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Swara was standing at the stairs itself after sanskar left when others came to hall from temple after they were done with raglak.
Shomi- shona why are you standing there.
Swara- [wiping off her tears] nothing maa.
She joined others. In all this sujata seemed angry.
Ragini- laksh you sit. I will bring first aid kit.
And she flew off to bring the first aid before he could resist.
Dp- laksh where were you for these many days and didn’t had contact with us.
Laksh- [his features straightened with the question] papa actually when you called and scolded me and asked me to come home, I got the hint that I was wrong and that sanskar was not at fault. I was on my way back when the inspector who had arrested me, sided me to talk and then he demanded money because he still had proofs of me being involved in … [said being ashamed on himself and looking down] dru..gs……. I didn’t want you all to be involved in all these in any way and so was trying to arrange money from somewhere and not getting how to gather money, I sold the car and paid the inspector and was coming back when I was trapped by the drug dealers. They had known about me being caught by the police. One of the parcels that was with me was caught by police during my arrest and so they wanted to compensate for that and also to keep check that I don’t open my mouth. They kidnapped me and then I was asked to do as they directed/said.
Laksh became silent after telling this much as he didn’t knew how to tell further. He was ashamed of himself as he was involved in these illegal activities which he knew was destroying many peoples life and also that his family will be extremely ashamed after knowing what he has done.
Dp- then what happened laksh.
Laksh- papa I was asked to deliver parcels like those many a times while a man of those kept an eye on me, so that I in no way could inform anyone about this. They knew about the inspector’s deal of giving back the proves in exchange of money and so they asked me me that parcel as it contained some signs/marks which indicated there group. This all continued till today when finally sanskar led me out of all these. It’s only because of sanskar bhai that I am here, otherwise I don’t know whether I would be able to return or not.
Ram- [worried for laksh] but how did sanskar got u out of all these without you being arrested.
Laksh- chachaji actually bhai knows about my whereabouts since 20 days.
Ap- [shocked and then angry] 20 days, he knew about you and didn’t told us. how could sanskar do this. He knew that we were worried about you and waiting to get the news about your whereabouts and he just didn’t inform us.
Listening sanskar knew about laksh since 20 days, swara was looking at ragini who also looked at swara. Swara had the ‘did you heard him[laksh]’look while ragini looked at her apologetically.

20 days before when sanskar got to know about laksh, he called gadodia’s landline to inform swaragini. The call was received by ragini.
On call-
Sanskar- hello ragini, sanskar speaking
Ragini- ji sanskar
Sanskar- ragini I got to know about laksh and I will return with him shortly.
Ragini- [emotionally] is it true sanskar . You found laksh. Where is he and how is he?
Sanskar- I am going to take him. I will talk to you later.
Ragini was elated from this news and informed everyone about this. She waited whole day for sanskar’s call to know about laksh but he didn’t called. Finally at evening ragini called sanskar while swara and sumi and shekhar were there itself.

