SWASAN – Acceptance (27)

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Sanskar followed laksh quietly to ragini’s room around midnight after making sure that both girls are asleep. Though laksh didn’t ask, sanskar followed him reading laksh’s mind. Both of them opened the locked door with a duplicate key. Laksh smriked at the girls who were sleeping on bed covered with blanket.
” are you sure about this lucky?” Sanskar asked for the last time. Laksh nodded before throwing a i-know-what-i-am-doing smile at him. Sanskar shook his head and motioned him to left side of the bed.
Laksh chuckled and forwarded his hand. Sanskar smirked before giving him a bucket of cold water, really cold..Without a second thought, laksh splashed the water on ragini.
” you..son of a dirty man” some other voice screamed other than ragini surprising the brothers.
“Swara” laksh murmured as realization hit him. Ragini bursted out laughing and got out of the bed from right side. Swara removed the blanket from her face and immediately glared laksh.
” I will see your end today ” she screamed once again at dumb founded laksh.
” actually i felt like they would do something really bad…so..I just swapped our places” ragini explained once she stopped laughing.
Throwing a deathly glare at both ragini and laksh, she stromed out of the room towards her room.
Laksh followed Swara but stood outside the door as it is closed.
” this is my fourth time today” Swara hissed once she opened her door. After all, seriously she took shower for fourth time in the same day. Laksh gave her a apologictic shrug.

“So” ragini prompted sanskar swaying a wodden stick. Sanskar looked at her as a lost puppy because ragini is really mad at him. He just glanced the entire hall for any help but only Swara is present that too a few steps behind him. Ragini dropped her stick with a thud making him turn to her.
” I..I..” He fumbled.
” why didn’t you tell me about case papers?”
Sanskar scratched his head “fine..actually we found them…um…on the day…of..laksh’s.. Expourse” finally he answered but kept looking at her face because laksh is not a topic of conversation for her.
Swara sneeezed and immediately covered her nose with a tissue. Ragini and sanskar turned to her who is wrapped in a black blanket and shivering badly.
Swara mouthed thanks to ramu kaka who gave her a hot cup of coffee. She took it into her palms and closed her eyes enjoying the warmth. Sanskar smiled at her red face and nose due to cold.
” you really know how to make me feel better” Swara said to ramu kaka taking a sip. Both sanskar and ramu kaka stilled for a moment. Swara raised an eyebrow.
” actually ” ramu stuttered “I was the one who arranged it…um..cold water”
Swara choked and then coughed. Sanskar came to her patting her back. She just kept looking ramu kaka with wide eyes, still not believing.
” and I was the one to suggest him” sanskar accepted with a low voice. Its now turn to both the girls to go pale.
After a moment of silence, Swara raised her head to look at ceiling “may god show mecry on my life till my marriage”
” shut up” sanskar murmured. Ragini cleared her throat and it made them turn to her.
“And Swara you..” Ragini raised her finger “you didn’t say me about engagement, even after you know it at the time of our meeting..yesterday”. Ragini is now clearly angry with both of them and sanskar knew about her anger. So best way to cool is to distract.
” you know what? ” sanskar chirped “raj is coming for engagement.”
He saw ragini’s face lit up thousand times and he smiled inwardly for his idea. Swara let out a breath of relief looking at sanskar.
” but he hasn’t mentioned me.”
” he is coming ” he stated
Ragini’s pupils dilated but immediately she narrowed her eyes. “I know what you are doing. I am still mad at you”
Sanskar shook his head and stood up while Swara resumed to drinking coffee.
From no where, laksh entered the room almost jumping.
” hey sanku! I have ordered black forest for tomorrow ”
” black forest!!” Sanskar squealed as a kid. Ragini and Swara shared a yeah-we-know-what-they-are look.
Durga Prasad came downstairs and smiled seeing all the four in the room.
“Ramu…has all arrangements being done?”
“Yes sir..we have four organizers dealing at the restaurant.” He replied honestly.
“Restaurant?” Swara asked raising her eyebrows.
Durga Prasad turned to her “yeah..the function is going to happen at a restaurant and the wedding in Mumbai” he replied casually.
“I thought..um” Swara is cut off by durga Prasad “marriage is a grand event and being one of the tycoons, Mumbai would be a good place to show off”
Everyone smiled in agreement. Durga prasad came to Swara and handed her a black card “I..you don’t have any relatives..but..from now, I am your dad. So what is mine will be yours. Shop for yourself”
His emotional words made Swara open her mouth. Laksh and sanskar smiled while ragini smirked. Swara smiled nervously and looked at sanskar with teary eyes before taking the card.

“This is not going to happen” ragini raised her hands completely irrated by Swara. Most of the workers of the mall are at their table and it’s been Nearly an hour they started shopping for Swara but she kept it dragging and stopped at a lehenga and Saree.
“What happened?” Laksh asked coming towards them with five bags. Ragini narrowed her eyes at the bags and then exhaled.
“How is this?” Sanskar asked behind laksh holding a dark brown suit. Laksh pouted an irritated one.
“That doesn’t suit me”
Sanskar rolled his eyes and disappeared in men’s clothing to select another one. From childhood, both of the brothers used to shop for one another and he must really admit that laksh has a good taste in fashion although he hates to do that.
” Swara” ragini prompted. Its getting on her nerves now.
Swara raised her lashes and looked innocently at ragini, biting her nails.
“Call sanskar”
Ragini opened her mouth and laksh giggled.
“What’s wrong Swara” sanskar asked as soon as he came.
“I am just confused. suggest me whether to take a lehenga or Saree!”
Sanskar sighed and turned to ragini “done with your shopping?”
Ragini smriked and moved her chin to Right. He smiled seeing three pairs of lehengas.
” take both of them swara. Depending upon your interest you can choose at the time” he explained casually.
“If that’s the case, I will never get ready for engagement” Swara murmured ” I want only one”
” take two..I can afford ” Sanskar said casually but small hint of proud was heard in his voice.
Swars inhlaed sharply and made her decision.

