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Sanskar was in his office, reading files regarding the details of their newly opening branch in New York city. Yet, his thoughts were filled with the moments of previous day how he found out his father true state. He had a gut feeling that his father might be the one but his love for his him always dominated it, the every negative feeling in him because for every child, his father will be the role model. But when the truth finally came out, in his father’s own words the world crashed. And it made him to say that he would approach ragini and make sure his father will be punished when Swara asked him what his decision last night.

When he heard the click of the door, sanskar raised his head and saw laksh entering hesitatingly. Not paying much attention to him, sanskar resumed in work. For the corner of eye, he saw laksh fidgeting.
Sanskar sighed “what’s your problem?” Instead of reading, he kept his stare study on laksh expecting an answer.
laksh tooklazy steps towards sanskar to which he raised his eyebrow. Before sanskar can record any of the actions, laksh leaned down and circled his arms on the neck of his lovely brother. Sanskar remained still with the shock, letting the events seep into him.
” I am sorry” laksh’s words of guilty fanned sanskar’s earlobe and immediately he reciprocated his brother’s action. Both of them stood still, welcoming the warmth of each other’s embrace until sanskar felt conscious of something wet at his shoulder. Immediately, he straightened up and patted laksh’s back.
” hush” sanskar can wishpered trying into comfort him but laksh simply shook his head and snuggled closer. A small smile came on sanskar’s lips. This was the laksh he knew, who would always cone to him whenever he did wrong or whenever he himself was moody because of his past memories. Many things might have changed in between them but the love laksh had for his brother was pure and divine. The strong bonds that his love had withstand all the other heavy and raw emotions and that’s the same love sanskar is once again receiving.
Laksh pulled back and wiped his nose with back of his hand ” I..I am sorry bhai! I am stupid, so stupid” laksh started ” I always love you bhai and will always but I don’t know how I let this..” Laksh waved his hand to his head ” jealousy occupied my mind. It turned me into a really very bad person that..I…I..” Laksh choked, tears threatening to spill once again.
Sanskar grabbed laksh’s arm before pulling into a bone crushing yet affectionate hug ” I know you laksh. Don’t need to explain yourself”
” you don’t know nothing bhai. I am the worst brother anyone would have..I ..I tried to kill you, the person who took care of me like q mother when my actual mother abandoned me.I tried yo kill the person for whom once I’d hive my life..I..I..tried to kill my brother just because I was incapable of admitting that he was much more better than me. I wound the person who trusts me beyond himself…I.” A harsh slap landed on his cheek before finishing his sentence. Holding the throbing cheek, laksh turned his head only to face an angry sanskar whose eyes were narrowed on him. He always used to get scared but at the moment, he felt it right to receive to receive that kind of treatment. He felt it correct to be hated by everyone just for his stupidity of trusting someone when he knew what his brother was. Laksh kept his head low in shame but a pair of fingers made him look into the light brown eyes that were much warmer than before.
” I don’t want to father at this young just to make you stop rambling and that slap was your punishment lucky”
Laksh hugged sanskar even more tightly because he got his brother back. Inspite of being harsh to him, his brother loved him the same way he always used to.
” I am sorry” laksh choked. Sanskar smiled warmly.after all, he too got his brother, his lucky back!

