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Episode begins-

Sumi was feeding rasgulla to both swasan when shekhar entered the house calling mishthi.

Swara- [happily] maa baba came.

Sumi- [smiled at swara] [to shekhar] shekhar I am in kitchen. Come there’s a surprise for you.

Shekhar came in kitchen and saw swasan.

Shekhar- [surprised] swara sanskar.

Sanskar bent down and took shekhar’s blessings not before gesturing swara not to bend seeing her going to take shekhar’s blessings.

Swara- baba [hugged shekhar]

Shekhar- how are you both?

Swara- absolutely fine baba. [said cheerfully]

Sumi- shekhar shona has a good news for you.

Shekhar- good news. What’s that. [took ayush in his arms]

Sumi- say shona.

Swara- vo… vo … baba actually i….. I mean…

Sumi – shona I never knew my daughter will be so flushed while saying this news. [laughed a little while swara looked down shyly and sanskar was also smiling] shekhar our shona is going to be mother. She is pregnant and carrying twins.

Shekhar- really [sumi nodded] I am so happy for you swara. [blessed her]

They all were sitting and talking in the hall. Sumi told him that swara is in her fourth month and shekhar simply asked her to take good care of herself.

Shekhar- shona when is ragini returning and have their puja got completed. Actually since two days I couldn’t contact her.

Swara- vo baba I don’t know….

Sanskar- they will return in two days. Mom had informed me today.

Shekhar- by that I remember swara beta how are you now. ragini had told me about you that you had fever. I couldn’t call you as I was busy and ragini had told that you were fine when they left for rajasthan so I thought I will call you later but it just slipped out of my mind.

Sumi- what shekhar. You didn’t told me about this. Are you ok shona. Suddenly fever. Beta it’s winter you should be careful.

Swara- I am fine maa-baba.

Shekhar- mishthi swara is strong. She can manage everything.

Sumi- but shekhar…

Swara- [interrupted] maa baba is right. Accha Maa baba we should leave. It’s getting late.

Sumi- beta you came now only and talking of going. At least have dinner and go.

Swara- maa some other day.

Sumi- ok. Take care of yourself and be cautious. It’s very crucial stage for you and no carelessness. I was thinking to prepare some home stuffs for ragini but now I will prepare for you also. Actually I will come to give you all these things in three to four days myself. Take care haan and sanskar see to her. She has habits of jumping and getting excited very quickly, you must have known till now so take care.

Sanskar- ji maa.

Shekhar just blessed her happily and swasan left from there. They were driving back home when swara requested sanskar if he could stop somewhere where they can sit for sometime. Sanskar obliged and stopped near a small park on their way.

Swasan came and sat on a bench in the park. Swara rested her head on his shoulder.

Sanskar- swara first wrap the shawl properly. It’s cold.

Swara did as he said and again leaned on his shoulder. Sanskar too brought her closer holding her.

Sanskar- why are you sad? You were so cheerful when you met maa, then now what happened.

Swara- nothing. I am not sad, just wanted to sit with you sometime.

Sanskar- if you don’t want to share then it’s fine. [said being little hurt]

Swara- [separating herself from his embrace] sanskar it’s nothing like that. I am not sad.

Sanskar- accha ok. So why suddenly you became dull.

Swara- sanskar [again held his arm and leaned on him sideways] I am not dull. [emotionally] I am happy that you are with me. When suddenly I remembered the days I spent at baadi away from you makes me sad.

Sanskar- I had told you naa not to think about that.

Swara- I too don’t want to think but when we went there I just got reminded of it. I don’t know why suddenly… [grips his arm tightly] I want to forget everything. I fear those moments [she remembers waking up fearful and sweating in baadi in nights or in morning having seen a nightmare] . I fear to lose you and our baby. [she chocked while saying and some tears fell off her eyes]

Sanskar- swara…. [Separated her and cupped her face] what happened? Is something bothering you?

Swara- [sees him] no. [holding his hands which was on her cheeks] sanskar promise me …… promise me that whatever happens you will never ever leave me nor will allow me do any stupidity. You will scold me, do whatever you wish to but ….. will keep me with you always. Promise me. [forwarded her hand asking him to promise her and looked at him hopefully with tears in her eyes]

Sanskar- I promise to you and to myself too that I will never let US to get separated ever.

Swara hugged him and he too securely took her in his embrace with the promise to be with her always. They kept sitting their some time feeling peace with each other and then came back to maheshwari mansion.