“You don’t have any other work” sanskar snapped at ragini who is continuously teasing him.
“I rarely get leave from my work. So let me enjoy” ragini snapped back entering a jwellery shop.
Laksh’s eyes occasionally stared ragini and she is totally aware of it but acted as if she hasn’t seen.
As it was swara’s turn to choose the ring, she asked the salesman to show some engagement rings.
“Choose something which my brother will never want to loose” laksh suggested swara with a wink. she smiled but for some reason, she felt shy. May be it’s because she is shopping with sanskar or for his burning gaze on her since morning.
Swara wiggled her fingers on rings and finally selected two rings.
” this one is really good” ragini said excitedly pointing at simple yet beautiful diamond ring. Even Swara and laksh too liked it, a lot. Sanskar smiled at Swara but it immediately dropped seeing her checking the price tag. Swara gulped seeing the price and then shifted to the second one which didn’t had any diamonds in it.
” pack this ” Swara said to salesman feeling uncomfortable as she sensed sanskar’s glare on her. She hated the fact that Sanskar can read her every emotion like a open book.
” but..” Ragini is speaking something at background about dropping her choice but swara locked her eyes with her soon to be husband. She saw him coming towards her and chanted brave mantra to show herself strong. Salesman is about to pack it but sanskar placed his palm on his.
” pack two, please”
Sanskar smriked seeing popped eye balls of Swara from behind. Laksh grinned and ragini bit her lip. Swara stared him in disbelief.
Ragini and laksh made their way to select ring for Swara
“Why did you do this?”
“You know it well” his voice is cold, too cold.
Swara scowled “it’s just this is not my money, so I cannot use them as my wish.”
” yeah but you will be my wife.. And you shouldn’t feel that way. What is mine is yours too and sometimes, I really love to live rich” he snapped and reached laksh and ragini who are trying hard to behave normally with each other. As soon as sanskar reached, his eyes fell on a beautiful gold ring studded with diamond.
” wow” Swara murmured looking at the same ring in happiness.
“Can you pack this?” He immediately asked the staff.
“oh sorry sir..this is not for sale” the woman stated poliety.
” its because every year, we auction few expensive jwellery and use 40% of the money for charity”
Swara narrowed her eyes at the woman who is batting her eyelashes at sanskar, sincerely trying to flirt with him.
“When does it takes place?” Sanskar enquired.
Swara shook her head and walked away from them to a bracelet counter along with laksh and ragini.
” I think you are interested in participating Mr. Maheswari”
Sanskar smiled at mentioning maheswari..of course they are always famous.
“I will add your name then” she suggested seeing sanskar smile. He turned to leave “oh and sir, you both would make a good couple”
This time, he gave her a shy smile beforing walking towards Swara.
” done with choosing a ring?” Laksh asked sanskar .
“I want to select the one Swara loves”
“Offo” laksh and ragini sang teasingly making swara blush. Swara nodded her head in no after seeing the last set of rings. The ring at auction has attracted her most.
” that one was good” swara murmured crossing her arms.
“That’s already yours Swara. select another.” Sanskar cooly suggested. Swara rolled her eyes but immediately widened them when realization hit her.
” you wouldn’t dare” she warned him because she really don’t like using some others money however free they are.
” trust me miss gadodia” sanskar said looking into her eyes “I can and I will” he emphasized each letter which made her understand that his decision was made.
” that’s..romantic” ragini chirped and dragged Swara to the place of auction followed by sanskar.
Finally, the ring came for auction. The host looked at the crowd seated in chairs. “Well, our amount is three lakhs”
Swara gasped at the cost. Does diamonds really cost that much? Well few may be like imported, she calmed herself because she really doesn’t know anything about them expect the saying ‘diamonds are women best friends’
Everyone started increasing the amount and she idly wondered why sanskar is not participating. Soon it crossed 25..
” 30″ sanskar maheswari’s voice beamed the hall.
The host looked at entire crowd to see of anyone makes a move but everyone is very well aware of maheswari.
” fine then” the host said ” one, two..the”
” 35″ some other voiced filled the room.everyone turned to the person and swara frowned seeing laksh. Laksh smriked at sanskar who returned the smrik. He then turned to the stage ” 40″
” 45″ laksh said Rubbing his chin with finger with humor in his eyes.
” fine, fifty then” sanskar countered. Swara buried her head in her hands. She felt as if she is being auctioned. Ragini giggled.
It went on till 68 lakhs.
” 70″ sanskar declared enjoying the game. The host turned to laksh raising her eyebrows. Laksh shoved his hands in his pockets and then shook his head, mockingly showing empty pockets. host smiled sweetly at him and turned to sanskar.
” one..two and three..the ring is yours Mr. Maheswari ” she announced followed by a round of applause.
She then turned to laksh ” sorry young man, you have really tried very well but maheswari, being maheswaries won it.”
The crowd appuladed once again. Laksh’s face fell in pain and for the first time, ragini felt very bad for him. Swara kept staring laksh with worry and sympathy. Sanskar finally understood laksh’s pain that he has been through these years but being his brother, he must be the pillar of support. Sanskar immediately stood up.
” you are absolutely right. Only a maheswari can compete with a maheswari” looking at the almost pale and shocked crowd, he continued ” and I am glad that i competed with my brother ” he declared with pride and turned laksh who started walking away from the place. Ragini kept staring laksh with pain and guilt, real pain though.

Swara opened her eyes immediately as alarm rang and she shut it with a wide grin. After all it is her day, their day, their engagement. She walked along the corridor to hall and surprised by the absence of both laksh and Sanskar in their rooms.
” where are the brothers? ” Swara asked ragini who is sitting on the couch reading a paper.
” excersie” ragini answered ” in their usual room”
” usual room?” Swara’s confusion made her laugh.
” you are staying in this house from before my arrival and you don’t know about the excercise room?” Ragini asked as if Swara committed a sin.
” I will show you…come” she dragged Swara upstairs and then to a room near terrace. As soon they opened the door, both the girls blushed to the color of tomato seeing the brothers in shorts, only shorts, drowned in sweat..wait..with boxing gloves!!
Sanskar and laksh casually looked at them before turning to each other. Laksh tried to give a punch but sanskar tactfully missed it and they kept fighting for nearly 10 minutes. It seemed like laksh is very well trained in boxing.
Ragini scwoled “is this what you are doing on the day of your engagement?”
Sanskar’s attention turned to ragini for a fraction of second and next moment, he is on the ground receiving punch from his brother. Laksh smriked while giving a hand to sanskar
” its the only place where I always win” sanskar nodded in agreement.
” I am so mad at you both right now ” swara crossed her arms and whipped her head to other way.
” and why on earth you are angry with us?” Laksh asked sarcastically though he knew the reason.
” I just felt cheap ..so cheap yesterday when you both were debating and competiting with each other..um..for a …simple ring”
” simple?” Both brothers raised their eyebrows in mock surprise.
Sanskar raised his hands in surrender “ask your friend..he did that!”
Swara turned to a smriking laksh “what?” He snapped ” I just planned to gift something to my friend on her marriage. Is that a crime?” The mock sincerity, humour in his popped out eyes made Swara fight back a smile.
” simple as that” he said walking past her.
Sanskar removed his gloves and turned to Swara after placing in shelves.
” looks like your brother is excelled in boxing” she asked. Ragini rolled her eyes and left the room.
” yeah” sanskar took few steps towards her but she backed off closing her nose ” talk to me after a shower”
With that she turned her heels to the exit of the room.

