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“Why don’t you include your detective about this case?” Swara asked sanskar highly irritated by his mahanata.
” vishwas?” He asked caustiosly.
” vishwas!! It really suits his profession” she chuckled. Sanskar cocked his head
” I already said that I never spy on my family”
” you and your stupid principles” she murmured and stamped her foot before walking to her room.
” swara! Listen to me” he yelled behind her and followed when she didn’t reply.

” we have servants to do this” he said to her quietly by grabbing the clothes which she is folding. She narrowed her eyes to him in angry and shook her head.
” don’t be mad at me” he pleaded. His words melted her but she didn’t want to show it on her face.
” why shouldn’t I?” She crossed her hands completely annoyed
” because I have some principles swara. I trust family, so I cannot spy them” he explained and she rolled her eyes.
” I am asking to use vishwas for yourself not your family” she snapped and walked out of the room.

Her steps are hard and strong representing her angry. She badly wanted to save him but he is acting as a stupid, stuck to principles of his life. Of course one must follow buy not blindly. There will be chance to get clues if he hires detectives, even ragini is trying her best to find out the mystery.
She stopped walking abruptly when she realised that she reached the other side of the corridor which she never visited.
Few rooms are locked while few are open. May be they belonged to the elders of the house.
Out of curiosity, she opened the door of an unlocked room. The entire room looked dull with pale yellow walls. The furniture is covered with white dusty sheets. The room is clean yet dirty. She stepped in hesitatingly. There are few frames hanging inside the room. A black and white one and all others are colored. The black and white had a young couple in wedding dress. Swara’s eyes widened when she recognized the person in the frame as ram Prasad maheswari.
” that’s my dad” sanskar informed her from behind in deep voice.
She turned her eyes to him but again sticked them to the frame.
” swara!” He pleaded.
” what!” She snapped.
” talk to me”
” fine” she raised her hands In air ” I want to clean this place” she stated.
” we have ser..”
” enough of chanting ‘we have servants swara’ ” she mocked in irritation.
“you asked me to learn to live rich but do you know how many are dying there on roads for half of the money you used to buy dresses for me?” Swara blurted out.
Sanskar stood still at her out burst.
” many suicide just because they are unable to pay simple debts and here you are wasting. I don’t say you wrong sanskar,you should spend money but not out of use. Instead donate to the needy” she informed to him and turned to the other side.
Sanskar didn’t had answer for her question because she is correct. He is a born with silver spoon so he never knew the problems of low class. It’s not that he doesn’t value money but for a rich person, earning crores per month, thousands will definitely doesn’t matter.
He came out of his thoughts when he saw swara opening the drawer of study table. She grabbed a pile of papers which are tied together by a rope.
” noone cleaned this room after my father leaving it” he informed to swara who coughed due to dust.
” these are some business papers” she said looking at them. Sanskar narrowed his eyes and approached her. He took papers from her and read it clearing the dust.
” oh God!” He exclaimed in horror before turning to swara ” these are the deal papers between my father and yours and ” he gulped to a shocking and curious swara “there was something wrong happening in our company at that time”
Swara gasped and rubbed her temples to reduce her tension.
” I said you right that your dad is at the side of crime” she finally said after few minutes of silence. Sanskar collapsed in a dusty chair near by. He opened his mouth twice and closed them, lack of words. Swara felt her heart constricted for his emotions but presently, she is fighting for her parents. Sanskar ran a hand through his hair trying to understand the situation. Never in the history of maheswaris’ there wasn’t any complain about manipulations instead there are always know for their perfection and loyalty but how can this happen?
Swara sat on knees beside him before throwing another pile of papers onto the cupboard those are in her way.
” control yourself sanskar” she tried to comfort him by speaking in a low voice but he didn’t even move an inch. She bit her lip in tension for his state.
Sanskar raised his lashes to swara and then turned to the source of sound. The corners of his lips twitched seeing the same pile of papers which swara threw on cupboard on ground. Swara sighed and cursed something about her height which is barely audiable. She then walked to the spot followed by sanskar. He bent down to pick up them but something caught his eyes. He picked a set of papers which are different from other.
” I think this has fallen from top along with others because I didn’t see them with those papers earlier” she informed.
He nodded to her before opening the papers. it had few stamps at one corner which looked so familiar. Swara leaned to get a better view of them. Both of them looked each other in shock and then to papers after reading first few lines.
” case papers! ” she murmurmed still confused and shocked. Sanskar choked when he understood that those are the same papers which ragini claimed as missing.
” no doubt sanskar, your father is culprit. He killed my parents” she said with tears in her eyes.
” you can’t judge swara” his voice broken.
” can you give explations for these papers?, no. Your dad had stolen them so that noone will ever get to know about him”
” why don’t you think positive about him?”
” that’s what sanskar, why don’t you believe the truth, look” she took his face in her palms ” for you he is your dad first and for me, he stands in place of my parents murderer ” she reasoned genuinely.
Sanskar took a deep breath and caught her wrist.
” come” he ordered and dragged her out of the room.
” I am sure that my dad didn’t kill anyone but if he did” he swallowed the hard lump forming in his throat “he is paying for his deeds” sanskar said to swara sitting at driver’s seat of Range Rover. Swara gave him a puzzled look but kept quiet.

