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I really didn’t plan anything for this episode but everything here is just a coincidence. And a suggestion friends, please read red string of fate, a ragsan ff..I know, I know that it is shocking but the author of it is sapna. She is a writer of India forums and I am a great fan of her work. Instead, her works are my inspiration for acceptance.. So I will be really pleased if you read that and I promise that you won’t regret

Actually, my mom made a sudden visit to doctor today as my fever is not getting cured. We both went to collect reports and doctor cooly informed that my sunstroke turned into typhoid..so sad right but I am happy because I will stick to the bed all the time and also can type episodes for you. So don’t be mad at me

Everyone in the room are eagerly waiting for durga Prasad’s answer
” may be, I am not sure”
” what do you mean papa?” Sanskar asked curious and he had hope in his eyes.
Durga Prasad turned to sanskar with soft eyes ” the one who filed the case argued that ram was the one but there were no evidences to prove them correct”
Swara narrowed her eyes “what do you mean about FIR uncle? The case will get register automatically because it’s a murder”
” yeah” durga Prasad sighed “I mean, police planned to close the case due to lack of evidence but someone did put the theory of RAM infront of them” he explained calmy.
” so, why did you bail ram Prasad?” Swara asked once again because she needed answers today.
” what!” Durga Prasad snapped, completely surprised ” I never did that, infact ram was never arrested”
“Never?” Swara is shocked now because vansh did mention to her that durga Prasad bailed him. Durga Prasad nodded in no before continuing
” police investigated kamala bai about the case several times because she worked for them too ”
” but why didn’t ram Prasad uncle’s name appear in the papers” ragini asked after a long pause trying to recollect few facts which she tried to collect about this case.
Durga Prasad gulped and stared at his knotted fingers. Both sanskar and laksh are surprised to see him in this way. It is so new to them.
“It’s because I kept it secret…I ..I don’t want to ruin the name of our family”
” and that’s how uncle, I mean you were a leading business man and shekar ji was an upcoming one and no media did try to cover the thing?” Ragini asked suspiciously. Some how it felt wiered.
” no ragini because I was not in the same status Ragini, we grew hundred times after…” He stopped abruptly as words choked. The three men passed some oh so familiar look to which swara frowned.
” and regarding media, I just didn’t want it and I had a friend who helped me then moreover gadodias murder was a hot topic but ram wasn’t involved”durga Prasad answered after a moment of silence.
“Then what about the person who tried to keep this case up?” Swara asked.
” oh yeah, they strongly fought for justice and kamala was interrogated a lot for which she got scared and left the work. Strangely, they withdrew the case saying that it was their mistake”
” strange” ragini murmurmed “do you know who did that?” She added. It might give some clue for case but durga Prasad shrugged apologetically.
” how did ram uncle behave after the incident?” Questions seemed infinite to swara now
Durga Prasad opened his mouth but sanskar continued, distracted ” so messy, I lost my playful father. After the incident, he locked himself in his study. He was no more funny, no more smiling, no more..” Sanskar’s throat closed by bitterness and it is clearly evident how much he missed him.
” so you believe that your brother is not responsible for the crime” Ragini’s voice is deep. She is still analyzing.
Durga Prasad simply nodded. Laksh shook his head and then applied antiseptic on his face.
” didn’t he say anything about murder?” Swara asked one again.
Durga Prasad frowned “obviously no and I am sure about that”
It’s now sanskar’s turn to frown. Reading the expression, durga Prasad continued ” family doesn’t need any proof to trust unlike legislation ”
Ragini turned her eyes to laksh and for a brief moment, they locked.
Swara stopped biting her nail when something came to her mind. She ran upstairs and came down after two minutes.
“But I have his bracelet, ram uncle’s” she gave the bracelt to shocked durga Prasad. He examined it for more than a minute. Sanskar’s heart constricted and he silently prayed not to listen the one he is thinking right now.
” who gave you this?”
“Vansh, he said he found it at the place of crime”
Durga Prasad’s mouth formed a ‘O’ and then he went upstairs.
Ragini narrowed her eyes to swara and sanskar, still mad about the papers.
“But I have the one” durga Prasad’s voice made them to turn to him.
“What?” Swara asked confused. He gave her another bracelet “but I have my brother’s bracelet with me”
Sanskar visibly relaxed but swara opened her mouth wide. She tried to blink away the tears but purely unsuccessful. Vansh betrayed her again, he lied to her but why?
Her gaze shifted to the half burnt case papers and then a hope raised in her heart. May be ram Prasad was the one.
“Do..do my father have any rivals?” Swara found herself asking this question but it came out as a whisper.
” I think no, infact I never poke my head in ram’s business” he explained in matter of fact tone.
” so you don’t know any thing about the manipulations that happened in my dad’s company ?”
Durga Prasad opened his mouth wide and then turned to sanskar with confusion. Sanskar gave him an apologetic look
“Is that so?” Durga Prasad’s voice is witness of his shock ” we are known for our loyalty. I can bet on that”
” so you say that my father is disloyal person? ” from nowhere, swara suddenly started feeling anger conquering her. How dare he to doubt her father’s loyalty.
” I am sorry swara..I am clueless. Apart from that, if you want to know any information, kamala bai can give you” durga Prasad softly advised her.
The other four in the room remained silent for a minute.
“She is dead” ragini and sanskar informed at the same time. And they are rewarded by a surprising gasp of durga Prasad.
“when did that happen?’
“a few weeks ago” laksh answered this time.
Durga Prasad closed his eyes for a minute trying to surpress the pain. Laksh and sanskar stared him nervously but felt relieved when he opened his eyes
“Good night everyone” durga Prasad greeted before heading to his room with a painful heart.

