SWASAN – Acceptance (21)

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Sanskar followed by laksh and swara entered the office. Neither laksh nor swara dared to talk to him through out their journey. Sanskar ignored the wishes of his employees and staff members. He removed his sky blue color blazer with his right hand as he approached his cabin. He then handed it to swara, his eyes fixed on the person infront him. The arrogant business man is back.
“Good morning sir” the person greeted.
Sanskar didn’t even move a single muscle in his body except that his jaw, Clenched.
” where are papers?” He asked his eyes still fixed on the other one.
“where are contract papers kunal? ” sanskar roared like a lion to which everyone in the floor paled.
” I really don’t appreciate silence kunal, so be a good boy and answer me.” He said while rolling his sleeves up.
” I..I really don’t know sir” kunal answered, but it is barely audiable.
“ahh?” Sanskar shouted at him by placing palm beside his ear.
Kunal flinched ” I don’t know sir” he finally said which is a whisper now.
Sanskar raised his eyebrow and pulled out an envelope from his back pocket. Everyone are curious about the situation.
” do you know what is this?” Sanskar flipped the envelope on his fingers.
Kunal nodded in no totally scared by sanskar.
” I think my employees don’t entertain me beating you” he leaned to kunal’s desk placing his strong muscular hands on it
“so answer my question in words”
” Sanskar ” swara called out his name to calm him but she shut her mouth when be shot a dagger which had a message not to involve. Laksh fisted his hands while glaring kunal still not knowing the reason for his brother’s behaviour.
Sanskar let out a frustrated breath and closed his eyes counting ten and when he opened them, they are blood shot red.
Without uttering other word, he walked past them and reached security room at ground floor.
Everyone greeted him to which he nodded.
” just show me the footage from yesterday night after 9:00pm” be ordered them because the papers were placed in his locker by himself before day and only a few know the code of it.
He fixed his eyes to computer examining the footage but of no use. No one did even come to his cabin except a servant who just passed by. He exhaled helplessly but suddenly, something struck him.
” just rewind ” he ordered them and they obeyed. He smriked devilishly and again reached his floor.
” you are caught red handed kunal, no escape ” sanskar said to kunal loosening his tie. Everyone frowned.
” just open the envelope my boy” he again ordered kunal, this time with lots of humour.
Kunal gasped reading the papers.

“Did he say anything?” Ragini asked her assistant before entering the lock up.
” no mam ” he replied polietly.
She smriked proudly at the person who is lying in the pool of blood. She walked to him and grabbed a stick from one of the cop.
” so stubborn, huh?” She teased him with a beat
” ahh” he screamed in pain.
” will you say now?”
He nodded his head in no which angered ragini. She bet him mercilessly till twenty and then fisted his hair in her hands.
” I will not leave you until you spit the truth.”
” in your dreams” he replied with the same intensity as hers.
She glared him but her lips turned into a sadistic smrik. She let his hair go.
” use second degree” she ordered before stepping out if the cell.
” this is too much ” he yelled behind her which she ignored.

“So, you are the one who attacked me at mall” sanskar stated by taking the dominance.
Kunal sighed ” I am not getting you sir”
“oh” sanskar raised his brow “so, you say that you really don’t know who vansh is but the number he used to call frequently is brought in a sim shop near your house is just a coincidence?”
Kunal smiled sadly ” the sim shop is near my house doesn’t mean that I am responsible for everything” he explained, now confident.
Sanskar narrowed his eyes. Of course he is not going to buy any word of kunal.
” it’s because I fired you and you are seeking a revenge” sanskar spoke after few minutes of silence.
Kunal nodded his head in no. Of course his boss had behaved insane as him but he is not a person to kill someone for revenge.
” okay,I believe that you were not responsible for my attack” kunal’s face lit up with glee “but what about papers?”
” which papers?” Kunal’s innocent question annoyed him.
Sanskar sighed and chuckled at his drama ” it’s over kunal, it’s out. We have CCTV all over my office boy” he sarcastically informed kunal pointing to one of the camera.
Kunal scrunched his face in confusion. Sanskar laughed once again ripping the silence surrounding them. Swara gulped seeing this shade of him. It is too hard to digest.
” do you know where did I go just a few minutes ago?” He questioned humorously yet with serious eyes.
” security room. I checked the foot age and let me make you clear that some part of the footage is manipulated ”
Receiving shocked gasps from the floor, sanskar continued.
“around 12:30 am, one of our servant passed my cabin but” he smriked evily “….you really did a mistake kunal. You must have waited till she left the place. Unfortunately as you were eager, she suddenly missed from the scene without leaving the place completely, so did you get the picture my boy”
Swara opened her mouth wide.
” ten minutes of footage is manipulated and you are an excel in tele communications ”
Kunal stared sanskar with shock.
” ready to accept the truth?” Sanskar asked kunal casually turning to his right but became Alert when he saw singhania coming out of elevator. He immediately rolled of his sleeves and put on his blazer.
” hello Mr. Maheswari” singhania greeted him warmly shaking his hand. Sanskar smiled to him and both of them headed towards conference hall.
Sanskar excused himself and came to swara “I have another copy at my desk. Just bring them” he ordered before leaving.

