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I know, I know that you all ate angry with me. Actually this episode was a blir for me. I didn’t get get any connecting link to pass to next episode but that’s fine and as a compensation, I will treat you with double update at night.

Durga Prasad is pacing in his room occasionally knotting his fingers. Sanskar sat on the bed beside him while swara and laksh occupied corners of the room. Everyone are tensed.
Durga Prasad turned to sanskar with a heated gaze enough to burn him.
” did you think that I am dead?” Durga Prasad shouted shivering everyone.
” papa..I..” Sanskar fumbled
” enough ” durga Prasad roared again silencing him
” let me start from the first, you both drove the vehicle in drunken state and injured a girl, Then brought her to home exhibiting your humanity but it didn’t stop there, you appointed her as your P.A just because she was an orphan. How can you act so silly sanskar. How can you trust a stranger?”
” then you three went to Sydney for a project and there you received a boquet threatning you. And again of humanity, you called me showing some fake concern ”
” everything was becoming okay but you were attacked at the mall and even had a bullet pierced into your shoulder but no, that didn’t open your eyes. Later, this girl” he pointed swara “took you to an abandoned place and tried to kill you and for the first time, I felt happy that your brain does work sometime. Ragini saved you at perfect time but again your humanity dominated and you took a foolish decision of forgiving her but not sending her behind the bars”
” but the attacks didn’t stop, someone tried to attack you and irony is that the girl who wanted to kill you before few days, saved you again” durga Prasad sighed and lowered his head, his eyes burning.
” Mr. Singhania’s project papers sent missing, the tender was dropped late and the whole thing turned to laksh who wanted to take revenge from his own brother out of jealousy”
Laksh fisted his hands but didn’t speak anything
“This is what you said to me, right? ” he asked sanskar locking their eyes and sanskar nodded.
” do you atleast have an idea about the circumstances?” Durga Prasad’s voice became soft and shaky.
” you are living in a place where everyone wants to hurt you sanskar…open your eyes. Where is my arrogant businessman who is heartless?”
Laksh glared his father and then sanskar. This, this is the reason he is jealous of his brother, everyone loves only sanskar but not him. Infact noone does even notice his presence.
Durga Prasad shook his head and turned to laksh “there is another thing you don’t know laksh. When I called you few days back, you sounded tense and I am not a dumb like your brother. I spyed you people and got to know about your arrest. Just think laksh…what if media got to know about this? What if you went to jail..the name of maheswaris’ would have ruined and you would have been the main reason”
Laksh smiled a sad one “your company is more important than your son..I..pity you dad” he spatted
” you are mistaken laksh” durga Prasad smriked “its not me but you are and hence you tried to kill your..”
” enough!” Laksh shouted “I am done with listening appreciation of bhai papa.”
Silence did its work for few minutes.
” pack your bags laksh. I appoint you as new head for Pune branch and you” he turned to swara “I want you out of my house by tomorrow morning”
Swara gulped and lowered her head with teary eyes. Sanskar turned to swara but he can’t oppose his bade papa even.
” she won’t leave” swara raised her head expecting it to be sanskar but met laksh.
” huh?” Durga Prasad snorted.
” in some way or the other, MAHESWARI is responsible for her condition papa and moreover, I don’t appreciate someone behaving rudely with my friend”
Swara fisted her hands and stromed out before shooting a deathly glare to laksh.
” my decision is final” durga Prasad declared before leaving the room and it made the brothers numb.
Laksh and sanskar looked at each other and both of them are well aware of laksh’s love towards his brother.

