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While swara moved to go to her [swasan] room, sujata stopped her.
Sujata- swara
Swara- [turning back] yes mom
Sujata- ke mom. Main sanskar ki mom hoon. Tu toh chodkar chali gayi thi naa toh kahe wapis aayi hai. Thara jab bhi man kare tu chali jati hai, jab man kare aa jati hai. Main hoon yahan sanskar ke liye, thari zarorat nahi hai mahre chore ko. Khayal rakh saku hoon main apne chore ka. [said being angry]
[translation- what mom. I am sanskar’s mom. You went away leaving naa then why are you back now? When you want you go away and when you want you come back. I am here for sanskar. My son doesn’t needs you. And I can take care of my son.
Swara- [looked down blinking her eyes to stop the tears.] I am sorry mom, I was in anger and situation was such that I had to leave.
Sujata- thara ke matlab hai, fir sthiti vaisi aayegi toh tu phir se chor kar chali jawegi. Naa jaane kis mahurat mein maine thare aur sanskar ke rishte ke liye haan bola tha. Pata nahi ke hoga mahre chore ka. Ke kismet paayi hai usne. Dekha hai kabhi tune ragini ko laksh ka saath chodthe hue. Sab apni hi man ki karte hai. Mahre se to koi poochta hi nahi kuch.
[translation- what do mean, that if situation again comes as such then you will again leave. I don’t understand at what time yes to your both marriage. Don’t know what will happen to sanskar’s life and what fate he has. Have you ever seen ragini leaving laksh? Everyone does of their own. No one ever asks me.]
Sujata was leaving being angry when swara held her hand.
Swara- mom I am really sorry. I promise I won’t leave like that again ever [said sincerely taking sujata’s hand]
Sujata- [looked at swara but spoke sternly] thare ko jo karna hai kar kahe ki mahre ko bharosa naa hai.[do what you want to because I don’t believe]
Sujata left while few fresh tears rolled down swara’s cheeks which she wiped immediately. she ascended the stairs while looking towards her room. She was confused to see it locked.
Swara- why is it locked? Whom should I ask? Mom….no.

She came walking through the corridor and called a servant.
Swara- shyamu why is my room locked?
Shyamu- vo.. bhabhiji bhaiyaji has locked since one and half months, from the time you went from here. Only two times he opened it for getting the room cleaned.
Swara- what??? Then where does sanskar live.
Shyamu- vo bhaiya lives in the first guest room downstairs.
Swara- [shocked and to self] guest room… [to shyamu] where are the keys of the room?
Shyamu- I don’t know. I think it is with bhaiya only. He only opened the door last time. But you ask choti malkinsaa [sujata] may be she has the keys.
Swara- ohh ok. You go. [he went]
Swara- should I ask mom? She was angry on me.
Preparing herself she went and knocked on sujata’s room door.
Swara- mom may I come in?
Sujata- what happened?
Swara- [hesitantly as sujata was angry from her and also because ram was also there] mom do you know where are the keys of my room.
Sujata- I don’t know. Sanskar has kept it. He never lived in that room after you left. [said while keeping clothes in cupboard]
Swara hummed and turn to leave while her heart was heavy. She wanted to cry as she so much wanted to go in their room and it was locked, sanskar was not there, she got to know of him not living in that room. She was feeling like stranger in her own house.
Sujata- [seeing swara going] come with me. He lived in the guest room. Keys must be there only.
Sujata moved forward.

Ram- swara beta. [swara looked at him and said ji dad] [he smiled a little] beta I shouldn’t intervene between you two but I can’t stop myself being a father. Beta sanskar has not smiled even once after you left, neither he lived in his own room which he always preferred. Beta misunderstandings and anger is part of husband-wife relation but it should not become big enough to break us. And you took sanskar wrong. He lifted the stone that day but threw it away. Sanskar and laksh were best friends and shared a strong bonding. Things have been difficult in their relationship but now it’s all over. Sanskar can never harm laksh because he had always protected him since childhood. Time can change things but we need to be mature and you know many things more than others. Hope in future you never leave sanskar because he never says but is most sensitive when it comes to you or the family.
Swara- I will try to never repeat my mistake ever. Thank you dad for explaining me.
Ram smiled and returned back to do his work. Sujata kept a not so interested look on her face and moved towards guest room followed by swara.
Sujata opened the cupboard and seeing the clothes piled up and crushed she sighed.
Sujata- ye chora kab sikhega kapde rakhna. [when will he learn to keep clothes properly] he needs his room clean, things on place but never does it on his own.
Swara smiled slightly on sujata’s comment. Sanskar has been one of the lazy person’s in doing these works. Means make him go through 100-1000 files, and he will do it unblinkingly but for other works, even eating, he has tantrums and laziness overloaded.
Sujata took out all his clothes and started folding.
Swara- mom let it be. I will do it.
Sujata- haan [ok]

