SWASAN – Acceptance (37)

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The war finally came to an end but it is always about the survivors who bear the scars, the scars of braveness yet the worst nightmares.

Ragini placed her mobile in back pocket after speaking to someone. The whole place was crowded with police men few hospital wardboys collecting samples and durga prasad’s dead body.

Ragini glanced at laksh who was still staring at his father with his eyes full of water. She placed a hand on his shoulder but he didn’t even respond to her. Laksh gulped hard with his eyes still on durga prasad.

Sighing, he walked out the room. Swara was able to compose herself finally. Wiping the tears from her face, she turned to sanskar who was still staring the floor beneath him. He didn’t even move an inch from the moment durga prasad shot himself.

Swara went near him and placed a hand on his shoulder but he remained the same. She frowned and wiped her teary eyes once more and cupped his cheek
” sanskar” she called him softly but he didn’t respond. Swara felt something wet on her palm
” sanskar” she called his name in horror. When sanskar refused to look at her, she took his face in her hands and made him look at her

A gasp left her lips when red puffy eyes met her. Sanskar’s cheeks were completely coveted with tears mixed with blood.

” sanskar” Swara yelled shaking him. That caught laksh’s attention. Even he gasped looking at sanskar.

Sanskar glanced at laksh with mournful eyes before looking at Swara. Out of blue, he hugged her placing his face in crook of her neck. Just as Swara opened her mouth to say something, a heart breaking sob erupted from sanskar which opened the gates of his years of pain and he too let them flow in the hope that at least it would wipe away the nightmare he was currently living

Swara held the fragile shaking body of sanskar with her own tears flowing down. After all what has happened that day, all he wished for was peace and he felt it, something pulling him into the depth of darkness, slowing embracing the peace along with it and he happily welcomed the darkness to consume him.

When sanskar opened his eyes, light was all he met with.
” sanskar” he heard someone calling him from distant. The voice was the very smart one which belonged to the person he loved most
” sanskar ” the voice choked. He wanted to say her that everything was fine and he was okay but there was still darkness surrounding him and he absolutely cannot meet her until he totally eradicates it.

Sanskar turned to Swara who was now crying her heart out.
” how are you feeling?” She asked him softly patting his head. He nodded and close his eyes. They both stayed in the sane position for few minutes. When Swara thought that he drifted back into the sleep, he spoke

” will you help me Swara?” She turned yo him with a small smile on her lips ” you don’t have to ask sanskar” he sighed and closed his eyes, leaning more into the head rest ” I have two mission left. One is..” A soft knock on the door interrupted them.

The rage started making its way into swara’s body as her eyes made contact with the most hateful person in her life.

Dean dayal gadodia made his way into the hospital room avoiding the piercing gaze of Swara.

” I don’t know whether it is appropriate or not but this is perfect timing for what I have to say” he started in a low voice.

” no one asked your presence” Swara yelled with bloodshot eyes. Dean dayal nodded and placed few papers on the near by table. Swara frowned.

” gadodia company involves in marketing of raw products and chemicals to the pharmaceutical industries Swara. It was your father business ” he gulped ” of course the project is still in partnership with maheswaries but this is the only thing I have to give you as your parents memory”

Swara’s eyes popped out of her sockets ” this is all yours now” he announced and turned back to leave the room. Swara opened and closed her mouth twice without uttering a word. She turned to sanskar who had a faint smoke on his lips. He squeezed her hand and nooded in agreement.

” Dada” Swara called which stopped dean dayal in his tracks. He turned to her with regretful look.

” I don’t want any money or business from you except the grandparent love that I missed” she said between her tears. He shook his head ” I have been really a bad parent Swara because of all the rules that we have in society. I was so blinded with pride that I really forgot what my child’s happiness was.”

” Dada please, stay with me. You don’t have anything now because everything is on my name” she said hugging him. He slowly patted her hair lovingly. ” you called me Dada Swara. That’s enough for me to live my entire life and after what I have done to you and your parents, I cannot stay with you. Your dad I loved benaras so I will stay there for the rest of my life”

Swara shook her head and was about yo say something but sanskar stopped her
” let him do what his heart says ” Swara blinked and turned yo her dada ” stay till my marriage at least please” she pleaded him and he nodded before leaving the room for the engaged couple.