Ragini smriked at the person after second degree treatment.
“Will you say me now?” She asked him after slapping hard.
” I will, please” he begged and she smiled victouriosly.

Swara came to his cabin and after few minutes of search, she got the papers. She turned off all the lights and is about to leave the room when her mobile beeped. She unlocked the screen and saw a message from private number.
‘ I need those papers swara. Handover them to me.’
Swara widened her eyes in horror but she replied him stubbornly.
‘ that’s none of your business’
With that, she started walking to the board room. Her mobile beeped once again
‘ I think you won’t appreciate if sanskar gets killed by your stubborness’
She wiped the drops of sweat and texted him back. Her fingers trembling all the time.
‘ I am not going to fall in your trap’
Within few seconds, her mobile beeped again.
‘ my men are aiming him from the opposite building dear. Try to listen and give me the papers’
Swara closed her eyes and opened them again with determination. She stepped into the elevator after texting
‘ where should I deliver?’

Swara reached the place mentioned by the person. The area is a desserted one but still it is familiar to her as it is near the MANISON. The roads are very narrow. Her steps stopped when she reached ‘heights’ apartment and looked up noticing that it is a three storey old building. She ascended the stairs and finally knocked the door of flat 302. Her breathing raced as her palms became sweaty. She clutched the papers hard when the door knob turned revealing the person.
” ragini ” she murmurmed in shock. There is no way that ragini can betray sanskar.
Ragini stood infront of her with her head down.
” ragini” swara once again called out her name. Ragini raised her tear filled heavy lashes to swara.
” why are you here?” Swara asked confused after seeing the tears.
Ragini gulped and held her uniform tight on her besides before opening her mouth
” I..I got to know about the person ..who..who attacked..sanskar” she said, her voice completely broken.
” who?” Swara asked shivering.
Ragini took a deep breath and moved back to allow swara to step in. When she did, ragini moved beside revealing the person.
Swara saw someone sitting on old and cheap sofa with his head buried in his hands. His body looked so familiar to her as his scent. The person lifted his head to face her.
” laksh” swara gasped.

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  1. sema twist…xcellent epi as always

    1. Thank-you shree.

    1. It will soon turn into heaven dear

  2. Oh my god sree..plz dont make laksh negative.. Plz..and yup..ep.was amazing as always..u kept me glued to the storyline..

    1. Thank-you richa and this is not the end. So you need to see a gray shade of laksh which will be completely justified.

  3. Gosh I was just praying for this not to happen but you did it laksh…..
    my blood is boiling brother sister bond is something in which I can’t digest betrayal yet I can’t skip from this ff sanskar’s horrifying nature suited to me this was something which I love the most in him…
    Swara again… again she did the same but this time reason was his safety ……ragini also in devilish awatar ………u know you’re just making me impatient only one thing roaming in my mind
    Laksh laksh and laksh god another heart break for my sanskar family’s betrayal is the worst…. hope everything goes good
    Sree how are you now? Completely fine na….take proper rest and then upload neither you nor we are running away ????

    1. So sorry for making laksh this way but I must because story demanded and please this is not the end. Love has power to change so it will take time for laksh..your every question will be answered soon neha dear.
      I loved sanskar and ragini so much today and swara is completely changed now. Few people use their second chance perfectly.
      So as laksh betrayed, what are you expecting now? Will sanskar cry? Everything will fall in its place. You just need to wait.
      I am okay now neha. Temperature decreased to 100. Of course I agree with you but I don’t like to keep my readers imapatient.

