SWASAN – Acceptance (35)

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Fifteen minutes passed but the only communication among them was silence. Durga prasad was sitting on the edge of sanskar’s bed with his legs crossed. He was tapping the gun to his right subconsciously. Laksh was also seated in one the chairs he dragged near sanskar and Swara who were on the ground still kneeling. The former was still staring durga prasad not even batting a lash and the latter sat with her head hung down.

” I am the one behind everything” durga prasad finally spoke without regretting his actions. Laksh turned his attention to his father. He nodded and smiled ” vansh was my man. I ordered him to meet you laksh so that you two will plan up and end another two lives ” he sighed deeply shaking his head ” I guess I was wrong”
” you are” laksh spat which earned a chuckle.
” exactly 12 years back, Mr and Mrs gadodia came to manison for an agreement. We maheswaries had just established our name in the business field. Though your grandfather was rich, he wanted his two sons to stand on their feet. I had businesses of food and supply of raw materials for industries while his father-” he looked at sanskar as if he was some low class animal “- was doing electronics, of course for telephones at that time.” Durga Prasad turned to laksh who’s head was cocked in interest ” now you see, mine are nothing compared to his father so obviously when shekar gadodia reached us with the idea of pharmaceuticals, I was eager to make agreement with him but again ram has took the higher step.” The look of pure hatred was on his face ” I just don’t understand why everyone gets to him but not me. Am I that disgusting? ” he yelled and strolled towards sanskar, locking their eyes ” tell me sanskar, am I that incapable? I would have never reached this place if that was what I am” he sighed again. Sanskar shook his head.
” anyways, his father always got the best and so now I have to ruin him and so as soon the work started, I planted few illegal drugs and also manipulated the works but my poor brother didn’t know. On the day of your parents death” he turned to Swara who was eyeing him with pure rage ” he got call from your parents. Probably your father was pissed to learn he was in some illegal business. They really had a great fight then” he grinned at the memory ” even I was there but invisible. You can call it trespassing too. After the heated argument, my brother left but unfortunately someone told the real reason behind the manipulations. I confronted him just as ram left and hey-” he raised his hands in surrender “- I offered a peace talk to your father but he was not ready to listen and I have to..” He trailed off smriking sadistically.
” you sadist fellow” Swara yelled as tears flowed down ” what did my parents do you, you dumb guy. Who gave you the right to make my life miserable”
” touche” he gave her a grin. Of course he was not even one percent feeling guilt for his ways.
” were you jealous too papa” laksh asked in utter disgust. Durga Prasad turned to him bloodshot eyes ” yes I was!” He yelled and cleared his throat ” anyways, kamala bai witnessed it. She was horrified at first but later demanded money to shut her mouth. Oh to turn the case on my dear brother too”
” payback is a true pain huh?” Sanskar mocked still hurt by the true said of his elder father who looked confused.
“Ma left you for money” he spat.
Durga prasad laughed hysterically holding his stomach ” o..oh..my..m..my god!”
” seriously sanskar you think your mom left me because of Money? She witnessed the conversation between me and kamala bai and phew! I actually had to threaten her to kill you if she won’t leave us and also opens her mouth ”
Both sanskar and laksh flinched. Their mother was epitome of pureness but as said, it was the darkness that masked her light. Tears formed in their eyes as the pain they went through came back crashing their hearts.
” you are sick. Do you know that?” Laksh yelled which seemed no effect on his father as he looked cool and calm. Durga Prasad shook his head ” I had to threaten her to kill you rather than laksh because she knew how much I love my son and loathe you” he clapped his hands ” anyway, after that..after tweleve years, I traced Swara and learned that she wanted revenge. So I hired vansh for me and our main plan was to make him couple with laksh who both would plan and vansh will reach Swara with her true story which ofcouse laksh didnt knew and then again they both meet laksh as part of her plan then and finally kill sanskar ” he glanced at sanskar at last who remained quiet but for sure his eyes stung by the cruel side of his bade papa
” and of course later you would have also been killed Swara” her eyes widened ” you know, I really don’t appreciate any trace of my enemies breathing the same air as me”

