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In the previous episode, I tried something new but it backfired. The person who smiled in office is kunal.
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Love, it is the reason of survival of almost all living beings. Even animals who are not capable of thinking, respond to its owner for his love. He is a human after all and love is needed for his existence too. How much he try to betray himself, the fact is that he cannot stop loving and trusting people blindly. A smile came on sanskar’s face for swara’s question
‘Do you still love me?’
Love isn’t a feeling which will end. We all love everyone we know but the versions differ. Sometimes as a friend or parents or brother even life partner and he knew what is his love for swara. But he is afraid, afraid to love because every time he gets close to someone, they will end up in hurting him. Badly. He really didn’t want to disappoint her but it is the only way.
Swara kept her gaze on him who is standing infront of her with his back. Without turning, he nodded his head no. Swara’s heart flinched but immediately jumped in joy seeing his hands turning into fits beside his thighs.

“Someone said that they will leave before me entering into the house” laksh sarcastically said these words to air pointing noone but swara knew what he meant.
She gave him her best innocent smile batting her eyelashes while sitting on chair at dining.
“I would have my dear but you know what, your company may be at loss loosing a gem. So I withdr..”
” enough of qurallel. Let’s start from first” ragini suggested cutting swara.
Laksh gave her a what’s-wrong-with-you look and turned to swara
” I will never start friendship with her again”
” even I don’t want to be a friend of immature person” swara snapped which irritated laksh.
” I am not immature okay. It’s you who always got excited seeing an icecream stall”
” why are back of icecream now. That’s my choice. anyways I am just excited but not drooling like you seeing some hot girl”
” will you just shut up? I guess you too will drool if you see someone handsome. Admit it” laksh’s voice is full of frustration, jealousy and a bit of temper.
” haha. In your dreams” she mocked raising her hands playfully.
” will you both please stop acting like kids?” Sanskar shouted at him totally irritated.
Swara and laksh gave him a deathly glare which shit him up. Ragini giggled seeing sanskar.
” why won’t you say it to him?” Swara asked crossing her arms.
“It’s because you are acting like child” laksh said with mouthful of food.
Sanskar and ragini rolled their eyes for the silly conversation of swara and laksh.
” tell me something about vansh” ragini asked swara once they all got settled with the silly fight that was on few minutes ago.
Swara frowned and then narrowed her eyes recollecting about him.
” I met vansh two years ago. He said to me that he was my neighbours son and he knew who is the murderer of my parents. I didn’t believe him first because I don’t know him and how can I believe someone without a proof? He then showed him a bracelet which belongs to ram Prasad maheswari making me believe him.”
” and how do you know that?” Sanskar asked staring swara intensely.
” bracelet” she continued ” the bracelet had R engraved on it and also he gave me a photograph of your family with you four men in it. I saw the same bracelet in it”
” do you have that with you?” Ragini asked thinking of something
” the photo? I burned it.” Swara answered her voice low.
Ragini shook her head in no “the bracelet”. Swara nodded in yes “I would like to see it once.”
Sanskar eyes grew darker and darker as his lower lip rolled inside his mouth
“If he really had evidence, he must have informed it to police, not you” he finally said with a curious voice.
Laksh nodded approving his brother’s words “there comes our master mind” he rolled his eyes to swara whose mouth is open. It really didn’t get to her because she was blindfolded by revenge then.
” I never thought of it. Because I..I was drowned in revenge ” she finally accepted looking down.
Ragini smiled satisfactorily and exhaled
” as you gave me the information about vansh, I will reward you now” ragini said with overflowing humor.
The trio raised their eyebrows in confusion. Ragini gave them a fake gasp and leaned to them.
” vansh is a professional killer” she said in a very low voice adding some mysterious and dangerous effects to it.
All of them again opened their in shock.
” serial killer?” This is something which swara didn’t expect.
Laksh expression changed from shock to irritation and then anger. “someone has trapped her even” he shouted.

