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Swara stared laksh with open mouth. She is thousand percent sure that ragini was surely misguided. If not, this cannot happen, not even in her wildest dreams that laksh would even think of harming sanskar.
” ragini..” Swara spoke, her voice barely audiable “this..this cannot happen” she pointed laksh ” you were surely misguided”
Ragini wished it would be true but not. He himself had accepted it.
Swara is eagerly awaited for ragini’s answer but felt like someone threw a cold bucket on her when she nodded her head in no. Swara then turned to Laksh. His eyes didn’t had regret but tons of pain.
” give me the papers swara” he asked her forwarding his hand.
” but why?” Swara whispered with tears in her eyes.
” it’s a family matter swara” he said in high voice to which she flinched.
Ragini wiped away the tears that are flowing down her cheeks.
” swara, ragini” some familiar male voice called them from behind.
Oh God! How does he always gets to know about me, thought swara.
” oh, you are here?” Laksh smriked sarcastically.
Sanskar raised his eyebrows in confusion. laksh took a deep breath chuckling ” as everyone are here, I will reveal ..reveal that” he locked his eyes with sanskar “I was the one who had attacked you at the mall”

The world around them froze. Sanskar’s heart suddenly felt heavy and breathing became difficult for him.
” yes bhai, I was the one ” laksh said with broken voice kneeling down.
” I was the one” the words are choked.
Sanskar took deep breaths to compose himself but the tip of his nose is turning to pink.
Laksh sat there for few minutes and opened his eyes. Guilt is replaced by hatred
” maheswari family is blessed with two witty sons bhai, two..we both are equal and excelled in our particular fields. We both worked hard with papa for the success of our company but only you were praised. Noone even considered me as a human there ”
He paused. Sanskar understood the reason for laksh’s behaviour.
” it’s not the way you think laksh” sanskar tried to explain but laksh raised his hand to stop.
” enough bhai, even I thought the same but after examining closely before three years, I understood, understood that I was just a pawn for you. Everyone praises you including papa and I was just know as sanskar’s brother but not laksh” he spatted and ran a hand through his hair.
” enough of your supremacy bhai, I was unable to take it anymore and got addicted to alcohol to forget everything but they haunted me as nightmares. Hate burned throughout my body. There was a period at initial days where I just felt so irritated just by thinking of you. Only I know how much I went through.” Laksh’s voice is venomous. Sanskar stared him with blank expression but swara cried, visibly.
Laksh wiped his nose with back side of his wrist. Even he had tears in his eyes
” I made a master plan when everything went out of control. I just wanted to make you weak at business so that I can shine. It’s then I met vansh, friend’s friend’s relative. I met him at a party and said about my plan”

Swara felt being stabbed continously understanding that she was a pawn of not some other but laksh.
” you used me?” She asked with tears overflowing.
Laksh gave her a smile of innocence
” I am sorry to say but yeah” his voice is filled with guilt now which surprised the other three.
” I asked him to hire some girl who will become close to bhai and leave him at appropriate time so that his heart breaks and becomes weak but much to my surprise, he brought you. I really didn’t know you came to our house for revenge” he laughed sadly “it helped me”
Swara approached him and slapped tightly leaving impressions on his face
” so, the story about my parents murder is just a story but not real? I believed him laksh, I believed him” she started sobbing. ” you played with my emotions, you must be punished, punished badly” she sat on her knees. Laksh followed her and took her face in his hands
” no swara, I thought that he said some random story but It wasnt my plan. Trust me” he pleaded
Swara’s constricted listening trust, she really cannot believe him after this. The pain of being betrayed is slowly getting to her veins now and she understood how sanskar might have felt when she broke his trust and also how hard it is forgive some one for that.
Laksh wiped her tears with his thumb.” At first, I really considered you as my pawn swara but my friendship for you is true. I realised it before you entered the Manison and I thought of saying the entire thing to you but..”

