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Sorry for this extra paragraph friends. I have read your comments on my previous two episodes and I will surely reply when I will see your names again. Coming to the point, many are asking about Saba’s fiction. Fantasy dairies is the blog for her story and you will find happy ending when you scroll through posts. Hope this will help you all.
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” thank you laksh”. Laksh smriked again and shook his hands.
” that’s like my girl” swara raised her eyebrow.
Laksh raised his hands in surrender ” okay, okay. Sanskar’s girl. Happy” he pouted.
Swara smiled satisfactorily.
” I must say that you are really worth to be on Oscar red carpet”
” thank-you laksh but what is the need for me to get infront of your car and end in severe wounds. It’s paining like hell” swara yelled.
Laksh gritted his teeth ” oh..then you must have said to my brother that you were secret lover of him and admiring him from three years and wanted to share your life with him.right? ” he took a deep breath and continued ” he might have slapped you, slapped you swara”
Swara pursued her lips and opened her mouth to give a convincing answer but sanskar yelled laksh’s name from corridor
” gotta go..sweet dreams bhabhi” laksh winked before leaving the room
” what were you blabbering with her. Let her take some rest” sanskar felt irritated.
” come on, I was just helping her to feel free” laksh snorted and jogged to his room.
Sanskar smiled and then called someone.
” I need to get information about kunal.. Immediately” sanskar ordered the person and disconnected the call.

Swara woke up early in the morning according to her habit but every inch in her body pained. with great difficulty, she got down from the bed and observed that her dress was torn at several places exposing her thighs, waist and hands. She heard turning of knob of the door and immediately went under sheets.
” good morning” sanskar greeted her entering the room.
Her heart started racing and she felt blood rushing to her cheeks. She very well knew that she won’t be able to speak to him and so simply nodded.
” get down swara. Breakfast is ready ” he said forwarding his hand to her.
” umm..umm..my dress is torn” she almost wishpered.
” oh” he said walking to his closet.
” these may fit you” sanskar said handing a red shirt and black shorts.
She frowned at him.
” I used to wear these when I was slim” sanskar said looking everywhere but her.
She grabbed them and sanskar left the room.