Swara inhaled deeply thinking about the conversation about vansh at dinner. She considered him as a genuine friend but the thought being used as a pawn started eating her again. No doubt her revenge is true but what if ram Prasad is not the murderer?
‘ how will he get the same bracelet? He might have seen the murder but didn’t inform police cause he is a serial killer’
She nodded to her thoughts and calmed down herself.
Someone’s knock disturbed her.
” I am really sorry for ruining your tender” swara apologized to sanskar who walked in. He raised his eyebrows questioning her.
” I still don’t agree that I was late but according to your brother’s words, I am responsible. So sorry” she explained.
Sanskar smriked, the same heart melting one “we made it swara. The contract is ours”
” B..but..h..ho..how?” She fumbled in shock which made him laugh, a true one which melted her.
” we attended the meeting. Simple” he shrugged.
“Oh” is all she could say. Journey by flight would have been difficult. Then how did they manage.
Silence filled the room for few minutes
” I came here to inform that case papers are missing” sanskar stated with a heavy voice.
Swara widened her eyes ” what do you mean by missing?”
“Missing mean missing”
Swara shook her head in irritation and then she exhaled.

“Please bring blue file” sanskar yelled from his study to swara. She cursed him under her breath because it is sixteenth time that she is walking to his room. She searched every corner of the room and smiled sarcastically for her fate after not being able to find it. She suddenly remembered about a guest room the other side where he usually spends his time. While walking through the corridor, she heard some sound from one room and opened it with curiosity. She started laughing the moment the door opened.
Laksh stopped jogging and turned to swara who is laughing like mad. Her cheeks became red.
” will you just say why are you laughing?” Laksh asked impatiently staring at swara.
Swara tried hard not to laugh but still chuckled “what has happened to you laksh. Why are you jumping with a horror expression on your face” she again bursted out laughing.
” swara” he warned.
She raised her hands in defeat and suddenly her eyes fell on monitor infront of laksh
” Xbox..this is the reason for your behaviour. Oh God” she chuckled again.
” what’s happening” a threatening make voice boomed behind her making quite.
” I was just playing baseball and this girl found it funny” laksh explained to sanskar. Sanskar’s face soften thinking about how swara might found it funny.
” I am sorry but seeing someone jumping in a place without anyone else beside made me laugh ” she apologized. Laksh nodded his head in ‘okay’.
” I wish kamala bai is here. She would have cursed you badly for what you just did now” laksh stated to swara with humor. Sanskar’s lips curved into smile.
” of course she will. After all she is your girlfriend, right?” Sanskar teased. Kamala bai worked in place of ramu kaka. She loved the brothers so much that she doesn’t even go a step back in defending them
“Kamala bai” swara murmured “this sounds familiar”
” that’s because there are many others who possess this name” laksh explained trying to surpress his anger.
Swara nodded in no “It is so familiar. I know her name. I heard it..but where” she said more to herself biting her nail
The lines on forehead are together now. Sanskar and laksh stared her with confusion. She released the nail from the teeth and lifted her head to sanskar when realisation hit her.

Credit to: Sree harini

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  1. Loved it…… loved it…..

    Though not much of sanskaar in this epi…..
    Laksh rocked this epi… and so did swara!!!

    Amazing…. waiting for the next…. I was so excited when I saw this… had just got inside the bus ???

    1. So finally I am here to reply. Ha this episode doesn’t have sanskar in it but it is needed for the story to move forward. I just want to patch up both but not all of a sudden. I hope you enjoyed reading dear.

  2. U r fab…..again rocked it

    1. Thank-you Khan.

  3. Amazing fabulous awesome marvellous tremendous spectacular….

    Finally after few episodes it was a happy-go episode!! I was smiling like an idiot while reading laksh and swara chats…kamala bai laksh girlfriend haha…. Dining table fight haha hilarious…dear how can u manage all emotions at a Tim first hilarious one then at a glance serious…well Kamal bai familiar name for swara….yayy!! Always you manage to leave us in dilemma now what will happen….
    Love u dear!! Upload soon!! ?

    1. Is there any end for words. Girl please stop praising me. I really feel uncomfortable for prasies especially from friends.
      I thought to give a break for you all because now the story gets more intense than before. The next two will also be a bit light.I just want to give time for swalak patch so this is needed. Seriously I didn’t plan this way but it came out more than what actually I thought. Regarding emotions, I should not bore you people. So it is here.