Again on call-
Ragini- sanskar did you meet him. Why aren’t you back yet. Is laksh ok?
Sanskar- [sighing] ragini I couldn’t find laksh. I am sorry.
Ragini- you couldn’t find laksh. [angry] sanskar you said you found him.
Sanskar- I am sorry ragini. That’s all I can say.
Ragini- sanskar do you find it some kind of joke. If you didn’t find him then why the hell did you say about him to me. Are you trying to play with my feelings. It’s enough of what you did to him. Please don’t try to raise hopes and then crush it. And next time don’t try to play such pranks on me please. Call only when laksh is with you and coming back otherwise let us live the way we are and don’t try to ruin that also.
Enraged she cut the call. She cried a lot after that. Shekhar became angry on sanskar for making his daughter cry. Shomi and swara consoled her.
Swara- ragini don’t cry like this. Sanskar will find laksh soon.
Ragini- [angry] no he won’t. he only knows to make us cry. If he didn’t find laksh then what was the need to say us like that. He doesn’t know how much it hurts.
Swara- ragini you are taking him wrong. He might have got some clue and so may be he said like he found laksh. He will never play with anyone’s feelings. Trust me ragini.
Ragini- swara you are taking his side. You heard how he informed me with so much confidence about laksh. I was waiting for his call but he didn’t. if he didn’t found about laksh that’s ok but he could have informed right. But no he didn’t. he just made a fool out of me who waited that my laksh will come back and he has found him.
Swara- ragini first calm down. It’s not good for you to cry so much in this condition. When you will calm down you will understand the situation and sanskar also. Have water. [said forwarding a glass of water]
Ragini pushing her hand away.
Ragini- let it be swara. You want to support him then go and support. No need to sympathise me. When I need laksh the most then he isn’t near me and I thought you to be my biggest support but you just want to support sanskar. Then just leave me on my condition. Me and my child we both are enough for each other until laksh returns.
Shekhar/sumi- child????? Ragini what are you talking about?
Ragini- [shocked that she blurted out and didn’t spoke anything]
Sumi- shona ragu we are asking something.
Swara- maa wo actually ragini is one month pregnant.
Shekhar- [angry on swara] and you are saying this to us now, after so many days. In this condition when she needs care and support of everyone you didn’t thought of telling this to us when you knew about it. I didn’t expect this from you. [turned to ragini] ragini beta [cupped her face and kissed on her forehead and spoke softly] beta why didn’t you tell us. And why are you standing beta. First sit down.
Ragini weeped not uttering a word. While a tear escaped swara’s eye. Sumi kept hand on swara’s shoulder.
Sumi- shona you should have told this to us when you knew. It’s a big matter. Let it be. It’s ok. [said softly caressing her hair]
Sumi- [sat beside ragini] ragu beta why didn’t you inform us earlier. [said caressing her face]
Ragini- [hugging sumi] maa I wanted to share this with laksh first. It’s his right to know about it the first. I thought I can keep it till myself and take care till laksh return but maa why he is taking so long. I miss him maa.
Sumi- don’t cry beta. Laksh will come back. Chalo now rest. You should take extreme care in this condition. Forget everything and just care about yourself and the child.
Shekhar- yes. And now sleep. We will call you at dinner time.
Flashback ends

Dp- tell us everything clearly laksh.
Laksh- actually as bhai told me that he got to know about me through some detective he hired to find me. Bhai came to meet me but found me giving the parcel and he doubted. Then he followed me for two to three days and got to know that I am involved in those activities. Getting a chance he confronted me and I told him about my condition, everything from start to end and he left from there without exchanging further words. I was disappointed as I thought he won’t help me or will involve police but nothing as such happened. About five days later he met me again and gave me mobile and Bluetooth device and explaining few things to do, he left. Actually he had laid out plan for my escape as well as trapping of those people and also the inspector who ditched him during my arrest. I did as bhai said me and finally got all those people arrested. He rescued me informing the inspector as being the informer.
Laksh- today when everything was sorted out I was nervous to come home and thought not to return and that’s why bhai hit me. He made me understood and when I was reluctant he forcefully pushed me in the car. [kneeling in front of dp, folding hands] I am sorry papa to ashame you by my activities. But I couldn’t think of any way to earn money when you were kept here by adarsh bhai. Now I understood what sanskar bhai and swara tried to make me understand that day when they found about my activity. We could never achieve things by shortcut or illegal and wrong ways. It always is disaster.
Laksh- forgive me papa for all the trouble I caused and my immature behaviour.[said truthfully] I will try to be patient and mature. You had said correct that I need to learn a lot from sanskar bhai.
Dp- laksh realisation and acceptance matters a lot but it becomes meaningful when you truly try to learn from your realisation. I hope you never do wrong. I wouldn’t have accepted you for your wrong doings as I don’t compromise with my rules but since your cause behind was good [for saving ap and dp from aadarsh] and then because you were forced I forgive you.
Dp- [hugged him] you have returned after a long time. We all missed you a lot. I hope now our home fills with joy as it once was [said looking at swara who was standing alone immersed in her thoughts] [affectionately] go get your dressing done and take rest.
Laksh met gadodia’s and took their blessings. Sumi and shekhar gestured ragini to tell about her pregnancy but she signed to wait. The glow on her face satisfied sumi and shekhar. Raglak went to their room. Shortly gadodia’s left too only after meeting swara.
After they left dp and ram blessed swara and left. Ap has already gone to kitchen to prepare laksh’s favourite.
Episode ends.

So ragini is pregnant.
Sorry for no swasan scenes but now it will be mostly swasan.
My laptop is repaired so now updates will be more frequent.
Thank you for your comments and likes. Be happy all of you and take care.

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