” so” laksh asked once he and sanskar got settled at dining table.
” what?” Sanskar asked nor even caring about laksh.
” friend”
” yes friend” sanskar smiled.
” seriously!!” Laksh teased him.
Sanskar raised his eyes to glare laksh but narrowed looking at his expressions. He then followed laksh’s gaze and saw swara descending steps wearing his red shirt and no shorts but his shirt reached her knees so it didn’t look odd.He immediately turned his head but laksh kept staring her with open mouth.
Swara reached the dining table and started eating her breakfast without speaking any word. Sanskar tried to suppress his smile and finally cleared his throat breaking the awkward atmosphere
” so swara!” Sanskar said looking her.
” hmm” swara didn’t even dare to look up.
” what will be your response if I say that you are appointed as creative head in my company?”
Swara opened her mouth and stared into his eyes.
” it is true ” sanskar said in a matter of fact tone
Swara thought for sometime and looked at laksh to see any expressions but he was equally shocked as her. Finally, she gathered some courage and opened her mouth.
” I am graduated in science” she wishpered.
” oh..” Sanskar dragged his words and then remained silent for few minutes,” then you can be my P.A” he offered.
“P.A” laksh and swara exclamied with wide eyes and it look like the eyeballs may bounce from the sockets at any time.
Sanskar frowned and shook his head.
” I guess you don’t need any qualification for being my P.A” he stated biting an apple.
Swara immediately nodded in yes and laksh smriked.
Swara excused from them and went to kitchen to dispose her plate.
” P.A..seriously?? ” laksh asked raising his eyebrows.
” what’s wrong with that?” Sanskar shrugged.
” I mean you met her just before 10 hours and then became friends before 6 hours and now P.A!!” laksh said recollecting events.
” I did what any gentleman will do” sanskar srunched.
” oh!! Is it any gentleman kind of thing or…” Laksh angled his head and stared at sanskar reading his face ” or..it’s because you are unable to resist her charms. After all she is hot ”
” correction laksh” sanskar drank a glass of water and again turned to him ” she is beautiful and I have acted as gentle man. That’s it”
“Do you guys know where my mobile is?” Swara asked coming from kitchen.
Laksh and sanskar looked at each other and then shrugged.
” you thieves! ” she shouted at them.
” oh hello..we are not theives ” sanskar said gritting his teeth.
” I think we made a bad decision of helping her bhai. We must have left her to death” laksh supported sanskar.
” but I had a mobile and wallet when I came out of the hotel” swara pouted.
Sanskar sighed and turned to the entrance.
” don’t worry. I will order you new mobile and give me the address of hotel you were boarding”
Sanskar felt the room after getting details from her.
Laksh turned to swara and smiled ” are you trying to seduce my brother?” He crossed his arms near his chest.
” what..no! His shorts were too loose and I don’t have a belt.so..” Swara dragged lowering her lashes.
Laksh raised his eyebrow not satisfying to her words
” okay fine.what I said was true and its also true that I tried to get your brother’s attention not to seduce” her nose became red because of being annoyed.
” try something else bhabi. Bhai will never give a damn to looks. It is me who will fall for charms” laksh slipped one of his hands in his pocket.
” okay..let’s go” swara said walking towards entrance
The drive to manison was silent and swara kept staring out through window. She turned to the color of tomato whenever her eyes met with sanskar’s through front mirror.
Finally three of them reached Manison with in half an hour.
Sanskar entered the Manison without waiting for laksh and swara.
” ramu kaka” sanskar shouted walking along the length of hall.
A fifty year old man appeared infront of him.
” we have a guest here. Please show her guest room and make arrangements for her living” he said in a polite voice.
Swara felt nervous standing infront of the entrance.
” welcome to my house bhabhi” laksh nudged her.
She smiled at him and raised her right leg to step in.
” oops..it’s our house bhabhi ” laksh’ s statement resulted in her blushing.
Soon they both reached the hall.
” how are you kaka..missed us right!” Laksh greeted ramu with a wink.
He simply smiled and left the place ordering other servants.
” here is the luggage sir” a male’s voice made the three to turn towards entrance.
” oh! You brought them” sanskar asked.
The person kept staring swara from top to bottom and she felt uncomfortable.
” finish staring?” Laksh asked stepping in between him and swara.
” if yes, then plaese handover the bags” he glared grabbing bags from his hand and the person literally jogged out.
” ramu kaka..show her way to guest room” laksh shouted handing bags to one of the servants.
Swara smiled thankfully and followed ramu kaka. Soon they reached the room and she was left alone. The beauty of the room amazed her. Pale yellow colored walls with a double cot Royal bed at centre with white bedsheets, a beautiful interior design and lively wallpapers on the ceiling, a couch and two chairs with flower vases and a big dressing table with many drawers made her jaw touch the floor. She glanced the room for a good one minute and then sat on the bed. It felt so soft that she wished to cuddle herself and sleep for next 24hours. She sighed heavily thinking about the works she had to complete in this house. She then unzipped her luggage and started arranging her wardrobe. A photo fell down from folds of one of her dress and she immediately picked it. A smile came on her face and stared at it intensely until she heard a noise from behind which starlted her.
” swara”
Hee smile vanished and her breath raced.She gulped hard and closed her eyes tightly before turning.

Credit to: Sree harini

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  1. Awesomeee….. I’m eagerly waiting for next… 😀 😀

    1. thankyou anjali..will try to upload today itself cause I have exam tomorrow.

      1. Thank u dr…. muah love u!!!

  2. Nice update 🙂

    1. Thank-you rite.

  3. Nyc dear, just trying to analyze your story line

    1. Thank-you so much. I hope you will get clear picture in the next few updates.

  4. Superb epi no words to describe yaaar fablous

    1. Thank-you sooo much Fatima.

  5. Superb. It’s interesting. Swalak r master mind.

    1. Heehee yeah.

  6. Divyaaaaaa…hiiii…I’m happy that u r back with another story….I love to read it… 🙂

    1. And I love to read your comments.. Thankyou

  7. Superb dr nd thnx to u I Scored 93.45 percent I’m my academics this year I’m very much satisfied but I’m sad too becz I’m unwell nd since from the morning I’m on my bed…..hope ur exams were welll nd everything is fne with u……..love u??

    1. Happy that you scored 93.45%…mamma I need a party now?. Get well soon dear. My exam was really good . I didn’t expect the paper to be easy.

      1. That’s really gud…..thnx nd ya Im better than before……..nd sorry as I can’t give party to u….but yaar i have one idea……?????☕????????????????????????………Enjoyed the party dr the ?????????

  8. Nice dr those u want saba fictionso here is d link of all episode pls read and appreciate her she is d beauty of intelligence..when I read tat my eyes and mind filled with silence really it’s beautiful.then shree continue hv nice sleep

    1. http://diariesforfantasy.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_67.html if u miss any episode go to Google type swasan path hate to love ep 1 2 3 etc u will get it ready and enjoy

    2. Thank-you divya Shankar. I have seen your comments on her fiction too.

      1. Ya definitely she deserves many fans and comments then I hv commented in ur fiction also do u forget me..actually I love ur comments and ur ff too and most is i like ur feedback and boldness when I read ur fiction ..tat time I don’t hv android mobile to comment and express my feeling ..and I pleased and impressEd to ur bold open attitude.ur too sweety Pls continue..and all d best for ur exam don’t give up..don’t fear for exam…tat exam shd fear for my darling all d best shree. .sorry if I hurt u..