Swara smiled at ragini who is getting all hysterics on staff about the evening. She turned to sanskar who is deeply involved in reading a ‘Merchant of Venice’.
” that’s a very common story I guess ” Swara raised her hand to his book. He peeked out “and you are reading it now?” She smiled.
” I just wanted to read something other from philosophy ” he explained casually before returning to his work.
” but venice is really a good place..I mean traveling in boats..oh god!” She threw her head back which made sanskar smile. ” if you are really that desperate, then we will go”
” what?”
” venice”
She shook her head but immediately stopped. Anger started taking its place on her body.
” what is that?” She asked sanskar through gritted teeth pointing the ring on his finger which she thought to buy for him. He simply grinned. She scowled understanding his intentions.
” what? ” he asked innocently “I have brought this one for myself and the other one, which we both choosed will be my ring for lifetime”
” what is this?.. I have” ragini snapped at someone on mobile causing both of them looking towards. Ragini gave an apologetic shrug and continued talking.
” she is such a chirpy girl” Swara commented smiling.
Suddenly something dark crossed sanskar’s face ” its because she was brought up in a normal way…a very normal way” those words held some much of emotion that started fearing swara. He turned to her ” unlike us..she had a family to rise her” he added with a sigh.
Swara pushed down the thick lump that formed in her throat. She opened her mouth to say something but soon closed it seeing someone entering the hall. As sanskar is facing his back to the entrance, he didn’t knew anything. The person saw Swara and gestured her to be silent when he saw her opening her mouth to question.
Swara kept quiet still looking at him. He tiptoed to sanskar and closed his eyes with his palms. Sanskar stilled by sudden gesture but soon recovered and ran his hands over the ones which are on his eyes.
” lucky” sanskar warned and the person scowled. He slowly moved his free hand down to sanskar’s body and rested it on his stomach.
” RAJ” Sanskar screamed in excitement. Raj removed his hand from sanskar’s eyes grinning.
” I am a guy” Sanskar snapped, although smriking. Raj rolled his eyes taking his hand from his stomach. “Yeah”
This made Swara laugh, really laugh.
” bhai!” Ragini squealed from the stairs and with in a second, she ran to raj and literally jumped on him, carddling her arms around his neck.
” my baby girl..how are you” he asked swirling her in air.
” just as how I look” she answered after standing on her feet. “Where are ma and papa?”
“Oh! They will be here by evening” he turned to Swara ” I am sorry. I am raj and unfortunately I am friend of your fiance” he introduced himself forwarding a hand. Swara smiled shaking it.
” oh and yeah, don’t think that your husband is innocent. I really have a list of things about his works” he said sarcastically winking at Sanskar.
” I think you are raj” laksh said behind them and raj smiled.
” my brother” Sanskar introduced and both of them shook their hands.
” you are exactly the way your brother described” raj complimented him and both brothers shared an eye lock. Ragini gulped seeing raj being close with laksh and she went to kitchen
” but seriously cookie, you are getting married really at very young age” raj said once they have settled in hall.
” cookie?” Swara asked surprised.
” a long story” raj sang.
Sanskar raised his eyebrow ” I think someone is getting jealous here”
” jealous?” Raj mocked “for not getting married? Uff Sanskar..I am younger to your brother.”
Laksh splashed water which he is drinking. ” why are you involving me in this?”
” its because he wanted to get a list of girls from you..you know he is a per-” Sanskar teased raj
” don’t even dare to complete it..” He warned narrowing his eyes. Swara just kept smiling at their conversation.
Ragini rolled her eyes before placing snacks on the table.
” its my fault to listen to boy talk” she turned to Swara and caught her wrist ” come Swara, we have lots of things to do”
Swara smiled before standing up.
” why she?” Sanskar blurtted.
” ooooo” all the other three sang making Swara blush, really hard.
” I mean…I..if you don’t like sitting with us, its okay but she is enjoying our company” Sanskar tried to reason to clear the embarresment.
” look who is becoming possessive now” laksh teased looking at raj for some push up and it worked ” yeah laksh..I wonder if he will ever let us see her after their marriage or lock her..”
” inside his bed room as a doll in some showcase” laksh completed raj.
Swara stared at her knotted fingers to hide her blush. Sanskar glared at them.
” its truly my mistake to poke my nose and ” ragini turned to Sanskar ” I am not going to eat her away. Its just that I need to some things so that your to be wife looks good and beautiful for evening” she snapped and dragged Swara upstairs to get room
” you people have dragged yourselves to such a trouble ” Sanskar emphasized each other to show them how mad he is right now but instead of being silent, they bursted out laughing.