Swara smiled seeing the rising sun from kitchen window. The sight made her forget the last night conversation. She placed the bowl of cake mix aside and started chopping tomatoes. After few minutes, she turned back casually but gasped seeing sanskar sitting on one of the kitchen counter and staring her. His burning gaze made her blush.
“Stop thinking dirty Mr. Maheswari” she warned him playfully resuming to her work.
“What!” He snapped ” no, I am thinking straight” he said in a surprised tone as he came out of the trance by her voice.
Swara shook her head and continued chopping.
“Have we met before?” He asked her in a low voice.
“Have me met before swara?” Sanskar asked once again when she didn’t answer.
Swara stopped chopping and smiled to herself.
“No” she said still trying to surpress her smile.
Sanskar pushed himself from the counter and started walking towards her “seriously swara, I have been feeling the same from the very first day I saw you”
Swara grabbed the bowl of cake mix and turned but bumped into sanskar. Before she could fall, sanskar held her by wrapping his both arms around her waist. She maganed to hold the bowl on her left hand by gripping his left shoulder. Sanskar leaned more so that their nose tips brushed. Swara tried to hide her nervousness and gulped various times. She is completely mesmerised under his spell.
” I have a feeling of strong dejavu of me holding you this way but there was something in your hand in place if this bowl” his husky voice made her blush to crimson.
“No sanskar” she said once she stood up.
“That’s my work to find” he winked “anyways, do it fast. We must leave to vara..Banaras” he added with a breath taking smile
“All the best” she yelled behind him before he disappeared.

” cake!” Sanskar exclaimed as if he won a lottery. Swara smiled seeing sanskar’s excited eyes, amused face and pure smile. Without wasting a second, he grabbed the plate from her hand and started eating like a person who has been starved from years
“What are you, five?” Swara asked cocking her head. Sanskar raised his head still licking his fingers “six, actually” he pouted.
” fine then, leave some for your brother too” she warned. He stopped eating for a while and then made it into two pieces.
“Give this to him then” he said to swara motioning the other half which he didn’t ate.
Swara threw a bright smile at him before leaving
“That’s for me!” Laksh asked with unbelievable eyes. Swara quickly nodded before passing the plate. He too ate it with the same excitement.
“Did you give it to my brother” he asked her with mouth full of cake.
Swara shook her head in disgust “no doubt, you are three and your brother is five”
Laksh have her a shy smile before a letting out a burp.