” but what laksh?” She screamed at him
” you thought that this girl is any how orphan and there will be noone for to care for”
Laksh opened his mouth in confusion because her words don’t fit the situation.
” then why did you plan to kill me?”
Laksh turned his to his brother
” sometimes, I went out of my mind” he casually answered. “I..I hired few people to kill you at mall but you were lucky enough. Everyone are at your side bhai” he inhaled and continued
” then swara broke your heart and I thought that you will get affected by depression but again a shock for me, that Mr. Sanskar maheswari has forgave someone who betrayed. Then again I made a plan to make you weak by your profession and hence delivered the papers lately. Still, you trusted her and sorted everything” laksh ran a hand through his hair.
” so everything with me is also a plan?” Ragini asked between her sobs. Sanskar felt wiered seeing ragini cry because it is his first time but after all she is a girl and they are always fragile at heart.
” no” laksh screamed in pain. “No” he said again approaching her.
” I..really love you ragini. This game of revenge doesn’t have any thing to do with our relationship. I genuinely love you, trust me” he pleaded. Sanskar smiled a sad smile, his eyes becoming red second by second but not with anger.

” are you expecting her to trust her?” He humoured which didn’t lit his eyes. Laksh fisted his hands and pointed a finger to sanskar “don’t poke your head in this bhai, I don’t want you to destroy my relation”
” I am just explaining laksh”
” I don’t need your explanation Mr. Sanskar. I HATE YOU” laksh screamed with venom spilling from his voice. Sanskar took a deep breath and blinked rapidly to stop the tears coming out of his eyes. He rolled his lower lip into his mouth and then locked his eyes with his brother’s.
” you don’t mean that laksh” sanskar said trying to hit the brother sentiment.
” I mean it” he shouted with frustration
” you don’t” sanskar said shaking his head a little and sounded a bit more confident this time. The expression in laksh’s eyes changed from hate to pain and love.
” how can you say that?” He whispered not breaking their eye contact.
Sanskar smiled the smile of hope “because this has started just before three years laksh and we were together before that. I still remember your care when I was badly injured during cricket practice”
Laksh backed two steps shaking his head “you are confusing me”
” I am not” Sanskar’s voice choked.
Silence filled the room along with sobs, sniffing and silent tears.

” again I attempted to kill you out of jealousy bhai..at our business dinner. That’s where swara saw that person. But again, you were saved so i stole the contract papers” laksh explained distracted.
” so, kunal doesn’t have his fingers in this? Sanskar asked curious yet with guilt. Laksh nodded in no
” the number ragini stated in vansh’s call list is mine and the sim shop near kunal’s house is just a coincidence. Even I manipulated the footage. He really doesn’t know anything about it.” Laksh informed with his head down and suddenly sanskar rembered that laksh was also a student of telecommunications.
” and you did these all just because of…” Sanskar is cut off by laksh “for some identity bhai which I deserve”
” what’s the need to do laksh. I never wished to be the ruler of this empire. If my existence ached you, I would have happily written everything on your name” sanskar’s voice is too low to be heard
” I don’t want anything which is given to me as alms bhai because I am not a begger. I want to establish my identity by myself”
” we both know how much a betrayal costs, then why?? Why did you do that?” Sanskar’s throat is getting closed by pain. Regret filled laksh’s eyes when flashes of their first betrayal came to his mind.
” enough now, everything happened has happened laksh. Let’s go home before this becomes an issue” sanskar grabbed laksh’s arm but he brushed it off.
” one minute bhai ” laksh stopped sanskar remembering something “how did you get to know about this address. As far as I know, I kept this a secret” he asked curious.
Sanskar turned to ragini who is still weeping. He took a deep breath before turning to laksh again.
” actually..when …I was attacked, sorry, tried to get attacked at dinner, ragini insisted me to stay alert and I thought that the person whoever is back of me will try to..harm” sanskar turned his gaze to his knotted fingers ” harm either you or swara. So we both fixed..um..trackers in your mobiles.”
Laksh gasped and looked at ragini with wide and unbelievable eyes.
” let’s go laksh” sanskar ordered laksh but it is an order to everyone.
” no use sanskar” ragini said softly.
The other three turned to her. ” I already informed police about this. They are on their way” she explained looking her feet. Sanskar gulped in horror.