  4. Woohoo…. swara was also a pawn.. u literlly some times give me heart attack grl…I knew dat vansh is most probably using swara…. bt never came to mind Dat he can be a serial killer too… swara literally loves sanskar as she can even evaluate his body language. ….. n now this kamala bai…I thnk so it’s a lil big trap to kill sanskar. .. these guys have nt even imagined. … mastermind is behind it… can b any one…. may b laksh bcoz every time the least expected prsn turns up to b a mastermind. … or may be the client whom sanskar bashed n insulted in frst ep… can b any one… plz upload nxt ASAP. .. cant wait… shree u r just fab

    1. Hey be in contact with your family doctor. I want you safe and sound till my last episode..haha.well a cold trap is layed for sanskar’s death but by whom is the main question. You forgot deen dayal gadodia even. He too has chances to harm sanskar. Well keep guessing

  5. Ahh it is osm as always… bt i want to thank you… now u must be wondering y… so answer is that the frst ever ff which i read on TU was I dreamt a dream… n few daysback i came to kno that it was ur creation… i just luv that story… that touched my heart… i start writing after reading that… i spend my whole night in reading that .. as i catch that from last epi…. u r osm…i hv no words for u… u r bestesttt writer here… luv u loads 😉 🙂

    1. Meher its by Sindhuja. Not by Sree. My first ff which I read here was by Vini di. And then Sree. And then Anu. Then you. Then Anjali. All r great. Please start a new one after Kuch iss tarah. And Sree. The epi left me curious Sree.. Please update soon.
      And also update Raglak. That’s the only Raglak ff I read.

      1. @SwaSan i hv alredy statrted a new ff… into n prologue has been posted alreasy itz..”SwaSan Revenge:A smile that has stolen my heart”

    2. I dreamed a dream is by sindhuja, not sree harini…….
      But I agree… it was an amazing story

    3. As Anjali and SWASAN said, it is not mine but my bff’s creation dear. She is absolutely an amazing writer and your every word is true for her.
      And SWASAN, I am trying my best to upload dear. Will surely give two fictions by tomorrow afternoon.

      1. Now i hv to find sindhuja for saying same thing…. ohh god u bbfs r osm then i must say….

  6. Amazing today this lucky boy nailed it swalak conversation or should say useless arguments just rocked… But sanskar’s expressions were also too good… And now this kamla bai….. Kuch toh gadbad h ??

    1. Useless arguments..exactly! About kamala bai, you should wait..I am not gonna say anything now…lol.

  7. Awsm work I loved it

    1. Thank-you purnima.

  8. Oh God again new twist.. U know wt sree ur each n every episode make me curious day by day.. 1st para is so heart touching..
    N to days episode also that serial killer.. Can’t even imagine..
    But good keep it up dear..
    Hey Raglak 2nd love also too good dear.. U know after reading all the episodes I really felt speech less u portrayed raglak so amazingly that I m fell for them.. N yes u r tiered though u uploaded next part to keep ur promise.. This is something I never could.. How r u now..?? N for the all the off u wrote n writing God bless u dear 🙂

    1. I know that you all are surprised by knowing about vansh but this is just trailor. In future, you will get details about vansh. And about first para, I just wrote it like that with out thinking of anything.
      Thanks for reading raglak. Actually it is a very general concept ao I am working for that to make it interesting. You will fall for laksh soon in it . I am fine now but stuck in few issues of dance classes. So I am hardly getting time to type the episodes. Will upload surely by tomorrow afternoon.

  9. Wow swalak was the charm of today’s episode. And ragsan were also good. Superb. Rocked it.

    1. Swalak will rock more in future. Just wait and watch.

  10. Oh god it’s superbbb

    1. Thank-you Mona.

  11. Wow!! I can’t say I expected him to say “yes” to her question of whether he still loves her or not. But it’s good to see that she realized he wasn’t saying the truth. Love cannot change but a broken trust will take time. She will now have to work hard to build back the blind trust he had on her and lay a more concrete foundation for their relationship.

    Swalak argument was funny… It really felt like two kids are fighting.

    Who is Kamala bai?? Question of the day right… Well I would say no!! She must have seem kamala Bai with Vansh. Maybe that’s how he got the bracelet which he gave Swara.

    1. Yup I agree with her abt kamala bai

    2. Realisation from swara’s side is important for the story to move forward. Not exactly but it is really hard for anyone to hide their feelings for long time.I agree with you that broken trust takes time.
      Even I adored swalak today.
      No comments on kamala bai from my side. You need to wait for answer.

  12. Wooooooooooow. I’m ur silent reader. I was praying that the update comes soon. And when I opened the page both my fav ffs Acceptance and Broken Souls were already updated. Had a good luck today. The episode was amazing.. So many twists yaar! Loving it so much. Plz update soon ?

    1. Thank for coming forward to comment dear. I will try to update tomorrow afternoon but after that, I will upload daily by 6:00pm so that you can check it around 9:00. I think it would be better. More twists on the way, hold your breath.