Everyone fell silent once again but this time Swara really wanted to rip off the skull of the person standing in front of her. Sanskar was totally in his world because it was the same bade papa who stood as his rock when their mother left, when his father went to coma and also was ready to punish laksh for him. Then what did change him? Why was he being so cruel to him?
” do you even know what i had to go through when my parents died just because you killed them of your jealousy? ” Swara asked softly with tears. The lost has happened already so there won’t be any use in yelling at him. Durga Prasad leaned towards her face ” do you think you are the first human to suffer Swara? Stop acting like the one” He scoffed and stood up straightning his kurta.
” why papa?” Sanskar asked at the verge of crying ” why did you do this?.. I..I am your son..”
” don’t” durga Prasad suddenly snapped ” don’t sanskar..do you at least know who you are?” He pointed his finger to him ” do you know how cheap your blood is? How low you are?”
” I am also a mahe…”
” you are not a maheswari” durga prasad declared with high venom. Everyone in the room froze at sudden snap of information. As seconds passed, the hatred only increased in durga prasad’s eyes ” you are not a maheswari Mr. Sanskar neither your father. He was adopted by my father and guess what?” He raised his hands ” he was son of one of our third grade employ. You are cheap blood”
Sanskar’s mind jammed as hid body went numb. He simply stared at his bade papa with tears that are now ready to cross the barrier at any moment.
” you know, my papa always loved ram more than me. He used to get first priority and what was I? A lazy dumb bag. Hatred grew with me sanskar and I really never wanted the empire of maheswaries to be in hands of a non maheswari. When Annapurna got pregnant with first child I felt happy..very happy because though my dear brother got first in all it was something I got because being the elder member, the child would occupy the throne but my bad, she got aborted and in few months, you were born. ” he scrunched his face in disgust ” every time I heard you laugh, felt your touch, saw your face, I just wanted puke because you are not a maheswari!! You will never be”
” seriously papa?” This time it was laksh. Though his voice was calm, there was a ting of authority to it. ” the one whom you are calling cheap was the same guy who held me for hours in his hand when mom left. He was the same person who followed your steps and made our company reach this level. He was the same person who remained ruthless in business concealing how fragile he was. He aspired to be like you papa. He sacrificed the most precious 10 years of life in fulfilling what you want and now…I hate myself calling your son” he spatted. A look of hurt flashed acrossed durga prasad’s eyes.
” he is always a maheswari dad!” Laksh yelled ” no matter what you think about him”

” I just don’t understand you laksh. He is someone’s son whose mother died of cancer. there were no one to take care of and like the godfather, my papa adopted him. Why are you acting just like him?” Durga prasad asked in disbelief. Laksh scrunched his face at the harsh words.