” sign it sanskar” ragini forced him for the twentieth time. Sanskar kept flipping pen in his hand. He stared at FIR paper which ruins his brother’s life. He turned to his left to see laksh who is staring him with a strong hate expression.
Will his heart able to bear the pain of seeing his brother behind bars? Definitely no.
” he needs to get punished sanskar. sign it” ragini screamed at him and he is really shocked to see versatility in her.
Now he understood why his bade papa might have bailed his dad at the time of gadodia murder.
Heavy foot steps approaching him made him to turn and he gasped, surprised and then frowned seeing the person.
” bade papa” he murmured.
Durga Prasad maheswari glanced at sanskar and gave him a faint smile and then glared laksh before approaching ragini.
“Here are the bail papers, you may leave him” he informed handing an envelope.
Ragini fisted her hands and closed her eyes tightly gulping a hard lump in her throat ” sorry sir, it is a non bailable arrest” and swara, sanskar and laksh saw the unspoken pain inside her heart.
Durga Prasad Clenched his jaw and then turned his eyes to telephone beside her as if waiting for a call. Within few minutes, the phone rang and his eyes softened.
Ragini received the call “hello sir..sir..” she locked her angry eyes with Durga prasad’s and fisted her hands controlling her anger
” sure sir..will get finished ” she slammed the receiver after disconnecting the call and turned to one of his assistants “approve bail for him” with that she left the place.
Sanskar’s and laksh’s eyes met. Every time, sanskar saw love in them which are now burning with jealousy.

After all, apart from love, hate and hunger, jealousy is one of the emotion among the set which makes a person to loose his wits.

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  1. I don’t have words to say anything dear. I was just crying along with the characters as my tears won’t be stopping of my favourite actors are crying. It means that really Sanskar dad has killed swaras parents??

    1. Aww. So sorry to make you cry my dear. About the murder mystery, that’s what is the story, you should keep reading

  2. OMG!!! OMG!!! u have portrayed every character very well. Each and every person are justified in their own place. Laksh’s insecurity, Sanskar’s love, Swara’s pain, Ragini’s anger everything is too perfect. It was simply out of world, right now i’m running out of words.
    Only i can say is take care of yourself and keep writing.

    1. Thank you so much rupa but today, I felt bad for sanskar and ragini but everything happens for a reason. So just wait till everything fals in place. I will surely take care of myself dear.

  3. I sree sree
    No words to say dr..
    Power full performance I just cried now. .. so can’t ri8 a good comment srry. ..
    Waitingfor the next

    1. Thank-you for commenting sujju but you must be a bit less sensitive to accept further episodes.

  4. Awesome sree harini!!! I’m your fan. The unexpected twists tht u bring are amazing??

    1. Thank-you so much kavya and please you are not my fan but friend dear

  5. Wow I can’t even imagine that it will be laksh

    1. More things needs unfolding dear. Hold your heart.

  6. nice..but was this the last one??

    1. Hell no..there is a lot dear.

  7. very nice..but i didn’t expect tat laksh would do it…i felt really worried fr sanky..what was d first betrayal dude??????…i am eagerly waiting fr ur nxt epi

  8. I agree with u sissy..jealous Can Smetime Replace love.
    I Too Have A Elder Sis smetimes I Feel Jealous Of Her But My ♥ Over Power d Jealousy Becozzz I Knew She Deserves It..hehe

    1. Yeah sanskar’s pain is unbearable and about betrayal, it will reveal in future dear. Ahh! You are jealous with your sister? Sometimes I too behave as a teenager.

  9. This is literally a breath taking one… I just hope no one should be in place of sanku its really hell for a person… U r really great sree writing 2 diff ffs in which one has lak as Bharat n the other as ravan?… U r really good…. Waiting for next…..

    1. You get to see more painful sanskar in future dear. So hold your breath. And about laksh, he is not ravana here.. Just wait and watch.