A day passed but neither swara nor laksh left the place because sanskar convinced durga Prasad about giving a week time to swara.
“Ragini” sanskar called her name out, wrapping his left arm around her shoulder. She is continuously wiping the tears using a tissue.
” how dare he sanskar..I loved him but” she started sobbing, again.
Sanskar turned to the table beside his bed and filled the glass with water.
” the girl whom I know is a stone hearted one” he tried to humour passing the glass to her. She narrowed her eyes and drank water.
” swara is a stranger to you sanskar and it makes some meaning that she tried to kill you but laksh is your brother..do you understand??? He is your brother” she snapped but still tears rolled down her cheeks.
Sanskar opened his mouth to answer but a call on ragini’s mobile interrupted him. Ragini shut her eyes in pain and clutched the mobile but no, she is a girl, a heartbroken one and one word from the loved ones will completely collapse her. She threw the mobile before switching off. After few seconds, sanskar’s mobile rang. He turned to ragini and sighed before receiving it.
“Sanskar” a familiar voice which beamed out of the loud speaker brought tears to ragini’s eyes.
” hello raj” sanskar greeted warmly.
” my baby sister is not receiving the call sanky, do you know anything about that?”
Sanskar turned to ragini who is staring the mobile. She pressed her palms together.
” she is with me Raj” sanskar informed.
” ragini” the affection of her brother’s voice finally broke her
“Bhayya” her voice is a barely a whisper.
” are you crying?” Raj asked concerend.
Ragini gulped and shut her eyes again to stop tears.
” no bhai ” she answered.
” did sanskar do anything..just say ragini. I will break his skull”
” Raj” sanskar warned playfully “I didn’t do anything and moreover, breaking skulls is your sister’s profession.”
” haha..nice joke but that didn’t help to change my decision”
” no bhai, just suffering from home sick..will call you back” ragini said with a small smile on her lips.
“Are you sure?”
She took a deep breath “yes” and disconnected the call. Sanskar shook his head and grabbed another glass of water.
” I want to go for shopping” ragini declared crossing her arms. Sanskar choked his water.
“God! You must have asked Raj. I am not in a mood to accompany you”
She narrowed her eyes ” I am not asking you to accompany me.” She snapped “just informing my wish”
Swara smiled at ragini’s words while approaching them.
” sure ragini. I will accompany you”
” yeah, infact shopping will help me to turn my mood.” She explained with a tint of proudness.
Sanskar let out a dramatic sigh “why don’t you girls do some household work like cooking instead of shopping to pass on your mood. Shopping is a costly business”
Both the girls glared him and he smiled before handing his credit card.
” it’s okay SA..” Swara is cut by ragini ” thank-you my dear brother ”
” anyways, I will be back by 6:00pm. So be ready swara” with that, ragini left the room. Swara smiled placing the card on the table
” I think ragini is suffering a lot” she said distracted to which sanskar nodded.
” just like you” he said looking straight into her eyes. She slightly nodded because laksh’s behaviour affected her badly.
Swara sighed “I seriously don’t understand how did you feel like forgiving laksh even after trying to kill you.”
Whenever she thinks about laksh, her blood boiled with anger, tons of anger because she has seen sanskar’s love and concern for laksh and he didn’t even think for a second before trying to kill sanskar, her sanskar.
Sanskar smriked sadly ” I did the same with you”
” he tried to kill you mr.MAHESWARI, get that into your skull” she screamed
” same as you” he answered calmly and she shut her mouth realising and comparing the situations.
” you were a stranger for me and he is my brother swara. When I forgave you, it will be foolish if I don’t forgive him” he said emphasising ‘were’
” more over” he added “I know how much he loves me and same is with him. And I really don’t appreciate if you bring this topic again.”
Swara nodded silently. Both of them stood to leave the room but suddenly, something happened, the most unexpected one.
Sanskar hugged swara completely taking her into his chest, his body such that she could barely breathe. Swara stilled at sudden action and didn’t even hug him back. Sanskar’s grip became more tight and the emotions which he wanted to convey got conveyed and swara is able to accept them. They stood in silence for few minutes which felt like hours. He always find her as a place of comfort and she tried to keep the same status.
Slowly and carefully, she wrapped her arms around him , slowly moving them up and down on his back to assure her presence.
She felt him relax in her arms but stilled when something wet landed on her left shoulder, probably a tear.
“is it paining?” Her voice is deep soothing and comforting him yet questioning.
He simply nodded and shut his eyes. Swara snuggled close
“every thing will fall in its place, sanskar”
Sanskar pulled himself out of the hug and their eyes met. The coldness of his eyes made her freeze. Till date, she considered herself as an ice queen baring a stone heart for her struggles in her life but she is mistaken because the person who is standing infront of her is ICE, he is ICE King, not letting out any emotions and she is just a snow infront of him who can be melted by baby Rays of warmth but a sun is required to melt her ice King and she decided to be the one..

Ragini bumped into laksh in corridor, on her way to entrance. Their eyes met but she is surprised to see guilt instead of confidence in laksh’s eyes, which majority of the killers have.