      1. Aww how sweet of you don’t wanna keep ur readers impatient but plzz don’t neglect ur health too sree see I even send you apples n watermelons ..hehe sorry …yeah u said some ppl use their 2nd chance so well happy with swara for doing it hope she give support to sanskar ………sanskar crying… no never but I know he will be so heart broken that tears won’t stop all credit to you ? u know I always used to ignore and pray laksh not betraying sanky but your last epi confirmed it when you mentioned that Vishwas thing and blind trust, not spying his family but still ?well I’m waiting for you to justify his this side …
        Temp dropped to 100 wow now backing to normal temp u had sunstroke no…. u went for shopping na that to alone didn’t took me that’s why u got ?stroke!!!! Hehe sorry kidding dear ?? tc and get well soon ??

      2. Why are you apologizing me for sending fruits. Infact I ate them but apples are not available in summer *pouts*
        I really didn’t try to give any hint about laksh in last episode but it happened and yeah sanskar will be broken but if you want to see acrying sanskar, I will torture him but not now.
        Seriously!! I was affected because I went to shopping alone?? Lol..will surely take you with me the next time and be ready and practice being patient because I really visit every shop in my locality.. Lol

  4. OMG its a shock dear

    1. Thank-you kanika.

  5. i just knew it… that something is wrong with laksh as he suddenly disappeared from the mall at the time of attack and the way he was annoyed and sweaty on knowing about clues on attacker of sanskaar….. but it was just a doubt as i said in my previous comments 2-3 chapters before…, anywayz i think laksh is revenging sanskaar for sumthing related to his past for which he started drinking heavily…..

    1. No dear..laksh was with them at mall. He didn’t disappear anywhere. You are a very good observer dear but laksh’s reason will be surely justified.

  6. Yeah…yeah…YIPPEEE…..i guessed it correct. Laksh is the one harming sanku?…..

    1. Still u did a great job… Its nice to see Ragini concerned towards sanku. N waity for nxt.. Kow r u sree? Get well soon

      1. I am okay now smiley..yup laksh is the one trying to harm sanskar but the story is not ending. Still you all should find out the person who murdered swara’s parents.

  7. Yup. .. I guessed ri8…at the attack day only I told that criminal is that prsn whom we will suspect the least… bechara sanskar… peHe swara ka dhokha thn ab laksh… he loves laksh the most… pata nhi jab usse pata chalega thn kya hoga. ..feeling really bad for him…
    How can laksh do so. .. sanskar cared abt him the moSt….

    1. I thnk so laksh was knowing abt swara… He also used swara as a pawn… just a guess. …

    2. Don’t feel bad dear. Swara is there to heal sanskar and I must admit that even you people are becoming detectives..I seriously want to you all feel bad for sanskar and even I am waiting for his reaction when he gets to know the truth.

      1. Sree ur words make us literally feel pain for sanskar….I just don’t know how will he react. .. He will cry his heart out… will go In a trauma… can b anything… bcoz laksh is the prsn he loved the most…

        But one thing is sure swara will always be on his side n will give him strength to overcome it…even it can happen that he will nt react to it. . Just nt believe it… n can even act normal… bt close ppl can understand he is dying from inside….

        N sree dr take care… take a rest till u become completely normal back to form… get well soon Dr…bcoz health is wealth we can surely wait for your ff…

      2. Two possibilities huh? If you really want to see sanskar crying,I will plan actually planned but not now and I am sure that day everyone will cry for sanskar.
        Yup,it’s swara’s time to prove herself and I will help her for sure and about my health, I never take a damn of it. I behave very normal with 102 even but my mom keeps scolding me. Moreover these fictions will hell me to forget all the worries.

      3. Literally shree vaishu was ri8… u should be beaten with a stick even after having fever…. 102 n u r giving no damn shit to it…. its nt ok dr…. u should again go to 2- 3 class n learn the proverb health is wealth. .. n write a essay on it…

        I m seriously feeling depressed after seeing my sanky depressed ?? can’t wait for today’s ep… don’t know by I feel that today u will make me cry for sure… waiting for it

  8. Finally saw sanky’s anger gud….nd poor sanky I am really feeling bad for him how many betrayals for him ….omg can’t imagine his condition after knowing truth…hope sanskaar will not missunderstand swara….u r always extra ordinary dear…..nd wat happened to u ?? R u not well?? I already said no to take care of urself but no u will not listen…I think I shld tske a stick nd come to u…..