      1. Oh then its good for rags as she is hurt more… Love loads yaar…. I just thought of lak as raavan as in this particular update its like that……

  10. Superb…Grt.. Twist.. ..
    Anyways .. Waiting for next

    1. Thank-you Shreya

  11. Fab sree just fab…….nc protraying of laksh jealousy…n sanky love…….nowas dp came…all will go upside down now…..
    Well keep smiling n writing ……love un lots of hugs

    1. Yeah jealousy will also make someone insane. Dp…ummm..just wait and watch for his reaction.

  12. ?????

    Awesome episode…. you know the person I feel most sorry for was ragini…. today I felt laksh stole the floor followed by ragini….
    Sanskaar was also awesome…actually everything was amazing… but Allah and ragini were the stars of the evening….

    Love you sree…. and thanks for such a fab update…

    How do you feel now?????

    1. Yeah, with only few lines, ragini stole the episode. I think you got connected with ragini a lot.will get to see more in future dear.
      Love you too anju and I am okay now with 100 (still) and thank-you..

  13. feeling bad for sanky….such an emotional episode it was…. omg then wat about swara ….tell me na when will u unite lovebirds yaar…is sanky able to love her back!!!! so many questions can’t wait for next update….

    1. Me too.feeling bad for sanky and love birds are already united dear..okay just for your satisfaction, I will reveal a small scence that there is a sequence of SWASAN engagement which will happen successfully.

  14. What I will say dear no words are there in my mind now I m out of words now hat’s off to sanky the maturity he showed is beyond expected I thought that he mever forgive laksh but am sure now that he will definitely as only love can remove the hatred from one’s heart

    1. Sanskar forgave laksh because he is hos first priority in life.and sanskar is really mature here.it takes time for both of them to come to normal but they will.

  15. I am spell bound….don’t have words….really you exclaimed all the characters so beautifully….really heart touching

    1. Thank-you soo much shabrin for appreciation.

  16. Read every cment here but I must get fresh now. Otherwise my mom will be back of me with rolling pin. So will reply all after sometime..bye.

  17. Wow sree.. You just swepte off my feet.. Amazing episode.. Full of suspense.. Cleared so many doubts..today acting of laksh was gr8 but ragini took the limelight.. Beautifully written.. Love you dear..

    1. Love you too richa..cleared doubts?? Will give few more in future then..lol. I agree with you that of course laksh is the main one, ragini stole the episode with few dialogues.

  18. No words to describe this epi.. really feeling bad for Sanskar.. Laksh jealousy was aptly defined.. awesome update.. how r u dear.. hope all is well…

    1. I am doing okay, thank-you. Will feel more bad for sanskar in future ofcourse for laksh too.

  19. As usual m speechless.. Still I think that something is really fissy with Lucky. U deserve standing ovation for this part. Love u n tc. 🙂

    1. Standing ovation?? Lol thank-you di..every question will be answered sooner or later..just wait for the time.

  20. Woww……I don’t have any words now…just stunned. ……hats off and hands down ????……laksh jealousy… Ragini heartbreak……sanskaar betrayed again!!!……just flawless…love u dear….upload soon!!!

    1. Thank-you so much aashi dear..trying to upload as soon as possible.

  21. sree..the way u portray each character is mindblowing. …..every character is unique in this ff….but I seriously can’t see sanky in pain….but I know everything will be alright coz he is d main pillar of this ff…;)..

    1. Haha..you understood that sanky is main pillarthen don’t become emotional dear because there will be few episodes where you will cry for him.

