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Sanskar streched his body and grinned widely thinking about swara. He unlocked his mobile to check the time but a message popped up from laksh’s number. He realised that laksh and ragini didn’t turn up last night. Without wasting any minute, he opened the message.
It read ‘ bhai, stuck in rain. Car troubled us. Need help’. He checked the time and it came around eleven o clock at which he and swara were deeply involved in conversation. he hesitatingly called laksh.
” oh you remember us?” Laksh sarcastically asked sanskar as he is really irritated.
” I am sorry lucky. My mobile is in silent” he tried to cool him but the reason he stated is also not false.
” we are on the way now. Will meet you shortly” laksh immediately disconnected the call by which sanskar understood that he really had a lot of work that day to deal with.
Sanskar reached swara’s room around 8:00am to call her to accompany him to office as it is already late. He knocked the door and opened it when he got permission. He saw swara standing infront of the mirror with a worried expression on her face.
” swara” he called her and giggled seeing her wearing two types of ear rings to each ear.
” help me. I am unable to select” swara requested Him still checking herself in mirror. Sanskar walked to her and moved the strands of hair to which swara stilled. He removed both the ear rings and wrapped his arms around her waist.
” be clear about your decision swara. Don’t let anyone choose for you” he said locking their eyes in mirror.
She placed her hands on his ” I love it when you choose for me” she smiled but soon tears came to her eyes. Sanskar turned her towards him and cupped her face. He then wiped the tear with his right thumb that threatened to fall down.
” no..no more tears swara” he whispered.
She nodded her head and placed her hand on his.
” you have a brother to fight, a sister to share, a father to guide, mother to pamper, a child to take care of and a husband to..to love you” tears fell down her eyes but he wiped them.
” you have a complete family swara. Never cry, please ” he said to her and she immediately hugged him. They parted when they someone sounds downstaris and sanskar sighed.

” so bad my dear brother” laksh shouted at sanskar
” actually we didn’t had network and laksh had messaged you when we the network was avaible for a few seconds. We expected you to help us but..” Ragini raised her hands in disgust.
” I said him already that my mobile was in silent and I was busy” he murmured the last part. Swara giggled and it is noticed by laksh. It didn’t took time for him to understand.
” it’s okay we lodged in a hotel nearby which is totally uncomfortable and the credit goes to you” laksh said quietly.
Sanskar hugged him and laksh reciprocated. The two ladies smiled at brothers.
Sanskar asked laksh to take rest and swara joined him to office.
” no appointments” sanskar ordered swara sitting in his chair.
” okay sir ” swara salutated him and both of them laughed.
Swara left the room and sanskar engaged in reading business files and studying the statistics of the company. Almost at evening, he streched his arms to relax and saw swara speaking with someone. He intetcomed her.
” actually Mr. Das needs your signatures on these papers” swara said showing him some papers.
” oh!” He sighed ” did you read them?” He questioned her and she nodded in yes.
” give me pen” he ordered and signed the papers. Swara opened her mouth.
” won’t you read them?” She asked with an unbelievable expression. He lifted his head and smiled.
” I trust you swara” swara’s eyes welled up and she turned not letting him to see her but as sanskar mentioned, he can sense emotions of his loved ones. He towered her.” What happened? ” her tears are paining him.
” it’s just ..I loved the way you trusted me. I am happy that I got someone who loves me like..” She explained wiping her tears
” shh” he placed fingers on her lips.
” no more words” he handed her the papers and resumed to his work.

” what happened?” Laksh asked excited when he entered swara’s room. All of them had dinner few minutes ago and laksh kept asking her the reason for being looking different. She tried to avoid him but he irritated her and so she asked him to meet her after dinner.
” nothing” swara fumbled.
” someone is blushing” he teased her “don’t lie to me girl. I understood everything but want to listen it from you”
She took a deep breath ” okay, your brother proposed me” she tried hard not to blush but her cheeks turned pink
” what! Congo girl oops bhabhi” she playfully hit him.
That night, she explained what happened before night and laksh teased her all the time.

