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Missed me? I missed you all like hell. Here is the next part. Raglak will be posted in the evening. I read comments on my previous episode. Thanks for them and sorry for not replying. Pardon me.
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Laksh opened his mouth wide.
” well, I am not shocked” ragini said casually shrugging her shoulders. Laksh turned to her and gave a what-the-hell look.
” now don’t ask me how did you know. It is my job” she snapped and laksh shook his head.
” why?” Sanskar questioned ragini. She took a death breath and placed few papers on table.
” these are vansh’s call list. Actually, I have noticed two numbers repeating the most. This and this” she pointed to the numbers circled in red ink.
” one is pco number and the other is a mobile number which I assumed to be swara’s”
Swara looked at her knotted fingers “pco number is mine” her voice is too low with guilt “we used to message all the time and I called him whenever it was necessary”
“Then whose number is the other one?” Laksh asked curiously.
” I don’t know but the interesting part is that we are unable to detect the tower.” Ragini explained.
“means?” Swara questioned
Ragini let out a breath before explaining “the signals of that particular number keep changing from one tower to another within few seconds. So it will be difficult to trace it but the number belongs to Kolkata”
Swara opened her mouth in surprise “Is that possible?”
Laksh narrowed his eyes to swara and tapped her shoulder “ask me…it happens”
Sanskar’s mind kept thinking about various possibilities
“kunal” he said suspiciously.
” it may be kunal because you acted as a sadist then” swara said in mater of fact tone to which sanskar narrowed his eyes.
” even he is expert in tele communications. It won’t be a great deal for him to manipulate the signals” laksh agreed with sanskar. He then turned to ragini “why don’t you use some private experts to trace the number?”
Ragini gave him a sarcastic smile “do you think that we are dumb? It is aganist rules”
” then you are absolutely dumb. Criminals use every type of alternate ways and you stick to only one behaving as pure souls” laksh let out a frustrated sigh.
” it’s not like that laksh. They are criminals and we are police. We cannot give a wrong message to the society. Don’t worry about sanskar. We will manage”
” manage? You are asking me to be calm when my brother is target of someone.” Laksh paused “this house has already lost many and I am not ready to loose another”.
Sanskar’s lips formed at thin line as if some unwanted memories haunted him. Ragini pressed laksh’s palm to assure him.
Silence engulfed them
” ragini” sanskar called her. She turned to his direction “will you be able to reopen the case of Mr and Mrs gadodia murder?”
Swara lifted her head up in shock. She didn’t expect him to ask this but her heart is stabbed again, for his concern.
“There is no use” swara murmured.
Ragini ignored swara “how many years back?”
” 12″ sanskar answered. Ragini raised her eyebrows and took a deep breath “as you said that it is murder then FIR must be available. Moreover, noone in this station didn’t work for such a long time but I will try to get the details”
” I want the case to reopen” sanskar ordered. Ragini smiled for his innocence
” it was closed before 12years sanskar. We need some strong evidence to reopen it. Anyways I will try to get the copy of case papers” with that, ragini left the place.
Laksh shook his head in disgust “many compare women with flowers because they are soft by nature but here, the two women whom I know have extraordinary brains. One is capable of killing and the other is a mastermind detective” he said sarcastically before leaving the hall.
” it is your dad sanskar. Waste of reopening the case” swara said to sanskar still not looking into his eyes.
” give me a chance to prove his innocence” he pleaded which surprised her.

“What irritates him?” Swara asked ramu kaka pointing sanskar who is ascending steps.
Ramu kaka pointed in the direction of dusty mandir and smiled. Swara smriked.

Swara kept roaming the entire Manison during midnight. She is a very light sleeper and doesn’t sleep well because of nightmares. She entered the kitchen when she heard some sound and saw some shadow near fridge. She gathered her wits and looked around for some source and finally found a pocket knife. She grope the walls and finally switched on the lights. Her lower jaw touched ground seeing the sight. Laksh sat on the floor with crossed legs and a plate between his legs with cake in it. He lifted his head to swara and stopped licking his fingers in Midway.
“Cake?” Swara chuckled and received glare from him.
” I am not thefting ” he said to her and resumed. Swara crossed her arms. Sensing her not moving, laksh looked at her.
“Don’t say to anyone especially to sanskar”
” request?” She asked teasingly.
Laksh angled his head “order”
Swara smiled at him and turned to go.
” swara” laksh’s deep voice stopped her. She turned to him.
” is still your revenge game on?”
It silenced her for a minute “yes”
” but why? ” he stood up and approached her wiping his mouth with tissue.
“My revenge is with ram Prasad maheswari, so I will take it. He is my parents murderer” swara’s cold and deep voice stilled him.
Without saying a word, she left the place leaving a shocked laksh behind.