  22. Sree sorry to say but this comment may dissapoint u so if u want u can ignore it ……
    Actually the point is I’m not satisfied with laksh’s reason maybe it can be as the reason for why this hatred started is not out but yeah ur writing was superb and swara’s feelings was so true ragini sobbed the girl who made me shocked with her devilish avtar was actually sobbing sanskar I’m happy he didn’t cry bcoz I was somewhere feeling that the reason would be this first preference for sanskar but he was badly hurt to know that his brother started hating him so much that he tried to kill him…. ragini may now don’t trust lucky but I think sanskar will make her understand his pov and wanna see some swasan scenes the most heart touching part was when ragini trying to convince sanskar for signing Fir papers and he was thinking will he be able to see his brother behind bars and when he looked at laksh that time but dp I’m confused is he also involved with laksh don’t do this

    1. You catched the point about starting of Lakshya’s hatred and I didn’t mention it wantedly because it really has something to do with dear. So I am more happy than getting hurt..
      Yeah being a girl and true lover, ragini sobbed and the tough time is for sanskar. He didn’t take the matter serious because laksh is his first priority and he is not so mahan here dear to make ragini understand laksh’s pov. The process will be a different one.
      Dp appreared suddenly in the scene but how did that happen will be shown in next episode my dear neha. Just wait.

  23. No words to express your writing Dr ..this part is emotional as well as revengeful…swara and ragini the female leads are so wonderfully crafted ..I loved their way of character 😀
    I can’t wait to see Every one back to normal but I hope it’s too difficult after own brother’s betrayal ..but I hope for best ..
    love you loads shree O:-)

    1. Even I love swaragini but sanskar more and laksh is not the person whom you are seeing. Everything will fall into its place but requires sometime.

  24. ommmmmgg…!!

  25. Perfect

    1. Thank-you stone heart and priyanshi

  26. Superb…….speechless

    1. Thank-you Khan.

  27. awesome as always di.ur ff is getting interesting day by day.plz post nxt asap.loved 2days ep 🙂

    1. Thank-you dear sree.

  28. Sorry guys,in mood off today because received scoldings from my dance tutor.. Will not be able today.

    1. Awww. So tell how can we cheer up ur mood 🙂

      1. I am okay now..started typing again but will post tomorrow afternoon… Dhara..I am absolutely fine, thank-you.

    2. it’s ok… But dance tutor?? Why did you go out when u r sick??? 🙁
      Be careful Dear!!!

      1. Actually I have a competition on the middle of mayao it became a compulsion dear but.. Leave it, I am really happy now but disappointed for not able to comment on vini di’s ff.


    3. plz dont do dis. i understand ur mood is off but plz post something a small part will also do. m just crazy of ur ff. i wake till in night of get up by 4am just to read ur ff i hope this will help u to understand how crazy i m behind ur ff

      1. PH! Don’t spoil your health for my story Vips..will surely post tomorrow and moreover, the next one is a filler so don’t worry.

    4. We can understand Sree, it’s totaly ok if u can’t upload but try to upload when u will feel better. Take care.

    5. Dont worry sree
      Be happy.. Update when u r happy..
      We will wait for u 🙂

      1. Aww..thank-you so much rupa and Shreya..will try to upload by afternoon or evening.

  29. It was amazing ,just amazing , i am speechless,the way u described their pain it was marvellous , literally cried…..?

    1. Aww..don’t cry dear. Please save them because I am gonna be sadist make you cry for few hours in future.

  30. Fabulous but emotional

    1. Thank-you aanya.

  31. Sree I think I am last one to comment….I was busy whole day dear….hmmm epi is awesome….everyone’s emorions r expressed well…I am some wat busy……catch u later… take care..I want to make ur mood good but I am not having time dear ..hope my comment makes ur mood good…bye love u

    1. It’s okay vaishu. I can understand because exams are near.
      It’s okay dear, I am absoultely fine now. So don’t worry. Comment when you are free.

  32. I was crying, crying and just crying. I saw this update before but at that moment I was already very down. And somewhere I knew that the update is gonna make me cry and BINGO! I was correct.

    I already miss my little sister a lot. And seeing this siblings fight reminded me of her. There’s no jealousy a such but she stays in Delhi and I miss her a lot.

    I hope Laksh understands soon what Sanskar means to him. And Sanky has a great character. And today Ragini was impressive too.

