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It has been four days swara has started her work as his P.A. the relation ship between the three is getting better but laksh is still mad.
” crap!” Sanskar shouted throwing files on his desk
” what happened? ” laksh asked casually because he is used to his brother’s behaviour
” we lost singhania’s project”
” what?” Laksh choked and immediately his eyes burned “we submitted our papers right?”
Sanskar turned to him “ofcourse but after the date”.
Laksh fisted his hands and shouted out of his voice” swara”
Swara came running to their cabin and still she shivered in shock.
” why did you do this swara. Why don’t you let our souls rest in peace ” laksh’s tone decreased at end.
” what..what did I do ?” She asked laksh and glanced at sanskar before looking at laksh to get a hint.
” did you submit singhania’s project?”
” of course, on time” she answered confidently.
” oh! Then why did they reject us?” Laksh raised his eyebrow
” what? Impossible ” she exclaimed.
” don’t act swara. Why are you back of us? Why do you want to ruin us?” Laksh again shouted at her
” laksh, please be calm. I really don’t know ” she answered quietly.
” don’t act swara. I am getting you now. You had a choice to leave our house but you didn’t because you are working for your revenge, to satisfy yourself and hence dropped the letter after the date” he snapped and sat on the couch burying his head in between his hands.

Laksh’s words affected her a lot. It’s true that she wanted to leave the Manison but when she met sanskar at graveyard, she came back, again. His forgiveness ached her. No doubt, she wanted to take revenge but she still loves him. His care melted her and made her thirsty for love, his love. she wanted to be part of his life because she knew that only he can heal her.
” don’t you trust me ?” She asked sanskar with teary eyes.
” you are still expecting me to?” He questioned her in cold voice.
She took a deep breath “I can understand you sanskar because I broke your trust but ..”
” once a liar always a liar” he quoted. It silenced her for a minute.
” but there will be someone who gives that liar a second chance”
” so, you expect me to be that someone” sanskar asked as if he read her mind.
“Please leave us swara, please” laksh begged her folding his hands
” enough” she screamed “what do you think of yourself, laksh?”
“Down your voice swara” his voice is higher to her.

Swara raised her hand to him ” let me speak. I accept, I accept that I came here for revenge and I still want to take it but not from you. You are right, I had a chance to get out of your lives but I didn’t, I didn’t because my feelings for you both are true. The friendship with you and love with your brother. I may have a criminal mind according to you but I do have a heart which is wounded and it too feel for someone.” she is now panting from her outburst. Tears filled her eyes “why don’t you guys see that this swara is not the same one who came to your house for revenge. I agree that I behaved foolishly but sanskar forgiving me changed my idea. I was filled with guilt and wanted to help you in any way for my redemption but..” She took a deep breath and continued “I am staying with you doesnt mean that I am incapable of living alone and believe me, I am experienced.” She turned to sanskar who’s expressions are serious. “And I really submitted the papers on time” she choked her words and left the cabin in rage.
” what will we do now? Papa will beat us to death if he gets to know.” Laksh asked sanskar worried about the deal.
” where is the meeting?” Sanskar asked narrowing his eyes. Laksh smriked ” JAIPUR” and they both exchanged warm smile.
” here is my resignation” swara said in high voice throwing an envelope on the table
” and laksh, be happy because I will leave by the time you enter Manison” swara stated and again left the room with heavy heart.
” we have only two hours for meeting.” sanskar said casually and laksh nodded as if he understood what to do. A pair of eyes enjoyed this scene from far away and smiled satisfactorily.

Sanskar smiled at ragini when he reached Manison at night around 8:00.
” I have something to say you” she said in a playful tone, singing each word.
Sanskar raised his eyebrows and made an innocent face “did your parents fix your match?” To which ragini scrunched her nose.
” nah..you will be shocked my friend”
” listening what?” Laksh yelled behind sanskar. Ragini moved an inch to see his face.
” the case papers are lost” she stated so casually but received the brothers gasp.
“And you are saying it playfully?” Laksh is surprised.
Ragini smiled sarcastically “well I found it funny because every thread we knew or trying to is breaking”
Sanskar sighed and turned to ramu kaka who welcomed them with water.
“Did she leave?” He asked to which ramu nodded in no. Sanskar drank water and turned to steps after looking at the love birds deeply involved in some conversation.