” you are not flying?” Swara asked sanskar once they are inside the chopper. She is highly disappointed.
“No, I am not in a mood today” he explained genuinely
” mood swings? Are you an adolescent?”
Swara asked him with mock surprise.
“No Miss gadodia” she understood that he is pissed because he uses the word gadodia when he is annoyed.
” oh!” Swara exhaled and immediately turned to him after buckling herself “then you must be pregnant ”
Sanskar suddenly turned to her with amused eyes
“Because apart for adolescents, only they suffer from mood swings” she added casually but enjoyed teasing him. Of course it is her favorite work after all.
Sanskar narrowed his eyes “if you won’t shut your mouth, I..I..” Words failed him and this is a news to her ” I..will punish you”
“How?” She asked wiggling her eyebrows. He smriked “I will make you work for me, life time”
Swara scowled at him because she badly wanted to leave the job.
” is everything okay avinash” sanskar asked the person who is in pilot seat to which he nodded.
“How many in this building knows to ride a chopper?”
“Only three, me, laksh and avinash”

“So why are we here?” Swara asked sanskar trying to meet his pace. They are walking away from the helicopter.
“This way sir” a young girl directed sanskar. Sanskar nodded and wrapped his arm around swara’s shoulder.
” actually, your idea about wasting money motivated me” he said professionally. Swara opened her mouth in shock. Sanskar closed it using his forefinger
“So I just asked my employee about a charity which would suit my requirements and she suggested me this, so we are here to study the environment”
Swara smiled nervously “oh! I didn’t expect you to consider my advice”
” I always do and moreover I just wanted to give few orphans the strength to live, a home which loves them” swara sighed “unconditionally” he added.
” was that because of me” finally swara found her voice.
Sanskar smiled distracted “no swara, your point is genuine and even I was devoid of parents love ” he swallowed the hard lump in his throat ” so I am just trying to see that atleast few will not experience it”
Tears came to swara’s eyes. Her childhood memories flashed her mind and she silently followed him.
“I am planning to open a charity in Kolkata, if that works…lets see” he sighed heavily. Swara turned to see if anyone are watching them. Both avinash and the girl are ahead of him. She immediately leaned towards sanskar and gave him a peck on his cheek. Sanskar stilled for a moment trying to analyze what has happened few seconds ago. Swara walked ahead.
“What was that?” He yelled from behind when his brain met his voice. Swara turned to him playfully and gave a naughty smile before turning back. He marched to reach her pace.
” well, right now, I am planning to open another charity in Ranchi, another one in Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow and ha if possible in South too” he informed her with tons of excitement in his voice.
“That won’t work Mr. Maheswari” she warned “focus”
” I know how to make that work”
She raised her eyebrows and opened her mouth but closed it realising that they reached their destination.

“Good morning” a fifty year old woman greeted them as they entered the building.
” good morning” sanskar greeted her warmly before sitting in front of her. Swara occupied the seat beside him.
” I am pavitra, So what would you like to know about us?” The old woman asked them politely.
” I just want to have a look on your expenses, maintained. It would give an outline sketch”
” oh! In that case, a walk through the building will serve better” she offered him and then gestured them to take the tea which was brought by servant.
Swara and sanskar smile while taking their respective cups.
” here you are” pavitra said to an woman who is standing back of sanskar.
“She will help you in the trip mister” pavitra informed them gesturing to the woman behind once they took the last sip. Sanskar adjusted his cufflink before turning to the woman. Once their eyes met, sanskar’s face turned from shock to horror to confusion to anger. Swara frowned at him. The old woman who is in her early fifties, stood rooted to her place still not believing the situation. Her eyes softened for a second before fuming. She immediately turned to other side facing her back to sanskar.
“I got to go” sanskar informed pavitra through his gritted teeth before grabbing swara’s wrist and dragging her out of the place.
Swara saw sanskar calling some one from his mobile “we are heading back to Kolkata..now..make the lines clear…don’t dare to question..good” he snapped and then disconnected the call. ” but you said we will stay here till evening” swara asked him staggering behind. Sanskar’s deathly glare shut her mouth. Soon they both are in copter with avinash at piolt seat. Swara didn’t dare to ask any question throughout the journey.