Sanskar looked himself in the mirror for the last time. The sky blue color shirt beneath a navy blue suit really looked awesome on him. As much as he hated to admit, he must now really appreciate laksh’s taste in selecting outfits for him. He searched for his watch near the dresser and then rembered leaving it in ragini’s room that morning. So he made his way to her room and knocked twice. When he didn’t get any answer, he slightly pushed the door stepping into the room and his breath hitched and his heart paused for a beat. He never dreamed of seeing his fiance before engagement because ragini passed instructions not to meet each other till they reach the venue. Of course, he felt his heart twist for the thought but he never knew that he was and is so lucky. In front of his very eyes, stood his life, his Swara in a inky blue crape saree draped around her. The borders of Saree are highlighted by a silver shimmer patch and along the length of border is a design worked by pearls and stones. His eyes travelled to her neck and there is a pearl necklace decorating her delicate neck. Her silver shimmer blouse with blue patches and a deep neck made the necklace look more elegant on her. It seemed like the color and shine of her skin increased thousand times by the dress. His eyes then travelled to her light make up face which is scrunched in confusion. She is staring herself in the mirror and it looked like she didn’t notice his presence. A smile came on his lips when he saw two sets of earings on each ear. Swara turned her head casually and gasped seeing Sanskar. His clean shaven face, oh so messed up hair, his navy blue balzzer and sky blue shirt beneath took her breath away. The suit attached to his body perfectly showing his excercised body which made him more manly. He is really handsome now and suddenly she felt pride thinking that he is only hers from now to forever.
” again problem with earrings ” he teased. She raised her eyebrow before removing both earrings. Her fingers went to tie the Dori if her blouse.
” need any help?” He breathed. She turned to him. ” I mean..with selecting…you know..earrings” he raised his hand to the sets of various earrings on table. She smriked and walked towards washroom.
” try” she said before bolting the door.
Sanskar exhaled looking at the various sets. He first saw a set of silver earrings and thought that why it was so difficult to choose for her but then he saw a blue and white pearl set. And then complete blue hangings with white stones. Surprisingly all are matching to her Saree. He sighed and opened another wooden box and saw shining stone studs. Hell! What should he select.
” not finished yet?” Swara asked wiggling her eyebrows.
Sanskar sighed ” everything suits your outfit” Swara walked past him to face mirror
” if you are just confused by only simple ear set then we girls should make decision starting from the color of dress to style of hair. We try our best to get ready fast yet you..you men scold us” she explained in a very cold voice with a fake smile plastered on her face. Sanskar gulped and smiled awkwardly.

After instructing ramu kaka, ragini started running through stairs holding her red and cream lehenga. In the way, she bumped laksh and both of them stood staring each other, sharing a painful eyelock. Laksh examined her from her toe which are covered in red lehenga to the tip of her head where hairs are left loose to one side. Ragini scowled seeing laksh’s outfit, a red pyjama with cream and worked kurta. A wicked smile came on his lips understanding her thoughts. Ragini closed her eyes to control anger because he choosed it just to match with hers. She would have ripped his head but her brother saved it.
” how am I looking?” Raj asked adjusting the buttons of his dark green cotton kurta. The white pyjama really highlighted his kurta and he is indeed looking hot in that simple outfit.
” I think listening compliments from sister is not so good” ragini teased and he cocked his head ” just say it”
” fine, you are handsome”
” only handsome?” He pouted.
” hot”
” that’s what every girl in my office say . use something” he is not all interested because this type of words are common for him.
” perv-”
” don’t” raj warned as his eyes widened. Ragini laughed and laksh patted Raj’s back.
” come fast dear. I will take ma and papa to venue” raj informed before leaving the place. Ragini ascened the steps as fast as she can just not to get lost in laksh’s eyes.

When ragini entered the room, her expression changed from shock to confusion to irritation seeing Sanskar standing very close to Swara.
” why the hell did you get in?” She asked him. The heat in her eyes made Sanskar feel bare.
” I..uh..um..helping her” he answered as a fish caught out of water.
Ragini shook her head and gestured him to leave the room. Once he did, she scolded Swara for not listening to her words but Swara smiled at her affection. Finally, she got a sister.

She was a cursed girl, a girl forbidden by the world just because she was a daughter of marwadi and a bengali. A girl, who has seen few dark places of world at the age of ten but a hope raised when she was shifted to the orphanage. But she was again a girl, who was never treated in a loving way for which she craved. Anger grew within herself for this world, the people who live in it, their insane behavior, mostly against the person who snatched everything from her and made her Swara..just Swara. Nothing was with her and that burning rage and revenge became her breathe that lit the fire of her life. When everything was wrong, vansh came. And again she was a girl used as a pawn, just a pawn by him for some unknown reason and she too played and acted as he wished. And then she was a girl who wanted to kill someone for some other’s mistake, she acted as if she cared, loved and trusted him and when he accepted, she felt cheap. A cheap girl who was unable to face the problem by herself but backstabbing. Yet, when the time came, she was unable to do what she was waiting for. The goal was right in front of her eyes and its the only way that her years of suffering would pay off but still she was just unable to do..why???
Its because the love she received from him is pure. He gave that trust, that assurance and that love which she craved to have since her parents death. He trusted her blindly to an extent he forgave her for what she done and gave a second chance…freaking second chance!. When she had no source of support, his arms comforted her, his heart listened her when no one was ready to see her face even, he always kept a check of her happiness and then still loved the same way even after betraying him which was something he would never forgive. He still let her continue as his P.A. such trust! He was he around her when he was wounded by his own brother. He found her as place of peace and its very difficult to consider because it happens only if he loves her. He never felt shame to cry in front of her, he never felt uncomfortable to share something which he wouldn’t do with others, he never left any chance to tease her. Inspite of many bad things she did to him, he loved her heart and saw what is in it. Her feelings, happiness meant a lot to him to such an extent that he didn’t even think twice to buy a ring in an auticon. God might have snatched her happiness at the age of 10 but he has given back a family..a very big family in name of Sanskar.

‘you have a brother to fight, a sister to share, a father to guide, mother to pamper, a child to take care of and a husband to..to love you’
Sanskar’s words after their confession came to her mind.
‘ you have a family now Swara. Never cry’
What did she do in her life to get so lucky to have a person like him.
She was an abonded cheap, impure blood girl for world who turned more cheap back stabbing someone yet she is here, getting engaged to the same person who promised to stay with her rest of life. Its her second chance and now she will give him that love, the mother’s love which he craved to feel, she will give him that love which he always feared that would end as a curse for him, she will show him that her love no..their love can empower and overcome the curse, his curse. After all his trust never left her and he accepted her from the heart.
” here we are” ragini chirped. Swara immediately wiped her tears and watched the building from the window. Sanskar and laksh had already reached the place and it’s time for the bride to show up and ragini is beside her. Its not true if she says that she is not at all nervous and thanked ragini to be her side. The driver opened the door for her and they reached eleavator then to top floor.
Taking a deep breath and after a quick glance at completely excited and smiling ragini, she stepped out of the elevator, walking few steps towards big doors. The driver opened the doors and ragini stepped in. she then turned to Swara and forwarded her hand.
Biting her lips out of nervousness, Swara grabbed the hand and stepped in. Her jaw touched the ground immedaitely.
Holy cow!