Swara threw her kurta on bed in frustration. Of course is angry with him that doesn’t mean that he should let her go. She really didn’t know where to go because she stayed with vansh in a restaurant before coming to Manison and he payed for it. Now, she don’t have enough money to continue in staying at same hotel or other and on that, she resigned her job. Swara sighed for her condition and looked at the closed door with tears.
She wiped her tears and dragged her packed suitcase from the corner of the room when she heard someone knock the door.
” someone said that they will leave by the time I come” sanskar said sarcastically with a serious face and humor filled eyes. Swara gulped
” don’t worry Mr. Maheswari. I am leaving” she snapped and walked past him. She badly wanted him to stop but he didn’t. It again brought tears to her eyes. She stopped before stepping out of the room.
” do you really want me to leave?” She asked choking. It seemed like she would start crying badly at any moment.
Sanskar frowned and gradually smriked his trademark smrik.”I really don’t entertain emotional fools”
She turned to him with a glare “you are a heartless person”
” yes, I am” and both of them knew that it is not true.
Swara bit her trembling lower lip and looked down “you said that you are my mother. Will you not forgive your child?” She wishpered and tears came out of her eyes.
” that’s what I did” he answered casually, well tried to.
Swara looked at his cold face and then understood how stupid she was. Of course, his forgiveness is the one eating up her. She exhaled before speaking.
” then punish me like a dad” her eyes are witness of her guilt, desire, hope and pain of her deeds.
Sanskar sighed and the warmth in his expression resumed. “That’s what I am unable to do, miss gadodia”
Swara fisted her hands to stop herself from punching his face.
“I am not gadodia”
“You are!” Playful, sadistic sanskar is back. She wondered for his quick change of masks. She dropped the intense eyelock they were having and murmured “it’s time for me to go” saying so, she turned facing her back to him. She stepped forward when suddenly he held her wrist .
” do you really want me to punish you” he asked, his voice shaking and the depth of it said that something is bothering him. She turned her face to him and he saw tears in her eyes. No doubt, it still effected him.
“stay with me” he said in one breath breaking eye contact. Avoiding further questions, he walked two steps forward.
“Do you still love me?” Swara yelled from behind and he rooted to his place with an unreadable expression all over his face

Credit to: Sree harini

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  1. Wow. … ur ep… no words dear this sanskar is so intense so deep… every ep he gives me a heart attack…. really his punishment giving style is unique he knows dat she want him to show his anger…. bt by not doing so he is giving her a gr8 punishment of unsatisfaction

    1. Finally, after doing lots of work, I found time to reply you all. Sanskar is so intense but he really want her to stay and it will be answered in next episode.

    2. Hello everyone..actually I thought that I will be able to complete my episode by 7 but seems like it won’t happen. So I will update very late at night. So you can read it tomorrow. Sorry for inconvenience.

      1. No problm shree take ur tym. …..

    1. Thank-you rosey.

  2. This was damn so cute especially swasan conversation laksh really a hyper one he was playful in your ff but sudden change Haan not bad sanskar is really smart in his every move swara was so innocent in this Aww baby wanted him to stop her so desperately well I knew this about swara’s living in mm but amused with the fact she addressed sanskar as her mother that time I thought her as baby when her mother gives one silent treatment even I have gone through it many times and today was the day and I know it really sucks well swasan convo was my fav plzz add such scenes more I’m gonna read that part again

    1. Hey yeah I umm missed something to ask what pair of eyes is there any traitor in sanskar’s office? Well my query no 1 from you but I’m having a feeling that wouldn’t be solved asap will take time right and one more thing swara’s outburst was really needed one she committed her love for sanskar wondering what will be sanskar’s answer to her question

    2. Haha..even I found it cute dear. Actually laksh is still playful guy but he is rude to swara because she broke his trust but don’t worry he will be back. Sanskar is always smart..lol. Even I received silent treatment fom my mother but that lasts only for few minutes because I am very sensitive and she melts. Mother is mother right. More intense scenes on their way. Happy reading once again.

      About the person, he is kunal. Actually I tried to write somewhat professionally but it fired back. Lol I suck. Swara’s outburst is more important for laksh rather than sanskar. Wait for next episode to get answers.

  3. Wow Di very nice. .loved it…waiting for next

    1. Hello mitti. I am busy in festival celebartions so, will upload around 7

  4. U r soo soo bad sree..soo bad hw can u do thz haa…u already didnt post it fr 4 days nd today u postd it nw..u kpt us waitng till nw dats y u r baaaaad…:-P nd coming to ff itz jz awesome dr outstandngg…eagrlyyy waitng fr nxt epi

    1. Yup I am bad..haha. I posted day before yesterday even. Just check once ..will post the next episode around 7

  5. yes yes yes.. he still loves her… but scared to trust… and very much hurt..