With a thud, Swara opened the door of cabin and the lines on her forehead curved in annoyance. Sanskar and laksh broke the hug awkardly before laksh turning other way to grab a tissue. Sanskar cleared his throat and sat in his chair. Swara stomped her foot and sat on the couch in the same cabin, opposite to sanskar and laksh.
” who was the girl in red blouse and navy blue skrit?” Swara questioned, shooting daggers on sanskar. He frowned and then raised his eyebrows.
” how DA…” Swara stopped when the same girl she mentioned entered the office. She glanced at Swara who was visibly blowing smoke out of her ears before going to sanskar. She leaned towards him and Swara fumed little more. Laksh frowned at swara’s reaction but kept quiet wisely. The lady discussed something with sanskar for few minutes, every time trying to touch his arm flirtatiously but he kept backing off. As the woman turned to leave, Swara called her ” hello miss ” she purred ” do you know whom you were stopping earlier to meet Mr. Maheswari?”
The woman jumped a little at the heat of swara’s voice but quickly recovered herself. She opened her mouth only to be cut by Swara ” never ever give instructions to Mrs. Maheswari and…” The lady paled completely but Swara continued ignoring her “.. Keep your claws off my man otherwise you will be fired..understand” Swara did yell but her cold and sharp voice was enough for the woman to collapse on the ground. Sanskar gaped atswarawith amused expersion while laksh kept chuckling trying hard to control his laughter
” say you understand” Swara growled.the woman nodded and wishpered the word Swara demanded before leaving the room. Laksh broke into fits of laughter while sanskar smriked. Swara raised an eyebrow questioning them. Sanskar shook his head in disbelief. The very young lady who was sitting in front of him was the one who hated to be in light and flaunting authority but today, she used the same thing to scare his employee. ” why are you here?” Sanskar asked still smirking. The anger that Swara had was replace by mischievous smirk. She stood and purposely strolled towards his desk. Then, she leaned to him placing her both hands on the desk.
” I am here for resignation”
” and that’s because?”
” I don’t like to marry a person for whom I work” swara whispered before grinning. Sanskar smriked once again because he know that his little girl thought that the news of her resignation would be a shock to her but least she knew she was wrong. Sanskar leaned to her face ” the girl who stopped you meeting from Me is my P.A”
” what?” All the color from her face drained
” its her first day to work so she probably doesn’t know who you are”
Swara opened her mouth and closed and again opened but no words came out “why?” She asked when finally she found her voice.sanskar leaned back to his chair and mocked ‘because I don’t like to a person who works for me”
She stomped her foitand started walking towards the exit. Sanskar kept chickling at her childishness until she turned to him before exiting ” oh and I am going to shop now because you spoiled my mood” with that, she left the room leaving a shocked sanskar behind with hismouth open. Laksh wiped away the tears ” serves you right!”
Sanskar turned to laksh and threw the first file he saw but laksh dipped exactly making the file to collide with wall behind him.