Hello my friends and silent readers. I am really overwhelmed by your affection and love. I guess I was completely bed ridden for three weeks..okay..okay nearly three weeks but this is not what I planned for holidays…aww. But thank god and you all for strong prayers because of which I am fine now, not absoulety but fine.
So from now, I will give alternative updates of swasan and raglak. Speaking frankly, I have missed chatting with you all. So comment fast guys and one more thing, I really want silent readers to cmemt because this is my last ff and surely I won’t be able to chat with anyone on my story. So please let me know how many are following my..sorry our story

Mummy..so much has happened in swaragini but I am really happy with this memory loss track because it again gave a chance for Sanskar to prove his love. Idk why Swara doesn’t get a chance but I am not at all bothered about it because vk is doing justice to a true lover which I always dreamed of. Its my POV about Swara ..so no offense.


Credit to: Sree harini


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    Sree god I’m so damn excited girl ur back whoo… OK first tell how are you… Nd dear aate hi u just made six…. Aww lovely mind blowing epi it is…. I was laughing at shopping drama I’m same as sanskar I can’t choose anything on my own n I’ve no shame in admitting that my most dresses are selected by ma…. But I’ll surely accompany her…. God I missed you so much and learning about ur health u seriously made me more worried and I just wanted to shout on you when you uploaded raglak as being sick u were thinking abt ff….. Raj is really a close friend of sanskar loved their bond…. U showed the pain of laksh during auction but the way sanskar spoke a protective brother though….. Swaragini saw sanlak in shorts aww hotties ?? ….OK dp accepted her wholeheartedly lovely…… N lastly I loved swara’s pov regarding her past sufferings her actions sanskar everything just way too perfect…..
    Oh I missed starting the PRANK no no Revenge…. Haww swara came the ultimate victim seems like the bride is paying for being it….

    Hey I hope I didn’t miss anything otherwise have to write more…. And one news I completed reading raglak ? and it’s awesome too….
    Now tell how are you ?? Bed rest na…. Thank god u discharged from hospital….. Love you and plz take rest ?

    • Neha

      Hey I really wrote this much long haha ? now rest on your headboard and read…. U have to ?

    • Sree harini

      Come on neha, I should really need some strength now after replying. So I will reply you after an hour so don’t feel bad..okay?

    • Sree harini

      Finally…uff a very long comment baby neha. I think that you are completely addicted to this site. See what time you commented???

      Answer to your first question..I am fine but weak..really weak. Then I am happy that you were satisfied by my episode. I am both like Sanskar and Swara but sadly I must pick up mine because my mom sucks more than me.

      Now you are scaring. Your words about being mad at me just made me feel like you were going to spank me if I was in front you you..just a random scary though though.

      Yeah, I just wanted to show Sanskar and Raj’s bond to prove how much he is close to ragini even. Soon, you will cry for laksh. I promise you then if you want, I will make you cry for ragini too.

      Prank..I thought it for a while before being hospitalized and it suddenly flashed when I was going through episode of ice cubes..lol

      That’s cool. But I am not sure how much you love raglak because it is a very family old philosophical drama. But glad that you are liking it.

      Bed rest is ovio…love you too neha…so much I mean.

      • Neha

        Addicted toh I’m but not to this site actually to some ffs…. The time yeah it’s very late I was studying till then and before going to sleep I just randomly opened tu to see and got urs and I was desperately waiting for u so when I got I just couldn’t stop myself …..I’m a late sleeper ppl say early morning studies are good but in my case I can never get up early and study so I try my best to study late night 1-2 a. m. Is minimum sometimes it reaches to 3a.m. and after that I sleep till 7 ….
        Now u got na!!! Love you too and take care

      • Sree harini


        Even I stay awake late at nights because getting up early is not something which I know and do…lol

        Exams!! All the best dear. Bang them

  3. Tuba

    Hello Sri Glad to know u r alright! Waiting for RagLak Second Love I literally check everyday for an update! I missed u sooooo muchhhhh!

    • Sree harini

      Hello tuba..felt very happy seeing you here. Raglak!! I will update it by tonight. From now on, you regular check will be useful and I too missed chatting with you.

      • Tuba

        Mee toooo! Yeahhhhh waiting for it! By the way I read This yesterday and its Amazing! Thoo I dont read SwaSan fanfics This one is Amazing!

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    • Sree harini

      Is it the same Natasha from Mr. Maheswari?
      I will surely take care dear and also will update episodes on time like alternate days. If I am strong then will try to give daily.

  5. From Nepal

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    BTW hows ur health Sree…. Hope u are completely Fine.. DO TC…

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    • Sree harini

      Omg….omg…is it you commenting. My god! I haven’t seen your name under any fiction except anju’s and Now I am really happy to know that you are a reader of my fiction..I am jumping now.

      I am good now but weak..really weak. Will surely take care for you all friends.

      Sanskar is Sanskar..I too love him.

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        Yes i have only commemted on anjali’s and anu’s ff….
        I started reading ur ff when it was on chap 13.. i really love ur ff but sorry for being so late… 🙂 🙂

        U are suffering from typhoid right… do tc of ur eating habits…actually i have suffered from typhoid thrice in one year due to my bad eating habit… i cant control myself when i see food….. hehe

        And do tc….

      • Sree harini

        You were a reader from 13!! Another fact which made my day.

        You too suffered from typhoid..I can understand but yeah, hi fi..I too cannot control myself at food.

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    • Sree harini

      Hello angel..its okay girl. Just read and enjoy because next will also be a very light chapter. I will update tomorrow for sure..love you.

  7. Jiya

    Thank god sree u are back. I’m really worried and tensed about u. U know at this time I just randomly opened this site nd to my surprise, there is ur ff nd my lips just curved into smile?☺??
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    Coming to this part, it was awsm. A long update after a long time. U know I have been missing you sooo much❤❤
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    Nd that shopping part is mind blowing ♥♥<3 <3
    Nd finally engagement.. Ah! Waiting eagerly for your next part. Nd I forgot how is ur health now. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don't stress urself just take care dear? I was really pissed off with ur condition????
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    • Sree harini

      Calmdown! Calm down! Take deep breath in and out..in and out..see how good you are now?

      That’s really a very good welcome and thankyou.even I was missing you all but not now..and will never.