Laksh frowned seeing swara trying hard not run behind sanskar. He raised his eyebrows questioning her and she shrugged confusingly.
“What happened?” Laksh asked sanskar not looking at him.
Sanskar stopped and turned to his brother ” I saw her”
That three words changed laksh’s expression too and he left the place in rage. Swara’s confusion increased but she followed sanskar to his room.
” what happened sanskar” her voice is too low to be audiable.
Sanskar turned to her giving a it-does’nt-concern-you look.
She flinched but gathered her courage. ” I must know sanskar. When you know everything about me, I have every right to know about you.” She is surprised by her stubborness. Sanskar sighed before turning to her.
” do you want to know? ” his voice is deep, pained and his eyes are ice. Just ice. Swara nodded chanting brave mantra in her mind.
” she was Mrs. Annapurna Durga Prasad maheswari!”
” laksh’s mother?” Swara’s surprised tone witnessed her inner mind.
Sanskar nodded .

Likitha, you said you have something for me in episode 24 and this 25…I am waiting and guys I read your comments…thankyou so much. Vaishu, I am with you too..love you.

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    Oh I missed u so much I’m now pretty sure enough of rp innocence… Sanskar missed his father’s love due to gadodias death dp is also confused with this case now but I loved that cake scene both brothers are in immense love with each other they understand each other really well…. But now whole concentration on sanskar’s past to open or the very first betrayal if I’m not wrong in short waiting for next epi eagerly… N ? you tc ?

    1. I too love being in bed bit not with some fever..ughh…haha, I think eletric department used my electric impulses go generate elctrw, so I lost my brain, thinking ability… Lol, this doesn’t happen for real tough.

      RP is still not innocent and I will make you believe that.confused dp, sanskar and ragini but a stubborn swara..let’s see. Brothers love will be more in next episode and please don’t keep high hopes on sanskar’s past..a sienvere request cum warning.

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    1. Sure mam..I really won’t take risk of my health…lol. I will tkae care dear sister

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    1. Hey mitti, thanks for this appreciation dear…thank-you so much. I love detective series a lot so it’s just a sample. Infact I was not site about holding something this way until today and next episode will be really a long one.

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    I mean seriously u call me as your sis forever but u never opened up with me.I know that there is a word called ‘personal’ and i should not interfare in that .I keep on blabbering all the time about my family but still u never told me about your parents.I am happy atleast u opened up with Anjali.I can’t say anything about your parents but tge way they behave is just not right.
    My parents r not very educated.
    My grand father died ,when my father was barely 18 days.He really had to struggle a lot in his life.There were days ,when he has nothing to eat .He just finished his schoooling and appeared for an army exam and luckily he got it.Till my gf was alive , my grand ma and my uncle lived a very lavish life but after his death things became burst ,when my relatives cheated my grand ma.My father never experienced a rich life but still he never lets us feel anything.He is such a darling and never rudely with me .Even my parents expect a lot from me and i have dissapointed them several times but they never scolded me ,insted motivated me to forget the failure and hope for better.Sree i am not saying this to make u feel bad or to say that my parents r really great but after reading your comment i just wanted to share it.
    Every parent love their child but their way of showing is different.
    Like Anjali said ,u r not cursed to love I love u like anything and i mean it truly.About your parents ,i can’t say anything but i will pray that their attitude towards u changes .Like every time ,i cried a lot.Don’t u dare to take it as a sympathy ,its LOVE.
    U know what i seriously want ti say sorry to god.I have complained so many times to god for not giving me a good voice because i really wanted to be a singer from the beginning but my voice is a cacophony .I never realized that i have been blessed with so much.
    Your cousins r really disgusting .My family is superdramatic .They keep on fighting among themselves but that does not change anything between the cousin .They r always sweet and friendly to me .Ya that attempt of yours shook me ,i know u did it out of stupid hormones but that really hurt me.I am really attached to u and imagining something like that for your loved ones is hellish.U will surely make your parents proud one day.85 percent in B.Sc. is such a good score.
    Episode was amazing .I loved it.
    Love u infinity square but i am super angry with u.