Swara and ragini entered the manison at six pm from opposite directions. The bags under ragini’s eyes declared how tired she was. She gave a weak smile to Swara who was trying hard to carry all the bags in her hands. As soon as they reached, aroma of various delicious items filled their nostrils leaving them mouthwatering.
” oh my god! Ramu kaka..I am sure that one day you will..” Ragini stopped abruptly when she saw sanskar and laksh coming out of the kitchen with aprons. Swara chuckled looking at the stained aprons if the two men and also how funny they looked with flour and few creams spread on their face and hair.
” tada” laksh exclaimed opening a dish with sweets. Ragini looked at him for a second before turning to sanskar. She smiled as she approached him ” so what did the man do for me who didn’t step in the kitchen at least once in his life time?”
Sanskar poutedand moved the plate away in his hands just as ragini came to grab it ” its not first time my dear lady…I have stepped into kitchen nearly thirty times” he whined
Ragini rolled her eyes ” but this is the first time you are cooking”
Sanskar narrowed his eyes because she was correct.
” enough of things Now, just taste our items and say who is best” laksh chirped in looking at sanskar with a challenging look. Sanskar’s expression mirrored his brother.
Just as Swara’s hands made her way to laksh’s dished, ragini stated emotionlessly ” and then become jealous of your brother because he is better than you”
That got them off guard. Ragini turned the other side sighing and within seconds, she disappeared after climbing steps. Laksh swalledthe lump in histhriat and removed his apron. He raised his hand to stop Swara who opened her mouth ” its okay Swara! I should receive this after what I’ve done” with that, he made his way to his room, upstairs. Sanskar sighed and looked down. ” I don’t know when everyone are going to accept him”
Swara wrqppedherarms around his neck ” I don’t understand how were you abketo forgive him after he truedfo kill you?”
Sanskar closed his eyes for few seconds ” that’s the matter Swara. I give second chances to everyone but when it comes to laksh, …I..I just can’t! Because…” He ran a hand through his hair ” okay..I admit it. I just cannot hate him because he was a mother to me when that last left us. No doubt he was young but he always stood beside me just as a mother, he cared for me and..I..”
” hush” Swara said hugging him tightly to her ” but I don’t understand how you are able to trust the person the same way after they betrayed you”
Sanskar chuckled sadly as he pulled out of the hug ” there’sthething Swara. Many people say that they are ready to give the second chance but in reality they won’t. Deep inside their minds, they have this storage of memories of betrayal and they won’t be able to trust the person completely”
” that’s obvious ” Swara frowned. She didn’t find any flaw because it really becomes difficult for any person who was stabbed emotionally. Sanskar shook his head ” no..that’s the wrong thing we do and Instead of mending the things we break them. Whenever you give a second chance to a person, you must love and trust him the same way you used to do before. You should never give a doubt to them that you don’t tryst because if the person is really wiling to redeem himself, this would be always a stab to his heart”
” how…I mean..”
Sanskar placed a finger on her lips ” just think about you Swara. After betraying me, you realized your mistake and wanted to redeem but would it had been possible if I stopped trusting you the way I did before? Would you got a chance to prove your changed behavior? Would you have been what you are today?” Sans ale’s sincerity refketedin his eyes and suddenly, she understood him.
” and if they emotionally stab us after giving another chance too.. Throw them out of your life” sanskar ended softly. Swara hugged him, his scent filling her senses ” I am so glad that you are into philosophy ” sanskar snorted but pulled her close to him.
” now about the dish you made” swarasaid licking her lips. Sanskar rolled his eyes

Ragini wiped tears from her face. She was never this weak to cry over someone bit what she felt for laksh was true. She loved him to an extent that staying away from him for a second used to kill her before. She genuinely trusted him with all she had and also dreamed having a perfect life with him but everything crashed as he pulled his mask off. She want angry that he plotted against his own brother but for his ability to mask his reality in front of her. It was sanskar before and if she falls for his acts now, she’d be in the same place in future. Its always difficult to trust a person who doesn’t have a ideas and thinking if his own. Just because laksh thought that he want given any importance because of his brother, didn’t need to kill him. And if his stupid brain realizes something about her, then he would do the same. After all, a man who had guts to kill the one who grown up with him, she would be nothing but some trash he met few months ago.
She thought that their love was strong but now, she understood how fragile the or relation was just as her heart and she will never allow some cold heartless person to crush it under his feet. A moment distracted her and when she gazed up with heavy bloodshot eyes,she saw the very same person who was reason for her misery.
” what do you want laksh?” Ragini asked irritaed because his presence was affecting her the sane as it used to be
” I need to talk to you ” he begged
Ragini shook her head ” I hate you laksh. Don’t ever think that your talk will unite us”
Laksh chuckled humorlessly and both of them staredinti each other’s eyes. There was lot in between them to be exchanged and they both knew it because the both pairs of eyes were screaming the same. Unfortunately, the both souls already built a wall abandoning any other feel touching it. So the conversation between their eyes left in understood.
” love is not an emotion that would start with I love you and end with I hate you ragini. I thought you know more beyond this”
Ragini swallowed hard just as a tear slipped her eye. ” don’t be under illusion laksh” she choked. Laksh took a step forward raising his hand to her tear stained cheek but she back away. Laksh smiled sadly.
Few minutes passed in silence choking both of them
” why did you do this laksh? How could you be able to kill your own brother?” Ragini asked him, unfolding her hands.
Laksh loweredhisgaed. Suddenly, the Palin white marble floor became more interesting ” I..I..”
” you feel guilty? “Ragini gasped mocking which twisted the knife in his already bleeding heart.
” that was different ragini, what I felt for you was real. I love you. I was, am and will”
Ragini shook her head and sat on the floor leaving towards wall. She then grabbed her two knees and buried her face in between them. Laksh sat beside her.
” you are right laksh” ragini raised her head. Tears flowing freely through her eyes ” love doesn’t end with I hate you. But I hate the way my heart skips a beat whenever I hear your name, I hate the way I feel self conscious around you, I hate the way how my thoughts at my lesiure time revolves around you, I hate the face that I love you” ragini started sobbing. Inspire of feeling heavy, laksh dragged her into his arms and she hugged him ” I hate loving you laksh but I can’t stop it how much hard I try” she continued sobbing.
” I was stupid ragini, I don’t know what came over me to make me think to kill my brother but I promise you that I will always love you the way I used you to ragini. I will show you. Please give me a chance” He begged again.
Ragini pulled herself from hug ” I can’t laksh. You tried to kill your brother. If you were able to forget the fact that you were milling your brother then there is 200% chance that youd be turned off from me..I..I..” She trailed off imagining the horror of breaking down.
” I redeem okay?” Laksh snapped weakly ” how can I make you understand ragini? Say me?” Laksh took her hands in his. Ragini searched his face but there was sincerity written all over but she was again afraid to trust him.
” this all would have not happened if I didn’t listen to…” Laksh’s guilty rambling was cut off by ragini placing a hand on his lips. His eyes widened and ray of hope passed. Ragini wiped the last tear off her face with other hand and the determination which she was famous for was back on her face
” show me how much sorry you are for trying to kill your brother. Showne how much sorry you are for betraying me..show me much sorry you are for dragging Swara in it”
Laksh’s eyes turned determined with the hope ” I will prove it..”
” you know what to do” ragini cut him off by raising her strong determined and surprisingly warm voice.
Laksh nodded weakly with a sad smile ” redemption”

