SWASAN- Acceptance (4)

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She closed her eyes tightly before turning back.
” what are you hiding from me?” Laksh’s playfull tone made her let out a heavy breath.
” nothing laksh” swara said while placing the photograph in the closet drawer but it didn’t fail to reach laksh’s eye.
” whose photo is that??… Bhai’s right!” Laksh said as if he already know and swara’s red face proved it.
” if you want more pics, I will give you from his album” he winked at her
” laksh” seriousness in her tone made him dumb.
” fine then..we are leaving swara. Ramu kaka is available. If you want anything, you can ask him” laksh assured her before leaving.

” who stay in this house apart from you” swara questioned once they sat for dinner.
” me , lucky and badepapa” sanskar said casually
” only three” swara raised her eyebrows.
Laksh attacked the food as if he was hungry since decade
” yeah. What’s there in it” sanskar shrugged his shoulders.
” I mean don’t you feel fear staying in this huge manison?” Swara gulped and then continued ” I found myself shivering when I made a visit of the house with ramu kaka this morning ”
Sanskar placed his spoon in the plate and turned to her.
” we are used swara.this MANISON was constructed during my grandfather’s period ”
” grandfather?? Don’t you feel afraid of ghosts?”
” ghosts” sanskar laughed “which ghost has guts to enter the Manison in Lakshya’s presence?” He teased.
Laksh dropped his spoon and glared at sanskar while sanskar tried hard to suppress his laughter.
” yes swara..bhai is right. No ghost will dare to enter in my presence because they are very well aware that laksh is always glued to sanskar who is a vampire.”
“But vampires suck human blood” swara got confused.
” but he is special and rare who sucks blood of ghosts” laksh sarcastiaclly answered. ” but ghosts dont have blood” swara murmurmed under her breath.
” grow up laksh. Use some common sense” sanskar’s teasing voice wondered swara to see this naughty shade of him.

Laksh understood how stupid he behaved. It’s not that he is incapable of answering but currently, he is hungry and hence the smart answers which were always on tip of his tongue didnt come out. He didn’t look up listening laughter’s of swara and sanskar. He really wanted to show how smart he is to swara because his brother already aware of him but nothing is getting into his mind and moreover he is not a person who would accept his mistake.
” I know but he is special vampire and the ghosts are unique.” He then turned to sanskar “regarding common sense, I have more than you” his face became red out of anger and embarrassment.
” then donate laksh. It is overflowing ” sanskar bursted out laughing but he knew how to handle his brother’s immature ness. Instead he always admired it.
” you both brothers are unbelievable ” swara stated once she stopped laughing and setting back.
After finishing her dinner, a nurse came to swara’s room to dress her wounds and later she slept.

Laksh stamped his foot looking at the crowd in shopping mall and cursed sanskar who had asked him to buy a suit for success party held that evening.
” which color will be good?” Laksh asked swara who was in video call.
” how would I know laksh? He is your brother ” she pouted but gave a genuine reason.
” but your to be husband ” laksh snorted.
” HM..then black” swara answered after thinking for a while
” have you ever seen his wardrobe? you will find a good collection of black in almost all shades ”
“what! Seriously?”

” my brother loves black ” laksh winked at her.
” fine then try some shades of pink with brown ” swara suggested.
After spending an hour, laksh finally purchased a suit in the exact color combination and ended the video call.
He sighed and turned to leave but something pulled the attention of his eyes. He saw a girl arguing with salesman at counter for some reason which he failed to listen as he was too busy in admiring her. Her skinny figure which looked fragile made him bat his lashes. The way she tucked her hair locks that fell on her face, the movement of her soft Rosy lips, the wiggling of her eyebrows, the way she was batting her eyelashes during argument, her fish shaped eyes, her long swan like neck didn’t let him to take off his eyes. The lemon yellow anarkali which perfectly fitted her body, added beauty to her glowing skin. The sound made by the bangles by her every move felt so divine to his ears.
He stepped out of the dream world and realised that he was practically drooling when his mobile rang. He received the call with out checking the number.
” hello” the person on the call wished him.
” hello” laksh replied huskily
” are you okay?” The person asked confused.
” hmm” laksh said still admiring her beauty in his memories.
” lucky” the person shouted which brought his senses back.

” bhai! I am on the way..will talk to you later” laksh immediately disconnected the call and looked up at cash counter only to learn that she left. His heart stinged but he brushed it off and reached maheswari Manison.

Swara opened her mouth looking at sanskar when she accidentally collided with him and saw him in the suit which laksh purchased. The dark brown silk coat and trousers matched his the brightness of his clean shaven face. The dusty pink color shirt inside his coat lit his face made his complexion more fair than he was. The messed up hair which fell on his made forehead arose a desire in her body to make it more messy. His eyes were as always cold, caring, and mysterious.
” you are looking ha..good” she fumbled.
” thanks” he said carelessely and walked past her.