      2. Sorry divya. I am really sorry for not remembering. What!! Bold?? Which made you feel bold?? Aww..thank-you for calling me sweety. I am flat now. Thanks for the wishes and I will surely rock.

  9. Hey harini… How are yo…. Missed yo so much dear… This story is really interesting… Juz now read all three parts… If possible try to update regularly honey… N ya I cried badly for saba ff swasan the path hate to love sad climax… It affected me very badly…still I couldn’t come out from that story though swasan are fictional characters… After reafing that emotional climax i couldnt sleep whole night .. I wonder i never attached to anything to this extent which can take my sleep..N yo n saba both are awesome writers I must admit that ..

    1. Hello bhuvi..you are back.issed you equally.thanks for the appreciation and I will try to keep it up. Everyone’s pov about saba is same that they cried . truly she is amazing writer.

  10. Plz upload nxt ASAP. .. cant wait for the next. .. literally nyc suspense… n nyc twist dat swara did it deliberately n by teaming up with laksh

    1. Nice twist right? Thank-you for appreciation dear. And suspense..you have more to see.

  11. Oh my god I never thought in my most thinking ability that swara and laksh would be knowing each other from before and she would have a three years crush on sanskar well I loved this sanskar a determined person well sree ur concept is amazing surely u gave a bang to me and the part was wonderful making me impatient to read next but no worries whenever feel free just upload and yeah best of luck for your exams I got to know from your one of comments in last part that you are giving your part 2 Bsc exams and this made me know that we are in same way or phase of life just one difference that my exams will be in May I guess I didn’t told extra and annoy you but if also then I’m not sorry bcoz my first sanskar told me that in friendship no sorry and no thanku hope you post regularly after exams and all the best for hectic exams and if you don’t mind can I ask what hns have you opted? ??

    1. Nice twist right?? Even I enjoyed writing this episode. Well I read your lenghty cment on previous episode on Saba’s fiction. Hope you read happy ending too…as the story unfolds, you will love him more. Thanks for the wishes and I have one more exam and it is tomorrow… Wow that’s good to read that we both are of same age .actullay I thought to scold you for saying that you might have annoyed me but it vanished reading the next lines. So sweet of you dear. I will regularly from Apr 2. I really don’t mind to say that I opted microbiology.

      1. Oh sree u opted microbiology I opted for maths and yeah I didn’t read happy ending will read later and yeah you and needhi are correct only one look of varun is enough to make us go crazy for him and you know I have never thought that he would be of 27 and that too married that was a freak shocking news for me and whenever I used to talk about him to my mother or younger bro they just used to look at me in disbelief like I’m not in senses but what to do I’m mad about him infact I watched SR just for him and whenever I get any videos on him or herun I don’t know how many times I watch it and observe his every action and yeah watch that rapid fire its awesome and there’s one more video where varun is asked to act as helly it’s not fully uploaded on fb but bit of it is there I bet you’ll love it and best of luck for your paper and keep giving me sanskar like this and yeah the name itself signifies his personality I’ll die praising him words will finish but still I would be left to praise him

      2. Haha..you didn’t know that he was married..actually SWARAGINI is the first serial I have started watching and it is also the first serial in which I admired everyone. Specially vk. I had seen every episode from his entry. He was too good as angry young man and then I fell for tejaswi for showing double faces. Helly nad namish good for me from first. Then I have searched for vk( for the first time in my life) and then watched few videos in YouTube. God he is too mature and knows very well how to behave even. …I have seen that role reversal video and both were really funny. Now I have ended up in being crazy fan of all the four leads of this show but mostly vk

  12. Oh so it’s all swalak plan…luv it

    1. Thank-you jyoti..

  13. Swara secret admirer if Sanskar…shocking as well as interesting…Awesome epi anyways

    1. Aww..thank you so much jiya.

  14. Nice sree…. Good twist is that swara is after sanku instead of vice versa…..?

    1. Haha..yeah. Even in my first fiction, swara is after sansku.

  15. Hi Sree , how was the exam dear????? Unbelievable .I mean it was quite unexpected .For a moment ,i was utter shocked ,then gradually everthing got in my brain.I loved it. Indeed , it was just hilarious to know that Swara actually loved him.Amazing episode with twist and turns.Little bit sad dad is going tomaarow ,even my brother left to Hostel yesterday ,but i am happy that your exams got finished up ,so we can chit chat.Waiting eagerly for next episode.This twist has sky rocketed my expectactions and i am really looking forward to the ff.Take care.Love u sissy. Ummmmmmahhhhh.