    1. What ??!!!!! What r u telling yaar i don’t anything….. I shld immediately go nd check der…

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      It’s really nice .U must give it a try.U wouldn’t be disappointed for sure.
      I will.read Red Strings of fate ,when i have time.

    3. Sree i didn’t even expected u suffered dis much…..i am not telling abt ur parents i am telling abt d depression which u had gone through……. and parents i feel dat every parent has der own way to treat der children but der love for their child is always same ….nd i am really happy dat u didn’t misunderstood ur parents ……nd ur cousins ,they really don’t know how much precious dimond dey r missing …so its der problem dey will only regret later…but u shld b happy dat u got these many cousins these many frnds we all will always love u nd we will always b der for u …..nd ending up urself !!its really a big thing ….i can understand dat if u took this decision then how much pain u had gone through….nd i am really happy dat u gave up dat decisionย but never ever think abt such again…..nd i promise whatever love u missed all dis years na love of frnds,cousins,siblings we r gng to shower all dat love on u……see god too is proud of u dat he made all of us to meet here nd i am really very thankful to anju dat bcoz of her dis many people open up der pain nd feeling light now….thnk u soo much anju…nd love u sree ,needhi,anju

      1. Depression.. Exactly. My main depression was and is that I am only a single child ..that really hurts a lot.
        I don’t want my cousin’s to regret for living me but must be slapped without being actually slapped for my position. I am working hard for that now.

        I don’t even dare to think that act because I am strong and bold and my problems are nothing infront of what my dad suffered…so I am strong.

        Hehe…I am really lucky to get you girls here…oh god! I am really feeling exhausted by taking broths everyday.

    4. Hey needhi, I really didn’t mean to hurt you dear..you will be my Sisyer always..and always. It’s just her words about parents and my depression made me comment but if I open up anywhere, it will you and sindhu…remmeber, o did that in seven shots ..I am really sorry now

      I just hope this site to replay and saw yours comment…will reply at full syrcg after an half an hour. I must eat now…diet you know.

      1. Lol many typos first of all..actually I just woke up when I typed that one.

        I know that my parents behaviour towards me is not at all correct but I can’t blame them either. My dad’s dad was an highly irresponsible person and he used to leave the house for months together in search of job but no one knew where he went. Hence my grandmom and my dad had to take up the responsibility to feed the family…worst part is that he was nine. A nine year old boy who should only learn and play has taken the responsibility of his family. A family without male’s support is always humiliated by the society and it happened the same. Of course my grand father did later come and lived with them but the period when he wasn’t there was something dreadful and my dad has seen his sister’s being harassed at the age of 12. Sorry, I can’t reveal more than this because I promised my parents not to say anyone but this is just 0.5% of his experience.

        My mom was thin from birth and she was humiliated for that..how funny right but they did from her childhood. So it’s wrong for her wanting me to be perfect.

        My parents are not bad. They love me so much that they don’t want me to experience their life because what they have seen is what we read in books.. It’s just that I want to say my dad that I have you unlike his father to care care if and so with mom but their experiences are not allowing them to do..that’s it.

        I am really happy to know that your parents are too supportive and yeah parents always love their children.

        Achha baccha, now don’t cry. Take my.. No, no just look at your side, sanskar is giving hos hanky to you..aww *faints*. Don’t be my cry baby girl..smile because it gives positivity.