Sanskar closed his laptop after the meeting with few foreign delicates about the branch they were opening shortly in US. he ran a hand through his face and sighed just when the door of his room clicked. A furious Swara strommed into his room with a bath robe on her.
Sanskar immediately looked down and saw her wearing yoga pants. He frowned and looked at Swara who was now glaring him. She moved to his closet, grabbed a T- shirt of his then slammed the door . by this time, sanskar understood the range of angernesd but still didn’t know why.
She stomped her foot and then strommed into his bathroom. Sanskar simply shrugged and gasped when she returned back in his short and her pants
” what happened?” He questioned.
Swara turned to glare him ” hell happened ” she yelled at him. Sanskar narrowed his eyes ” ibevame fat and my dresses became tight”
” what? ” his jaw was now on floor.
” and that’s because of you maheswari. I used to do my work in Mumbai but now, your servants are locking up Mr in my room and I am growing fat” she whined like a five year old. Sanskar chuckled. ” you can always excerise you know?” He grinned.
” this is not a joke” she warned ” like seriously, we should fire few servants so that I can work”
Sanskar scrunched his face ” but I am okay with you becoming fat. So need for to work and if you are still stubborn then I will appoint some trainer to keep a check on your fitness ” he explained simply yet coldly. Swara scowled at him ” why do you spend so much money on me?”
Sanskar smiled at her. He then walked towards and caged her in his arms ” it will be a lie if I say that I understood how you felt being helpless at the age of 10 Swara but one thing is sure that I will never let you see yourself in that position once again. Whatever I am doing is me only trying yo give you the world you missed. My heart aches just imagining you being hungry, wearing cheap clothes and all. So this is for my satisfaction”
Swara wrapped her arms around him and buried her head into his chest ” that’s past sanskar. I am over it now and also when I have all basic necessities, I font need any expensive things. That phase later for four months sanskar. Love is what I was missing all these years. Give me that”
Sanskar smiled, missing her hairs. ” and you don’t Eben know what miracles you can do with the left over money” this time sanskar snorted. He knew that they both will never agree on that
” I want to go out” Swara asked raising her head
” now?”
She pouted ” I used to roam at nights a very lot in Mumbai but from the day I became your fiance, everyone’s attention Is on me”
Sanskar shook his head grinning naughitly ” I will captivate you”
Swara raised her eyebrow ” really? I will go out in your car and you will give me your keys ”
” keep dreaming”
Swara smirked. Her hands started trailing off to his back pocket. Just as Swara was about to take the keys out, sanskar twisted her arm.
” here” he teased wiggling keys in front of her. Swara tried to reach for the keys but snaskr raised his hands taunting her height.
” is that a competition Mr.maheswari?” She smriked
Sanskar mirrored her actions ” bring it on miss….aw” he screamed when Swara pinched his arm. She immediately grabbed the keys.
” see..we gadodias will always stand on word. I told you right..that you will give me keys” Swara said proudly flipping the collar if his shirt on her body.
Suddenly both became silent and Swara scrunched her face just memorizing how she hated addressing hersekfasa gadidia.
” I..uh..I will go” she sttured turning to leave the room.
” I would have said no but you have pleased me enough today” when she turned back, she saw an amused smile on sanskar’s face.

