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” why are you feeling guilty laksh?” Ragini asked crossing her arms. She perfectly sounded professional
Because she knew that one word of him will break her.
“it’s because I hurted you” he simply explained but his eyes said something beyond that. Ragini broke the eye contact.
” sorry laksh, everything is finished”
Laksh moved closer to her, their foreheads touching. “You don’t mean it”
“Yes” she snapped, tears flowing down ” yes laksh..I loved the person who cared for me, who flirted me, who cannot with stand any insane activity, who loved his family, loved me, swara, his brother” her voice lowered by the end of her sentence “he was sensitive at heart laksh but the person who is standing infront of me is a cold hearted bastard who tried to kill his own brother?”
Laksh sighed ” what should I do to prove that my love for you is pure?” His voice is witness of his guilt, pain of leaving her.
” I hate you..I hate you” she leaned to his chest sobbing ” I hate the person you turned into laksh” she whispered. Laksh raised his hands to wrap her but she pushed him.
” if you want to prove yourself then leave me laksh”
Ragini ran across him leaving a heart broken person behind. Of course he do hate sanskar but he loved ragini, he genuinely fell for her at mall but has no way to prove it

Three days passed but nothing became normal. Sanskar is still the same, acting silent to everyone. Laksh trying to explain ragini and she refusing him. But swara started developing soft corner for laksh as sanskar’s words affected her.

Swara opened her mouth wide when sanskar grabbed an alcohol bottle from the counter behind her. Then laksh followed his brother and grabbed another bottle from other side. Swara turned to the mini bar in the house, just back to her and then to the sibilngs. Her nostrils flared because it was their third one. She really don’t want to see sanskar in hangover and laksh still behaving drowsy the other day.
Laksh and sanskar stopped in middle of their way and turned to the bar when they heard some glass breaking sound. Both of them blinked their eyes due to affect of alcohol. When finally their vision became clear, they saw the expensive wine all over the floor and a bar stool in swara’s hand which is reversed.
” ramu kaka ” swara shouted without tearing her gaze from the brothers. Ramu kaka came running.
” check that noone brings alcohol into the house and if any of them did” she raised her fingers to the confused, drowsy brothers ” I will rip off their skulls”
With that, she stromed from the room. Laksh and sanskar looked at each other for a minute, pouted for the declaration but smiled seeing bottles in their hands.
Ramu kaka shook his head and left the place snorting.
Durga Prasad’s lips curved into smile looking at swara. He tapped his fingers on the railing of the first floor corridor and went to his room

“Hi” sanskar greeted ragini holding his head. ragini gave him a faint smile and descended the steps from the entrance.
” ahh” sanskar screamed again when swara thew a sheet of tablets at him.
” drink again and I will surely…” Swara’s angry voice dropped seeing ragini.
” I..I..applied for transfer” ragini said in one breath closing her eyes. Swara opened her mouth while sanskar choked.
” but why?” Laksh asked from behind, surprised as sanskar and swara.
Ragini shut her eyes and counted ten ” I am..feeling home sick ” she answers without turning to him.
” so you are going to..”
” Ranchi, jharkand” ragini completed sanskar.
” your home town” sanskar promoted to which she nodded.
” you are doing this because of me, right?” Laksh’s voice is broken but she ignored it.
” I might have not informed sanskar but you are like my brother..” She explained still not turning to laksh.
” okay” laksh said, his voice choked “you think that I don’t love you right” he backed two steps ” you and my brother placed tracker in my mobile ragini and I didn’t even check it..because…because” his words died in his throat as his vision blurred.
” you..gifted it to me..that doesn’t prove my love,my trust?” He pleaded.
Ragini fisted her hands so hard that nails dug deep into her palms leaving marks. One word from his mouth would break her
” I need to go sanskar..bye” she walked past laksh and for a brief moment, their eyes met. Sanskar sighed but swara felt a tight knot at her chest.