” what happened?” Laksh asked swara seeing her dull.
” you bhai is weird. He doesn’t even respond for compliments. He is so dull” swara scrunched her nose while crossing her arms because it is becoming difficult for her to develop friendship with him.
Laksh smiled and pulled her cheeks.
” it is really fun to live with him. It’s just that he is a reserved guy. Once he gets loosen, you will see the best and unexpected side of his” laksh patted her back.
” yeah” she rolled her eyes ” he must feel free with me but no..he is not even trying to act friendly”
” it has been only two days my dear bhabhi..anyways with in a week, he will be your true friend. I promise you.” Laksh said placing his palm on hers.
“But how?” Swara asked biting her nails.
Laksh walked to the entrance and turned to her ” I have my ways” he winked before leaving.

Swara came into corridor when she heard Sankar’s voice around midnight. She saw laksh being carried by sanskar and it is clearly understood that laksh was drunk.
” any help? ” swara asked looking down
” sure” sanskar smiled.
Immediately she grabbed the free arm of laksh and snaked it over her shoulder. Then they entered to laksh’s room and finally placed him on his bed. She then saw sanskar removing laksh’s shoes and his blazer
” you really love your brother.. Right?” Swara asked once sanskar changed into night suit
” he is everything to me” sanskar said calmly.
” oh..ouch” swara screamed in pain that suddenly shoot up in her leg.
” what happened?” He asked her worried.
” it’s just..pain..ah” she tried to say while taking her leg into her hands but sanskar grabbed it
A bag of butterflies released in her stomach.
” it’s okay sanskar..I will manage” swara said trying to take her leg from his grip.
” swara” he warned and started massaging it

Swara smiled at him. Sanskar raised his head when he felt hot gaze of swara on him.
” what?” He asked raising his eyebrows.
” you are really a good person” he smiled ” but too reserved” she muttered under her breath.
” did you say anything?” Sanskar asked staring her.
” actually….will laksh drink everyday?” Swara tried to divert the topic but still it was the question she had in her mind.
” what made you ask that?” Sanskar asked casually massaging her leg.
” he smelled alcohol the day we were at farm house”
Sanskar sighed.
” yeah..he became an addict to alchol from three years. He was never like this before. Once I tried to ask the reason and he said that he drank only to reduce the pain but never explained anything further. So I have stopped asking him. I am here to take care of him and I will never let him ruin his life” he said in a deep , intense and calm voice which melt her heart.
She smiled at him and opened her mouth to say something but a call on sanskar’s mobile interrupted her. Sanskar’s eyes grew darker as he saw the name and immediately he left the room leaving swara alone.
She shrugged at his behaviour and shook her head in disgust for trying to read him.
Sanskar listened to the person on the call and then smriked.
” very good..now it’s time for you to payback kunal”

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  1. Superb as usual.. So lucky is also not the same as he looks.. It looks like all 3 are playing hide n seek with each other πŸ™‚

    1. Exact prediction dear but you need to be patient till the entire truth reveals.

  2. Loved it. …pata nhi why I feel that swara waha sirf sanskar k liye nhi bt for some other motive waha gayi h… I mean any business enmity. … BT ep was amazing. .. plz upload nxt ASAP. .. cant wait. ..

    1. I loved your comment but can’t reveal anything as it spoils your suspense. So keep reading.

  3. Amazing loved it

    1. Thank you bresh..keep loving.

  4. Wow… Superb episode… Honey.. Loved swalak bonding… sanskar is really complicated n difficult task to crack..

    1. Agree with you. Swara has really got a good time pass in revealing this man.

  5. As usual just fabulous sree u should be a writer dear how clearly you explain everyone feelings really too good swara’s choice suited sanky but you know what sanskar par sab suit karta h infact in my view each single thing attached to him gains his real glistening when he uses them again annoyed I told you I can’t have enough of praising him sanskarholic #varunholic

    1. Thank-you for appreciation. Agree with you that every color suits sanskar but personally I like him in orange, yellow and of course black…it’s okay you didn’t annoy me cause I am also sanskarholic.

  6. is the girl ragini? ?

    1. It will be revealed soon

  7. Its just awesome yaar… Lucky was too cute… sanskar is unique…loved it…

    1. Nive..felt like ages dear. How are you?? Thanks is all what I can say now. Not getting any words out of happiness.

  8. Do u remember me
    Pls 1 kind request ur next ff make it a combined ff like both swasan and raglak
    Because i loved ur limitless love it was the best ff pls
    i am waiting for 1 like that
    pls pls pls

    1. Hello Priya..read your comment in the previous episode even…raglak story will have SWASAN and I am sure that you will like it.

