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Darkness.. It was what she was able to see but distantly, she heard few voices but they were fade. She tried to keep more attention but the aches of her body protested. She felt Like someone used her as a punching bag. She frowned at the thought. Definitely no one from her family would do that to her unless some gang kidnapped her when she went out last night…oh! Last night!. She quickly opened her eyes and jolted into sitting position as the flashes of accident came to her mind.
” laksh ” she breathed and blinked several times from the bright light. Someone groaned beside her and when she saw the source, she didn’t do anything but laugh.
Laksh was completely wrapped with bandanges such that only his face and few other parts of the body were visible. He was lying on the bed with clean white bedsheets and a nurse was helping him to drink some liquid with funnel. He groaned once again. Suddenly, Swara felt her head heavy and spinning. When she brought her hands to the forehead, she felt bandage there. Her gaze fell on her hands and she oberserved few more. In an attempt of lifting the another hand, she groaned loudly as the pain shoot up.
” I am never going to get into any other accidents, never” she promised herself and looked up just to come in face with sanskar who was standing with his foot against the wall. When her eyes met his, she realized that he was staring her.
Calm, quiet, cold and stones.. were the words to describe him currently. Swara squirmed under his cold gaze and broke eye contact. Durga prasad was the one where her eyes landed next. He was also calm but concern was written all over his face with a ting of anger.
Few minutes then many minutes passed in silence except few groans and whimpers either from her or laksh so she decided to break the silence
” I am sorry for the damage” she spoke, her eyes once again landing on sanskar. He just stared with blank face. She waited and waited for him to speak something and when she lost hope, he opened his lips ” I am mad at you both for breaking car that is my baby as you say”
Swara blinked several times before smiling
” and you two dumb people don’t even know how to drive a car. If I hadn’t followed you ..” He closed his eyes in pain and Swara swallowed
” anyways, you both will be punished” Swara gasped. What!? ” and that will be postpone of your event at staying hotel”
” you can’t ..” Sanskar raised an eyebrow giving oh-really look which shut her mouth.
” ragini! Did she come?” Swara asked inhaling carefully. Laksh’s ears pricked because he was also unconscious for long time. Sanskar glanced at laksh before turning to Swara ” no”.
Disappointment was clear in three of them but none showed.
” how about the car?” Laksh asked ” it was really cool and easy to drive”
Sanskar glared at him ” I have hot replacemt for that”
Laksh wanted to ask what it was but he knew how much his brother was angry. As if sensing him, sanskar answered ” an R8″
laksh’s eyes popped ” an Audi?” He couldn’t keep his glee.
” yep”
Swara simply rolled her eyes at laksh

” I think laksh wpuldmanage well” sanskar adviced durga PRASAD closing the file he was reading. They both were in study room of maheswari mwbison discussing about the new York branch.
Durga prasad stroked his chin ” you are not saying this because of the recent events. Are you ?”
” absouletly not!”
” then why? I don’t see any plus points in handing this responsibility to him. You’d do it much better”
Sanskar shook his head with a smile ” I don’t understand why are you thinking this way papa. Just like me, he is a good assistant and now he needs a break to show him, his abilities, he should be exposed now so he can stand still even in stroms. Thats what you have done to me. Laksh is more strong and witty than we all think he is. Being a father, you should know that papa. And not, his recent ideas and attempts are nothing to do with my decision instead I think this establishment of new branch will guide him to there where he always wanted to stand without me” sanskar gulped a glass of water.
” avinash” durgaprasad yelled and within seconds, his loyal assistant was beside him
” call laksh” avinash nodded and left the room.
Sanskar reached for durga prasad’s hand and gave it a squeeze.laksh entered the room fixing his eyes to his father before glancing sanskar.
Durga PRASAD knotted his fingers ” maheswari and co is a well reputed company in our country laksh. We have made many branches over here and profit was all we got to see. Now, we are listed in top five richest men but that’s not what I worked for laksh, when your mother left saying that she found someone who was better meeting her every need, I self loathed for letting her in my life and now I want her to self loath for leaving us. To achieve that, you both must enter into Forbes magazine and once again to that, we must spread our empire landing our first step in new York city, the heart of business. We both decided that you will be the one handling this project perfectly until we make a stand there on our own..”
Laksh shook his head interrupting durga PRASAD ” seriously dad! You think that I would jump around for this offer just like the old laksh? If yes, sorry for not making up to it. I am just a new born baby in the world of business’s and you people..out of all, you both trusting me!” Laksh chuckled ” papa!! Bhai is much more suitable for his well known ruthlessness” he winked at sanskar which twiched his lips ” otherwise you’d fit it. Anyways, I was never interested in business. The stunts I pulled was just because I felt jealous of him because I was under an illusion that people are always recognizing Me as his brother but not as me..” Durga PRASAD raised his hand ” then this would be the better opportunity to establish and prove it yourself” he cannot see what’s making laksh to disagree this offer.
” no papa, I totally understand now. I understood what I want in my life and what I would like to be… My brother’s best assistant besides I am too young to handle them” laksh finished trying yo humor but none of them even snickered.
” you are doing this laksh. That’s final!” Durga prasad made his decision” you must leave within four days. Avinash will do the other works.” Laksh’s speech had vanished any insecurity durga PRASAD had. Without uttering a word, he left room leaving the brothers. Sanskar sighed standing up and patted laksh’s shoulder before leaving the room.