Swara wiped her tears and turned to sanskar ” mission two accomplished ” he said with a smrik.

Swara frowned at his words but a smile made its way when the words sank.
” so mission number one” both of them said in unison.


Sanskar stretched his body listening to a beautiful voice singing prayer. The very same voice which echoed among the walls of manison 12 years ago. After getting fresh, he went down directly to the mandir.

” be happy” Annapurna blessed him when he leaned to take blessings from her. He smiled before hugging her to his dear life

” Didi ji” ramu kaka yelled approching them ” you did you will show me how to make…”

Sanskar rolled his eyes. Ramu kaka has got well with Annapurna from the moment she stepped into the manison and now they both became inseparable

” tsk..tsk..first of all give me the prasad ramu. I am running late here”

” one minute” Swara yelled from kitchen. Sanskar smirked and made his way to the love of his life.

Swara stilled when two strong arms wrapped around her waist. She immediately turned back with knife in her hand.

” hello mister! Don’t you dare to become all romantic on me now” she threatened him pointing the knife in his direction. Sanskar raised his hands innocently.

” husbands are treated equal to god in the country where to live!” He whined. Swara rolled her eyes and grabbed the bowl of kheer.

” oh! Sorry patidev but your mrs.maheswari doesn’t fall in that category. By the Way I have more important works in my life rather than listening to your ramble”

Sanskar opened his mouth in mock shock. Swara flipped her hair dramatically before walking out of him.

Though Swara really stopped giving attention to him, he became the most happiest person looking at the bond of his mother and wife. Anyone who didn’t know them would surely mistake them as mother and daughter and that was what he wanted, he wished for.

Just after bringing Annapurna to home as mission number 1, both of them married just as arranged. Even laksh was now drowning in the love of ragini who totally forgave him. Everything was now in place.

” what is this bhai?” Laksh shouted as he descended the stairs. Sanskar closed his eyes and sighed.

” why?” Laksh asked his dear brother when they both cane face to face. Sanskar glanced at the file before looking at laksh.

” that’s your birthday gift”
” what? I don’t want maheswari on my name” he yelled with tears in his eyes ” I never wanted this…I never wanted”

Sanskar smiled affectionately at his brother ” laksh, I am not doing this because you wanted laksh but because I know you are capable for it. Anyways,” he turned to Swara and winked ” in few years, we both will stand each other as rivals. After all I am taking up the gadodia..right?” Sanskar said in playful tone trying to lighten the atmosphere.

Laksh shook his head ” no…no more rivalry” he said before embracing his brother into bone crushing hug

” what about me?” The familiar voice from entrance made everyone to turn their heads. Ragini narrowed her eyes on laksh

” what about you dear..ma said she will come and talk to your parents” laksh said with a wink. Annapurna nodded in yes.

” everything ready for venice?” Ragini asked with a smirk.
Sanskar turned to Swara and laughed aloud seeing her red as tomato ” three weeks but sorry no one are welcome” he said with a wink.

” we are not desperate” laksh scoffed. Swara smacked her in law’s arm to which he shrieked. Sanskar and Swara bursted out laughing.

” you are really a woman laksh” sanskar said between his laughs which only resulted in doubling it.

Laksh pouted and turned to ragini ” they are stupids”

” and ha” Swara said while circling her arm around laksh ” you really need to check his gender before marrying” with that she smacked him again which let him scream like a lady

This time ragini too joined in laughter. ” am I right kaka?” Swara asked ramu who just entered the hall with a bowl of flour in his hand. He was seriously out of clue of the situation and the best answer to avoid any problem was only one word which he said as obedient servant.

” yes”

Everyone including Annapurna and laksh also laughed aloud. Even ramu kaka started laughing along with them inspire of unaware of the situation because the happiness of the family was all it mattered to him.

