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Finally your love defeated my writers block. So I am here. Enjoy reading

” I hate you Mr. Maheswari” swara screamed out of her voice and his heart broke into million pieces.
He closed his eyes tightly and when be opened them, they had tears. It is second time in his life that he had tears in his eyes.
“You may ask why and I have the reason my so called lover” swara said in a high pitch voice.
” gadodia…do you know them?” She asked looking into his eyes.
Sanskar thought for a while before nodding.
” they were my dad’s business partners”

” I am amused that you still remember them.”
” that’s the worst phase of my life” sanskar answered in a cold voice.
Swara raised her eyebrow.
” then let me inform you. I am daughter of shekar and sharmista Gadodia ”
Sanskar frowned but some unwanted memories came to his mind.
” don’t think too much sanskar” she advised him before adding ” I am here to take revenge of their death”
” but how are we connected ?”

“so enthusiastic. Right?” Swara taunted him. He sighed. her every harsh word stabbed his heart again and again.
” I landed in Kolkata with lots of happiness ” swara spoke after few minutes of silence.
” was very eager to meet my parents but when I reached home..” Her voice choked and she took a deep breath with teary eyes. He stared reading her expression, probably pain.
” it’s all because of you..your father sanskar” swara shouted at him again and strangly she didn’t had any pain in her eyes now.
Sanskar gasped in shock. This couldn’t happen even in his worst nightmares. His dad cannot murder anyone.
” he might have not done it” he said in a low voice
Swara smiled sarcastically “oh! Let me make you clear. Mr. Ram Prasad maheswari has fired my parents before stabbing and your so called badepapa tactfully closed the case before it’s investigation”
Once again sanskar is shocked. His badepapa is no doubt a business man but not a heartless person and he experienced it.
” you..” Swara shouted pointing her index finger to him “you rich

people are very smart in covering up the crimes”

Sanskar gulped not understanding how to react. His mind became messy rewinding about swara’s betrayal, her words about his both fathers’. Out of all, he is still understanding her pain.
” laksh” swara sounded distracted but her voice had humor in it. Sanskar raised his head hearing laksh’s name. It now scared him death to think that she might have trapped him as she did to him.
” poor fellow. He helped me to get close to you believing in the stupid story I narrated.”
He felt bad for laksh thinking about the impact of her truth on him. Laksh is already in pain and is addicted to alcohol. He can’t take any pain now. No more. Sanskar parted his lips to question her.
” why did you then love me?” Swara almost laughed at him.
” will you surrender yourself if I say I want to kill you?”
Sanskar pursed his lips because she is correct
” I broke your heart because I want everyone of your family to face the pain which I underwent these years.” She again screamed at him and he flinched.
” I wanted to take revenge on whole maheswari clawn and my research said that you are the most pampered person.” she stopped to take a breath and again continued. ” I don’t know where your papa is but I am sure that he will break up completely listening about your death and then your badepapa followed by laksh”

Sanskar’s eyes clouded thinking about the future where his family will be completely drowned in pain where noone will be there to bring them up.
He smriked at swara ” but your revenge will be incomplete though you kill because I won’t there be to suffer ” sanskar shot his words inspite of knowing what effect she already had on him. Swara frowned for a second later smiled victouriosly.
” these few hours of heart break is enough for me” and he knew that she is right
Swara angled her head and smiled seeing the person approaching her.
” this man doesn’t have any properties on his name” the person said angrily throwing papers on sanskar’s face. Sanskar is confused at first but later remembered signing papers the previous evening.
” what!” Swara is equally shocked because he is one of the top business man and not even a single rupee is on his name.
” well, I thought that we can stab the wounded maheswaries. It’s okay,atleast they are saved from this pain” swara cooled herself and turned to sanskar.
” he is vansh, sanskar. The one who messaged you just few minutes ago and gifted you the boquet.”
Vansh smriked “nice to meet you San..maheswari ” he sarcastically greeted and turned to swara giving her a gun. Swara smiled at him and aimed at sanskar.

” what is your last wish ” she asked loading the bullets.
Sanskar closed his eyes and remembered their moments. He is still not believing that swara did everything just to hurt him. Infact everyone in his life hurts him a lot and now, finally he is getting killed by one among them. He is always cursed to love and to be loved. His heart ached every time after being stabbed but there is a limit and it broke today. He is not left with anything that would sooth his heart and equally his heart is tired getting continously pained. If death is the only thing that would relief him and releve him from the never ending pain then he is ready for that. Laksh is anyhow there to take care of bade papa. He opened his eyes. Swara amused seeing determination in them where fear had to be. Perhaps she failed to read him. Swara shook her head and gripped the gun.
” kill me” sanskar ordered swara looking straight into her eyes without even a small trace of fear.
Swara startled for a second because she didn’t expect him to say these words.
” kill me swara” this time he shouted with more determination but inside the heart, only he knew how it pained.
Swara sighed and pointed to the area between his eyebrows. He still didn’t turn his gaze.
Suddenly, some voice echoed in her mind.