“Care to explain why you brought me here?” Sanskar asked Swara once they entered a local cafe. She just rolled her eyes and dragged him to a table ignoring her protesting leg. Even after a week, the bruises were still persistent.
” I want you to bring us two coffee, blueberry muffins and also…um…French fries” Swara announced and started stabbing letters on her mobile keyboard.
Sanskar shook his head but with a hint of amusement. Swara lifted her head ” actually three! Hurry up baby boy” she teased and once again turned her attention to mobile. Smiling himself, sanskar strolled towards self service counter. Swara strected her fingers placing mobile on the table. Casually she glanced the cafe but saw a lady gaping and her blood boiled with jealousy when her eyes landed on sanskar just as the lady. Poor guy, he was standing in the queue with tickets in his hands. Swara knew that being jealous was wrong and also sanskar didn’t give her any chance to feel that way but still others admiring him didn’t felt good at all because he was only hers and only she has the right to admire him.
Only her!
Swara stood up and hurried towards sanskar and offered a sweet smile while dropping her left hand to his waist. Sanskar raised an amused eyebrow smriking at her. She returned the smrik and brushed the hairs falling on his forehead.
” what did a man do to get this type of treatment miss gadodia?”
Swara groaned ” not gadodia okay ”
” whatever babe! ”
Swara narrowed her eyes which made sanskar grin wider. Seeing him very playful, Swara couldn’t help the grin that started spreading on her face. Sanskar turned to the counter to collect their order whileswaea turned to the lady who was still gaping them. As soon as their eyes met, the other lady narrowed her gaze and took large sips of the drink in front of her. Swara smriked.
” wow Swara! We bought these many buy the bill didn’t exceed 200″ sanskar observed with surprise. They both started walking towards while Swara looped her arm with his.
” see! At least I hope you understand now how much money you ate wasting on me!”
Sanskar stopped in tracks and turned to face her. His face was all red with fury ” this doesnt help you from stopping me stop spending money on you and the money what I spend is not a waste!!” He snarled. Swara turned into a shade of milk ” do you understand?” He growled making Swara nod immediately. After taking two steps forward, sanskar once again stopped in his tracks. This time, he was completely shaking with rage. Swara smiled nervously and quickly made her way to their table completely aware of scrouching glare of sanskar.
” hello vishwas!” She greeted him sweetly. He nodded in return. Swara passed muffins in his direction but he rejected politely. Sanskar narrowed his eyes on vishwas too. Swara took all her one side curtanjng herself from his anger but she squirmed and from corner of her eyes she saw vishwas too fidgeting with his fingers.
Good to know that he was not affecting only her.
All of them sat in silence for few seconds then minuted and finally 10 minutes. The deathening silence would have stretched if Swara wouldn’t have snapped.
” what’s your problem sanskar. Okay I understand that you won’t use your so called detective for your oh so called business but the matter which we have here is much more important that your stupid philosophy..” She raised her finger to sanskar who opened his mouth to reject “… And don’t you dare stop me because I called him..are you clear I CALLED HIM and he is working for me so you have no right to interrupt” ignoring the smrik on sanskar’s face she turned to vishwas who was gaping at her.
” close your mouth dear” that shut him up ” and also I need information about Vijay scindia”
Vishwas glanced at sanskar. Swara observed his Adam’s apple bobbing and rolled her eyes. Of course it was just a reaction to spine chilling scowl on sanskar’s face. He turned to her and gulped ” yes mam” such loyal person he was
” and also” Swara continued ” I want complete profile of vansh like right from his childhood to the day till he died. Everything..remember everything” Swara stressed and vishwas nodded. ” and also I need to know if there are any ways to keep a person unconscious for longer time. If yes, I want that list too. Now, you can leave after eating the ones I ordered” with that, Swara attacked her French fries