      Haha be chari swara. Bathed four times..lol
      Hehe engagement will be mainly focoussed on raglak more than swasan. After all they are supporting leads of the story..right?

      I am good now but weak. Don’t be pisssd dear just smile and spread it. Thanks once again for welcoming me..thankyou. How about your health? Are you fine?

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    • Sree harini

      Hello amu..I am good now but weak..is this your first time? I grew amnesia because of this whole hospital scene..lol. I will surely take care dear.

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    • Sree harini

      Hello Kahn…a small doubt. Are you a gent or lady? Sorry for asking this..you know…curiosity.

      I too missed every name here like hell and also like heaven. Don’t hope because you are wrong..my mom is taking care of me..lol

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    missed ur ff…. itz amazing….
    i luved the way u portrayed swara’s POV…. and sanskar as perfect soulmate
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    • Sree harini

      Hello shreya…even I loved Swara today and its obvious that Sanskar is always perfect which he is always..

      Will try to update asap..

    • Sree harini

      Dhara didi..I just love your daughter????? . I know, I know you were worried for me and please smile now because it makes me smile too.

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    • vaishnavi

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    • Sree harini

      Okay Amma..I will listen to each and every word of yours..pakka wala promise…lol
      Yeah I am still weak but I am.not in hospital now. Got discharged on Monday. Actually Lasya mentioned it in raglak and I have also msged there..
      Anyhow, its really good to see your affection. I hate you because you made me cry..I missed you toooooooooooo

      I guess your house doesn’t need any electricity because your glow will help in lightening the house…am I correct??

      Naa gurinchi antha alochinchachu and I know that you would have surely come but I just didn’t want to reveal it. That’s all and yeah I will surely listen to your orders baby girl. Holidays are till 1st June??

      And ha, don’t forget to say your rank in EAMCET..waiting eagerly here. All the best.

      I too get confused like Swara but sadly I must select myself because my mom is more confused than me..??

      • vaishnavi

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        Yaa i will surely inform my rank…don’t know how i will get???

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    • Sree harini

      Hello didi..how are you?? That’s so sweet of you that you came here to enquore about me…aww.. I fell for you.
      You don’t need to request my dear. Just pass an order ( though I won’t listen..lol). When it comes to talk with you all, I just can’t resist myself.
      Well I am discharged now and fine. So Lasya won’t update my health status..love you didi.

  14. Awesome see thank u thank u so much for the amazing update I am silent reader of ur ff and I am glad that u are fine

    • Sree harini

      Hello sriya..one more new name..I am so happy right now..and please don’t say thanks. I am here to entertain you.

  15. ♥priyu♥

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    How are you? God, you made us so worried. Missed you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much x x haven’t read the update yet, but I will for sure. And don’t stress yourself much, okay? Take proper rest.

    Love you! ❤ and I hope you recover soon fighting that teeny weeny weakness also ???

    • Sree harini

      Seriously nisha if I was in front of you, you face might have become black because of my punch. How can you think that I will ever forget you? Its really hurting me now.

      When Sree is hear you don’t have to fear?. I missed you all tooooooooooooo xxx.

      Okay mom! I will take care of myself. Sure.
      Love you too dear and even I wish..no..pray to become strong asap.

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    It is an awesome one…I cant
    explain in words…It is just awesome…I
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    • Sree harini

      Thankyou so much. These beautiful words of yours made my day. Tani dear. Thankyou so much.

  18. ♥priyu♥

    Sree , back with a bang actually to my guess u were there in hospital for at least 16 days , u know after reading this i felt like u didnt take any break , u were regular ….

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    • Sree harini

      Oh my…thanks for the last line in the paragraph. That’s really cute you know.

      Your is got posted!! If possible, share the link dear. I am too tired to search now.

      Please don’t be mad at me dear. I have mentioned about this at the very first episode though I will make few appreances by os. Swara is not shocked for did a..you mist wait for that dear. And TALK TO ME!

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    Take care…l
    Love you yay!? ? ? ? ❤ ….
    N reply fast so that we can chat….coz I’m free now…as my vacations has started today! ?….

    • Sree harini

      Wow aashi…vacation!! Sadly mine are getting to an end.. Thanks for the whole appreciation and frankly speaking, I really don’t have any words to say for your coent. I am really trying hard but nothing is getting into my mind.

      Don’t ask about the bed rest..ughh. Worst part. Ms. Perfectionist!! Oh my…thankyou dear and this girl will surely follow your order.

      • Aashi

        Yaa……that’s good….u should follow my orders??….
        N hows you right now??…..
        Seeing you chirping around with every one….is making happy…
        Friends love! ??? .

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    Uh r brilliant girl!! 😉
    Hatss of to u 🙂
    Love uh 😀

    • Sree harini

      Hello jyoti..I would punch you if you say I might forgot you..
      Good ideas!! Well I have planned everything before hand so its not getting trouble for me to recollect them dear. Thanks for the appreciation though.
      Love you too ah?

  21. shree

    woow atlast u posted a awesome epi after a long time ….tq u so much..it was awesome .hope u got well..if possible plss update raglak second love..love u lotss

    • Sree harini

      Hey shree, don’t say thanks to me dear. I feel happy making you entertained.

      I am currently on raglak but my fingers are not helping to type further. Although I have written half episode, I am not sure about posting. If possible, I will post it either midnight or along with swasan tomorrow.

      Love you too.

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    Awsome episode as always….
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    • Sree harini

      Hey Divya! Anything wrong? Very short comment. I will surely take care of myself dear.

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    • Sree harini

      Another silent reader..wow!! I Swara I won’t say last ff any time till the last episode..lol

      Support me the same way..its all what I can say right now but thanks for the silent love..

  24. vyshu

    So glad u r back….this is one of my fav ffs! It z a mindblowing thriller. Missed u a lot. U r an amazing writer! Take care dear.
    And as for d ep….amazing as always.

    • Sree harini

      Thankyou so much vyshu..your comment is really lovely. I will try to make it more entertaining.