        Did you seriously complained for not having the one, girl everything comes with practice. If you really start practicing music, it won’t be the way you thought and I seriously mean it because there are many singers who were rejected for their voices and now they are on top.

        Regarding my cousin’s, lol I just take it as immaturity and I feel very much happy because I am not a kid like them but setimes, I really feel bad when I am isolated. That attempt of mine was foolish because I have suffered nothing infront of my dad.when he fought with his problems and stood in high position why can’t i?..he is and will be my inspiration..

      2. Needhi Singh

        U actually know how to melt me.I am not crying now.Actually one of my music teacher insulted me ,since then i started complaining.Seeing my craziness , my mom even has given me several names like Lata Mangeshkar ,Alka Yagnik and all………lol.
        Even i am quite healthy ,my relatives point it out in indirect way but brothers says “Ye to khaate pite ghar ki hai”…lol
        Illogical yet it’s so sweet of him to support me.I really respect your dad and mom.I know they must have gone a lot to behave in this way but they r really blessed to have u ,who takes everything so positively.I am smiling now as positive vibes r reaching to me from my sis Sree.
        Next do share about your problems .Look i am not asking about your parent’s past.I am just asking to share your happiness ,sorrow etc.OMG!!!!!! Sanky is offering his me hanky.l will.faint now but i would prefer Sree’s hanky rather than Sanky’s.
        Love u too.
        I have taken your warnings seriously ,from now onwards i will not cry every now and then.

      3. Ya being single child hurts but no worries dear we r here .U r not single anymore ,don’t u remember u have got so many friends and sis on tu.Do read “You Are The One”.It’s worth reading.

      4. I melted you!! A news.. Yayyaa..jumping in joy..actually I think mental imbalance is one of the symptoms of typhoid???

        Deal then, you are my lata mageshkar and yeah the one who discouraged you is not deserve ved to be called reached because it’s not something which a teacher does

        I am smiling because you are smiling and yeah share your feeling about sanky’s hanky.. God! You need mine but I will my sanskar because he will make you smile and ha, will also take care if you as you are fainted.

        I am not single anymore?? .lol..I am not a single girl because I have my friends and yeah will surely read you are the one.

  21. Sree today i am not gng to tell anything abt episode ???….wat r u thinking abt urself aa..u got typhoid omg!!???….nd now also u r taking it light ……now in dis period also if u will not take care of urself na then u will become too weak dat u’ll not even b able to type an episode… so my sweet cute nd careless?? ?? sis take care of urself it’s an order!!……….nd thank u dear for u support…..nd ya i am really busy so if needhi comes na tell her to check ur epi 24 i replied to her der …..nd congo for silver jubilee…….

    1. Vaishu,
      I read your reply.
      There is no telgu theatre in Lucknow.
      I watch it either on tv or youtube ,when it gets dubbed in Hindi.
      All the best for exam.
      BITs is on 20, it got delayed by 3 days.
      MB is not so famous here.Very few know his name but ya being his die-heart fan ,i promoted him among my friends and family.Guess what , he has now 10 more fans because of me.( Self obsessed………lol)
      Love u .
      Take care of yourself and our little sis Vaibhavi.
      โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ( this is all i got my samsung keypad)
      Feeling alone even u got emojis.

      1. Bits got delayed yy??only for u??……….hmm i know dat is wat available in Samsung keypad but dear i didn’t get emojis in samsung keypad dear i downloaded other keypad…..u can also do it den u will def get them some of d keypads r hitap indic keypad,flash keypad,kika emoji keypad nd many r der ,u can download any one….

      2. Vaishu actually u have to book centre for the exam .There were many dates and every slot was booked except 20 ,so i booked it.It’s not delayed actually it’s me who delayed the centre booking ,so got three more days.

    2. Depression.. Exactly. My main depression was and is that I am only a single child ..that really hurts a lot.
      I don’t want my cousin’s to regret for living me but must be slapped without being actually slapped for my position. I am working hard for that now.

      I don’t even dare to think that act because I am strong and bold and my problems are nothing infront of what my dad suffered…so I am strong.