“Ready?” Swara asked sanskar who approached the car where she is standing.
” oh yeah…hey I forgot my watch. One minute ” sanskar ran into the Manison. Swara rolled her eyes. She really didn’t understood why is he so fond of watches.
” which way?” Sanskar asked swara tapping his fingers on steering
Swara dailed someone’s number. Her childhood friend came to Kolkata after many years and asked her to meet informing that he will give directions to her. He invited her to a party and so sanskar is with her to drop.
” right” swara said after disconnecting the call.
He turned the wheels to right piercing the darkness of night. KOLKATA is really a pleasure to be seen with all lights on in the city
” left, then turn to first right.” He followed her “now, turn to left and take a left turn after three blocks ”
Sanskar stopped the car at a desserted area. Leaving swara alone there feared him
” where? I will come with you” he suggested to swara who stepped out of the car
She pointed to a small house nearby and assured him that she will go alone.
” do you know how does he look? I mean it has been years. Right?” He again asked her.
” I don’t know but don’t worry we will be on call and he will pick me.” She smiled and walked to the house.
Sanskar kept staring her until she disappeared in the house. He sighed heavily and turned to open his car when his mobile beeped. He opened the message that came from a private number. It read ‘ you must have not left her alone’
sanskar’s breathing raced. Sweat formed on his forehead. He immediately ran towards the house and didn’t find any party mood there. He opened the door and it is a old one and had only one room.
” swara” he screamed out of fear. He let many things go in his life but not her. He just cannot loose her and is ready to sacrifice himself for her. He is about to turn back when suddenly someone hit his head from back. He fell on the ground. Gradually his eyes shut. The attacks are very common for any top business men and he knew how many are loathing and competing him. He is ready to die because money doesn’t matter but relations do. It’s the reason he wanted swara to be alive.

When he opened his eyes, he felt terrific pain inside his forehead. Blood oozed out from the wound on his forehead. He tried to wipe it but realised that his hands are tied back as his legs and is on knees.He looked around but didn’t find any way to escape or to cut his ropes. Suddenly, he heard some foot steps behind him. They grew more louder as the person approached. The foot steps stopped just back of him and he felt tge person’s index finger slid from one end of his shoulder to other. Strangely, it felt very familiar to him.
The person came infront of him and clutched his hair which made him look upwards. The earth underneath him shaked. His body went numb and eyes flew open.
” swara” he murmured.
Swara smriked evily and stepped back. She dragged a stool from behind and sat infront of sanskar with her legs apart. She leaned to him resting her elbows on thighs.
” what Is this?” He asked still not believing the truth.
” I pity you sanskar ” she gave him a smile for his innocence “game of revenge and you are trapped ” she casually stated playing with gun in her hands.
Not again! He thought. He is once again betrayed by the dearest one. He smiled for his state.
” don’t smile” swara shouted before punching him hard on his cheek. The end of his lower lip bruised which resulted in bleeding.” It irritates me” she added.
” why?” His voice choked.
” I already said you that it is revenge”
” so, you never felt anything for me. Not even once” he asked still having a stupid hope that she would change. Her eyes softened for a minute and sanskar shot his next question.
” am i not anything to you?” He asked staring into her eyes
” who are you?” Swara replied angrily and continued “sanskar freaking maheswari ” he gasped.
” that’s all you are to me. I hate you” her voice is replete with anger and hatred.
Sanskar gulped “say the same looking into my eyes” he requested her in a faint and low voice which is hardly audiable.
Swara locked her eyes with him. His eyes are red with pain and her’s with anger.
” I hate you Mr. Maheswari!” She screamed out of her voice and his heart broke into million pieces.


Credit to: Sree harini

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  1. Actually I was expecting something like this don’t know why.. It was as usual block buster..

    1. I am also egarly waiting to know if raglak are also involved in it. Poor my dear Sanskar

    2. Ahh. There you fell for him…I am happy for that…about raglak, you will get to know in next episode.

  2. Vo ooh! !! Shocking seriously like….I thought ragini is upto something. ….but swara loves him right ….A secret dark hatred phase of swara is yet to be revealed …..waiting for it !!!!!!!!