The walls of maheswari house was once again filled with geninue laughter after 12 years. Acceptance is all about to accept what life has chosen for you without complaining. Swara had accepted the bitter truths of her life which didn’t make her regret. Sanskar also accepted the challenges and stood top.

Acceptance is also something to accept yourself and try to build a improvised version of it because unless one accept one’s life, they cannot step forward. Laksh accpeyed what he was and now he turned into a better person in the name of redemption.

Acceptance is the only way to lead the life because this ten letter word makes you learn forgiveness.

Everyone here accepted what they are and also what others are because everyone needed another chance to prove themselves


This is it..actually I really had great problem while typing this so please ignore if you have cone across any typos.

So guys, the whole acceptance is dedicated to every reader irrespective of silent and comment or and also to my ex readers of every fiction I wrote here.

This is not mine but our story. I will be available on TU. You can msg me anytime and I will surely reply.

I have started airing SWASAN fictions in wattpad with username ‘Sree_96’. Will start new ones if I really have time.

And finally I love you all. I am now really out of words to describe what I feel for you but the above says it.


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  1. Superb sreeharini all the best for future

    1. Sreeharini

      Thankyou thankyou so much priya.

  2. Wowww!!!! Superb ending!!! Loved it…!!

    1. Sreeharini

      Thankyou chandu and really sorry for not replying you in earlier episode.

  3. I can’t believe its jst ended…it was all tym my favourite…d end was really very fabulous…keep ur good work…

    1. Sreeharini

      Even my favorite too along with hate story.

      Thanks for staying and appreciating me all the time dear.

  4. Rabia

    Awesome ending dear ?

    1. Sreeharini

      Thankyiu rabia..were you author of..well I forgot the name but SWASAN live togerger for thirty days before divorce?

      You are also one of those people who boosted my energy

      1. Rabia

        no sreeharini im not that writer due to name mostly ppl got confused… i start writing some months back 🙂

      2. Sreeharini

        Oh..sorry ha

  5. Dev

    Hey sree….at last all well in mm……with laughters echoing d walls….nice end 2 d ff…..
    Will definetely miss u…..
    Love u lots….hugs……pecks…….tc

    1. Sreeharini

      Hey Dev bhayya..I will miss you too.

      Yes, I felt it correct at the part where laksh finally owns the maheswari.

      Love you loads and hugs too

  6. Savanshi27

    U nailed it dear…Loved ur story to core… I haven’t missed a single update of Acceptance… u r a fabulous writer and the twist and turns that ur plot went through was unfathomable…
    amazing.. mind blowing.. fantastic.. marvellous…. all in one u [email protected]@@

    Gonna miss u and Acceptance a lottttt… it’s amongst the stories I love and admire the most… but anyways happy at such a blissful ending of the story…
    do write some more new stories… stay tuned with TU and b blessed… I’ll soon follow u on wattpad…?????

    1. Sreeharini

      Wow a silent reader. The original happiness is when you speak up your thoughts after being silent for many days.

      Thankyou so much for the appreciation dear. Its your love that is making you look me great but I am coll being that annoying friend of yours.

      I cannot guarantee on stories because its already November and my exams will start soon.

      Sure..I will then definitely meet you in wattpad.??

  7. This is one of the best mystery stories I ve read. Congrats and best wishes

    1. Sreeharini

      Kidding me right? Sapna Didi writes well.
      Thankyou so much dear niru for the appreciation.. Best wishes to you too

  8. Dhara

    Superb ending. Are you going to write any new story now? Coz I remember you said that this will be your last story.

    1. Sreeharini

      You are right!! I may definitely not write any story here after do but surely be in contact with you …

      You are one of the sweet person I have met.

  9. Awesome story
    Amazing & interesting
    I love your stories alot
    Please start writing another

    1. Sreeharini

      You are so special to me because you were there from limitless love.

      I will try I mean really try to write a story but maybe in summer because I am in my final year and should focus on my career.

      But I will inform if I start writing.

