drinking. Her hands reached for another shoot. She brought it to her lips to drink but felt something slap kind of thing in her hand. She turned her head and saw sanskar standing straight with Clenched jaw.
Shooting a glare to laksh which he ignored, sanskar dragged swara to washroom. As it is her first time, alcohol started showing its affect on her. She just followed sanskar stumbling. Everything seemed three.
Swara tried to read the words written on washroom door.
” GE..GE..” She batted her lashes and finally she did ” gents? ” she shouted but she knew little that she is already inside.
” bend” sanskar ordered.
She frowned and batted her lashes.
” sanskar..you have four brothers” she counted everyone and batted her lashes.
” you never said me” she pouted.
Sanskar sighed at her behaviour and he washed her face.
” feeling better?” He asked with concern.
” oops” she said and vomited.
Sanskar shook his head and again washed her face. He then went out and came back after few seconds.
” take this” he forwarded his hand
” what?”she murmured leaning to the wall
” swara!” He called her name in fake anger.
Swara pouted and took mouth freshner from him.
“where is laksh?” She asked seeing the bar counter empty.
” oh God! Some one kidnapped him” swara screamed crying.
Sankar gave her a disgusting look but felt pity for her condition.
” swara..just sit here. I will come in a minute” sanskar made swara sit on a chair and he went in search of laksh.
Finally he found him sitting in some dark corner almost drunk.
” Laksh” sanskar patted laksh’s hand.
” ha bhai!” Laksh fumbled.
” go and sit in car. I will be back in a minute”
Laksh nodded but sanskar had a fear whether his brother will reach the car or not. He might have went with him but swara is also important. He went back and found empty chair.
” swara” he screamed out of the music.
No reply
” swara” he called her name.
” sanskar maheswari is missing” he heard someone shouting back of him. He turned and saw swara arguing with watch men who looked more like body guards
” hey..search him..I am speaking to you” swara shouted at one of the person poking his bicep but he remained still.. It is their routine to see many drunkers behave in wiered way and so then didn’t even respond to her
” you..” Swara stumbled her steps and batted her lashes as her vision is getting more blur.
Sanskar grabbed swara’s arm and dragged her to the car
” sanskar..” She called his name as if she found some treasure.
” hmm” he replied.
” my head is paining sanskar.. Like hell” she cried. Tears came out of her eyes.
Sanskar sighed. He really felt bad seeing her condition and he understood that she is getting her hangover
” just get in” sanskar motioned her to back seat door. He then drove to theor boarding place.

” Aww” swara screamed holding her head.
She felt like someone is continuously hammering her head. It pained hell and her body became numb. She rolled on the bed holding her head but fell down. Even that didn’t effect cause her head ached a lot. She leaned to bed and pulled her kness close to chest. Tears filled her eyes and screamed
” please.. Kill me”. She stamped her legs sitting in the same position.
” swara” laksh shouted behind her ” will you stop screaming” he tossed himself to face swara. ” it’s disturbing my sleep” swara’s nostril flared. She grabbed a pillow from her right side and threw it on laksh who carelessly spread his limbs wide on bed.
” you idiot.. This is all because of you..aww” he again held her head and cuddled her self.
Sanskar smiled seeing swara from opposite side, shut his laptop and walked past her. She buried her face in her knees
” drink this” swara raised her head in frustration. She then glared at glass which he was holding
” I just said that I want to die but you really..” narrowing her eyes, she turned away murmuring ” what a friend you are!”
Sanskar grabbed her hand and placed glass forcefully.
” this is just lemon water”
She pouted and drank before sanskar disappeared. He came back with a tablet.
” now what is this?”
” it will reduce your hangover. You will be alright within two hours” he assured her handing medicine to her
” if not say me. I will give you another one”
” I think you have a collection of tablets. Experienced?” She teased him.
” yes” he said. She raised her eyebrows.
” I do drink but very rare” he turned to laksh and narrowed his eyes
” I was planning to hang out whole night by roaming on streets and shopping but you..” He ran a frustrated hand through his hair ” you and she spoiled everything. I need to be angry with you ”
” but you can’t ” laksh prompted. Sanskar gave a nod.
” but why do you drink sanskar” the thought him drinking ached her heart. The corners of his lips twitched for her innocence. Why will anyone drink, either to celebrate or to forget pain and he knew that he drank for celebration.
” sometimes, when I feel too stressed and I end up same like you with hangover” sanskar said it in one breath as he didn’t want to drag it.
” and it is really worth watching him swara” laksh said with a smile ” his room will be a mess and his face..oh god! It will be too funny” laksh laughed rewinding his experiences.
” yeah” sanskar rolled his eyes.
Swara opened her mouth to say something but they heard someone knock at the door.
” I will see” sanskar left the room. He opened the door. A girl probably working staff greeted him handing a boquet.
” sir, someone left this for you at reception”
” me!” Sanskar is shocked but shut the door after giving a friendly smile to her. He placed the boquet of red roses on table and saw some note in it. Be opened to read it and it read
‘roses represent love, a strong emotion but mine is not love. Red is color of love yet it is a sign for danger….its time to pay back Mr. Maheswari’

NOTE: not proof read. Guys enjoy reading the fillers. Mostly the next two updates will be the same. Enjoy reading because it’s time for the story to get intense.

Credit to: Sree harini

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