Sanskar pouted that evening when he saw Swara packed bags lying on the sofa of the great hall. Even after trying to stop her with stupid excuses this whole week she didn’t change her decision. What added his misery was ragini too supported Swara at every step. Walking into the hall, he saw her in the kitchen, swaying her hips to some rhythm. He wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face in the crook of her neck. Swara stilled the moment his hands touched her.
” you are leaving” he stated in a husky voice that didn’t help her situation. She leaned her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes ” it would appear so”.
Sanskar turned her towards him and then cupped her cheek ” what can I do to make you stay”
Swara thought for some time before answering ” I don’t know. Its maybe because I always win at this argument ”
Slowly, his hands started sliding towards her sides that bought color to her cheeks.
” I can try few things ” he wishpered close to her ear. Suddenly Swara didn’t find enough courage to look at his eyes.
” I would like to see ” she breathed, her voice horase. Their bodies were so close not letting the air to pass them. Swara panted when sanskar’s warm breath fanned her forehead. Having him this closer, stopped her senses from working. His warmth, heat, scent, everything was intoxicating. Sanskar’s arm tightened on her waist and she closed her eyes in reflex waiting for next.
Sanskar smiled victoriously for completely dazzling her just as part of his plan. He traveled his free hand down her body till it reached the side of her body. His grin widened when her breathing hitched.
” oh no! Stop!” Swara squeaked when felt tickled.
That bastard was enjoying her misery. Sanskar started tickling her furousily.
” say you will stay and I will stop ” Swara heard him saying in between her laugh and pants.
” no way!!” She exclaimed only for the torture to be increased.
” yes!” He grined.
” no..no..NO!”
sanskar shook his head and lifted her off feet to torture her more.
” please stop it okay!”
” say you will stay”
” ahh!” Someone yelled from the entrance of door. When both of them turned, ragini was standing with her hands covering her eyes.
” you people are gross!” She whined ” don’t you dare to spoil innocent kids like me living in this house”
Swara and sanskar bursted into laughter which made ragini roll her eyes. Ignorning them, she sat on sofa carelessely ” ramu kaka! I need a warm tomato soup. Please!” She yelled and turned to sanskar ” this is why sometimes I really love being rich”
Sanskar snickered just as ragini’s mobile rang. Her face turned red as she ended the call ” stupid work” she muttered and stomped her foot like a five year old before walking away. Ramu kaka who want aware of this, searched the whole place for ragini and shrugged awkwardly muttering something about hallucination.
Swara and sanskar looked each other with wide grins on their face

As sanskar’s mobile vibrated, he reached for his pant pickets and answered still smiling like a fool. As he heard the news, Swara saw his expression changing from smile to confusion to sad to emotionless.

A/N: finally friends but as now the updates are started, you will get continuous updates. I know everyone are very much enthusiastic for raglak but frankly speaking I am currently at writers block for it. I had used lasya’s laptop for typing half of the episode and that now my PC is back completely formatted, I will type the other half and surely update it tomorrow morning. This time its pukka. And today, I will be here to reply you all guys. Actually I am feeling bad for not being able to be in contact with you all guys just as I used to do before. And luckily an idea popped in my mind. A three shot on swasan but I will update the parts once I type majority of it.

So for now, guess what made sanskar freeze.


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