      Love yoi

  10. Balaji

    what can i say sree u r a wonderful writer and acceptance is one of my fav ff. surely i am missing it. i read all the parts in one night from beginning again.

    1. Sreeharini

      All parts in single night..hats off to you. And I am really grateful that you enjoyed thoroughly reading it

      Thankyou so much for the appreciation.

  11. Superbofentabulouslyfentastic……???
    It’s outstanding yaar….one of my favorite ff….????
    Tq fr giving us such a wonderful story dear….???

    1. Sreeharini

      No thankyou tanu because this is not mine but our story …it is my favorite too

  12. That was a really superb ff

    1. Sreeharini

      Thankyou so much ddlj..I have not seen that move FYI..LOL

  13. Deeksha gupta

    Di I read all chapters of dis ff yesterday only n I was like really excited fr nxt BT u gave a surprise . dis ff was like now one of my favorite but every good thing comes to an end so like dis ..but will miss u …love u loads ..only one request pls post epilogue ..pls

    1. Sreeharini

      Oh deeksha dear, such a lovely comment there.

      That’s really cool..all chapters in one go!! Wow and you are right. Every good thing has an end. Even I am feeling bad for finishing this.

      I cannot post epilogue dear..because I never have done that. I am so sorry

  14. Wow!!!!!
    Finally they gt their hpy nrml lyf!! Im sooooo much hpy!!

    Nice epi dr.. lv it 2 da core..

    When sanky cried I feels sooo sad.. bt nw evry thng is ok…
    1 thing is ñt ok!! 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Is dis da END!!!!!
    oh no….
    I bcm more sad nw.. 🙁
    Like u said this is our ff.. soo hw cn u stop dis ff soo soon!!

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    U r a great writer drl.. I lv ur writing style.
    Rly blessed 2 read ur ff dr..
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    Dis endig is sooo amazing dr.. inly lv hpy endngs.. thnk u 4 gvn us a hpy ending.

    I hope ull write more wonderful story than dis also.. 😀
    ill open a acc in wtt pad dr.. lv 2 keep in touch wth u..

    keep writing dr
    be happy always
    all the best 4 ur future dr..
    may god bless u with all da happiness!!
    Love you

    1. Sreeharini

      Uff..now I really have very much long comments to reply.

      Seriously chanu?? Acceptance. Lol. I actually have an idea in my mind but I really don’t know whether I will be able to put forward or not. It will be way more intense too.

      And about sanskar, I would have actually written well if everything supported me. I am regretting it. I promised I will make him cry and see, he cried till he became unconscious.

      Thankyou so Much for appreciation dear..love you too. Stay blessed. Waiting for you to join in wattpad

  15. Hadi

    Aww shoo sweet epi sree with a perfect ending the swasan pain sanskar’s pain n laksh condition which u show through ur writing ah the appreciation can’t be described in words ever I was spell bound by the beauty of this episode it’s really really superb instead beyond superb the bounding between swasan raglak n also ap n swara is indescribable but u described every single word beautifully am damn happy wid this ending finally all the tensions n threat of lyf from all fours finished n now they only have a peaceful lyf ahead wid their love ones so so beautiful am little upset after reading that this is ur last part of this story but the way u ended it is splendid
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    may u get success in every step with the happiness love u loads :-* :-* :-* :-*

    1. Sreeharini

      Hadi..have I ever said how difficult it was for me to frame sentences?

      Your comment literally made me think for 20 minutes for what I have to reply. Girl, you seriously stole words from my mouth and I am left with nothing

      I know I made you emotional through my writings but this is not fair. I am overwhelmed right now. You are true, everyone’s life was settled no wbut I really feel bad for not giving what I actually wanted to..I rushed this episode but glad that everyone loved it.

      Swara and AP’s relation is strong because Swara was an orphan and ap became her mother.

      And then, omg you descibee the whole story in a paragraph dear. The main theme here is second chance, redemption and acceptance. The three of these are always interlinked if you see. I just tried to show how giving chances can change a person.