    1. I am sorry momma..please don’t beat me..lol..just affected by sunstroke dear. I am okay now.
      I am glad that you loved sanskar infact I lived his charecter today. Sanskar will not misunderstand her and it’s my promise.

      1. Omg sunstroke nd ur body temp was above 100 …..Don’t go out in afternoon dear u very well know dat dis year temp in hyderabad is very high than before years so take care of urself…..nd my results I got 95.6%…I told in raglak ff but don’t know it posted r not

      2. 103 for clarification dear..I am okay now. Actually I went out because it was urgent but I ended up sticking to bed..lol..and yeah momma. I will take care for sure. Congo on your marks and where is my party??
        I replied you on raglak even.

      3. Hmm party??!!! I ready to give party dear but u only tell me how to give party to u???

      4. I raise my hands in defeat dear..you won..lol

  9. Omg!!!!! Awesome twist sree harini????I’m loving it.??

    1. Thank-you so much kavya dear. Will try my best to satisfy you.

  10. What a twisty part …..sreee hats off buddy…….now is laksh on grey scale….dat wid b a tight slap for sanky……but y is d odr qiestion…i know dat u vl answer 4 these on coming epis………n lovd d morning treat ….love n hugs….njoy d sunday buddy

    1. I have uploaded this episode yesterday evening and it got updated by midnight..lol.sanky is on victim scale now.and nkt me but next episode has answers for your questions.

  11. OMG…what is this plz sree don’t make laksh as villain…I like the character of him very much in ur ff and why is he doing that?

    1. You will love lakshin future too dear. I am just giving him a grey shade..don’t worry shabrin.

  12. M still trying to swallow it. Is it true? I will just wait for next update.

    1. Wise decision dhara di and I will try to reach your expectation.

  13. Godddd…. U gave me a heart attack……

    1. Oh no ria! Rush to hospital immediately.. I want you alive till my last update..lol.

  14. Omg again betrayal for him
    But plz don’t make laksh as a villain

    1. Laksh will be given a grey shade dear. He is not the villian here

  15. Ys guessed it will be Laksh.. When swara said she didn’t attack sanskar on mall.
    I think something related to Laksh past..previous epi I had the doubt why didn’t u revealed his past and sanskar blindly belive his family, and he is not going to spying his own family..that time my doubt become strong . Culprit always be a person that we least suspect.

    1. Wow.. I am seriously happy that you guessed it right. Your analysis is perfect seetothy but you should wait for the reason for laksh’s revenge and sanskar’s trust for family will also be explained soon.

  16. oo…god…laksh is culprit? ???poor sanky how much should he bear….feeling so bad for him…don’t know what will happen if he comes to know d truth…..well nice episode. ..as always. …

    1. Even I am waiting for sanskar dear and seriously you will get to see his pain more because the story is not at the end.

  17. what laksh s d culprit?????oh my gosh pls update next asap…..but i dont want to c him as negative….k u continue

    1. He is just grey dear. Don’t panic about laksh.

  18. Omg Laksh !!!!! He did that! Amazing episode

    1. Your expression is like oh no? is he capabale..haha it’s laksh only but with a valid reason.

  19. oh sod seriously sweetie u r excellent..
    i m too much curious to know the reason behind this..
    n take care of ur health love u πŸ™‚

    1. Thank-you falguni…I think the reason will be a valid one.

  20. n yes i love this arrogant sanskar πŸ˜‰
    poor sanskar when he think everything is fine then something hurt him very cruelly ..

    1. Exactly, poor sanskar but swara is there for him.

  21. Excellent twist Sree. Even though I can see Laksh grey I feel there’s some genuine motive behind this. Maybe some sort of misunderstanding or stuff. Just a request. Please make Laksh positive by the end of the story. Please!! I really loved him a lot in this ff. But now things are going more mysterious.

    Sorry couldn’t comment in the last episode but I read that and it was equally good. But this episode has its own charm I think. Update soon ?

    Love ya!