He opened the door for her when they reached their destination. ‘Global Hospitals’ swara read the blocked letters engraved on the building and before she could process any thing, she is being again dragged by sanskar. They reached fifth floor in elevator and a Ward boy greeted sanskar to which he nodded
So it is a place of his frequent visit, she thought.
They both stopped infront of a room with a glass door.
” I said you once that I will meet you my father when time is ripe, there he is.” Sanskar said pointing his index finger to the glass door. Swara turned and saw a person sleeping on bed with wires all over his body. The person is asleep now and he looked pale and thin.
” he is the one whom you wanted to meet swara, my father, ram Prasad MAHESWARI” sanskar informed her from behind.
Swara gasped and then fixed her gaze to the person. She slowly placed her hand on the door. The world around her froze for a moment.

After half an hour, sanskar handed a glass of water to swara.
” what happened to him?” She asked still shocked.
” coma, from twelve years. It happened after four months after your parents death.” His voice is pained.
Swara pursued her lips battling to ask how did that happen.
” he fell from stairs and..” He answered to her unasked question.
” our family is still in hope that he will return from coma.” He leaned to the chair he is sitting, his eyes closed with high rate of breathing.

The ride to Manison is silent. Swara is all confused but deep inside she still believed that ram Prasad is responsible for her parents demise but she didn’t want to say it aloud and loose his trust once again. Her chain of thoughts broke when sanskar’s mobile rang.
” hello” he said.
” hello sanskar, I’ve got information regarding the sim number whose signals were difficult to trace ” ragini informed him.
” oh, so will you arrest him?”
Ragini laughed at his innocence ” I just have the details of the sim my friend not about the person”
” will you be able to send a copy to me?” He asked curious and annoyed at same time.
” yeah, in five minutes” she answered before disconnecting.

Swara and sanskar reached the Manison after three minutes. Sanskar saw a person standing infront of the entrance with a cover in his hand. Sanskar smiled to him after receiving the papers.
” what are the papers about?” Swara asked sanskar once he closed the envelope after reading them. The expression on his face said that someone is going to be get killed in his hands.
He opened his mouth to answer but again his phone rang. He received the call and kept on speaker.
” good news sanskar” ragini chirped.
” what?” Sanskar asked impatiently. Swara’s eyes are fixed to mobile.
” guess what,we arrested the person whom swara sketched. He is under our custody now.”
” whao” swara exclaimed. It is really a good news for her.
Sanskar disconnected the call when he saw a tensed laksh entering the hall from outside.
” bad news bhai” laksh said with lots of tension and fear in his voice.
Sanskar gestured him to continue.
” the contract papers of singhania’s are missing and we have a meeting with them in two hours” laksh is totally worried.
Sanskar’s eyes burned with anger.

Credit to: Sree harini

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