    1. My exam was cool. Easy paper. Didn’t expect to be that easy. I read your comment in previous episode dear. As you said swara is always for sanskar. Yeah, the name of sanskar itself has some sparkk in it. I don’t know why but whenever I read this name, I always imagine a person who is very good at studies, very smart even in revenge games, possessing extreme feelings if love, hate, attitude, ego, kindness and yet he always had some past which turned him this way. Meeting the images of sanskar in my mind, I opted for this story and trying my best to show every shade of him which I admired and no doubt vk always maganed to skip my heart beat even but I don’t admire him too much because he is married.
      Today, I happened to see a 4sec dance of HERUN on fb( my dad’s account) and God I went mad. Helly’s smile and varun’s every expression….uff I loved it.
      Coming back to today’s comment, I had a big smile reading your expressions. Loved it?? Honored* pats my back and winks* ohh dad is leaving today..wish him good luck from my side and also to your brother. Don’t worry dear, I will be in touch with you from second April. Now I should really scare that you expectations are rocketed. Before reaching the space, I will try to suppress them otherwise you won’t be satisfied with few fillers then. Take care dear.love you too..ummmahhhhhh

      1. Even i saw that video . Loved it .vk is no doubt expression king and Helly has a million dollar smile.Herun make a sizzling chemistry and they r a treat to watch. Do watch that rapid fire segment.It’s cool.What to do ,both VK and Mahesh Babu r married ,i can only look on helplessy and pray for their good life* joking*.All the best for exam.

      2. I watched that video nearly 10 times only for vk. Rapid fire!! I must watch and will in my study breaks. Oh..so sad for you dear. Both are married lol..thanks for the wishes dear. Will surely do well in my exam

      3. OMG!!! Even I saw that video… I was literally melting at Varun’s expression…. I just love love love him….

  16. Wow nice

    1. Thank-you bresh. You never forget to comment.

  17. Awesome!!!!!! Omg swara likes sanskar from past 3 years!!!!! And that to laksh is supporting swara…….nyc episode!!!

    I came to know ur from Hyderabad!!!!
    U know even I am from Hyderabad…..

    1. Thanks sweety. Hyderabad!! Yipeeeeee another Hyderabad girl. You will get to see more of swalak bonding in future.

  18. Hey Sree you back..wow..thank u Dr..I didn’t read yet will give u feedback soon..

  19. Wow superb mind blowing.. Loved it yaar..waiting for the next…Laksh character is too cute..

    1. Thanks for loving laksh dear. You will fall for him in future episodes. Are you that malar who writes …sorry I forgot the name but I read the fiction. Really sorry dear.

  20. Wow! Its awesome dear… Nice twist…

    1. Thankyou anu.

  21. It was awesome..plz post asap…read all ur episodes but didn’t get time to comment bt now in free..so….
    About saba’s ff, u know the day it ended with sas ending, I didnt slept whole night n had my maths exam next day..god knows what I did in that exam…simple calculations were not coming…. ended up with less marks… moreover, couldn’t stop my tears for some time…

    1. Felt happy reading that you followed my episodes dear. Ayyo..you messed up maths?? Fine do it well next time. I messed up with language but the paper was damn easy so I cope up with that.

  22. Awesome as always limitless love!!!!

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  25. Really nice and sorry for asking such a silly question to you in last part….I just asked casually….

    1. Hey girl!! No need to say sorry for that. I can understand your curiosity and sree doesn’t like to listen oops read sorry from her friends I am not married dear.

  26. yeah i am so happy to read ur ff…thankfully u came back with another ff….missed a lot…sry i couldnt comment on previous episodes coz i was having exams …today i was having chemistry exam but it got postponed to 12 april….but till then i can read ur ff….sree harini one request if possible plz read my ff…its swaragini what is this connection???i knw its not as good as urs but still tried something…..there my name is not swathi its roshni….

    1. and give me suggessions….

    2. Don’t dare to feel yourself low..clear warning from your friend. No need to say sorry for me cause I know that you are loving me silently…all the best for your exams. I will surely read your fiction dear. It’s just that I left this site after finishing my previous fiction due to personal problems and then for exams. Many things changed meanwhile. So I will definitely read and comment but after finishing my exams…Congo and all the best for your fiction.

      1. that so sweet of u harini…n thanks for ur wish….n all d best for ur exam too…give ur best…have faith in god…I am sure everything will be sort off soon in ur life….

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