Sanskar streched his body early morning and got out from the bed. He stopped walking to washroom when be heard some faint voice singing downstairs. He payed attention and it took him few seconds to recognize the direction of the voice. Immediately the adrenaline in his body shoot up and his eyes turned to bloodshot red. He ran towards the very familiar mandir. After HER leaving the house, noone did offer any prayer to God but after seeing his badepapa’s pain, he insisted not to use the mandir and everyone followed him. It is the place of the Manison that he hates the most.
Swara bowed infront of krishna’s idol and turned to her left and smiled seeing sanskar. She badly wanted him to punish her. If any person is good at heart, forgiveness burns them more than punishment and it is same with her. She betrayed him but he is not paying it back. So she opted to irritate him and seeing sanskar’s Clenched jaw, she understood that she succeeded.
But sanskar’s anger grew second by second, he fisted his hands such that his nails dug into his palms, deeply. Swara gazed laksh from Sanskar’s shoulder and found him equally angry as sanskar. Reality struck her and now she cursed herself for cleaning the mandir. She thought only sanskar gets irritated but not the family. Their eyes met and sanskar did something unexpected by her.
He looked the plate in her hand to her and to plate again. Next second, he gave a punch to the plate from down, it raised in the air and fell down with a great sound. The ingredients in it are scattered on the floor and swara, herself is covered by turmeric and vermilion.
” we are letting you stay here that doesn’t mean you are our family ” sanskar screamed at her in a voice which she didn’t heard before “better be in your limits”
Swara flinched, he continued ” this place is dusty and uncleaned unlinke other places of the house mean that there is a reason,a reason for it to kept Like this. You need to understand swara.” He snapped and walked past her after shooting a glare. Swara ran back of him but failed to meet his pace.
Sanskar is about to step into his room but stopped listening her voice
“Punish me then”. He is surprised, no shocked. He thought that swara would behave as a typical girl and lock herself for the rest of the day but she didn’t
” why?” He asked her facing her.
Swara gulped “I did a mistake and so deserve a punishment”
“Why?” He questioned again
” because your silence, care and cold treatment is eating me. I betrayed you but you are not punishing me” she shouted at him in frustration. He stared at her for a minute or two and then smriked.
“I didn’t forgive you swara” he spoke “I didn’t forgive you but understood your pain”
Swara narrowed her eyes “pain! How and why?”
” we understand the person whom we love” his deep and husky voice made butterflies fly in her stomach. Blood rushed to her cheeks but his expression changed suddenly. His eyes grew more darker.
” no, we understand the person for whom we care” he said distracted and stepped into his room slamming the door behind him.
Swara stood rooted to the place trying to analyze the depth of his words but she didn’t understand him because their experiences are different.

“Would you like to resume your work?” Sanskar asked swara at dinner table. Swara didn’t accompany him to office after her truth came out. She felt wrong working with him and no one asked her to join even. So she spent her time in house helping ramu kaka thinking that it would be the only way for redemption for betraying sanskar and laksh even.
” um..um” she stammered because this a shock to her.
” you can continue your work, miss gadodia” he smriked at last words. Swara fisted her hands and took a deep breath counting one to ten. She then opened her eyes.
” I am not gadodia” she emphasized each word.
Sanskar smriked evily this time. “You are a gadodia swara and get used to this because I don’t like to call my employees with their first names”
Swara narrowed her eyes and concentrated in eating because she knew that it is waste to argue especially, with him.