  25. Missssssssssed u soooo much.
    U know what ,i saw this in morning only but got emotional ,even i was blank for a moment ,then started chatting with Vaishu ..oops i forgot to tell Vini di created group Army on fb and Vaishu and i have connected through fb( latest developments) ,after that mamma snatched phone ,so couldnot comment .
    I hope u r fine now.
    What a comeback dear!!!!
    It was stupendous.
    Every scene was so elegantly written , filled with love , care and all other emotions.
    Take care of yourself dear.
    Love u to infinity square

      • Missed u too dear.How could i forgot my Anjali Drama queen ?
        Sorry sis for not chatting ,it’s just got busy with exams and ya i saw your comment on Sapna di’s ff ,thought to talk to u there , but didnot commented as i was hell tired that day .
        How r u ????
        R u done with your exams???
        I still have a exam on 1 june ,so busy with that.
        Love u .

      • vaishnavi

        Anju dis girl forgot everyone…. She is upset itseems…nd didn’t even thought to share with us…don’t know now her mood got well r not….by d way how r ur xams gng on??

      • Anjali

        Lol… no…. I know you didn’t forget me…

        I too have exams now… hey… even I finish on first… ????

        Am fine… how are you???

        All the best….. do well in ur exams…??

      • Anjali

        Vaishu…. exams are going well… but physics day after…yuckkkk…..

        Needhi… ur on fb?? Then add me also na…. anjali ramprasad…??

    • Vaishu , nothing like that.
      First Sree ,then my exams and latest a demise of my relative , has really made me upset.The person ,who died is not close to me but still u cannot get over things like demise.
      Actually , dad came back from training , so i am quite happy and everything is set now.
      Actually , a sudden fear of loosing your near and dear ones arose in my heart after learning about the demise.
      I know it’s quite stupid but couldnot overcome it easily ,even i felt really foolish of me ,so couldnot share it with anyone but see u r the first one with whom i am sharing.

      • vaishnavi

        Awww….mujeh bahut acha laga ki tum mujeh apni dukh share karne ke liye chose kiya…….but yaar its not even foolish…coz i think not only u everyone will get dat fear when day hear something like dat….even i felt so many time (eg-after watching neeraja movie)….its usual….par koi baath nahi kuch der mai chala jayega fear…nd ur dad came no then enjoy my dear….i know u will b d happiest no now…….he will b in home r again he will go after 2 months?

      • sree harini

        oh dear..i am with you. please dont think that way..
        and if you can please share that fb group link so that i can atleast i can see the uodates using my dad’s account.

      • Anjali

        Needhi…ur dad is back….
        You must be really really happy….??

        Have fun with him…. so lots of masti…?????

        And that worry… it’s always there… but we should not let it consume us… bas… nothing else… okkk… I’m gonna go study now…. ???

    • sree harini

      needhuuuu dear..i was seriously dying to see your comment. fb group *sighs* my mom will definetely not allow for this dear. especially after my hospital scene. i really felt a sting in my heart but its okay. i have you all here.

      fine but weak..really weak. you liked my episode?? cool!

      love you always needhi

      • Hi Neha ,
        I am fine dear.
        How r u?????
        What to say about exams ,not so good ,not so bad…ok ok type but ya there is one exam on june 1 and i am really hoping to pass it with flying colours.

  26. Anjali

    Sreeeeeeeeeeeeeee…….. finally…. first of all…. how are you?? Do take proper rest and everything…. ok….

    Missed you like hell…..????
    God I didn’t even know thus got posted until Natasha told me on fb….. exams uk… so wasn’t really coming ol…

    But now… yayyyyyy….. superb chapter…. loved it to the core….?????

    Swara ‘s description..???

    And then dp’s emotional talk and their prank…. all ???

    God…I missed this ff….but more than that I missed u…. all our convos and everything…☺☺☺

    But no matter…ur back… And I will soon be alright and fit again…????

    Btw… thus is ur last ff….but u will still stuck around na..u won’t leave us??

    LOVE YOUU…..am soooo excited!!!!! ?????

    • sree harini

      i am so sorry anju dear. i have seen your comment in raglak but was too tired to reply.

      i am finr,really fine but weak. i can understand. pay attention to exams and i am really feeling bad for being in fb but my mom doesnt allow for that.

      dp’s emotional talk!! seriously? its only one line my dear.i miised writing things for you all. this vaccation was worst for me.

      i will become fit making you fit..lol

      love you too dear.i will try my best to be in touch with you all.

  27. Sree

    How r u di?????? I missed u a lotttttttttttttt . When i saw ur ff i was like literally smiling widely and i am still. The ep was great. Soorrrryyy for commenting this late actually i had my results so i was busy and tensed. But u have taken my worries. I cant explain what i am feeling now cuz before sometime i was crying and now i am smiling like mad. Love u very very much di 🙂 Hereafter take care of ur health and never do like this. I was very sad after knowing ur condition but now i am happy cuz u r back with a bang. Love u di and tc 🙂

    • sree harini

      i am fine sree. if you wont drop right now,your mother will consider you a mad.

      its okay for not commenting. i can undersatnd you dear.is everything okay with results?

      love you too and please smile dear. i like my friends that way

  28. Hi SREE .. I missed u a lot more then anything.. ? I m so happy to see u again.. it’s like ages i didn’t talk to u.. How r u now..?? U know what.. I missed u so much.. stupid girl.. can’t u take proper care of ur health..??

    OMG i Can’t wait for next blast.. really here she is celebrating n then most terrible truth is coming in front of her..
    u said that this is ur last ff.. so can u give me ur email id so we can be in touch of each other..???

    • sree harini

      omggg..stupid?? i am so innocent dear. i am super fine now. its just that i am so weak.

      i am planning to give my email id at last episode and for sure, i will do that because i dont want to loose anyone.

      terrible truth?? idk what you are saying but the story takes aturn after engagement. so be ready with tissues.

      • are swara k parents ke murder ka truth..?? n about ram.. n about tissue wo dekhenge.. next chap me 😉
        ok do care of yourself properly dear..
        love u dear 🙂

  29. Jammie

    As usual u nailed it.. epi was awesome dear.. how r u dear.. hope u will get well soon.. don’t stress urself.. take care

    • Sree harini

      That kyou so much Jammie…really missed your name too. I am good now and will surely take care.

  30. Kavya

    Awesome update sree harini!!? In love with your ff nd writing skills very sad tht this is your last ff? I wish I could read more?but no worries I’m happy tht at least I’ve got a chance to read this ff nd believe me it’s awesome nd superb?

