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the next morning-
mm was silent and gloomy. dp came to sanskar’s room and knocked.

sanskar opened the door, all ready to go to office but his face devoid of happiness, charm and emotions.
sanskar- bade papa [a bit surprised] please come inside. [he moved aside and dp entered in the room] you here.. I mean do you have any work.
dp- sanskar sit.

sanskar obeyed and sat on edge of the bed while dp sat in front of him on the couch.
dp- sanskar relations are to be handled delicately and undoubtedly you have been handling everything very wisely and maturedly. but your’s yesterday’s behaviour was unexpectable. [sanskar looked at him emotionless] sanskar I know swara was wrong on her part to blame you for laksh which we clearly know have no involvement of your’s but I also know that what she said was just in anger.

sanskar- bade papa can we please keep this topic for rest as it is of no use now.[sanskar said getting up and moving towards window]

dp- sanskar avoiding the topic won’t solve anything. have you thought about your future life. what you both [swasan] did and said yesterday in anger and being stubborn about it now and in future, what will it lead to for you both. accha tell me what you both will do when laksh will come back. are you both going to continue with the fight or reconcile. [sanskar gave him a blank look]
dp- [keeping hands on his shoulder] sanskar if I wished I would have not interfered but knowing the extent you keep your words I fear for you. sanskar husband and wife relation is such that when situation is worse then at least one of them should try and mend instead of falling apart in anger and ego. if today you will take your steps forward then surely the other will come to you and relation will be intact. I don’t know what made swara to act like she did yesterday and I won’t judge any of you two nor impose my decision but like to advice that go and once talk to her. relations are meant to be preserved and you both had done this till now and I would be happy to see you both together. whenever situation made us fall apart you both remained intact but now if you both fall apart I don’t how things will be.

dp- and sanskar when you love someone to the extent to defeat death then don’t let a situation to intrude and break it. stay happy and think over once again.
dp left the room leaving sanskar in thoughts.

in baadi swara too was pale and disturbed, her eyes puffy and red.
shomi called swaragini for morning prayers and they both were lost in their own grievances during pooja.
after pooja ragini kept her sindoor and mangalsutra [wedding chain] near god’s idol and prayed for laksh.
she came to swara who was all lost.
ragini- swara I have kept my sindoor and wedding chain in god’s shadow. now god will protect and bring him back. swara till we are in baadi do you also want to do so as I understand that being far from sanskar you are also hurt.
swara gave no response and so ragini jerked her.
swara- haan what happened….
ragini- I asked do you also want do so…

swara- [confused] haan.
sanskar who listening dp’s advice and breaking his resolution to not allow swara in his life came to baadi to talk to swara heard what ragini asked swara and hearing haan [yes] from swara was devastated yet again. anger overtook him and he left the place while here swara came out of her thoughts when ragini asked her to keep her mangalsutra in the temple.
ragini- then bring your vermillion and keep it in the temple.
swara- what [shocked]
ragini- what happened?

swara- nothing… actually I was thinking something so didn’t hear you earlier. what did you say and why to bring my vermillion box.
ragini then sighed and narrated her again to which swara excused herself saying that she have some work urgently and she needs to leave and she just took her bag and left from there without informing anyone where she is going.
sanskar was sitting in his cabin when his phone rang and seeing the caller id his anger build again. he ignored but it rang again and again. he just switched off his phone.
a while later his pa knocked the cabin door and came in on allowance.
pa- sir there’s a call for you.

sanskar- whose call, I told that no meeting for today.
pa- sir maam is on call as your’s is switched off. [said showing the mobile]
sanskar- [closed his eyes in anger] keep the phone on table and leave.
keeping the phone pa left.
sanskar- [angrily] what the hell do you want now? you left so now why trying to contact me?
person on call- please come to meet me at…XYZ PARK….and please don’t deny.
sanskar- why not. I know many things are left to be talked out. [said he thinking something] I will be there in a while.