‘you have a husband to love you’
Her eyes widened and now, she stared into sanskar’s eyes. The one which had determination in them, looked painful which she failed to notice. He didn’t break the eye contact and she kept staring at him. The whole disappeared and it is only they two living the present time.
‘ I know how it feels’
‘ I love you swara’
‘ my mother died at her delivery’
‘ mother Teresa is my favourite’
‘ I am afraid to love because I loose all my senses when I love’
‘ I trust you swara’
‘ you have a dad to guide and mother to pamper you’
‘ I love you’
Swara’s palms became wet with sweat. Her breathing raced.
” no..I..I cannot do this” she murmurmed and took few back steps before the gun in her hands.
” are you mad?” Vansh shouted at her.
Swara nodded her head in no “I cannot do this, please” she pleaded.

Vansh shook his head in disgust and picked up the gun. He aimed to sanskar. Swara looked at sanskar with heavy eyes and is surprised to see him still staring him with the same determination. It worried her now. She closed her eyes as they welled up. She shivered when reality struck her. What was she going to do, to kill a person who loved her madly and selflessly. To kill that person who assured her to be her family for life time, who loved her inspite of afraid to love. Of course her gestures might be fake but sometimes she felt his love and trust and those were genuine. She really cried when he said he trusted her because noone did it to her expect her parents. The way he confessed his love, loved her as a friend melted her heart. She then realised that punishing him for his father’s deeds is wrong. His father might be a culprit but he is innocent and selfless. How can she kill the person who loved her to the extent which she always wished.
She immediately opened her teary eyes to stop vansh and panicked to see him pointing sanskar. Before she could speak anything, few bullets rushed to them but fortunately, she missed them and hid herself behind a barrel. She started sweating profusely when she heard many bullets being fired and wished for sanskar to be alive. Later she heard some foot steps and peeped angling her head.
Many police with weapons, filled the room and one them untied sanskar. She saw vansh lying on the ground lifeless with nearly three bullets inside him.
Someone patted her back and she stilled.

” everything is okay. You are safe mam” one of the cop assured her to which she frowned
When she approached sanskar, she saw him talking to one of the cop probably the head.
” I am very happy to see you alive Mr. Maheswari and you did a good job in informing us at right moment” the head appreciated sanskar and he smiled.
” actually I pressed the alarm when I got the message indicating that she is in danger and that helped” sanskar replied shaking his hands with the head cop.
Swara is totally confused by their conversation because he didn’t had enough time to message police but how did they reach to reduce him. Moreover their friendly conversation confused her a lot.
” there she is” the head screamed pointing to a lady who just entered the room. Sanskar smiled at her. Swara followed their gaze and shocked to see ragini in police uniform. Ragini approached them and saluated.
” Ragini Raichand reporting sir” she shook hands with head and he had a wide grin on his face. Swara jept her eyes wide open still not believing the situation. Ragini observed swara from the corner of the eye but ignored her.
” so” the spoke to sanskar clearing his throat.
” who is responsible for this?” He enquired.

Swara’s breath raced and grew Warner. Sanskar fisted his hands and Clenched his jaw. They both looked each other and their eyes met.

Credit to: Sree harini

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  1. Oh my god.. What is this? Am I dreaming? Sree what are you writing,, It took a while to understand me last instances.. Let’s see now what Mr Maheshwari will do.

    1. It is a story dear and I am sure that you are not dreaming…wait for next update my dear friend.

  2. Amazing….please update today itself…

    1. Thank-you kanak…will try to upload dear.

    1. Thank-you soo much anu.

  3. Oh wat an writer u r it’s just amazing yar u kno I was bit angry on yesterdays episode so I don’t cmt bt today I don’t have words wat a twist yar bt pls unite SwaSan asap if possible next itself pls pls again it’s such an awesome episode sree waiting for next

    1. You were angry on yesterday’s episode. It deserve it…SWASAN will unite and it’s compulsory but they won’t unite in the next episode. I am sorry for that.

  4. Thanq honey for this update… Omg…Wat ll happen to swara now???

    1. You are most welcome dear..swara. You need to wait for next update.

  5. wow!!!!nice twist pls update next soon dr…..pls pls cant wait pls dr……just want to know how sanky know dis?????nd ragini s police…..seriously fantastic dr….pls update next soon….