    Take care. Love you a lot! And sorry for being so so so so late ♥

    1. Seriously?? Even you too cried but I didn’t even feel a bit while writing this update. Sorry for making you cry then my little sister
      I can understand how it feels to stay away from the loved ones..don’t worry dear. Next update will lighten your mood.
      I don’t want to make sanskar mahaan here but yeah, I also hope that laksh understands sanskar soon.
      No need to say sorry..this is a serious warning now. Love you too dear.

    2. Heyyy… It’s been a few days since the three of us spoke… 🙁

      Anu.. aww… don’t worry….. You can see her soon!!!!

      Sree… I didn’t cry for ur epi… Idk why… It was very emotional and I absolutely could imagine everything but still no tears came…

      Laksh is aweosme man… I love grey shaded characters… And as for my SANSKAAR!!! No words… Amazing he is…

      But I expected no less from you Sree… Especially after ur seven shot 😀 😛

      Anyways, Anu.. One more exam to go right?? Then what’s happening???

      I hope you both see this comment

      1. That’s like a brave girl anju but I promise you to make you cry for sure because when I imagined the episodes, I was crying and will surely add the same effects to the episode when it comes which will not be relieved.
        You will then surely fall for laksh by the end. I used four hours just to think and justify hos charecter..

      2. Woahhh… That much level of commitment….

        Half my chapters are unplanned and impromptu…. Actually most of them… Only the basic outline I’ll fix..And their POv’s….

        Sree teach me to be organized like you…

        Am all set for the weeping fest… Bring it on!!! 😀 😛 😀

        And dudee Not ur last fiction plssss….
        Write more… * Pretty please * * Puppy dog face *

      3. That’s not commitment at all. O just love to live the charecters I like and that’s what I used to do in my childhood to over come loneliness…so it is continuing till date and I take minimum half an hour to think about the secens and love in the charecters so that I can try to make you feel the same…that’s all dear

        I am not at all organized. It’s just I feel my charecters, a lot.
        I can understand your request but five is too much for me girl and from June, I will really get busy in my studies and it will be hard for me to manage..that’s all dear.

    3. Sorry. Didnt see the replies before. I have a good news. My sister Naina is coming to stay with me. I’m so happy. Its going to be a wonderful vacation.
      Sree ur writing has actually thr power to make me cry. I usually never cried except for my stories cause I feel the pain of my characters and Saba di and Vini di’s ff. But bingo! U just joined the list. I know there was nothing more emotional in this but I badly miss my sister yaar. She has been staying in hostel since two years. And just hardly comes here. She’s two years younger to me so she’s like my baby. And I really miss her a lot! And after hearing that she’s gonna come here I’m over the moon.

  33. amazing epi yar..superb..very nyc

    1. Thank-you Jasmine.

  34. Divya!!!!!!
    I don’t have any words left to say after reading this!!!
    Every emotion of every character is portrayed so well that it took my heart away!!
    Yaar after reading this today…I have decided one thing and I will let u know in ur 24th episode.. 🙂 something big is gonna come ur way… 🙂

    1. Hey likitha .so nice to see you again.
      Wow..a surprise? I think you are gonna start a fiction? Am I right?
      Thanks for appreciation my dear..love you.

  35. Hello everyone started typing the episode just now..so it might take more two hours for me to complete. I will surely inform you after updating friends.

  36. Hell no!! I really want to cry friends. I typed the whole episode and while correcting it, I accidentally pressed delete..I know I am late and I hate when I don’t keep promises. So will start typing again after dinner and you will be blessed with a midnight update.. Don’t be awake because TU will update tomorrow morning..

    1. lol….. No problem …. We will wait… 😛 😛

      Don’t stress urself!!!

      1. No submissions until 29th… 🙁 🙁

        Sree…. I can’t wait that long :'(

      2. Oh!! That’s the reason..I was wondering about my raglak ff..lol. In hurry. Will chat later.

      3. Anjali do you mean that ff won’t be uploaded until 29th April?

      4. Yes dhara di..no fiction till 29th of this month..feeling sad.

      5. Telly updates are not accepting any new submissions until 29th Dhara diii!!!

  37. Guys, uploaded the episode an hour back..

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