As Swara walked towards the car, she casually lifted the head only to see a dark sky ready to pour but what she failed to realize the real darkness that was hidden behind the dark night. Just as she was opening car door she heard someone calling her.
” hey…can you give me a lift” laksh asked taking deep breaths.
Swara nodded ” at this hour?”
” should meet a friend”
Swara chuckled ” oh..I really don’t like your idea of friends”
Laksh stopped in his tracks and turned to Swara. She just simply kept her gaze on the floor. ” vansh is my only bad friend. Get over it”
He said before entering the car. Swara followed him.

He was running desperately trying to catch the one thing which always slipped from his fingers. It was dark all over. How much hard he tried, not even a single atom was not visible. Suddenly there was bright light filling the darkness of the place, the darkness with in his heart. When he turned to the source…he saw an angel. The love of his life. Swara!

” I didn’t know you were this good at driving” laksh appreciated amused by swara’s driving skills.
” vansh reached me” she smiled. Suddenly, from no where a truck came in their way. Swara rotated the steering wheel and soon they escaped the death.
” whoa!” Laksh gasped.
” shit” Swara muttered under her breath. She then turned to laksh with horror filled eyes. ” brakes are not working”
Laksh cursed as answer.

Swara! The light of his darkness. He started walking towards her but suddenly everything was dark. He panicked and turned to the place he saw Swara. Relief flooded through him after seeing his Swara smiling warmly at him. He was standing in darkness and there was light where Swara stood. He tried to move his legs but the darkness around him suddenly had hands and they choked him. On the opposite end, Swara was mouthing ‘ join me’ with her arms open. He tried, really tried but not even a single finger moved. He was desperate to meet the light but dark was the base of his life and it will always haunt through out his life. After a lot of struggle, he walked towards Swara. He spread his arm to hard her’s but the door behind her opened. He saw darkness again and it dragged Swara along with it and just like that his life was again filled with dark.
” Swara!” Sanskar screamed and sat on the bed. With sweat dripping from his forehead, he searched for his mobile to call her.

“Get out” laksh yelled to a panicked Swara. Shestubborly shook her head. Laksh ran a hand through his hair. He then did something that Swara never expected. He unlocked the doors of car and pushed Swara who was not wearing a seat belt. She fell on the road with a thud and moved few feet on the ground. That reskuted in few scratches on her body along with a bleeding forehead but nothing concerned her. Laksh…he was the one her drooping eyes were searching. Then there was sound in distant and she saw the car sliding on the road sideways but laksh was no where to be found. She gathered all her energy but that didn’t help her walk more than two steosm she staggered on her way and fell down. The peyrol leaking from the carcatched fire and it started so reading.
Save laksh…
Save him..
But her eyes betrayed her along with her body. She felt drops of water falling on her and finally her eyes closed.
She was engulfed by the darkness probably where she will meet laksh.

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