    1. Hello Shan…your questions will be answered in the next episode. And yeah ragini is police.

  6. Woahhhhh!!!! I loved it… I loved it… I loved it….
    Am too exicted now…. Sree pls update soon… I just love each and every character in this story…

    1. Thank-you…thank-you thank-you my dear..will try to update ASAP.

  7. Fabulous. I feel that you can read my mind some times as I was thinking it’s a little rosy rosy for swasan and bang you go.I love you sree for the way you write and I absolutely respect you for that.

    1. Telepathy..you know..lol.yeah revenge drama is routine but I will try to make it unique. Love you too manisha..

  8. Now this is called some high voltage thing!!!!!…awesome Di. …u really nailed it !!!!

    1. Thank-you so much h mitti. I said you all to enjoy fillers because the story gets intense and so it became.

  9. Uh oh it high voltage now as rags as a cop n swara realising d pure love…anyway u rock sree

    1. Yeah the drama is getting more intense now…I don’t know why but I got a idea of making Ragini as police. Crazy me.

  10. Wow, ur turns and plotting is damn good. Good one.

    1. Thank-you so much Sonia..will try to make you more happy.

  11. Oh my god no..words Dr..u nailed it…

    1. Where were you dear. I hope you were giving your exams..missed you so much my friend. And thanks for appreciation.

      1. No Dr am working.. Am here around u….

      2. so sweet of you dear.

  12. Hey that’s a really good move but poor swara hope everything goes good btwn them and a request plz dont tell sanskar is also a police officer…..

    1. Hi Priya.yeah poor swara. Everything will fall into its place just it takes time…haha sanskar is a business man and will be..always

  13. Superbbbbbbb……. Update soon plssssssssss…

    1. Thank-you so much zea. I can understand you and will try to post tonight.

  14. Awesome episode another super duper episode…….thnx for uploading dr……each nd every episode is bringing a twist nd I’m loving it

    1. Thank-you thank-you so much. No need to say thanks my dear friend…I am happy that you are loving my episode and I will try my best to entertain.

  15. Oh my god sree today I’m not here to comment about swara I was really disturbed with sanskar’s situation I was crying reading his pain I too believe swara is missing something she doesn’t know everything for sure well I won’t predict but these are my instincts dear seeing sanskar in pain just kills me he is my love for sure I really pity him for this condition but got shocked when cops arrived and that was the point which told that ragini was there to protect him really that watch scene came into my mind u just nailed it and your ending in suspense is surely gonna eat my sleep u know some part of my ♥ says sanskar should hand her to police but I would go with the second thought let her be free show her that your love wasn’t fake like hers that will be her biggest punishment as she has realized the intensity of his love and now not getting that love will kill her loosing her bestie pure love will be her punishment and I think you will chose this only
    Well I know u are a great writer so do what you think I promise I will surely love it right now I don’t want swasan instead wanna see swara wishing for sanskar par sree mere sanky ko jyada mat rulana ??OK…

    1. Don’t cry dear. I feel bad because…I too don’t know…I can understand how much bad you might have felt reading about sanskar because same happens with me too. But in future, I will make you cry for swara even and I am confident… Ragsan relationship will be revealed in next episode…I am sorry for ruining your sleep.seriously…I loved your analysis and really want to give answer but that spoils your suspense. Hence you should wait till next episode but the ultimate aim.is true love which you will surely find.

  16. Awesum sree u r simoly awesum the way u describe the sanky’ s luv for swara is remarkable…
    Hey i m great fan of urs …
    N daily reader….
    Luv u sree plzzz update soon…waiting for another part…..
    ….plzzz update….
    U r awwsum

    1. Hi Lee..missed you even. Thanks for appreciation.. Hey no fans only friends. ..next part will be most probably by tonight

  17. amazing as always keep it up yr

    1. Thank-you so much sana.

  18. Sree here aftr ur name is ms.twist…
    no words to xplain wt i have read in today epi… so im eager to knw wts gonna happen nxt…. now a war is gonna begin… he is not gonna forgive swara or believe any1 in his lyf i guess… swara wt hav u done.??? Anyway ur gonna suffer im sure.. lucky poor fellow u helped hr bt she used him… feel vry bad..
    so ms. Twist queen… today ws superb..
    post nxt one asap…

    1. Ms. Twist..nice one.war!!! Seriously. ..of course some part is true.you are so curious my friend. I will surely answer your all questions in next episode. Even I am feeling bad for laksh. Poor guy.

  19. OMG sree..
    suddenly drastic change in d circumstances n situations..
    really sanskar n swara’s emotions about love n each other is amazingly described n brave man he handle d situation so.. i haven’t words.. loved it a lot.. i m so curious to know wt happened next..
    keep it up dear 🙂

    1. Drastic change..yeah must accept… Even I am not getting any words how to say thank-you to you. Will try to update tonight my dear.