    1. Yeah yeah yeah..you guessed correct. Bit small correction. He is scared to love dear.

  6. awesome as everytime

    1. Hey thank-you so much.

  7. How can u do this….ur har ek words makes effect in me..

    1. I am honoured dear. I just try to live in the charecters before writing

  8. Omg really excited…….I had goosebumps reading this

    1. Goose bumps!! Omg that’s funny for me but yeah it is overwhelming too. Will post the next part around 7

  9. U r an extraordinary writer….srrsly rendu ff oka danini minchi inkoti annatlu unnayi……okkoka episode chadive koddi anxiety eagerness inka inka perugutunnayi..i am not able to wait for next episodes…I am seriously not getting words yaar…i can just say i love u…. umuaahhh umuaahh….

    1. Ummmah vaishu..I should fear now because once the truth gets revealed, you may be disappointed by high expectations. Neeku thanks cheppadanuki kuda naaku words dorakatam ledu. I will try my best to impress you.

      1. U already impressed me dear dat too long back…..nd abt disappointment I will never b disappointed by ur ff….

  10. Amazing as usual!!!
    Loved it sree!!!

    Does Sanskaaar still love Swara?
    What an obvious answer to that question…

    But can’t wait to see what you’re gonna do…
    Love you Sree…

    1. I am just speechless dear. The way you supported Eva..God you are such a good person and friend. I am really honored to be with a person like you…SWASAN made for each other so I will justify it. Just wait for next update

      1. Awww…..???

        How could I not support her…. I was so hurt that ppl like them too exist…I’ve never seen such deliberately cruel ppl before… I had to speak up….

        Ad it is I who have found so many friends and bookstores like me…. I am sooi happy that I decided to visit tu page one day out if the blue….
        It brought me the inspiration to write, the ability to express myself. But most if all it brought me ppl to talk to and appreciate …..
        Ur ff, anus ff sabas ff….. to read them is an honour…. not a mere pleasure….
        Love youu ??

      2. Bookworms,*

      3. Even I felt very very bad for her anju. They are just inhuman. I seriously don’t understand how can anyone loathe someone without a reason. Even I am happy that I visited tu page and now I am full for myself with lots of friends.
        For me, reading your ff is also the same honor who you feel.

      4. Thank you sooo much!!! ?????

        God…. I just had to read this chapter again….
        If there was really a guy like the sanskaar you’ve portrayed…I swear I would have fought with anyone to get him….

        Uk how much of a varunaholic I am…. but ur ff has increased it to like 30 times moreeee. .

        I just love the portrayal.. and yeah.. I was reading limitless love one day and could clearly see the improvement…..in ur writing, in ur expressiveness…..

        Love ur thinking….
        And I really wish you wouldn’t stop writing… it’s a gift that you have…and those are for forever….???

        I’m still thinking about ur sanskaar..
        Hawwwww….. JUST LOVE HIM TO BITS…?????

      5. As I already said, I am a hard coe varunholic and sometimes I wonder at my change because I have never been crazy for anyone like this. Being my last fiction, I promised myself to give a sanskar whom everyone will remember.
        I wish and pray God to gift you a person like him..lol..I am very glad that I became the reason for getting you more crazy for vk .we varunhoics are just impossible..haha.
        Wow..reading Limitless love. I feel myself like a child when I read it now. Actually I am gifted at imagining. I was all alone during my childhood and seriously didn’t had any neighbor to play with. So I pleasured myself creating my own world and these are just a part of it. Infact, the present concept is my tenth standard idea..
        Even I love my sanskar..love you dear.

  11. Awesome di……u did it again…..u nailed it perfecly this tym toooo………u really rock………luv ya bae????

    1. Love you too dear. Thank-you for the comment. I seriously don’t have anything to express my feelings for your affection.

  12. Sree plZ update soon yr plzzzz

    1. I am trying dear. Actually I am writing two fictions and so it is taking four hours for me and then two more hours for replying you all. It’s the reason that I am updating only one episode per day.

