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Sanskar fisted his hands and Clenched his jaw. They both looked each other and their eyes met.
Ragini glared at swara and opened her mouth to say
” no sir..” Sanskar cut her “actually he tried to harm me and so trapped swara. Just a business rival”
The head nodded with a smile and nurse came to first aid him. Swara’s jaw touched ground listening him. Never in her life, she didn’t expect him to forgive her but he did and it started paining her.
” I am happy that you atleast had sense to wear your watch and press the alarm button” ragini sarcastically said to sanskar in anger. Sanskar gave her a faint smile. ragini glanced Swara who is far away from them.
” how did you get to know about swara?” Sanskar murmered.
” when I got the alarm from your tracker, I immediately informed police because I had my detective’s appointment and guess what..I got to know that she is behind this” ragini too informed him in a low voice so that noone could hear them.
” were you that lost in her love that you forgave her?” Sanskar’s eyes grew darker and his jaw clenched.
” will talk about it later” he said to her and immediately followed police leaving a shocked ragini.
Swara hesitatingly followed them. Sanskar and swara reached home after filing the case.
” what happened bhai?” Laksh asked sanskar seeing bandage on forehead. Sanskar hugged laksh tightly.
” is everything okay?” Laksh is now totally worried from him. He raised his eyebrows questioning swara who is behind sanskar. Her eyes welled up and she left to her room with out answering.
” I will say” ragini said behind sanskar. Now it is laksh’s turn to shock seeing her.
” I am sorry..i..I didn’t inform you that I am a undercover cop” ragini said emotionally.
Laksh opened his mouth wide. Anger shoot up in his body but currently Sanskar bothered him.
” even I am sorry lucky” sanskar said quietly to laksh.
” it’s is not false that ragini is my friend’s sister and my friend but she is a cop” he explained.
Laksh narrowed his eyes before crossing his arms.
” when I was attacked, I approached her, she entered our house as my friend to keep an eye…” Laksh raised his hand to sanskar.
” enough bhai..I am happy that you are alive and” he turned to ragini “you have a very good friend to keep you safe” with that he stromed upstairs.
Ragini sighed and raised her eyebrows to sanskar. he noded approvingly to disclose the truth to laksh wishing that he won’t break.
Swara closed the door behind her and cuddled herself. Only Sanskar’s words kept running in her mind. Tears pooled up. She hugged the pillow and slowly closed her eyes.
Next morning, she got up around 9:00. Her eyes are heavy and her body ached. She stood up to go to washroom but her legs shivered, she felt very weak and understood that she is suffering from fever. Finally, she gathered strength and got fresh up.
Her eyes fixed on sanskar’s room when she came out of her room for a walk. The Manison is quiet, probably laksh is in office and ragini on her duty. She hesitatingly pushed the door and gasped seeing him inside. She stood still for a moment to breath and peeped into the room. Pillows are lying on floor, bedsheet is cuddled in the centre. Few papers are scattered and he is sitting beside the bed leaning to it with head in his hands.
” water..kaka” sanskar shouted without looking up. Swara frowned at his words and then observed a wine bottle, a sheet of tablets and an empty water bottle.
She immediately ran to her room and returned with a water bottle. Without waiting for a moment, she marched to him but a glass piece pierced into her ankle. she ignored it because sanskar’s hangover worried her.
Sanskar stopped moaning when he felt someone standing beside him and he guessed perfectly. He raised his eyes which are swollen but not because of crying. Swara forwarded bottle to him. He exchanged glance from swara to bottle to swara. Without saying a word, he stood up and left the room.
His gesture hurted her, alot. But he is not wrong because she broke his trust. Swara followed sanskar and saw him drinking water downstairs while talking to ramu kaka. She somehow managed to descend the stairs but her leg pained. Before she could move further, her vision blurred and she fell unconscious.
Swara opened her eyes listening some conversation. She heard a lady voice and male, probably ramu kaka.
” how are you feeling now? ” ramu kaka asked worried. She gave him a faint smile. Poor fellow what does he know what she did to sanskar.
Ramu kaka left the room along with doctor. She observed bandage on her ankle. A small smile came on her lips.
She wanted to see sanskar, talk to him , apologize but her heart didn’t allow to face him after breaking his heart. So she opted to stay in the room.
At night, swara came downstairs when she felt hungry. She saw laksh and ragini talking to each other while sanskar concentrated on eating. Laksh became furious seeing swara and turned his face. Swara flinched at his gesture and tears came to her eyes because she really considered him as a friend.
” kaka, will you please serve swara’s dinner in her room” sanskar said in a low , authoritative voice.
Swara sighed and her heart twisted for his concern still after her betraying him.
” it’s okay..kaka” swara said to ramu and without any other word, she ran to her room and sobbed.