    1. Ragini is still upto something…swara loves him and also hates him. The questions will be answered in next episode.

  3. In starting ..
    its really funny n good relation of two brothers.. n teasing part is also good i like all characters of this ff..
    but oh god i knew it something is fishy.. but i m not surprised to see swara kidnaped sanskar..nice twist dear.. really want to know d reason behind swara’s deed n the last few lines is amazing dear..
    n ok i will wait for ur update on wednesday.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You just like them but will fall by end..next episode is of revelations with twists..thanks for the appreciation dear

  4. Sree the start was so good I felt this part would have some chubby moments of swasan but then came the twist or should say a shock in starting I felt something fishy with swara’s character but then everything seemed changed I really thought of ragini behind all this but swara it didn’t came in my mind I’m shocked with this twist swara wanna revenge sanskar I’m so worried for him now don’t know how he gonna bear this he would have been broken yet again that makes me shiver really sree this twist was more unexpected than swasan confession his heart will surely break into millions he loved her so much trusted her like anything but betrayal from someone you love or trust is enough to make you die my sanskar I’m crying and now a break of day OK granted but plzz only one day wanna know the reason for swara’s revenge

    1. As swara’s plan is just to make him fall for her, I supported her and brought this twist. But in future, you will get to see them…even ragini is to be revealed so you cannot conclude dear. Don’t cry for him. Of course he is heart broken and you will see him the sand for few episodes. Poor fellow..my Sanskar. Revelations are in next episode

  5. I told swara is with motive… yeah! !! My guess got correct… BT abhi toh love story shuru hua tha ?…abhi hi hate aagaya. … bechara sanskar…

    1. Really felt like crying for sanskar… bcoz she nt only crushed his love bt trust too…

    2. Don’t scold me yaar..I was just helping her..lol. Wow, you too fell for him. I am happy now. Don’t cry my dear because you will cry for swara in future.

  6. wow amazing till now I was a silent reader but it was amazing till now curious for next upi update soon plz

    1. Thanks for breaking your silence and loving me silently till now. Next episode will be worth reading. I promise you.

  7. Plz dnt do tis yaar….am a silent reader i liked ur story very much……but plz make it as some dream…..i dnt want swara to harm sanskar…..or make it as some other person plzzzzzzzzz

    1. Hello akshu..don’t feel bad. Swara mist harm sanskar to understand him. Just wait for few episodes.. Everything will set right.

  8. Why writer block ?
    Amazingone no words to describe the situation of myself after reading this epi brilliant superb n this twist oh my God swara but I expected this one

    1. My senses are not working and I am unable to write the way I am thinking..so needed a break. I know that everyone expected this but you need to wait for next episode mydear hadi.

  9. Amazing.. never expected Swara will betray Sanskar. I thought it would be Ragini

    1. Haha..ragini is yet to revel. So don’t conclude anything dear.

  10. Wow…. Somehow I never thought of this… I knew there was some hidden motive behind Swara… But I never guessed it would be against Sanskaar himself… God knows why.. Now after reading it, IT seems really natural that this only would have happened….

    Ughhh Writer’s block… I hate it when that happens… I feel so restless… I want to type and get on with the story, But am unable to… Hope it goes away soon…
    Come back soon with another blockbuster… <3 <3

    1. I just read the chapter again… ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™
      I can’t stand Sanskaar in pain…
      Sadness, Anger yeah…
      But pain ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™
      Hope he doesn’t feel it for too long

    2. You didn’t expect?? But I expected you to guess. It’s okay. Not God but me and swara knows it because I have helped her..shh it’s a secret don’t tell anyone..lol. Seriously yaar. For the first time I am facing it..next episode will be again a block burster.
      Aww..don’t fdel dear. I will heal him

      1. Lol…. I was expecting it be Laksh not Sanskaar….
        But no matter… I can’t wait… And ob you’ll know
        Tell me the secret as well ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. Omg wht an episode….loved it yaar nd the twist is also superb….but why swara wants to take revenge waiting eagerly to know everything nd will miss u becz u will not post tomorrow……but hope sanskar’s love will soon melt r dangerous swara ?????????