  13. Heyyy sree!!
    Epi chala bagundi but don’t make swara suffer much she has already suffered alot.
    well I’m a new reader and I liked the way u r unfolding the mystery.
    I read all ur epies yesterday and couldn’t stop myself from reading.
    I must confess u r a marvellous writer.
    can’t wait for next epi. tvaraga upload cheyi,

    1. yaaaaaaaaaaa episode super ga undi…… nenu kudaa 14 epis oke saari chadiva…….Sree, pls update it soooooon

      1. Thank-you haru..wow another Telugu and thank-you for reading dear.

    2. Hello rupa. Another Telugu girl..wow .swara inka suffer avvadu because it’s time for some other one. Lastly, welcome to our story dear and I will try to upload ASAP.

  14. Outstanding dear.. ☺? Sanskar’s punishment is gr8.. Just loved it.. ??U r a brilliant writer..??ekdm no.1..☺???kp writing..????waiting for next.. plzzz upload soon..?? love u soooo much sree..???

    1. Haha..you will get to see more shades of sanskar in future. Just wait for the day. I will always keep writing and entertaining you rai.

      1. When will u upload ur next chap dear?????? eagerly waiting for it.. plzZz upload ASAP..??????

  15. Awesome epi sree…….loved it
    N wat will b d ans of sanky….
    Eagerly waiting yaar

    1. Sanskar’s answer is what you should find. Lol you will get to know in tweleve hours.

  16. Superb Rocking.. I loved the way Swara asked for punishment. Sanskar is so intense. I don’t know why Swara didn’t left because their arrival. And ya in office someone is spying.. Who is that? Why I have feeling that he is Swara’s grandpa.

    1. Hey dhara. The person is kunal. Actually I tried something new but it backfired. Sanskar is always intense.

  17. Wow…amazing..the last part was the heart of the whole epi….sanskar is not punishing swara and this is the biggest punishment for her…and who was staring them?

    1. I think I should end her punishment because she had redemption. Kunal is the one staring them. Sorry for inconvience dear.

  18. Oh my God!!!!!! Finally swara blurted out her heart……awesome….. I really fell for sanskar once again……hmmm I guess deandayal gadodia is somewhere involved in this….its just my guess….and I really loved the last part harini…especially those two lines..
    ” do u really want me to punish you “…..then stay with me!!!!….fabulous yaar…. Plz update the next part asap!!!

    1. You will nealy fall for him in almost every episode from now. The person is kunal. Sorry for inconvenience. Even I too love those lines and if you imagine sanskar saying it..oh God!!

  19. Omg wt an episode.. Amazing.. I haven’t words.. I can’t wait for next part.. This is going so curious..

    1. Hello falguni. Next part will be a light one.

  20. its amazing…..but i do no y i want swara to leave mm….though swara did wrong acc to her she s crct……i dont want swara too suffer…..sanky has laksh but swara had nobody…..she should go out so dat dey will know about swara nd den wholeheartedly both sanky nd laksh should accept her….its just my thought…..

    1. Swara is suffering because of redemption. Sanskar forgiving her amde her realise and regarding sanskar, he is an intense person and he always cared her. You will get hos pov and about laksh, it takes time for him. After all it is his friend who betrayed

  21. I loved the episode but don’t show Swara so helpless like she has nowhere to go and nothing to eat .

    1. Swara is not helpless dear. If you clearly see, she and vansh were staying in a hotel for which vansh payed and then she entered maheswari house for revenge. Now vansh is dead so she didn’t had any source from him and on that, her resignation. Hence she is left with no money. Of course, she is capable of earning a job but till then, it is a question mark for her. I hope this helped you.

  22. Mind blowing dear!! Srsly how can you write so perfectly?? Just give me few classes so I can also score good marks in English ?….huh…leave it…regarding this part.. It was superb!! Great!! I had read it thrice…..swara burst out indeed it was needed! That last convo of swasan was damm cute!! Mother and child one ?…loved it…when she said punish me like a father….it rocked…superb!! Just waiting what will sanskaar reply to her question?? Upload soon dear!! Love you dear!! ? ? ?

    1. English classes!!?? Omg..that is anjali’s work. I am very poor at grammar. One can eaisly see that.thrice!! Thank-you so much dear. It shows your love and I am honored. I generally try to add relations like this because I am so philosophical. Sanskar’s reply..HM..keep thinking..lol. Love you dear.