    First I didn’t knew about your ff but in a Fanfic analysis I got to know about your story nd I searched for your ff nd look I’m sooo happy tht I took initiative in searching your ff bcoz I’m too lazy?

    But srsly sree I’ll always be grateful to u for sharing such a wonderful story nd forget about story sometimes it happens tht the story is good but the writer has no skills about how to carve the story but hats off to u. For me u have the best writing skills nd this ff is my most favourite in tu nd I really wait for it?

    • Sree harini

      Hello kavya…is it the same one who writes raglak??

      The first paragraph of appreciation is just superb. Don’t worry dear. Actually I thought to close this fiction within five episodes buy I am realizing now that its highly immposible unless I give very lengthy…really lengthy updates. So we can talk from Now.

      Haha..even I am lazy but you really did a good job because I would have missed a person like you…..cheesy!! Aren’t I??..lol

      That’s an honor for me now..mine story standing top in your favorites…I will surely reach up to your expectations..

  31. Hiii after a long tym sree di btw welcome back i miss uh ?? so much ……………..today’s epi just fabulous ?………..I don’t have words to praise ur talent ?? ur an amazing writer ?? u rocks in ur ff ??………………..glad that ur fine ?? ………and sorry for commenting after a long I hope u remember me ??………………Plzzzzzz take care of ur health and I really miss uh so much…………………..I’m happy yeeeeee u came back with a rocking chappy………………??………..get well soon…………?? take care ??………….

  32. Hiii after a long tym sree di btw welcome back i miss uh ?? so much ……………..today’s epi just fabulous ?………..I don’t have words to praise ur talent ?? ur an amazing writer ?? u rocks in ur ff ??………………..glad that ur fine ?? ………and sorry for commenting after a long I hope u remember me ??………………Plzzzzzz take care of ur health and I really miss uh so much…………………..I’m happy yeeeeee u came back with a rocking chappy………………??………..get well soon…………?? take care ??………….Plzzzz update soon

    • Sree harini

      Well..the whole comment says how much you miss me dear. How can I forget my friends??

      I missed you so much as you did. I will surely take of my health and don’t say sorry. We are swasanians

    • Sree di plzzz give me ur email bcuzzz dis is ur last ff na……..?So I wanna connect with u ?……..plzzz and all the best for ur future??……………I will always pray to God that u get all the happiness…………..wishes☺️☺️…….???chocolates for u ?…………….

  33. bhuvi

    Hi honey… Missed yo like hell.. How is your health.. N thanks for this amazing part. . n swaragini .. I feel its right time for swasan to prove that their love is true towards each other n they are real soulmate. . though its their second love… Oops sorry this is their first love… Bcoz Swalak n sankav’s feeling was juz infatuation..

    • Sree harini

      Hello bhuvi…I missed being called honey.

      You ate right, swasan are soulmates and Sanskar’s was not infacuation dear. He really loved but a wrong person.

  34. Pari

    Y is dis ur last ff?? Can u pls tell me???…as i love ur writting style…n i wait evrytime fr d nxt epi to come…i hve been a silnt reader till now….bt aftr reading dat line i needed to ask dis ? i really want to keep writting fr us ….such beatiful fictions …????

    • Sree harini

      First of all, thankyou so much for breaking the silence park and you heard right. This is my last fiction because raglak will end in three episodes…most probably.

      I can understand your love but I am stepping into final year of my study..so need to focus badly on studies..

  35. Sree harini

    Just woke up friends and has seen your comments . I will surely reply you all but seriously tied up in the situation. Moreover I need to finish raglak. So I will reply but lately.

  36. hadi

    Aww sree I saw the title yesterday itself but didn’t read I read just now coz of exams m am glad after reading it that I read after my paper coz ur story is the one which should be read in peace of mind …Missed u sooo much these days apart from my busy schedule due to exams I visited this site daily coz of ur n other ff n u people seriously made my day u deepa then jaf ahhh am so happy so much happy …
    Coming to episode what a beauty dear simply u always leave us with no words to praise u dear what a episode it’s a super booster episode in which u covered soooo many things I liked rags sense of mind of replacing her place its called political mind which she used n awww innocent swara n sanky had dare to accept that it was his plan n ya how to forgot the ring choosing n auction is the best thing sanky love swara so much I hope that may we all also get such life partner at least half of hi qualities n finally engagement beauties but u left us thirsty in the end but no problem coz I know ur next update will fill our thirst desperately waiting for next

    • Sree harini

      Hello had I…actually I love your emblem a lot, because its my favorite color.

      I thought my ff would give you a peace mind..again lol..so full of myself right?* winks*

      I am smiling here just because you are happy. Ragini is very special to me in this fiction. As Sanskar said, she is only girl who was brought up in a normal way.so, she will be like a girl in the next door.

      The plan was laksh’s, temp of water was sanskar’s idea and the one who arranged was ramu kaka. So everyone must be scolded equally.

      I know auction part was too much but I just got that idea randomly and used it..lol. Can’t resist myself sometimes from crazy things. Your thirst will be filled up but I will make you starved for information…get ready!!

  37. Sree harini

    Just read red string friends and seriously surprised to see familiar names and I felt very happy seeing your love towards the writer. Its like you all praised me…cause she is my favorite…..thankyou for considering my request.

  38. Sree harini

    Hello guys..just a small message. I just want to wrap raglak by tomorrow. So that please wait till Tuesday or Wednesday for swasan update and from there, I will be regular..is that okay for you all?

  39. Ashu

    Hey sree!! I’m a silent reader till date! And I’ve read all ur ff’s- Limitless love, Hate story and even swasan ff…I love all of them!!
    And this is really a intense story!! Sorry sree I never commented, but I’d love to have u as my frnd!! Hope u wld lyk to be!

    I love ur writing so so so much!!! And the auction part in this epi is awesome dear!!
    Actually, I’m a varunholic and sanskaarholic too, and the way u describe him in ur ff, especially this one, u r making me fall for him more….

    U know I’m so glad that u r absolutely fyn….I missed u and ur ff so so badly!! But
    I’m really really happy to see u bck, and
    with an awesome epi!!??

    Hope u read this dear, and pls continue writing…u r gifted by this talent!! I know its difficult to manage it with ur studies…but pls do write, when u r free!!! A sincere request???

    And r u on wattpad or fb or anything else? I’d be glad to talk to u and follow u…

    Love you♥♥♥

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.