    1. Sanskar hates betray. Do you still think his love melts her?..thanks for loving the twist. I just tried to create some logic by asking you the question. Don’t take it too serious.

      1. Ohh not at all nd i loved ur twist………..nd i know sanskar will forgive her otherwise how it will be swasan just don’t know wht u r upto becz each n every episode is containing twist nd surprises so let’s see we can only wait

  12. Omg!!!!!! Harini…..Revenge and hatred that too in swaras character….this is the biggest shock!!!! I pity sanskar that the trust he showed on swara is completely shattered now…..I think laksh is also involved in this as he is the only person who helped swara to reach sanskar………after reading this episode I am very much curious for the next…..but as u stated have to wait till Wednesday…….

    1. Nice na..revenge and hatred. Even I feel very bad for sanskar.about laksh….hmm don’t stress yourself. Revelations are in next episode.

  13. Sree d whole epi b4 d twist is good n pleasant n d twist is unbelievableas to jow can swara hurt danskar when she was hirt d most during d hard times like shooting n all..well waiting for d reason

    1. Thanks for the appreciation. Why did swara hurt him..you will get to know soon.

  14. Im confused dr sree…

    1. Don’t get confused because it will be cleared… Soon

  15. I expected this but I’m still in hope that swara is innocent and there is a big reason behind this…poor sanky i really felt bad for him

    1. Oh..expected twist.. Very good but I can’t reveal anything about swara. You need to wait for next.

  16. Needhi Singh

    Oh God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U know what Sree , when i got to know that Swara intentionally came in front of Sanskaar’s car , at that time i thought either Swara loves Sanskaar or she hates him to the core because these r the strongest feelings of the world , only these two emotions have the power to force someone to injure herself/ himself like Swara did but when story proceeded i thought love was the factor instead of hate.I am literally crying. To be honest , i don’t mind if Swara suffers , i don’t adore her a lot but my heart bleeds when Sanskaar suffers.This guy has really driven me crazy. I know it’s a character but the flood of emotions this guy has , really makes me feel genuinely attached to him.Thaks to Vk , who really lived as Sanskaar and has made possible to imagine this character in any way.My mom has really given me good scolding for getting mad at a fictional character and now the thing has got up to such a level that my besties have started teasing me for crying now and then for Sanskaar ‘s suffering. After those intense yet romantic lines of Sanskaar , Swara’s betrayal is just a heartbreak.Damn it , i am really getting obsessed with the character. Though it was not a complete a shock as i knew their lovestory can not be so smooth and easy but the way u have described it has nearly made impossible to hold make tears.My heart ached ,while reading it.Their light moment like Laksh’s teasing ,Ragini’s cold behaviour , Swara’s confusion regarding ear ring ,Sanskaar’s advice and his gestures towards Swara were really cute and adorable but last part the way Sanskaar was trying to see love for himself was really painful and felt like thousand knifes stabbing my heart. I really hope that RagLak r not involved in it or neither do they have their own plans for backstabbing.As far as ,i have guessed i think Ragini is highly worried for Sanskaar and that watch has tracker something because her sudden arrival after Swara’s entry had really raised doubts in my mind. Waiting eagerly for the next update .Sorry fo so much bakbak.Love u sissy and ya don’t let yourself effect because of other’s cold and annoying behaviour.