    1. Thank-you anu dear

  23. Sree u r superb yaar….nd m Disha….I m grt fan of ur ff

    1. Thank-you soo much. Feeling happy to see new name

  24. Hi Sree and Vaishu ,my next exam is on 17 April (UPTU , state level entrance exam) and ya Sree that cute part ,which i mentioned in previous episode was for Serial’ s Sanskaar.I mean to say that Gangaur pooja segment ,in which he said some poetic lines for Swara.I found it really cute and sweet.Sorry i didnot mentioned about searial ,that created the much avoidable confusion.Omg ! The most awaited question , finally came up.Update soon .i am really dying to know his answer.I loved it as usual.Sanskaar just rocked both ways as sadist and lover.u nailed it.I must say girl u continue to amaze with your talent of writing.Flawless but again a qestion popped in my mind that there is something fishy about tender.I completely agree that forgiveness is much more bitter than punishment and it doubles the guilt but as said by u it only applies for genuine people.Brilliant , just eagerly waiting to know his reply.
    Vaishu , how was your VIT exam???
    Love u both.ummmmmmmmahhhhhh.

    1. Hello needhi dear. All the best for your exam. Write well. My wishes and prayers will be always with you.
      It’s okay dear and yeah sanskar is so cute. I sometimes get angry on swara because of her mahanta but SWASAN are always adorable. Being a reader, what do you think about sanskar’s answer? Well my sissy guessed correctly about tender but you will understand it in future. Let’s not talk about it now.
      Forgiveness is bitter punishment. I agree…ummahhhhh .love you loads.

    2. Hello niddhi….my vit xam was really very good…..love u too dear…umuahhh….all d best for further xams dear….

  25. Hi…honey…missed yo so much… I really feel pity for swara…. I accept she betrayed San n lucky after all v are human we do mistakes .. N she is repremending her mistake.. But still she is suffering… I will do same to take revenge if I would have been n her place.. Its human nature to think to take revenge.. She suffered so much… She lived her life in form of hell in her childhood.. Usually am not neither swara fan nor sanskar fan .. Am a mad for swasan.. But in this story I like swara more than sanskar…dunno y… I feel swara should leave the house… Now there is no love friendship n most important trust is left in that house…so she better to stay away from them…may be that distance may create highly intense love n care between them…bcoz I strongly believe that Sometime separation make us to understand the value of tat person..

    1. I am missued you too bhuvi. Actually I took special care to blossom pity for swara in all of your hearts but you will really feel very very bad for sanskar in future once his last opens up. Totally agree with you bhuvi but noone did say that they don’t trust her. If you think from laksh’s siide, he is hundred percent right. That’s it for now, you should wait to for my next episode for few answers with questions.

  26. hey teju, needhi, vaishu buddies!!!!! missed you soooooo much!!!!!! how are you all? sorry!!! (pout) i am in a little hurry. will see you all tomorrow!! i just saw your ff teju. by comments, i guess it is an intense story (surprised, expectation filled eyes). will say how i felt after reading. love you!!! muaahhh buddies!!!

    1. Sindhu dear *bone crushing hug* how are you? How are your exams? When will you be back with your ff? So many questions right! Lol..your name itself acted as a booster for me. Actually I was so tired and couldn’t able to write another episode bit came here just to inform all and seeing your name, I can’t express myself.
      Yup you are right. This is intense and last ff of mine. Waiting for you..love you so much dear..another hug with ten kisses.

    2. 100 years for u dear I was thinking abt u only not today frm many days …I was wondering where dis girl disappeared…..after many days seeing u again missed u dear did u miss me??….

  27. Hello everyone your friend here..I am really sorry to inform that I cannot update another episode. Please forgive me guys and girls. Keeping my promise, I updated raglak but totalky exhausted by the time I started typing swasan. My eyes are paining a lot and my fingers are not helping me. So as a compensation, you will be treated by two episodes tomorrow.. Love you all and really sorry.

    1. No problem….
      Will wait.. 🙂 🙂

  28. Suju I hate telly updates since yesterday I’m trying to post a comment and it’s not posting.

    I loved this update. So Sanskar agreed to fake being her hubby till she gets her memory back. I’m sure he’ll fall for her by then. If I’m to guess he has already started to fall for her.

    Waiting for next update.

    P.S. I loved her saying that their kids will have a tough time remembering her name.

    1. Oops sorry that was for I’m not your husband.

  29. […] In the previous episode, I tried something new but it backfired. The person who smiled in office is kunal. Previous episode link: http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-acceptance-16/ […]

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