      I can..like never forget you dear but please don’t look at me so high..I am just like you and I love to be that way, being simple and surrounded by the ones who love me.

      Cone to wattpad if you can. We can actually have a good time there.

      Love you so much Hadi?

      1. Hadi

        U gave what we wanted dear so no need to feel guilty n I was grinning like a mad that my comment made u think for 20 mins sorry dear for such a long comment but what to do I not controlled my feelings after reading the perfect ending of this ff with aa super duper moral of acceptance
        Was already on wattpad u can see my msgs theirtheir eagerly waiting for ur rly

  16. I just remember reading your two fanfictions

    1) Swasan-A hate story
    2) swasan- Acceptance

    To be true I had never been your regular follower ? (sorry) just read one episode of hate story and it captured my mind such that I read whole fanfiction in two hours. And about Acceptance I till now haven’t read it full. Just read it’s summary once and from then started reading it.



    and one such thing are your writings (stories) and so I don’t wanna comment on them.

    And well said LIFE IS ABOUT ACCEPTING WHAT YOU HAVE AND NOT CRYING OVER WHAT YOU DON’T. So just trying to accept that this fan fiction too ended ? with tears of happiness as all this journey of acceptance had been awesome especially with a writer like you but would wait for a new one.

    Till then May God Bless You and All the best for future dear.

    and Dont forget a fan of yours is waiting for a new story.

    Will miss you and your fanfictions alot.

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    Always stay happy and blessed.

    1. Sreeharini

      Now…that’s was hell of a comment Mia. I actually remember you dear.

      Oh my god!! You don’t need to feel sorry for not commenting because I write these fictions for your happiness and I am more than glad if you find peace reading them.

      Frankly, I am totally out of words for your beautiful comment in fact it was really really sweet of you to praise me that way.

      I had actually thought of completely different epilogue but again because of shortage of time I gave this lame one but no probs, wattpad version will be good, if you are in that BTW.


  18. Vyshu10

    Awesome Shree…..this ff is a super thriller. There were many eps which made me cry…emotional. All the best and continue write more ffs

    1. Sreeharini

      All the best to you too vaishu and I am surely gonna miss you.

  19. After completing swasan ff , u said u will be back on april 1st , and i took leave from tu , and returned here on april 3rd , i couldnt find ur new ff , i was hell angry …. but then i found it while reading recent comments ….

    Got to know u started it on march 27th (or 28th sorry i forgot ) ….

    That day i remember how happy i was ….

    I was a silent reader at that time , then i did my first comment on acceptance …. first comments are always special na ??

    When i got ur reply i was just overwhelmed ….

    ACCEPTANCE is not only a fan fiction for me , but but but but a miracle or ughh i dont know what to say , i am out of words ….

    ACCEPTANCE could be less for u but for me its my life , actually more than that ….

    U know , actually u dont , Acceptance is much more , much more ….

    I kneel down and say HATS OFF to u ….

    I dont know what to say ….

    Just check wattpad , for my further message ….

    I will miss my acceptance , MY ACCEPTANCE …. OUR ACCEPTANCE ….



    I hope u reply ….

    u know , i came back from school then when i saw this …. i sat in utter shock , i was just shocked and out of my senses for an hour ????

    1. This is a story of acceptance and the way u explained acceptance here between couples , brothers , relationships , everyone , u jyst showed the meaning of acceptance , a diffrent meaning , acceptance u really difined it in a manner that no one could give …. no one …. the way u explained the emotions is just incredible …. the maturity swasan had was just out of world , raglak , just awesome , just awesome , sanlak were incredible and swaragini adorable ….

      I am still out of words ….

      1. Sreeharini

        My dear little sister, I just became dumb after reading this..like literally became dumb.

        It is really so sweet of you to praise me and I can understand that you were emotionally bound to this fiction just as I am. This is my favourite fiction so far with hate story in the next step.

        But girl, please don’t get so hyper because even I am grinning like a maniac and my mother was staring me awkwardly all the time yesterday. Lol

        No need to kneel down because I don’t like my little sister there, instead her place is in my arms..