” Varanasi” sanskar hummed to one of his employee when swara entered his cabin at office.
” I will talk to you later siya” he gestured her to leave ad swara approached them.
” I…I..”she fumbled.
” what is that worrying you?” Sanskar asked casually arranging his files.
” I..don’t want to work here” her voice is barely audiable. Sanskar tilted his head and locked their eyes.
” was that because of badepapa? ”
She nodded in no “actually you had showed lot of humanity to me sanskar but I must learn to live myself”
” you can do that here” he suggested.
“No! I mean I don’t want to be around you sanskar..please let me go” she turned her gaze to the floor.
Sanskar sighed heavily and pressed his mouth into thin line.
” your wish..but you must work with me for more two months ”
“For what!”
“Agreement” he smriked which made her smile.
” thanks” she mouthed him and turned to leave.
” would you care to join to Varanasi?” He asked playfully.
” you mean Banaras” she asked him. Still her back facing him.
Sanskar rolled his eyes “both are same”
Swara walked out of the cabin but peeped again
“If you surprise me with another chopper ride” she smiled and that is contagious.
” your wish is my command mam” sanskar mocked and saluted her. She turned her heels out of the room with a wide grin on her face.

Swara sighed when she entered her room after dinner. She casually opened the drawer of her bed side table and found the case papers. She patted her forehead for forgetting the issue. Actually she planned to read the details of her parents case so that she would get any clue to prove that ram Prasad’ wasn’t innocent but some much had happened in between that she completely forgot about them. She opened the paper but her heavy eyelids closed and soon she drowned in the beautiful world of sleep.
When she opened her eyes in midnight while tossing, she saw a shadow moving out of her room closing the door behind. She rubbed her eyes and slept again.

Laksh cursed something about thirst which he could barely listen. he made his way to kitchen and drank water. On his way back, he collided someone but thought it to be sanskar due to drowsiness but the sleep left him when he saw a flamed lighter in his hands.
” hey you” laksh shouted and the person turned to him. He then started running. Laksh followed him and they ran through the hall, then to the stairs of entrance. Laksh fell down on stairs and caught hold of the person’s right leg. Using his full force, the person punched laksh’s face with his left leg.
“Ouch!” Laksh screamed but didn’t leave the person. He somehow managed to climb and held the person from Behind wrapping his arms around the person’s torso.
“Bhai! Sanskar, papa! Help, swara” he screamed. The person punched laksh in his stomach using elbow.
” bhai! Ragini” he screamed again with pain. The person must have been a trained boxer, he thought by the force of punch.

Soon the manison brightened with lights and sanskar was the first to reach the place followed by ragini.
Ragini attacked the person from back who covered himself in black clothes and a black mask. The person gave final punch to laksh and ran out of the Manison. Ragini followed him with a pistol.

Swara, sanskar and durga Prasad surrounded laksh who is badly panting.
Ramu kaka brought a first aid and swara helped sanskar in aiding laksh.
He explained everything in between his breaths. durga Prasad’s frown deepened.
” yeah, towards Kali badi” ragini informed someone in phone before disconnecting it.
” that bastard escaped but don’t worry,my team is under action” she informed her eyes moving from durga Prasad to laksh.
Laksh relaxed visibly when he found a message in ragini’s eyes ‘are you okay’
” I shoot that bastard in knee. So it will be difficult for him to escape”
Everyone in the room sighed but durga Prasad’s eye caught something on ground. He leaned down and picked up the like of papers that are half burnt.
” what the hell is happening in this house?” He roared with bloodshot eyes.
Four of the them turned to durga Prasad who was holding the papers and his nostrils flared. The sight scared them. Sanskar narrowed his eyes to the papers and gasped when he understood them.
” case papers ”
Swara opened her mouth,ragini frowned but laksh is the most confused person among them. He kept exchanging the glances with all of them
” so he was here for this” swara murmured recollecting the memory of the strange sight she saw while tossing in her sleep.
” my question is still unanswered” durga Prasad asked.
Ragini’s anger boiled as swara and sanskar hid the matter to her. Swara gave an apologetic look before turning to durga Prasad.
” I..er..we found that in ram Prasad uncle’s room” she informed.
” we?” Durga Prasad raised his eyebrow.
” me and swara” sanskar completed the sentence.
” oh!” Durga prasad gasped ” but these must be in police station” he sounded surprised.
Laksh is still trying to understand the situation.
” they were stolen uncle” ragini informed through gritted teeth that sent a secret signal to swara and sanskar that she will definitely beat them to death.
Clearing her throat, swara stepped forward.
” I..I know that it is not my place to ask uncle but as it belongs to my parents, I am forced” she took a deep breath ” did ram Prasad Uncle really kill my parents?”
Durga Prasad’s eyes darkened for her question. He stayed silent for a minute letting the curious looks from various pairs of eyes touch him. His eyes clouded with the memories aged tweleve years and let out a very deep sigh before opening his mouth.

Credit to: Sree harini

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