      Hehe…I am really lucky to get you girls here…oh god! I am really feeling exhausted by taking broths everyday.

  22. I am trying to upadte the episode but there is some problem with submissions ..do any know about it.

    1. Sree…. Even I had some problems… but then I finally managed to submit at 7:50

      Whew….. was very irritated…

  23. Hey Sree typhoid..? omg… You must take rest yaar… yo can post ff anytime… Just think about tablet, injection ?? if you want to escape from this all… you need to take care of urself… health is most important..!!

    Cmng 2 tdy epi… Ugh… I thought DP will reveal the mystery but he confused me… loved sanlak cake scene… sanskar mood swing… ha ha ha… lol… swasan scenes are lovely… again a twist with AP intro… totally mind blowing epi…

    1. Only tablets nive..I seriously have a bad memory with injection..lol.
      Okay dear. I will surely take care of myself..after all my friend did advice me.

      Dp confused me too and SWASAN haha. I loved writing that.

  24. No. . .wait!! Damn TU. I had commented before but they didn’t post my comment.

    If u remember I told u in the last part that make ur silver jubilee a little romantic. But this wasn’t a little romantic. It was so so so romantic. The chopper sceneโ™ฅ

    Ow! And again my suspense queen ended with a deadly suspense hanging me to read more. Please update soon if its cool with you. Will be waiting..

    Love ya take care:)

    Muaaahhhh ? ? ?

    1. It looks like you are equally pissed like me. It’s okay anu.

      Seriously, this was romantic!!???..thanks then because I didn’t feel that way. Okay the peck was unexpected.

      Suspense Queen..lol. I have already posted the next one. You can check it. Love you too.

  25. Divya!!!! I’m really sorry dear!! I broke my promise which I didn’t mean to… ๐Ÿ™ I told you that there would be a surprise for u from me!! But I’m really sorry dear I couldn’t come up with it on time coz I had lots of work pending and meetings, presentations….uffff…If I don’t do them on time I will be fired…I didn’t find even a minute time to open this site in the past four days…I recently joined in the job after my studies…It was only few months that I joined but see my condition now..Poor me…Previously I used to spend half of my day on this site to read stories and enjoy…now look at me…I don’t even find time to read my favourite fictions…And no doubt ur fiction is one my favourites on this site…And yes u asked me whether I am going to start a fiction… no way baby…I’m not as talented as you…I cannot portray the characters so well and justify all their emotions and POVs….So its better I enjoy reading rather than making ppl suffer from my stories… ๐Ÿ˜› And yes one last thing…I’m soooo sorry dear…really sorry I couldn’t comment on the episodes after epi22 becoz I didn’t read them yet…I didn’t find time dear…I want to read them…but what to do..I wish time permits me…I will definitely read them soon…And I know they will be as awesome as others…U know what I typed this comment when I was going to my office…I asked my friend to drive and I did this when she was driving ๐Ÿ˜› Once this project which I’m handling right now gets over…then I’m absolutely free… and after I finish my project u r going to get ur surprise dear… ๐Ÿ˜€ Hey!! after seeing such long comments today(in this episode which I couldn’t read..sorry) my instincts are telling something is bad…But I really wish you to be happy and energetic all the time….Life is something more than we think always…Someone out there is struggling for life and we being good shouldn’t dwell on small things…Leave whatever it is…Be happy all the time… ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. No need to say sorry likitha didi..
      I am seriously on cloud nine knowing that my fiction is yours favourite. And it’s seriously okay for you to not to comment because job is first didi and I know that you will read my story once you get time.

      Don’t say that way. Even I am not talented. I have improved myself a lot after coming here so don’t dare to say that.

      I am seriously waiting for the surprise but what will be that?? Growing old here. Hope your work gets finished soon. AMD tha ks for those soothing words

      Love you didi.

  26. I did check your comments but seriously didn’t open this site from two days. So I will reply once I finish writing my next episode.

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