Swara wrapped her arms around herself breathing in the fresh air of midnight. She then entered into the Manison from garden and started walking towards her room with a bottle in her hand.
” dad, please ” she heard someone screaming. Her heart raced. She looked around but then shook her head assuming it to be her dream.
” I hate you” another heart melting scream came Ripping the thickness of silence. She is now visibly worried. She concentrated on the source of the voice and found it familiar
“Sanskar!” She murmured and ran to his room.
She saw him breathing heavily and sweating profusely.
” sanskar, sanskar get up” she shook him but he didn’t respond.
” papa please. We love you” he murmured. Swara understood that he is having worst nightmare. She wanted to help him but he is not in a state to be controlled. She stood there for few seconds until something came to her mind. She immediately ran to laksh’s room
” laksh! Laksh!” She called him loud but his snoring is the only answer. She tried to wake him up but in vain.
” sleeping freak” she murmurmed and again went to sanskar’s room.
She took a deep breath and leaned to him. Of course she knew how bad a nightmare affects and what is the way to get out of it.
” sanskar” she wishpered in his ear, massaging his hair assuring him
“Everything is fine, nothing has happened. It’s just a night mare” she said caressing his cheek, her voice warm enough to sooth him.
Swara leaned further to study his face but he sat with a jolt. Swara moved back in horror with his sudden gesture. It took time for him to calm down and understand his surroundings.
” swara” he said confusing. She simply smiled at him.
” what were you dreaming about?” She finally asked him gathering her wits and not looking into his eyes.
His jaw Clenched “nothing that concerns you” his cold voice freezed her. He went to the balcony for some fresh air. It looked like he is feared of something, badly. Swara stared sanskar through the glass door thinking about various reasons for his cold behaviour.

Credit to: Sree harini

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  1. Pls pls upload raglak second love fast pls

    1. Had uploaded dear. Will take time.

  2. Awesome as always…..nd really missed u alot plzz plzz update soon nd i found something new in each nd every episode…………u know that u r revealing the depths but if we come to know one then there comes another so I’m very much thrilled nd excited for ur ff

    1. Thanks for appreciation Khan. I really missed you even. More twists on their way. Hold your excitement my girl.

  3. Lovely epi n sree missed u like helll

    1. Me too dev bit will be regular until my next trip.

  4. I didn’t understand y she is still in d house of sanskar..??
    I mean if she have self respect then she have to go away from him..??
    N yes dear missed u a lot..
    N about to days episode nice in starting n then mandir part wow.. They didn’t notice that vermilion in swara’s forehead.. But it’s OK.. N nightmare part is too nice n lakshaya eating cake was funny.. 🙂

    1. Dear mee too think, being doing such deed y she haven’t left their home, being absorbing sanskar she must have thought doing her parents murder mystery investigation by herself, before making any further revenge plan Becoz I agree sometimes we can’t see anything when it comes to parents even love also. Everybody have their own theory to solve the problems may be swara is having, still she guilt of try to kill sanskar then it should be that she should go far away from him.

    2. I too felt d same falguni… ur die hard fan of MATSH i guess..

      1. My dear falguni and sus..happy to see you both my friends. Answers for your questions is next episode buy as you are eager, I will say you. Swara is a girl who had a hard start in her life. She has seen exteme phases without love which is worst for any child. So she came back for revenge but eventually fell in love. Later guilt of hurting her loved ones made her living miserable and so she thought to leave the house but when she saw sanskar at graveyard, she wanted someone to soothe and it happened. If you see, this is the very next day of her confession. So it is obvious for her to stay in the Manison. If it comes about irritating, I mentioned about her guilt. She might be thinking to leave but sanskar’s offer again made her stay. Hope you got your answers. If not, wait for next update my dear friends. It will be more clear.

  5. Oh my God.. Sanky in pain.. This is what I can’t see 🙁

    1. Haha..then you will see only his pain dear. Get used to the story line my dear.

  6. Finally you updated!!

    Thank you for this awesome update!

    Now I guess Swara will try to find the reason for Sanskar’s cold behavior and past. Both might end up healing each other.

    So Swara’s maang is filled unintentionally. How come no one noticed it?

    Laksh was stress eating right?

    Next episode will be Sanskar’s past? Eagerly waiting, please don’t delay.

    1. Well, will swara endup in discovering him or herself is what you should read. But yeah, they will heal each other and that’s gonna be intense… I just described the situation dear. It doesn’t have any importance so don’t Jeep thinking about it…yeah laksh is always laksh and next episode won’t be his past..I planned for good amount of episodes.do you want to me to close it soon? Just kidding.

      1. Well, my overimaginative brain tends to see and read more than what you said…*sheepishly looking*…

        I don’t want you to end this any time soon. I don’t have a good feeling about Vansh as well. Like I said my brain finds him a grey character who is the reason for this situation. Out of blue he comes and says RP killed your father and Swara goes on a man hunt… Somewhere I feel he is not whom he said he was.