Credit to: Sree harini

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  1. tremedously fantastic
    I m not good at conveying feeling for ur fiction
    a one word awesome as always

    1. Thank-you so much sana..this one word is enough for me to understand your emotions.?

    1. Thank-you sumeeta, a new commentor I guess.

  2. Awesome sree. U r back with bang.

    1. Are you kidding me? I was not at all satisfied with this chapter..planning fur something good in next one

  3. amazing .. I hope she be the sun soon …!
    about it double update then I am so excited …!

    1. She will becone the sun stone heart.. Actually I will call you heart because stone heart is not good
      Even I am excited for next update.

  4. Nice Sreee..jara batao hum kaun h?bhul gaye hum(memory ls)

    1. Mein Ne ragini ki help leke tumhari emblem trace karvaya or computer Ne kaha ki yeh RUPKSHA hai ..lol..my stupid Hindi..good to see you.

  5. Awesome
    Welcome back di…Harini di
    I’m overjoyed by seeing your update…

    1. And I am overjoyed by your name..where were you sravya?

  6. Amazing job sree….

    As dhara di said, back with a bang….

    Wish I could talk more… but am a but mood off so will chat later….


    1. Mood off, Ayyo why is my friend in mood off? Let me guess, umm..was your exam not good?, or did any scold you. Say me if she did or did needhi snatch your icecream. I have said her many a times not to do but being my sister, she has always traits of mine..
      If not, may be the one you mentioned..who was that ..some Pearson..lol I am sometimes bad at remembering names.. Did he reject your date?
      TELL ME;!!
      Frankly speaking , I just did like this episode except SWASAN. Must have tried better but I wrote this in writers block???

      1. Lol… no…

        If only percy jackson was real… Kaash!!!

        Anyways… I did my exam well, I guess…. It was ok…

        Bechari needhi ko kyun blame kar rahi ho?? 😮 😮
        Poor girl….

        I want ice cream now 😛 😛 😛

        Ur writer’s block is like my writing without writer’s block… Soo yeah.. no comments about that…

        LOVE YOU

      2. Actually, first typo is did anu scold you? Second, she has all traits of mine. Third, I didn’t like the episode.

        Mei blame nahi karri hoon. Actually she asked RUPKSHA for a company to eat icecream so I just used that..lol.sorry needhi
        Haha anu..tumhari mood sach mei icecream ke vajah se hua..ROFL..then my jooth turned into real.
        Anju must definitely reveal if she fates someone especthat Pearson , sorry Jackson..lol

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        😛 😛

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    I know it may sound absurd but I dont know why I liked him a lot in this ff. The way he took Swara’s stand and also confronted DP was amazing.
    And Sanskar was good too. Loved Ragsan’s convo. Really genuine and heart to heart talk.
    Its like a treat reading ur ff after a tiring day in school. Waiting for the next update ?
    Love you *hugs* ? ?

    1. Hey anu..I am just trying to get over your siblings pic but no, you both are too pretty and adorable..wish her from my side..
      I too love laksh in my ff of course not muck than sanskar?? but yeah again love changes his attitude.
      Laksh is just upset with sanskar but he is genuine in all others relations and I am trying hard to show that. Hope it gets successful…
      Even you loved it. Thanks because I was not satisfied..
      Hugs you back??

    2. You are already successful as I can really witness the warmth and love and affection he still has for Ragini and DP. And hopefully he understands Sanskars Pov soon and also accepts him. Your ff depicts all the relations beautifully. And that’s what I loved the most.

      And east or west Sanky is the best, no matter what ??

      1. Ikr,,,,,

        That’s why even I love it… <3 <3 <3

        It feels like we three re commenting after a long time… Even though we've been active the two days… But's a huge grp and this just the three of us… So it feels different… 😀 😀
        * HUG you both *
        Sanskaar <3 <3 <3

    3. Indeed. We three are like those three idiots you know. Inseparable ? and adorable. ?
      And idk even though there were so many people in that group I was feeling somewhat lonely ? Idk why…

      1. Aww… dont worry anuu!!1

        I’m always there with you!!1 <3 <3

      2. I was just put fir few hours and you both bangged here..lol
        Firstly, I observed my typoos which I must rectify but sadly, I did type them in hurry at my institution.
        Three idiots ??? another set actually..before vaishu added to our group, me, needhi and sidhu were three idiots..lol
        And haa..East or west, sanskoo is best.