  20. It’s really wonderful dear, some people wat say ‘ u nailed it’. It’s a fact feeling when your love betrayed how u will, u die millions of times in that time even in future also, so I completely agree with sanskar’s feelings. And when it comes to swara may be some people may bash me but I m somewhere agree from her point also Becoz for me also when something comes on parents I can never tolerate it and ofcourse in this swara’s parents died Becoz in relation with sanskar but truth may be something else as it will reveal further. It’s natural phenomenon that we can do anything for our parents and that is wat she is doing but I have limits yaar I can’t thing killing of anyone but as it is a fiction character can go at any extent. And in case of parent’s love our love regarding ours partner’s love can never over power.
    As it is said everything need time in this case also swara and sanskar both need time to understand their situations.
    Srry if I hurt anybody Becoz I write only wat I personally feel.

    1. First of all thanks for the appreciation dear.I agree with your words and you will get to see more intensity in sanskar’s charecter.. Yeah even swara is correct from her side and I will totally justify her. Love towards parents is different and love towards husband is different and I completely agree with you…yeah killing is not correct but reenge takes senses and you will understand why she wanted to kill him..you didnt hurt me because what you said is fact.

      1. sorry seetothy, i didnt get you. i mean i didnt say anything contaversy to you seetothy

      2. Hey Sree that reply comment not for u Dr…..anyway leave it..waiting for next epi….

    2. Hey..anything wrong with my comment.. I didn’t understand.. Why u quoted

  21. I couldn’t really understand whats going on. The thought of sanskar being killed was really painful. But again you have given a twist as to what will sanskar say. I am waiting badly for your next update

    1. Swara wanted to kill sanskar for revenge and ragini helped him. I won’t kill sanskar or swara at any cost..what do you think sanskar will do..will try to update tonight.

  22. I hope he punishes her by keeping her as his PA and torturing her… Would be so good…I loved the epi

    1. Hehe..don’t worry I will help him in torturing her bresh..

  23. Oh my god i luv ragini.
    i wish i could see this ragini in the real show.

    1. Hehe..you will love her more. Keep reading

  24. Seriously yaar u r driving me crazy dy by day with both of ur ff’s ….both r fantastic mindblowing superb excellent fabulous nd nd nd wat not….r8 now I just want to give u a bone crushing hug akka ..nd poor sanky ….inka papam swara tanaki teliyatledu tanu enta manchi chance miss chesukundo I mean without loving sanky …I know she is some where having feelings for him which she is not realizing….nd ya one more thing I liked is instead of making swara victim u made sanky victim nd showing his kind nature…..nd now I am eagerly waiting for his next step……yaar sissy I commented in last epi but I donno wat d hell happened nd it did not got posted nd I was not having energy to type dat all again coz its along one

    1. Omf..inka chaalu. Chala length ekkuva ayyindi..stop praising me my sissy…hug accepted but seriously I am suffocating..yeah swara isnot realising what she is blessed with. Don’t worry my dear. We both will team up to torture swara…as I said, I love sanskar so I made him victim….it’s okay you no need to feel bad for comment. It happens sometimes.

  25. Omg!! It was wondrous dear!!…like srsly didnt expected this!!…ragini a cop she was there to protect sanky…….i feel like sanskaar would have got a clue related to swara or like someone is going to murder him…..it was so amazing…..upload next part soon!
    can u tell me what is this writer’s block/?

    1. Sanskar is not at all involved in this story because he said that he won’t spy his own. So how did police reach.. Is to be answered… Writers block means sometimes we get bored of writing and our senses stop working and we can’t even develop any sentences.

  26. Wow .really u r rocking ..sometimes no one can make the ff romantic like u ..at times u make it like a thriller movie ..awesome Dr …swasan aww ..how much love ..Swara can’t kill him besides her hard core revenge plan …that’s love right ..some delicate line between life and death ..really really wonderful episode ..waiting for swasan …with love

    1. romantic!!! thats something i am bad about. as this is my last ff, i just tried it in a different way. swara,s realisation has started and waiting for it to turn into love…agree with your words…your wait will be surely worthy

  27. This was so intense but she took so much time to realise that now she lost everything. Of course Sanskar will save her . Amazing

    1. intense..will find more in future. just be patient… sanskar will save but he must heal himself first.

  28. I surely don’t know what is happening and so sorry dear coz I couldn’t read some parts as I didn’t visit the page…was busy because of exams…but I will finish all the parts today itself and r u writing another ff right now if u r then let me know

  29. awesome epi… I thought Rags as IA or detective… but not as cop… I just Imagine her in poluce dress with revolver… Oh god… she is damn cute… waiting for next one…

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