      2. Haha..lol sree. Actually I didn’t read my reply after commenting. I just read it now and it is hilarious. I mean I just answered as question and answer type and now that really didn’t make any sense…well you catched the point about vansh will will be revealing so soon yet with a new mystery again. I am really happy to see your overimaginative brain, that’s what you call it but seriously, you can use it in writing field dear. I would love to see you on this site.

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    1. Sanskar didn’t cry till now but if you want I will make him cry neha dear. Sanskar will open up slowly because the scene which I mentioned here is a climax turning point. So you need to wait.and yeah I missed you so much

  8. I missed you a lot shree… as usuAl ur ep is fab. … Sanskar is a mystry. … u write so well. … Every ep is epic. .. I was missing it bt yayy u r backkkkkk. ….. Welcome back… In this tym whn u were absent I also started to write a ff… itsnt fab lyk u but just a try… If you have tym just read it…. n ya commenthow is it… name is “STAY AWAY. …. I M NT UR HUSBAND” ….
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    1. Vacation ki Vella vaishu. Of course it was good kani fiction ni chala miss ayya. As this is last ff of mine, I planned it in different way.

      1. Ohh so vacation ki vellava…ok….so enjoyed anamata….but next time nunchi if u r not gng to upload epi for two r more days then pls let us know dat…..nd I think u no d reason…….by d way now u r studying in which year?

      2. Nenu previous episode lo mention chesa that I am going to vacation ani. Yeah..baga enjoy chesa. UG final year vaishu. How was your JEE?

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      4. Vaishu..I am hurt now. Enduku anni sarlu sorry cheppav? You didn’t do anything dear. I am really feeling bad for the way you apologized as if you did something really bad and being a swasanian, you should not say sorry. Fine leave it. I really didn’t feel bad about that instead it shows how much you love me. Love you too.

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    1. Hello Miss or Mr or mrs friend. I am totally fine. I will give the reason about swara staying at mm. Just go to top so that you can understand.even I love ragini because she is the only charecter which smiles always.

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    1. His past is turning point of the story so it really takes long time to unwind but I will give hints in between.cake part haha..inspired by SWARAGINI itself.

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    1. Thank-you friend.

  15. Sree I have a request that I too feel bad as swara still in sanskars house she did this for her parents but now she is in guilt by knowing the truth so she go away from sanskar after making sanskar fall for her by removing him from his nightmares reason and so sanskar miss her feel for her from her absence anyway nice dear update soon i am silent reader

    1. I liked your idea dear but you should wait for next episode because it has some lines of you. I am very happy that you started loving swara. Thanks for braking your silence my dear. And sanskar’s charecter is so deep. You will really cry when you will understand him which is in future. So be patient. That’s all what I can say

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    1. Hello likitha..you don’t need to be sorry for not commenting dear. Even I have observed my progress and I am thankful to you all because you it’s your love that you accepted me and Beared my madness even. And yeah please, I am not a good writer when compared to the writers on this site. We really have brilliant auothers but I accept your appreciation. Thank-you so much for your wishes and I will try my best to reach your expectations.

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    2. Hey anju..I have seen your comment girl.I smiled even for your affection. Well sanskar is main for me and this is based on him, totally. Even I was missing you like hell would be a small word dear
      And yeah I will update regularly till my next tour which is not planned yet.

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      2. I will upload at 9:00. I am really busy with festival preparations

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    After so many years Aarshi, Rishbala I love them in past.. I m saying this in public so if anyone feel bad sorry for them.. N I hardly have time to see TV but swaragini I like d story track in starting a lot.. But now I have not.. So i every day check this site to read my favourite ff So I m fan of swasan ff u can say that dear.
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    1. Hello flaguni. I am happy that finally I succeeded in making you understand. You know what, I have started watching swaraginiswaragini regularly after vk’s entry.before that, I used to watch twice in a week. But seriously this is my first serial that I watch with excitement always just because of the leads. This show really has a good cast even the families. CVS are just messing with talented people.

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    1. Hello seetothy dear. Which festival?? I think you ae from Kerala or Tamil. Sorry if I am wrong. Personally I love last chapter and confession till now and happy that you too looked them. So, you are feeling bad for laksh but don’t worry, I will justify him. Haha. I can’t reveal the real murderer because it is illegal.. Lol. Crazy me but you think that ram is not the one right…hmm I surely would love to read your view after three episodes then. Ragini is too cute na. Miss twisty Queen!! I loved it. Thank-you my friend(?)

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        Yes am from Kerala… Today we r celebrating ‘vishu’ here
        Dear there is no doubt u r always my friend…

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