        And I really loved your version of acceptance and yes, everyone in this story are incredible and I added ragini because I like tejaswi a lot..not as much as vk though..haha

        I just wanted to give the exact link between second chance, redemption and acceptance because most of us these days are afraid of giving second chance..but that’s what makes a person better. In order use the chance, he will redem and for that he should actually accept his past or what he was before.

        I don’t know whether I did a perfect job or not but its my philosophy and I give second chances. If the opposite person doesn’t utilize it properly, I maybe hurt..twice but what if he really used?

        Anyways, I am spoiling the atmosphere here..so my little chirpy girl..you don’t need words to describe your emotions because few do want really need anything. They get conveyed just I understand every reader here.

        Finally I don’t miss you because we are touch..haha


  20. This ff is one of the best of I have ever read
    Ur one of the best writer I have ever known

    1. Sreeharini

      Awesome..thank you so much mammu..you people made me best. So the entire credit goes to you all.

  21. Dharshini

    Awesome ending dear…

  22. Sreeharini


    1. Hadi

      U r very bad haha just kidding lolz whenever u get time rly at that time dear no probs n no need of sorry as we gave ur apology acceptance 😉 😉

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      Sure dear..once I get time, I will definitely write.

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    As always incredible ….n d best part is d way u describe d title in d end I loved it…
    N I want to share that I m following u on wattpad too.. so u r not free yet dear…hehe…
    I loved this story n u also…?
    Take care
    Meet u soon

    1. Sreeharini

      I guessed you right then niku nihar..your profile right?

      Haha I am a bit disappointed for not giving my best in this episode but you will see me in wattpad so don’t worry.

      Love you..and I know how will I get so lucky if you are still following me? Lol..kidding

      1. Niku

        Yyp it’s my I’d on wattpad

  25. Fanficoholic

    Hey di i knw i am the last one to comment. But can’t help it di i was a lil busy. Thank u for commenting on my ff and giving your valuable advice. I am implementing ur suggestion and i hope i will do that well. So finally accepatnce has come to an end. Do u knw di I am getting tears in my eyes when i realised this. I am having a heart break. I was so connected with this. I read ur second love and swasan a hate story after u completed it. They were fab but i don’t know why i was connected to acceptance rather than the other two. Acceptance – i first saw this name in an analysis. I was free. So i thought of reading this. When i started i was really connected to it. They way u described the characters it was amazing. While reading the story the scenes used to play in my head. I could visualise each and every scene. I could even feel the emotions of the characters. I was really interested with the story line. I got the first shock in your story when I got to know that Swara wants to kill Sanskar. The second shock was when u revealed that laksh tried to kill sanskar. The third one was when u revealed that dp was the master mind behind all these. In the beginning sanskar tells swara that he is afraid to love as all the people he loved left him. I felt so sad for him. Its feels like hell when someone u love the most leaves you. And he was even betrayed by swara. But he gave another chance. That was the highlight of your story. U need a lot of guts to give a person who betrayed you a second chance. Forgiving and giving a second chance are noble qualities. Its not so easy to do so. And though i dnt remeber the episode number, in one episode sansakr tells swara that ppl they tell that they give second chance bt they dnt trust the persons who betrayed them like they did before. Its the truth. 99% tell they they have forgiven others and are ready to give a second chance to them but they dnt mean it. I have done a grevious mistake in my class 7 and my dad unlike others gave me a second chance and just like sanskar he trusted me like before. If i were in his place i wld nt hav been able to do that. When i was reading that convo between swara and sanskar about giving second chance i remebered this incident. Today i have moulded myself in such a way that i wll able to give a second chance to a person having complete trust in him r her. That convo also made me wonder how similar our ideologies were. I was determined to befriend you. I wanted to talk to u and wanted to be a good friend of yours. For that i had to comment but during that time u were on a lng break. So immediately after u posted ur frst epi after ur break i posted a lng comment. And the frst time u replied me u tld me that u were waiting fr my comment. U cant even imagine hw happy i was. It was like one of the happiest moments of my lyf. I was soooooo happy that u acknowledged me. And i was even more happy when u tld me that u are a telugu girl. So we bth share the same mother tounge. This made me feel mre close to u. I cld feel mre connected wth u. I like your frankness and openmindedness. This acceptance made me cry made me laugh and even made me angry. Whatever emotions the characters used to feel in this ff i used to feel them too. And sanskar i loved the way you potrayed his character. He loves everyone to infinity. He loves ppl so unconditionally p. I jst love that trait in him. I too believe that live shd be unconditional. The one which comes with conditions is not love. Sanskar always gave second chances to everyone. He was so balanced. He used to think of things with an open mind. He was never partial towards anyone. When swara asked y he had given a second chance to laksh he replies that he had given her a second chance too. It was the best dialouge. And what i like about laksh character is his repentance. He repented for his deeds. He was truly guilty for what he had done. He uses his second chance and learns from his mistakes. Humans do make mistakes. But we need to learn from them. He has exactly done that. Ragini is the one character who is chirpy. She doesn’t have any dark past or childhood. She is the chirpy one p. And i loved her in her police avatar. When ragini came back frim dead i was having happy tears. Seriously akka i was having happy trars. I myself didnt knw why i had become so emotional but yah i was crying. I jst wanted to hug u tight and give u a bigggggggg gift fr bringing back ragini. Ur writing skills have made these characters so popular. I feel u have magic in your hands. Ur writing skills are god gifted. Plz do continue writing. I knw i cant force u to write another ff but what to do i am already starting to miss acceptance badly. I wll miss this lyk hell di. I am gng to read this atleast 10 times. I love this ff and this is one of the best i have ever read. I think it turned out to be a lng comment. Well plz do ignore my typos.



