SWASAN- Acceptance (5)


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“Good morning” laksh wished swara stretching his body.
” you need to say good afternoon my dear laksh” swara mocked.
” oh!! So bhai left to office” he asked jumping from his bed.
Swara glared but he went to washroom ignoring her.
” come on we will go to office” laksh said combing his hair
” we?” Swara jumped in excitement.
” yeah!” Laksh said determined
After half an hour, swara came out of her room wearing a black and red suit.
Laksh smriked at both of them started.

“So” sanskar asked a person standing infront of him.
” sir..I am sorry ” he fumbled and is sweating profusely
Sanskar raised his eyebrow and stood up.
” are you expecting me to forgive you?” He made a round around the person and sat on his office desk.
” I will leave this job” the person murmured.
” of course” sanskar shouted which made him shiver. ” do you still think that I will let someone work who betray me?”
” you are fired kunal” sanskar added.
The state of kunal brought a sadistic pleasure to sanskar.
” I am asking you that what punishment would you like to have apart from firing” sanskar said in a authoritative and sharp voice while rolling the paper weight.
“Huh?” Kunal asked scared.
Sanskar thought for sometime and then he smriked.
” you will work” sanskar stated. Kunal’s eyes widedened with hope.
” you will work for us but we won’t pay and I will make sure that you won’t get selected in any other companies for next six months ” sanskar’s eyes grew more darker and his voice is cold enough to freeze a person
” go to your seat now and work for me for six months..remember” he shouted behind kunal who was leaving.
” no salary” sanskar smriked.
Something got into kunal’s mind and he again came back. Sanskar smiled sarcastically and threw two files on the table.
” this is agreement of your work kunal..sign them” sanskar said pointing of the files. Reading kunal’s stubborn face, sanskar narrowed his eyes and gestured him to open the other.World paused for a moment for kunal as he read the file.
” if not then this file which have details about your qualifications I mean the way you tried to betray us will land on police desk” sanskar said humorously enjoying every second of his dominance over kunal.
Kunal’s eyes lost stubborness and were replaced by fear. Without uttering a word, he walked to the entrance and received a deathly glare from laksh who entered the room along with swara.
” so finally you got him” laksh asked once kunal left the room.
” yeah and he will be working for six months without salary” sanskar said with a bright smile.
” what if he finds other job?” Laksh asked curiously.
” he won’t” sanskar said with a proud smrik and it didn’t even take a minute for laksh to understand his brother
” did you blackmail him?” Swara asked wideeyed.
” sort of. He won’t get job for next six months as no will appoint him. I have my ways for that” sanskar casually answered her before getting back to his seat.
” how sadistic you are… What about his family sanskar?” Swara is totally frustrated by him.
” that’s what I need swara” sanskar spatted ” when he won’t get any job and also no salary, he will opt to do low category works to feed his family and that experience will teach him a lesson” Sanskar’s cold and deep voice made swara shiver.
” and then he will get to know the pain and loss of the person who gets betrayed” laksh added casually.
” after all he should pay for helping James” he then murmured in frustration.
” I hate betrayal swara” swara shifted her gaze to sanskar.
” I will be able to tolerate lie but not betrayal. It costs a life”
These words of sanskar feared her. If kunal was fired for helping James then what about when he gets to know the game played by her and his brother.
Swara shook her head and left the room
She spent good amount of time in enjoying the beauty of the office but her face turned red when she saw an old man inside a cabin. Their eyes met and she fumed with anger. The old man came out with a concerned look.
” I am one of the partners of durga Prasad” he reasoned but swara raised her hand stopping him.
” I don’t want to hear any explations from you Mr. Dean dayal gadodia” swara walked past him but his voice stopped her.
” I am sorry for what I have done. I want a family now ” swara turned to him only to meet his pained eyes but that didn’t affect her heart.
” how did you expect that I will forgive you Mr. Gadodia. I am not concerned neither about you nor your flashback” folding her hands infront of him, swara turned back to go to sanskar’s office. Dean dayal had tears in his eyes but soon he composed himself and went back to the work.
Swara stromed into the room and saw sanskar and laksh who almost buried their heads into the laptop screens occupying opposite corners of the room.
” what happened?” Laksh asked shutting his laptop
Swara stamped her foot and let a sigh of frustration.
” did any one misbehaved ?” Sanskar asked her with out taking his eyes from laptop..
She narrowed her eyes to sanskar before turning to laksh. She opened her mouth to say something but a knock on the door disturbed them. Sanskar signalled the person to get in.
” Sir, Mr. Singhania’s project..” The person was cut off by sanskar’s raised hand. Sanskar turned to swara and raised his eyebrow.
” why don’t you just have more pleasure of watching the beauty of my office again? ” swara became annoyed by the sarcasm overflowed in his voice and immediately left the room.
Laksh gave a disapproving look to sanskar before following swara but sanskar shrugged casually and turned to the person to discuss about the details of singhania.
Swara ignored laksh yelling her name behind and hired an auto to MANISON.

” where is swara?” Sanskar asked ramu kaka when they reached home.
” upstairs ” ramu replied before serving dinner.
” did she had her dinner?” Laksh asked concerend.
” no. I tried to convince her but she…” Ramu sighed.
Sanskar saw swara wiping her tears when he reached her room with a dinner plate in his hand.
Swara looked up as she felt some shadow but immediately turned seeing sanskar.
Sighing heavily, sanskar walked into the room and handed the plate to her but she nodded in no.
” your medicines are powerful, you need to follow a perfect diet for that otherwise you will faint ” he explained.
” I don’t want your concern. Get lost” she shouted at him.
He smiled at her and pinched roti and brought it near to her lips. She raised her tear filled lashes to him and immediately felt comfortable seeing his calm and concerend gaze.
She then started eating while he kept feeding her.
” you look cute when you cry” Sanskar said wiping the extra curry near her lower lip which made swara blush.
” I am sorry swara” he said once she finished her dinner.
” I am sorry for behaving rudely with you today. Actually I don’t like to discuss business matters infront of people who don’t belong to it” he said looking straight into her eyes.
” it’s okay sanskar. I can understand…actually” swara gulped and continued, ” some memories of my parents made me feel bad and I came to share with you both but you ignoring me just irked. That’s all”
” I am sorry. How did they die?” He asked with pain in his voice.
” in an accident” she sighed deeply and a set of fresh tears rolled down her cheeks.
” I know how it feels” sanskar said in a voice which she never heard before.
” how..wait a minute..your parents??” She gulped
He closed his eyes for a moment and opened them. Pain was evident
” I lost my mother when I born. She died during delivery ” he said in a heavy voice.
” your father?” Swara asked hesitatingly.
She observed colors changing in his face and he fisted his palm
” he is alive but is not staying with us”
” oh..why?” Swara asked out of curiosity.
” it’s just…” Sanskar was cut off by swara
” who brought you up then?”
” some matters are not meant to discuss swara. As I didn’t ask about your parents, you too don’t have any right involving in my matter” he said looking straight. His cold voice freezed her.
Swara flinched at his words and silence engulfed them. She tried to pierece his eyes to read his emotions but failed as he is an expert in masking emotions.
” I don’t mean to hurt you swara. It’s just that..” Sanskar tried to explain.
” it’s okay sanskar. You are right. Few topics should not be discussed.” She assured him.
” thanks for understanding me” he smiled at her.
” when are you taking me to your father?” She said trying to divert the topic.
” when the time is ripe. I promise you” sanskar turned to swara and their eyes locked and its the time where both of them were able to understand each other’s pain.

Credit to: Sree harini

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