” I always wanted ram behind me but not ahead. I don’t know how but he found about the illegal things happening in the office though he didn’t knew the real reason and as you see, I cannot risk myself so I pushed him from stairs” he smiled ” I thought he would die but he ended in coma. Let’s say either was better”
” so, you were the one who threatened my grandparents” Swara asked to which he nodded.
” I had to do that because any further investigation and police dogs will be in front of Me. After that, I stole the case papers and hid them in ram’s room.”
Laksh nodded his head realizing something ” you purposely injected jealousy into me. Right papa?”
” of course” was his answer and the voice held pride. ” would you have got the courage to kill the person who is your life without that?” He raised his eyebrows.
” I hate you” laksh spat.
Sanskar rolled his bottom lip into his mouth ” then why did my father said he killed gadodias?”
Durga Prasad sighed dramatically ” remember I said they had quarrel, your father had pushed Mr. Gadodia and poor fellow he thought that was the reason”
Sanskar remained quiet with his lower lip trembling. Laksh and Swara looked at each other. Now they both were also equal, both devoid of parents.
Durga prasad checked his wrist watch impatiently ” okay guys, enough of this chat. Its time for my flight.” He turned to laksh ” okay champ! Ready the copter I will be right your back” at this comment, laksh’s head snapped to him
” seriously dad, what made you think that I will come with you?” Durga prasad cocked his head.
” you need to laksh because I just ordered you, didn’t give a choice ”
” I would rather die than helping some criminal in his escape” he mocked. Durga Prasad clenched his jaw.
” you. Need. To do” he yelled but laksh remained silent. Suddenly a deep chuckle erupted from sanskar making both of them turn to him.
” papa! You could have killed me when I was born. The pain here” he placed hand on his heart ” would have been reduced at least”
Now it was durga Prasad chuckled ” your grand father is an epitome for smartness. He prepared a will sanskar in which the Money were distributed in zigzag pattern. No one knows that I know about the will” he sighed ” you see, my dad knows my hatred towards ram even when I didn’t show any signs to either of them. Hell! Ram doesn’t even know about his adoption. Anyway, according the will, the money is divided two equal halves and distributed to his grandsons, Mr. Lakshya maheswari and Mr. Sanskar non maheswari” he spatted ” and till they hit 25, not their respective but opposite fathers will be the guardians. Even the money won’t be on their name unless they become 25. If the guardian dies before the main person hitting the age, it will be officially handed to him only” durga Prasad locked his eyes with sanskar and whispered ” if the person dies, the money will be donated to the Teresa foundation”
Sanskar and laksh gulped at the new information. Durga Prasad cleared his throat ” and if the person dies after 25, it will be transferred to sibilng aka laksh which is what I needed. But for laksh to step on the throne, he should be like Me, ruthless and cold. Its the reason I wanted him to kill you” he growled and petted the gun in his hand
” now laksh, I will count three, if you don’t accept to help me in escape in which you will ride us to Mumbai and from there we will go to new york..” He turned his head to Swara and pointed gun to her head ” you will loose your friend now and maybe just maybe, I may leave her if you accept ” he smirked looking at both sanskar and Swara whose eyes were wide like saucers because laksh doesn’t know about the bomb he planned to drop. Hence, as soon as they leave the building, durga prasad will surely leave it and end their lives.

Laksh gaped at his father with utter disbelief. The person who was ready to kill his brother would never take a back step in shooting the most important person in his life and the incident that happened few minutes ago proved how easy it was for the monster in front of him yo take the life.

Swara shut her eyes close as durga Prasad forced gun to the side of her forehead. Tears seemed of having no idea to stop at all. Her face became pink and tired due to all crying.
” two”
Durga Prasad brought his finger close to the trigger. Sanskar was stilling staring his bade papa with pleading eyes. The girl he was going to shoot was his life. He had lost many people because of the war his badepapa started. He knew he would die, the monster in front of him would kill both of them but the few moments with his love is what he needed. Laksh and Swara were the only live people whom he loves. He wanted to scream, fight and beat his badepapa but stayed immobile and helpless because that’s what his heart was to his family, fragile and loving
” three” durga Prasad announced evily looking at laksh who was still looking confused and hurt. He glanced at Swara’s trembling body.
Just as he was about to press the trigger, the door opened with a bang
” you are under arrest Mr. Maheswari” someone yelled from the entrance gaining attention of every person in the room.
Just as Swara and sanskar turned, their hearts stopped beating for a second. The uniform on the person’s body was screaming strength and determination hiding the lean figure. The name plate on the dress, the cap on the head stood proud to the dedicated person who was wearing them. The eyes once filled with warmth and love are now cold and raw. The person eyed durga Prasad like a preadtor, a very hungry predator waiting for its prey. Not even a single second, the gun faced the other direction except the target standing in the front
On the whole, the most familiar body was screaming perfection and danger just the way only one can do.


Ragini glanced at Swara and sanskar with a small satisfied smirk. she winked playfully at them before turning to an utterly gobsmacked durga prasad whose gun was still pointed to swara’s forehead. Ragini looked at the gun in his hand as her smrik grew wider.

” you are under arrest”

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