in park- sanskar reached park and went to the person who was standing watching otherside]
sanskar- I came. tell what you wanted to say.[said in stern voice to the person making the person turn and revealing it to be swara]
swara- [emotionally] sanskar
sanskar looked at her and they indulged in a brief eyelock.
swara moved her hand to hold his when he stepped back.
swara looked at him shockingly.

sanskar- [stern and emotionless] just speak fast. I don’t have time to be wasted.
swara- [felt hurt but composed] laksh’s absence, I …[interrupted] [well she wanted to tell that “laksh’s absence I didn’t meant to blame you but it was in anger that I spoke those words”. but only hearing laksh’s name from her mouth and sanskar’s anger triggered and he interrupted her]
sanskar- laksh is my brother and I know very well that he is not here because of me. no need to emphasise on it every now and then. he will very soon be back and your sister will again live happily. I know my responsibilities and know well how to fulfil it [said he the last line sarcastically]
swara- sanskar once please listen to me. I didn’t meant to say anything as such. I just…just that I blamed you because..

sanskar- because you don’t have trust on me. because you think that I wanted to kill him. because for you your sister is the most precious to you and you yourself is the most sensible among all. [looked at her mangalsutra] well why are you still wearing this mangalsutra. you vowed naa that you will live the way your sister will live then why have you worn it. ohh because you came to meet me or any other reason. you don’t need to show that you are my wife because you aren’t.
swara- sanskar..please…what are you speaking. why you get so angry… please let me explain and don’t assume things by yourself.

sanskar- [pulled her by holding her waist to himself angrily] I don’t assume anything and when our relation is no more then you shouldn’t be wearing these symbols. yesterday you took steps forward to exit the house even after my warning but they were not forward steps but the reverse steps of our marriage. and from now on you are no one to me. keep this in your mind.
saying this he started opening her mangalsutra with the other hand still holding her.
swara- [shocked] sanskar.. [feeling him taking out her chain was more shocked] sanskar .. sanskar what are you doing… please sanskar… leave me…listen to me once and don’t do this sanskar. our anger has destroyed a lot between us but don’t do so now. [said while struggling to get free from him]

sanskar- when nothing is left then what can be destroyed more.
he said looking straight in her eyes and got successful in opening the mangalsutra. swara was hell shocked. sanskar was moving away from her taking back steps holding the mangalsutra in his hands when swara ran towards him.

swara- [holding his hand and trying to take back the mangalsutra and crying] sanskar don’t.. give it to me back… you are just being angry…. we will talk upon this…. you just let me explain.
she said while while trying to take back the mangalsutra from his hand. when unsuccessful she looked at him tearfully and pleadingly. she not knowing what to do pinched on his hand resulting in him to loosen his fist and she took the mangalsutra back but sanskar held her.
sanskar- taking it back our relation won’t mend. it’s over for now and ever.
he loosened his grip but then again pulled her and looking in her eyes he moved his hand over her hairline wiping off the vermillion making her shocked to hell and then left her and she stumbled back.

swara- sanskar……
sanskar started walking away when swara came to him running trying to stop him.
swara- sanskar please listen to me..please.. sanskar….
sanskar- leave swara.. everything is over between us [said in stern voice]
swara- no sanskar… I won’t let you go. you have to listen to me….I will follow you till you don’t listen to me and keep following you.

sanskar- [ stopped and looked at her] if ever, ever swara you loved me a bit then don’t come in front of me not until I find laksh. leave me please.
swara- and after that sanskar… you will talk to me naa….
sanskar- I don’t know…. I don’t think so….. you blamed me, you broke my trust by mistrusting me and it’s you who once said that trust is base of every relation. so what you expect from me to do.
swara- I ….I will wait for the day when laksh return.

sanskar- do what you wish… I don’t care….
swara- you do… you always did… and I will wait…I will wait…
sanskar looked at her and walked towards his car and sat behind the wheels.
swara looked at him going towards his car and ran from there crying badly and clutching her mangalsutra tightly. sanskar looked at her running form and drove off.
episode ends.

let’s see what swasan future leads them to.
wait for the next episode which most probably will be a bit late. I will try for tomorrow.

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