    1. I agree with you. Either love or hate will make a person mad but hunger too.. Don’t cry my baby sister please preserve them. Oh you don’t feel bad for swara! Then let me make you feel bad for her but yeah even I bother a lot for sanskar more than anyone and really thanks to vk to make the charecter realistic…my mom would have scolded me but I never show my adorness to anyone except here..so I am safe…I am speechless dear..you are really too much obsessed with him. As this will pain, I gave you sweet moments at begining…about raglak, don’t assume anything because most of the revelations are done in next episode… Your guess about watch is accurate instead many are good at guessing it but about ragini’s motto.. I can’t reveal everything…
      Thanks for the support dear. You know what I mean

  17. Needhi Singh

    One more thing , the worst part of her betrayal was that Sanskaar actually came selflessly for Swara’s rescue , yet she betrayed him in best possible way and that gun firing scene also kept
    on running at the back of my mind.How he injured himself while trying to save her but there was one more Laksh saved Sanskaar in a nick of time but not a single bellet touched him , while Sanskaar was shot twice , as if the attacks were meant to harm him only leaving Swalak aside.Now ,i am hell confused and doing analysis like reporters to get some clue about the upcoming track but neverthless i failed miserably.Update soon or i will surely mess up the things by making stupid guesses. U must have sensed my eagerness to know more about the story. U must be cursing me for making u read such a big comment , but what to do your teenager sis is quite impatient.

    1. Yeah. It’s actually his nature to bekieeveryone stupidly and then regret. I will show that in next episode. Don’t worry..about shooting, the firings were aimed to him not to swara.so he got injured. Hence neither laksh nor swara wounded in that scene…I love you to be the detective dear. Fine..I advice you to not to mess up anything and wait patiently. I will try to update tonight itself and will mention if updated.

  18. Amazing episode and twists…I think ragini is involved with Swara as well….

    1. Thanks for appreciation.. You will be answered soon..

  19. wow…i’m speechless….wat a twist!!!…never expected….feeling sad for sanskaar…plzz post next episode as soon as possible…

    1. Even I am feeling bad for him dear. Will try to post tonight.

  20. actually I guessed that swara is also upto something but this wow…suchva big shock….amazing episode waiting for next episode. …n thank you gor ur info…

    1. No need to say thanks..nice shock right? Next will be more.

  21. I guess ragini ll cum to rescue sanskar… I dunno n afraid to know wat ll happened to swara after this??? Sanskarvis gonna destroy her…

    1. Hehe .your comment made me smile. You are so involved… Ragini..wait for next episode. I can’t reveal anything.

  22. Today only I read all ur episodes in one go ..what a tragic twist ..only ur brain can make plots with complications ..ur ff is awesome Dr ..loved it ..but the twist was good but lil disappointed as revenge betrayal from loved ones hurt so much ..this is my very own thought ..hehe

    1. Wow..that’s cool. Thanks for reading all episodes..only my brain..haha loved it dear harini but seriously missed you a lot…betrayal from loved person is too painful and even worst pain.

  23. Oh shree… I just waited for your twist dear… from start I thought swara had some motive… when she hides photo from laksh, sanky gt bouquet of red rose in hotel room, shootout, she follows him at the night… mainly her selection of book โ€œmurder mysteries…โ€ swaragini convo about books… but after reading sanskar love confession… I hope nothing will happen… but ๏Œ ๏Œ I think ragini know about swara motive… itโ€™s just my guess… Is sanskar reason behind f her parentโ€™s death…? Waiting for swara mystery and Ragini โ€œdetective series…โ€ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰
    oh god… he signed some papers without reading what is it..? How much he trusted her… the worst part in our life is getting betrayal in name of love… it will pain us so much… after that our heart never allow us to love anyone… why she choose love for her revenge… didnโ€™t she get anything… really feeling bad yaar…

    1. Wow.. Nice.waited for your response and I am very much happy now. Yeah, what swara did hide in her closet I mean the photo, the boquet, the shoot out every thing will get sorted out in the next episode.. Ragini’s truth is yet to revealed…the papers, you did notice them. The answer for this also next update…you became so emotional dear. Don’t feel bad as I will make her suffer and we both will take revenge from swara for breaking our sanskar.

      1. ha ha ha… I’m ready for this revenge… pls dnt make sanskar easily forgive her… she gave pain to sanskar so she want to suffer lot…

  24. It’s good that you have started a new ff after limitless love and this one is awesome. Sanskar’s emotions for Swara are so minutely potrayed and for the twist it’s good

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