  9. Fabulous!!!!! Really awesome!!!! Ohhhh iam very eager to know what happened 3 years back in laksh’s life….
    And how lucky came to know about swara’s love for sanskar…… Eagerly waiting for next update……

    1. Your curiosity is tempting me to post the next episode but I have exam tomorrow…so I can’t. I had typed the next episode even and will post tomorrow morning

  10. Ultimate dr continue waiting for next update

    1. Dr actually I’m full tied instead of u I commented in dis fiction pls read it i reply to ur question…..swasan_journey from being stubborn to falling in love (Chapter 1) actually I don’t know how to delete tat comment pls read k…

      1. Hi dear. I read it just now and felt very happy. Sorry I cannot reply more than this because I have lot to study.

    2. Thanks Divya. Will do that.

  11. Omg!!! Loved it Sree…..
    Each and every character is full of mystery and I can’t wait to read the next…. I’m literally hoping that you’ll post the entire story today as I have tests for the next 2 days without a break and am not sure when I’ll have time to read…

    LOLOL… Just kidding… I know you can’t do that… But srsly am so excited right now.. Not at all in the mood to study bio πŸ™
    Anyways, All the best for ur exam.. When do they get over? I can’t wait for mine to get over as well.. Though it’s only tests and not exams but still…

    Anyways, Love ur characters…The depth that you manage to bring out in them.. MINDBLOWING!!!!!! <3 <3
    And I saw the comment about the HERUN video in the orev chapter… I saw that video toooooo… Varun is soooo freaking cuteeee…. I LOVE HIM!!!

    1. Btw…I may not be able to comment in ur next chapter.. depends on when u post it… If it’s tom i’ll do my best…
      Just apologising in advance…. πŸ˜€

    2. Entire story!! It is really lenghty dear. Will surely take minimum 40 episodes. All the best for your exams. Bang them. Bio is not difficult as physics for me cause I am a bio topper. Thanks for the wishes. Mine will be finished by tomorrow. Yipeeeeee. Excited for that. As the story proceeds, you will get to see more intensity in leads. Yeah varun is too cute..varunholic.

  12. wow yaar i am speechless ur just a fab…keep rocking dear..love u….

    1. sree harini do reply for my comment of previous episode..

    2. Love you swathi..missed you badly.

  13. Hello..your sree here. Actually I have an exam tomorrow afternoon and so was unable to give lenghty replies. But as tomorrow is my last exam, I will treat you all with two episodes of SWASAN and episode one if raglak. SWASAN will be posted tomorrow at early hours and then another episode of SWASAN and raglak by night..

    1. Woo hoo….Can’t wait….

  14. You r right..just loved Laksh character.. His past 3 year back..smell something fishy..what to know how swara and Laksh knows each other …is she really orphan.. Many many questions r there but.happily waiting for next epi…I am Sanskari fan but my full concentration is on Laksh unknowingly.. Hehe
    Sree thanku for reading my fiction that was first attempt, accidentally happened…actually you know me very well..this is not my real name, used to write Ff by this malar miss name which is fav..

    1. You questions will be answered but not soon dear…laksh?? God you are crazy no I am intelligent* winks* to make you fall for laksh. Once again I am sorry for not remembering your fiction name dear. Had to learn lot so bye for now. Meet you tomorrow.

      1. Don’t need to be sorry yaar.My fiction name is ‘Bz I loved her…Sanskar’s love story’..

  15. One request before reading this comment plzz read my previous comment which I replied in previous episode…………Fabulous as usual……nd i hope u read my reply in previous chap if not then plzz read it…..it’s a funny one ?………nd ur story line is just fab nd I read in ur one of the comments that u r bio topper so was really happy to listen that nd excited to tell u that this year I also scored 100 out of 100 in bio actually I like bio but sometimes I get bored of it but no prob as this happens with me in almost all the subjects ☺nd I think that happens with everyone……………..nd i really miss my friends which I made in ur ff we all got scattered after ur ff ended but now I think will be soon together as u r back…….missed u alot nd now enjoying……..I read in one of the ff u commented that u had some family problems but I was unable to reply that time I was really sad to know that hope now everything is fine nd may God give u all the happiness………I don’t no why I’m keep on writing such a long comment my hands r not stopping from typing………but I feel free in ur ffs to type such long comments nd hope u enjoyed ur treat dr ???????……….???????????β˜•β˜•?????β˜•……once again enjoy it ?

    1. Actually I replied to your comment thrice in a very funny manner but it didn’t get uploaded. Am sorry for that..happy to listen that even you love bio and topped in it…even I am missing our group but I guess that every one will soon be back here. Everything is sorted now. Actually life gives few twists just to remind us about it. ..feel free to type lenghty comments even I love them and yeah I am unable to eat the items that you gave me for party dear…bye for now..will meet tomorrow night.

      1. It’s kk…….I know u can’t eat it ? but this was the only way

  16. harini plz read my reply to previous episode…

    1. I read it dear. Thanks for the wishes. Meet you tomorrow night.

  17. Hey…as usual nice..I think a lots of twists will be coming on next parts and sanskar is really a reserved one but I like him that way?
    And u know u r one of the amazing persons I have known..though I have not met you but I know that
    And sorry for the late comment..oops u don’t like to listen sorry but I commented earlier but didn’t get uploaded

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