Then sujata looked in cupboard and drawers and found a pair of keys.
Sujata- yeh le chori. Yahan pada tha. Shayad yehi room ki chabhi hai. Khool ke dekh le. [take this. It was kept here. May be this is the keys. Check it once.]
Swara- thank you mom.
Sujata went without replying. A small smile appeared on swara’s lips. She went to swasan room and opened the lock. Pushing the door ajar she looked at her room.it was slightly dusty but it was the same as she left. Roaming around the room she looked at each photo frame. Many memories came rushing in her mind.
She called one of the servants and started cleaning the room. From one corner to the other, got everything dusted. Herself, she cleaned each photo frame, and after four hours the room looked clean and shiny. Bringing all the belongings of sanskar from guest room with help of servants, she was now surrounded by his clothes to be folded and kept in cupboard. Although tired she was happily doing the work, caressing his shirts and remembering their moments when they used to bicker over his dressing and his habit of wearing non-matching clothes and especially socks if it is not kept ready before-hand.

In the last five hours the maheshwari mansion was filled with joy with some still underlying sorrows. Swara’s room cleaning campaign and uttara’s arrival after college created a lot of hustle bustle in mm.
During this time raglak had an emotional patch up. They were more than happy. All had lunch together when obviously sanskar was missed by everyone but yet involved in having their own time except swara who was missing him more and more by each passing second. If he would had been there then may be like raglak, they would have been stealing glances and talking through their eyes. She dismissed all these thoughts and tried to involve with the others.
At night ragini came to swara being tensed.
Ragini- swara I wanted to talk something.
Swara- ragini come naa…..say what happened.
Ragini- swara first that I am sorry that I talked wrong about sanskar and behaved rude with you. Actually in that situation I was so emotionally caught up that I couldn’t think over the different aspects. Please I am sorry.
Swara- it’s ok ragini. But trust me sanskar will never be against laksh. He always is protective for him.
Ragini- who actually when you too blamed him, I believed that he was somewhere responsible…
Swara- [closed her eyes in self-remorse] ragini I spoke all that in anger. I have more believe on him than my ownself. I know in anger he is hard on people but he knows his limits. He avoids doing anything wrong in his anger. Please never blame him again.
Ragini- I am sorry.
Swara- ok leave the past. Tell me did you inform laksh about the baby. How did he react? [asked excitedly]
Ragini- no I haven’t informed till now. I feel so nervous when I try to say. That’s why I came to you. Tell me some ways, so that I can tell him.
Swara- you are asking me as if I am an experienced person in all this.
Ragini- [pouted] please naa swara.
Swara- accha accha let me think.

Thinking for some time she huffed.
Swara- I don’t know any exclusive way. But yes one way which has been effective since ages is all I can suggest.
Ragini- what?
Swara- simple… when you aren’t able to say directly write it and give it to the person. In this case you won’t have to speak, so no nervousness and simply have to handover the chit.
Ragini- you sure I should say this way.
Swara- yaa [saying she brought one paper and pen and handed over to ragini] now come on write it.
Ragini- what should I write.
Swara- that also I will tell.
Finally thinking over every word ragini wrote about her being pregnant.
Ragini- come we will give this to laksh.
Swara- 1 sec. what we haan… you are going to give this to laksh. Kabab mein haddi what will I do. Now go or I will have to drop you also.
Finally ragini left. Swara smiled at her. Then uttara came to swara’s room to give her bhabhi company. They talked and in their conversation swara got to know that in these days that she was away, sanskar lived in guest room, annaporna never talked to him, he always remained silent, very rarely he had his meals with family and many nights he stayed out of house and days was always spent in office. Swara silently cried hearing all these.
Raglak side- ragini gave the chit to laksh and he was out of the world reading it. They celebrated their moment.
The next morning ragini’s pregnany news was the cause of everyone’s joy. Annapurna and sujata were behind ragini pampering her, taking her care. Swara was happy for them but she didn’t know where her own happiness was.
Three days passed like that only where ragini’s was highly taken care of especially by Annapurna. Ragini was not allowed to work even a little and ragini demanded things from swara as she wasn’t able to say her desires of food directly to ap and sujata.
Parineeta who has been living with maheshwari since aadarsh jail was burning in jealousy and revenge.
While in these three days sanskar was busy with business work and whatever time he had was engrossed in the thoughts of his life and swara. The moment when he filled her hairline was still afresh in his mind while her words that I will wait for you ringed in his ear that she said before he left. He couldn’t come to a decision.
Episode ends.

Precap- sanskar’s return and swasan reaction and moments.

Sorry again no swasan major scenes but next will be swasan as sanskar will return.

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