  13. Wow very nice

    1. Thank-you bresh..after a long time..

  14. Awesmoe amazing Sree u deserve the first place in swasan analysis

    1. It shows your love dear. I am honored but there are many others who deserve it too.

  15. Awwww swalak fight was sooooo cute. …it’s d kind of fight close friends have with each other….soo sweet they are n adorable….awesome di …its commendable how u r able to build up d mystery n suspense at d end of every chapter! !!!!!….loved it…

    1. Swalak were best friends. It takes time for laksh and swara to become normal. Suspense and mystery is the one which hooks you up ..right?

  16. plzzzzz upload next sooner

    1. Thank-you newbie, rosey and anu for commenting. Will upload by afternoon m

  17. The entire epi is awesome …dat xample for trust is superbb….swalak fights r really fantastic…laksh rocked so as swara …now coming to lines at top abt love after reading them I was like wat….I am jumping on bed…..u know y few months ago in vini di’s ff I wrote a poem abt love nd u won’t believe but d same lines I quoted in hindhi ,r8 now I don’t want to make u bore by telling d poem….I am amazed by dis coincidence…..nd akka pls don’t spoil ur health…nuvvu enni rayagaligithe anni rayi….don’t take stress ok na…

    1. You are a poet!!! Wow vaishu. I really don’t know that. I typed first para with half sleep and it perfectly suits Sanskar’s ideology but you need to wait for his past to unfold. Swalak sill steal few episodes in the same way. I am totally moved by your concern dear. Nenu chala try chestunna two fictions upkaod cheyyadaniki but dance classes valla avvatam ledu. I will surely follow your order my dearest sissy.

      1. It would really b silly if I tell dat I am a poet….I am not a poet dear I just wrote very few dats it dat too with d inspiration of some people in vini di’s army….nd wat u r going for dance classes ohh so u r having holidays aa r8 now??

      2. Not silly vaishu because you have some talent which I don’t. Frankly speaking I can’t talk hinifi without grammar mistakes but you writing poetic lines is something really good. And I think the inspiration is from joya. I read some of her poems but seriously as I said that I am poor (not very poor) in Hindi, I understood 80% of it.
        Yeah I have holidays but I have been learning classical dance since my 9th standard.

  18. Sree u rockd again…..

    1. Thank-you dev.

  19. Loved it yaar… Especially first para..well said..I agree with sanskar thought.. If u really love someone we can’t hate him but we may afraid of that love which gives u pain again and again..always try to escape from it..but reality is that we always want that love in our life…but we r not going accept it after a betrayal.. always starving for that love but buried our feelings into a darkest corner of our heart….hmm
    Previous epi ‘punish me like a dad’
    You r always says that’s he is ur mother..then forgive ur child?.. .these two sentences simply took a beat frm my heart…..

    1. I really don’t know what I typed now..in malayalam we say ‘ bodam poyi'( lost my sense)..

    2. Don’t say anything against what you have written. I understood your emotion since I read in vini di’s fiction about your story. So it’s natural to get moved seeing some thing emotional and I must agree that every word in your coent is true. Dialogues of previous episode..hmm actually I got the idea of writing them when I wrote sanskar soothing swara after their confession but those are my favorite too.

      1. Sree OMG u read that one…haha

      2. Yeah I read that secret of yours haha. But seriously you are strong lady. I can see that.

    3. aww… sethu(malar) I too loved those lines which you mentioned here.. 🙂 🙂

      1. I like those lines nive.. Simply superb…

  20. Finally they are becoming friends again it seems…maybe a new twist will come soon

    1. Yeah. They are becoming friends but a hate love relation ship will be seen.

  21. Oh!! Awesome…just loving it..???

    1. Thank-you pranami.

  22. Sree today all credit goes to swalak… loved it yaar…

    1. Yeah swalak nerds to get patch up. Right.

  23. Please post next part soon. Your ff is so so amazing. I just love it.

    1. I will post by afternoon dear. I finished typing the almost..okay 90%

  24. Amazing dear..☺?? u just nailed it..?? loved swalak silly arguments..?? and regarding Kamqla Bai..again its a suspense.. ?????? hats off sree..???? at d end f each and every chap d way u bulid up new twist and suspense.. its really commendable..????? upload soon dear..☺?

    1. Hey rai..even I adored swalak so much today. I am giving twists in middle too. Lol..thanks for the appreciation dear. Will try to upload.

  25. Hello everyone..my area is under power cut since morning and it takes evening to get fixed. I thought of uploading the episode using data but it is too low. So the next update will be around 7. Sorry for inconvenience

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