Four days passed, everyone are ignoring her but sanskar’s care and laksh’s ignorance stabbed her. Laksh became quiet in swara’s presence and sometimes didn’t even care about her. He behaved as if there was never a phase in his life where swara exist. Other hand, sanskar didn’t even speak a single word to her but showed concern that stabbed her heart again and again. She gave him pain but he is not returning it to her, why is he so good and caring to the one who hurted him to extreme. Swara shook her head to clear the thoughts. She raised her lashes and saw sanskar ascending stairs with alcohol. Suddenly, her eyes became determined. She thought that revenge would relief her but it became a curse for her existence. She needed answers. Without wasting a second, she approached him.
Sanskar stilled when he felt a cold hand on his shoulder. He didn’t want to face her because every time he face, his inner mind laughs at him sarcastically and taunts him for the way he believes everyone
” sanskar” swara called out his name with lots of love which even she didn’t recognize until it came out of her mouth. sanskar sighed and turned to look at her eyes. They had some strong emotion but he is still confused to believe her.
” I..I am sorry sanskar” she apologized him with teary eyes.
” for breaking my heart or for not able to achieve your goal? ” he questioned with the most bitter voice she ever heard. Seeing her silence, he spoke again ” I presume it to be the latter one” he freed himself from her and turned.
” sanskar please ” swara pleaded. She very well know how it pains to loose loved ones.
” I ..I was blindfolded by revenge sanskar but now I realised that I cannot punish you for your father’s deeds. You are different and he is. Even my feelings must also restrict the same way” she explained him but he remained emotionless. Sanskar heart is now not ready to listen and think anything about her and related. He is still in broken phase, afraid to accept love.
Swara stared him intensely. She wished he would read her as he did before but her hopes are oasis in desert.
” every criminal has a reason and explanation” a female voice spoke behind swara. Both swara and sanskar turned to ragini.
” every criminal has a explanation but a criminal is always a criminal” she stated angrily. Her nostrils flared.
” she is not criminal” sanskar’s voice is cold enough to freeze a person. Ragini narrowed her eyes to him.
” she didn’t kill anyone” he added. Swara’s heart is again stabbed. Why is he supporting her.
Ragini crossed her arms and raised a eyebrow “she tried to”
” sanskar please forgive me” swara pleaded him but he didn’t even move an inch. His face is emotionless with lots of unread pain in it.
” how did you ever think of betraying me?” Laksh shouted at swara. She shivered.
” how?” His voice is low now “I trusted you, I helped you believing that you loved my brother. I thought that you will be a star shining in his life but…” He ran a frustrated hand through his hair.
” it really pains me thinking that the closeness, the friendship we shared is fake.. It really pains swara.” Laksh’s voice choked. Ragini patted his back
” I trusted you so..so much but..how did you get a heart to betray me?” He paused. Swara inhaled deeply fighting back with her tears.
” my friendship with you is true” swara almost wishpered looking down.
” true!” Laksh laughed sarcastically ” you are still expecting me to believe you..I am sorry swara. I cannot, just cannot”
Shooting a deathly glate, laksh left the place furiously followed by ragini.
” please understand me” swara said to sanskar who fisted his hands for her words.
” I need to say that. Anyways, I need time to settle swara. I don’t hate you ” sanskar assured her with a broken voice and ascended the steps.
Why? Swara wanted to scream. Why is he not hating her, why is he so caring even after breaking his heart. She cried and cried until her tears drained. She lost her parents love at very young age, she craved for some caring touch and when she got it, she foolishly parted it from her for revenge but still he is so caring. Why?
Swara wiped her tears and stepped into her room. She walked to the mirror and smiled sadly at her reflection. Her hair is totally messy, her eyes are swollen for crying continuously. Even she had blackheads. That special charm of revenge in her eyes is clouded by some foreign, unexplained emotion. She washed her face and tied her hairs into pony. She want someone to sooth her and she very well know who is capable of. She walked to the closet and opened the same drawer where she hid photo from laksh. The picture had durga Prasad and ram Prasad sitting on a sofa with laksh and sanskar standing besides them. Both of them looked young, probably they were in teens.
Swara moved her fingers through sanskar’s face which she marked with red ink. She then burnt the photo and her heart felt light. She now understood that emotions should be confined to a person but not their family, but its too late. she took a deep breath before stepping out of her room. She perfectly knew what to do know, where to go so that she can atleast doesn’t become a burden for neither of three. With a strong determination, she walked out of the manison closing the doors behind her..forever.

Credit to: Sree harini

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