    1. Hey anu, I have seen broken souls but will read tonight dear.sorry for that.
      As you said, laksh is just grey hence he will turn positive but with many more twists and turns. Everything will happen slowly, actually I will take it slow.
      You don’t need to be sorry for not commenting anu.. I can understand

      1. Awe..love you too anu.

    2. It’s okay dear. You take care of yourself. Health is more important, okay. Love ya! ??

  22. Omg !!!! I really did not expect it to be laksh. Its really shocking. One more betrayel for sanskar.
    Really amazing ep today.

    1. One more betrayal for sanskar and I am glad that you enjoyed this twist dear..thank-you for appreciation dear.

  23. I cant take too much of suspense yaar!! Laksh i nvr thought abt that!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Haha..the threads will get loose for next few episodes.

  24. First of all, are you fine now sree??? I hope you are alright… pls take care…

    And now….. for ur ff….. I cannot think of any place where you did not rock… each and every sentence made me go ????

    Sanskaars arrogance and anger, swaras shock and confusion raginis strength and finally laksh…..

    Though I did think it would be laksh…. but I’m also expecting him to have a valid reason and ik you’ll be delivering many twists…. can’t wait…. amazing epi… ?????
    Absolutely loved it… I read it 5 times be for deciding to comment…. ??

    Do take care….love you…??

    1. Doing better anju..I really don’t know how did I sleep typing raglak and when I opened my eyes, it was 12:45..so I thought to inform you all about that but again felt bad for not keeping my promise..Bence I must type now.
      I understood the reason behind your excitement of this episode..sanskar right?
      5 times!! Whao..that’s an honor and yeah laksh’s reason will be a valid one. Till next episode, keep guessing.

      1. Chill sree… Even I know how it feels when we don’t live up to our promises..

        MY SWEETIE CUTIE PIE… HE absolutely rocked… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        But another reaosn is Swara… I loved her too here…. AMAZING AF….

        5 times… and 3 more now…
        Am avoiding studying for physics.. πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

        Laksh!!! <3 <3
        Can't waitt

      2. You comment made me laugh but idk.I am glad that you loved SWASAN here..lol another three times..girl! I guess that you will wote these things in exam instead of answers lol..

  25. Awesome ep.di i love ur ff a lot.many mysteries are making it more interesting. I am hooked to ur ff.plz update regularly.waiting for next ep.cant wait to see laksh’s reason for attacking sanskar

    1. Thank-you so much sree..I will update regularly. Don’t worry about episodes because I will give one episode daily and sometimes two..
      Your questions will be answered by 6:00pm today.

      1. Thanks di.

  26. OMG!!!!!!!! ……… what the hell…….such a big twist,,,,!!!!!!!!!! unimaginablle……… :O

    1. Thank-you jerly.

  27. Omggggg……unexpected twist loved it can’t wait know the suspence is killing me

    1. No way Khan, I want you alive till my last update..lol.

      1. Heheheeh loll…..sure u will be alive

  28. What laksh…seriously…i mean what a twist. Like now I can’t even guess what’s will happen now…..sanskaar this shade….awww I loved it….finally swara is changed…and Ragini I liked her way too!!! But how can Laksh betray sanskaar. …i mean how?? Why??….
    Well really sorry for not commenting regularly…just a bit busy
    Lot of love, kisses, hugs

    1. Lots of love to you too my dear but your every question will be answered in my next episode.even I am waiting for its upload…hehe I love business wala sanskar and swara is changed. Only few use their second chances and she did it.

  29. Hello everyone, I have posted the episode.

  30. Laksh.. I already had doubt on him.. another heartbreaking for Sanskar..feeling bad for him.. nice epi.. after reading comments got to know that ur not well.. Take care dear.. get well soon

    1. Aww..Jammie. Will take care of myself dear..I promise and I am happy that you doubted laksh. Well another detective reader. Yeah, sanskar will be betrayed badly.

  31. Wow new twist…. U r amazing writer dear

    1. Thank-you anu..thank-you so much.

  32. Another amazing update. I couldn’t digest the fact that Laksh is behind this, well even i doubted him but I never thought he will attack sanky. Poor sanky, i really don’t want to see him broken once again. Please don’t make sanky to suffer alot.

    can’t wait for next update. I want to see everybody’s approach towards laksh, i know u will rock it.

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