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Standing at the entrance sanskar was in thoughts that where should he take steps- towards the guest room or his room which he abandoned a few days ago. Life is so unpredictable. He couldn’t live in his room after swara left, and now he don’t know which room to go for living in his own house, the reason to be precise is his love is back. He had determined himself to forget her but vaguely succeeded.
Finally he thought to go in guest room first and freshen up. Confrontation at this moment won’t be good for them.
His coat flung on the bed and he rubbed his thumb over his temples as he had a bad headache which persisted since that morning. Opening his shirt buttons he opened the cupboard to find it empty. He frowned and opened the other door finding nothing. Closing his shirt buttons rather angrily and called the servant and asked about his belongings.
Sanskar- where are my clothes and other belongings.
Servant- bhaiya it is in your room.
Sanskar- it’s not there that’s why I am asking.
Servant- wo bhaiyaa bhabhiji shifted everything to your previous room.
Sanskar- ok go.
He rubbed his face with his palms and walked towards their room. Pushing the door open, he walked directly towards the cupboard, opening it he took out a bundle of clothes and kept on sofa and again took out another bundle. Swara who was resting on the bed was left flabbergasted with the sudden appearance of sanskar and his moves. Coming out of her dazed state she found her voice.
Swara- [happily] sanskar

Hurriedly getting down from the bed she came to him and spoke happily.
Swara- sanskar when did you come. You took so long and you even didn’t respond to my calls. What are you doing? Why are you taking out your cloths. [said moving behind him]
He didn’t paid any heed to her words just kept on taking out his clothes and once done he picked up a heap of his clothes and moved towards the door.
Swara not getting any answers from him and seeing him moving out held his arm stopping him in his tracks.
Swara- sanskar please…. What is this? Why aren’t you saying anything? Speak something for god’s sake. And where are you going?
Sanskar- leave my hand [said without turning and in stern voice]
Swara- [coming in front of him and holding his hands] sanskar we are back together after so many days. We should talk. We really need to talk to get things in its right place.
Sanskar didn’t even look at her having an angry and annoyed look.
Swara- [cupped his face] sanskar are you listening what I am saying? Please say at least a yes or no.
Sanskar- [removing her hands] let me go and stop coming in my way. [he moved forward crossing her to be again stopped by her hold]
Swara-sanskar isn’t our path same. And why are you leaving your own room. Because of me. [said with tears in he eyes] please don’t go.
Sanskar removed her hand and walked again. Swara rushed to the door and bolted it and stood in front of the door.
Swara- I won’t let you go until you talk. [said stubbornly]
Sanskar- [highly angry, he banged on the door scaring her] I said let me go.
Swara- [composing] and I also said that not until we talk.
Sanskar was completely pissed off due to her stubbornness and getting more angry due to his headache. He ran his fingers through his hairs and threw the cloths in his hand on the bed and harshly pulled swara and tightly holding her arms said

Sanskar- speak what you wanna say and hear from me.
Swara- [hissed in pain] aahhhhh sanskar it is paining. Please leave me.
Sanskar- [loosening his grip] and it is torturing me. Now when you want me to leave then why you want to stop me haan. When you can’t bear me, why you want me to stay haan. Is there some very great reason then do explain mrs. So called swara sanskar maheshwari.
Swara- sanskar please…..i want to sort out things between us in the past. In our impulsive behaviour and anger whatever decisions we took and all, I just want to sort and correct them so that we can live back happily.
Sanskar- [sarcastically laughing] happily….. swara there is no word happily in our relationship. I am over with you. When you think me of as a murderer of my own brother and can accuse of all those things in front of everyone then there is nothing left between us.
Swara- sanskar in anger and the situation I just said it. I never meant it.
Sanskar- ohhh you never meant it. Great, good for you but what should I do with that. Now if you are done with your talks then let me go.
Swara- sanskar it’s not over yet. You can’t just walk away. Please. I am trying to rectify my mistake. I said those words and I know it hurted you and for that I am extremely sorry.
Sanskar- done.
Swara- sanskar [being emotional] please [wiping out the tears that flown out] try to understand and why you want to take your things. It’s your room. [hugging him] don’t go…..i thought that when I will come back we will talk and things will be fine but sanskar you are not even ready to talk. Sanskar [she sobbed not being able to speak more and stop him]
Sanskar had a hard time to not embrace her back. He felt is it so simple for her to say that she will come back and things will be fine.
Episode ends.

Sorry again a short update. Actually I desperately wanted to post today so giving a short update. But next one will be more interesting with swasan conversation.

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