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swara was feeling the taste of ignorance. she was just looking at sanskar that any time, any moment he will look at her as he used to see her earlier. even one glance to keep up her hope high which was being shattered each passing second due to his ignorance.
ap- sanskar work comes after family. it will just take you both brothers [sanlak] few minutes to fill swaragini’s hairline and make them wear mangalsutra getting back together. we will welcome back our daughter in laws and happiness will return to the house.
sanskar looked at her emotionally. ap hasn’t talked with sanskar since laksh was missing. and after one and half months she has spoken something to him but she was too casual in saying that they will be back together and everything will be fine and happiness will come back as if it was some material that they bought so simply. he has called her maa and respects her more than his mom as she has cared for all her children but today she was not the same. she wasn’t able to see the deep-seated pain in his heart, the dilemma he is in, his situation of longingness and loneliness yet his thought of being alone to prevent himself from feeling any further pain. what should he do?
ap- laksh ragini, swara sanskar come in the temple.
sanskar- maa [to ap] I….
ap- sanskar all talks later. first come to temple.
laksh- Bhai come naa. it won’t take much time and please I know how much you want swara back, afterall you love her so much. [guilty] and I am sorry that because of me you both had to suffer too.

saying this laksh held his arm and walked towards the temple. in all this while swara was teary eyed. she was well understanding that sanskar is not accepting her, he is hesitating, maybe he doesn’t want to …..no….[she consoled herself]…he is angry and I need to pacify him and clear our misunderstanding. that’s it that’s it and nothing else. nothing will go wrong, she consoled herself. ragini took her along to the temple and now both the couples were standing in front of god’s idol and ap prayed to god and then bring plate having vermillion.
forwarding the plate to sanskar she asked him to fill swara’s hairline. completely confused on how to react, what to do and say to his family at this moment when everyone is rejoicing laksh’s return sanskar took a pinch of vermillion and turned towards swara who was already looking at him.
that pinch of vermillion had a lot of meaning. that symbolises two souls which get connected, two hearts which emerge two become one, two different persons who get bound together. and the same has played a great role in their earlier life. swara was waiting for him to fill her hairline whereas sanskar was not wanting to be bounded again because heartbreaks is what he don’t want to suffer. being bounded and then again moving apart was too painful and one thing he has accepted that happiness and love was not in his fate then why to suffer from same pain again and again.
but situation compelled him and he did what he was destined to do, fill swara’s hairline again being bound with her. getting separated is due to situation but they are destined to be of eachother, whether by hardships or happiness. there destiny is written to be together. then ap gave him the mangalsutra which he took and tied across her neck remembering their marriage and the day she left and the following day where he had removed it breaking their relation thinking of never to get back again but destined to tie themselves again this very day.
a tear escaped swara’s eyes which fell on his hand while he was withdrawing his hand. he looked up at her and then averted his gaze. why can’t he see tears in her eyes ever. while she looked at him and that’s what she did since he was back in mm with laksh because she didn’t get opportunity to talk with him.
sanskar’s phone rang which was from his pa and telling everyone that he is being late he left as fast as possible to avoid any more situation. he was ascending stirs to move out of mm when swara followed suite and held his hand stopping him in his tracks. he looked back to find swara. he looked towards inhouse temple to find others busy with raglak rituals.
swara- [emotionally]sanskar [she hugged him but he didn’t reciprocate]
his fingers itched to wrap her but his heart and mind constantly dwelled upon the pain he has suffered making him angry and stern.

sanskar- I am being late. [he said in no nonsense voice]
she moved apart.
swara- when will you return. we need to talk. I had said I would wait. how much time more I need to wait.
sanskar- [closed his eyes to control his anger, frustration, pain and said in stern voice and left] I don’t know and now I have to leave.
swara- sanskar..I..
sanskar- I said I have to leave…
swara- [took a deep breath] go safely..bye [said controlling her further tears]
he left leaving her in tears while his condition was worse because he can’t even cry.
episode ends.

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