    1. Sreeharini

      I must be really pathetic to reply you after 24 he’s but let’s say I just wanted to give rest to eyes because they were stinging..

      Ugh..what is with long comments, its unfair vaishnavi, I need to think for a reply right now.

      Now..now. What words do I have to say to you dear. Firstly I am glad you are using my suggestions.

      I am so goad you choose to read this story because it earned me a sister..love you there. For me acceptance is first followed by hate story. In fact every fiction was good because it gave me many friends whom I am glad to be in my friend.

      Its really good to listen about you and your dad. Of course you are true about giving chances because most of them never do it with heart but when it comes to parents, they really give us infinite.

      There..there.. I really dont know what to say exactly dear because I am overwhelmed with your love. There is nothing in me but in you all which made you get hooked up with the story.

      Love you too dear? and please don’t be mad for this short and late reply.

  26. I have taken permanent leave from TU?

    After checking history of browser,just typed name of ur ff in searching box………and i found u just finished ur acceptance…….. 1st congratulations for ur success????

    I hope tum hume bhooli nahi hogi……..??

    U won’t believe i m in Lab and instead of typing commands in Sg(configuration of my machine),i m posting comment under ur ff….???

    Dis is ur 1st ff i think i dnt have lots of complaints against u???????????????…….

    Happy to see u and carry on…….. I will defiantly read whole story………….

    Have a gr8 life…..and hope to see u soon dear

    1. Sreeharini

      Joya…kaha the tum?

      Thankyou thankyou so much for the wishes and I am seriously sorry for what we had in past.

      Be careful while you do that because one of my friend’s mobile was taken by the administration. It was with for a week and being the friends we are, we laughed at her misery…lol??

      He he..its because I had you in mind the entire time I wrote this story. But I haste, I forgot to mention two major things which will ofc I rectify in wattpad.

      I just can’t say how happy I am seeing you here. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

      Not soon Joya because I have many exams coming on my way as punishment for being in final year…so will be back in summer..

      Love you so much

  27. The entire journey is wonderful… It was nice time reading dis….will miss u. N all d best for future….

    1. Sreeharini

      Hey tani… Good to see you dear. Yeah, it was indeed a beautiful journey.

      I am already missing you. All the best for your future too

  28. I have visited this episode more than any …. really i am missing this badly ????

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