      3. Love you both dear buddies…must check the pages I have commented.

    4. Awe! My pyaari behna, Anjuuu. I’m so lucky to have you guys (u n Sree). And Sree, you got fever? Take care dear ♥

      Get well soon. Dont stress yourself a lot:-)

  8. Awesome

    1. Thank-you tani and bhargavi.

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    Beautifully potrayed emotions , silence acting as mediator ,unspoken hearts conveying feeling ,definately marked it as a blockbuster episode.Ragini -Raj convo was so heart touching and soothing.I was on verge of crying ,while reading that part.It reminded me of my brother.I was waiting for a scene like last ,eventually it did happen.Waiting for more of Swasan.DP’s concern and anger was very well written.Loved it as usual.Poor Ragini ,felt sorry for her.Jealousy leads to unknown doors of crime.Love u sissy.Take care.

    1. Hey needhi, aww..you are missing your brother. I am really sorry for making you emotional dear but don’t worry next update will make you forget him…lol. Yup jealousy leads to unknown doors of crime…I just loved it..dp is really concerned about laksh and sanskar. I reveal the reason for sure. Now that he came, the story starts to get on good track. Love you three much sissy. ALL THE BEST FOR EXAMS.

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    …..laksh taking stand for swara was not a shocking thing as his friendship is true n pure so as he…hope so he shall soon realise his love for sanskar too……

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    1. Hello neha, actually double update idea was because of you..you have seriously asked me many a times for SWASAN..so this one is especially for you….
      Hehe dp is strict but the reason will be revealed soon. I just wanted to show the ragsan bond and will show more in future because sanskar himself said that he had four members in his life I:e; swara, ragini, laksh and dp..so I will show bonding with everyone.
      Laksh will turn to a good person dear..just wait.

      1. God frustrated with my network what happened to it itna irritate kar raha… Sree u know I’m having a news my exams are going to be postponed.. Haha ? silly me but I’m so so happy…. Wow ur uploading for me ? you… Yeah I too want ragsan bond it was treat to see them behaving just like sis n bro n u know the way ragini took sanskar’s card reminded me of my brother u know he lives in Mumbai but he loves me so much the only sister ? I have 3 brothers n sisters small ones very small… Oh ho overall baba…. My bhai he always comes to me during rakhi he doesn’t miss that u know after reading it I called him n till where the conversation went dk I demanded for shopping too but not for card or money but for making me visit every shop as my mum doesn’t allow …Thanku for this sree ? u tc

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        So I think the one who have are really blessed.
        I am really happy that yours brother’s memories became fresh by me..so you vow a treat for that..lol

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  17. Hey Sree,

    I missed u and ur chaps like anything. I’m really happy to see ur update and was smiling like an idiot. coming to today’s episode, it’s really heart wrenching. I couldn’t see my sanky in pain, i just want to see sanlak back together.

    I hope u r fine now and take care dear.

    1. Now your name is making me grin like an idiot..lol
      I am absolutely fine, thank-you and about sanskar, you have more to see in future. Be strong and I will patch up sanlak just as SWASAN but it’s a bit difficult because boys are not as emotional as girls.

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    1. Keep smiling..
      Actually I adore dp and Annapurna apart from SWASAN..they really act well and so, I made dp the way I like him..

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    amazing.. n omg Dp is so strict.. but the way he narrated story u remind us everything..
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    1. Hello falguni, actually sanskar explained him everything so he just reviewed it and I am glad that it helped you also to recollect…lol
      Sanskar firgave laksh because be is a major part of sanskar. I will soon reveal the bond too and laksh stood fjr swara because he is genuine at friendship.
      And thanks for encouraging me to practice.

      1. yeh friendship is so precious.. n ur welcome dear 🙂

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    1. Thanks for breaking your silence Maggi and I saw your name in seethu di’s ff.
      Your name is reminding me the delicious noddkes Maggi nie but I am prohibited to eat because of my fever..ughh..anyways thank-you.

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      No more beyraylas now but destiny starts playing it’s game and the viticm will be sanskar..just wait and watch..

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