At night in swasan room-

Sanskar came out of washroom and saw swara keeping bag in cupboard which she brought from bose house in baadi.

Sanskar- swara what important thing is their that you wanted to take from dida’s house.

Swara- [startled with his question] who…sanskar…. Nothing [acting normal] just a dress I wanted to bring. I feel very comfortable in that so thought to bring it.

Sanskar looked at her as if what are you speaking.

Sanskar- you could have bought few dresses when we went shopping.

Swara- that time I wasn’t much in mood and sanskar why to waste money when I already have so many dresses. [sanskar just shook his head] Leave all this. It’s late lets sleep.

They both laid down on the bed and sanskar took swara in his embrace and swara smilingly snuggled closer and kept her hand on his chest.

Swara- waise how was your experience with ayush. [said smilingly mischievously]

Sanskar- don’t smile at me like this. I am not some expertise in holding kids. I haven’t been with others kids and for own kids it’s the first time and that too I will have to handle them after months. So don’t try to make fun of me. And I managed with ayush well.

Swara- [giggled] sanskar…… [he glared her] accha baba sorry. Well we will have to do something for this naa. [he gave a questioning look] I mean before the baby comes you need to learn many things about how to care babies, hold them etc….

Sanskar- I will learn. [yawned] Now sleep. [pulled her more closer]

Swara- no first listen I have an idea.

Sanskar- what idea…

Swara- from tomorrow your training starts.

Sanskar- what are you saying swara. Please lets sleep for now.

Swara- no first listen naa please.

Sanskar- say.

Swara- I was saying that from tomorrow I will teach you everything about handling babies.

Sanskar- you are saying as if you have handled a dozen of babies earlier.

Swara- [smacking his arm] not a dozen but I have learnt a lot while caring for ayush and helping maa and these things comes naturally to women. It’s god gifted. So from tomorrow half hour morning and half hour in evening you will have your training. Ok [she was excited]

Sanskar- is that so? If I get a trainer like you then why won’t I agree.

Swara- don’t butter me, simply say do you agree or not.

Sanskar- [kissing her cheeks] ok I agree.

Swara- [keeping hand on his mouth and stopping him from kissing her further] that’s good. So now good night [he was going to speak as she removed her hand] and you too sleep.

Sanskar sighed and kissed on her forehead and slept, both snuggling into each other more and more.

Next morning-

After doing breakfast swasan were in room and swara came to sanskar with the teddy she had bought on shopping day. The teddy was wrapped in cloth just like a baby.

Swara- [fake coughed to gain sanskar’s attention who was reading some files] ahmmm ahmm.

Sanskar- [looked up from files] what swara? [gave questioning look]

Swara- we decided something in the night. [and showed him the wrapped teddy]

Sanskar- were you serious about it?

Swara- then what you thought

Sanskar- but swara isn’t it so childish to do something like this.

Swara- what childish sanskar. I don’t want to listen anything. And over that none is going to see you learning all these. So come on close your files and come with me.

Sanskar compiled to her and closed his files but he still felt it unnecessary and childlish and over that if someone sees them doing such things they would think that they have gone mad. Both sat on the bed and the teddy was placed between them.

Swara- hmm… so sanskar suppose that this teddy is a baby. Now you have to pick the baby very carefully. [swara was seeing sanskar’s reactions who was making faces and was controlling her laugh] chalo sanskar now do it same as I am going to show you. [swara showed him how to do so]

Sanskar- [he wanted to deny doing crazy stuffs like this] swara…

Swara- [insisting] sanskar come on don’t delay.

Sanskar- ok.

Sanskar then very carefully picked up the teddy as if picking up the baby.

Sanskar- see I did it. Fine. Now you know that I know to hold babies. I have work.

Swara- aree it’s just one task and that too just how to pick up baby. now wait I am coming. [she went and brought a cloth and cut it in a particular shape] now next how to make the baby wear diaper.

Sanskar- what. And why I have to learn that.

Swara- what do you mean by why you have to learn that. Obviously to change babies diaper when he will dirty it.

Sanskar- swara we will learn all this later. I feel it so crazy, childish to do all these.

Swara- nothing is childish. Now look how to make baby wear diaper. See this cloth I have cut somewhat in shape of one. Take this and then … [she explained him] now you try.

Sanskar scrunched his nose but then sincerely started doing as swara showed him and exclaimed happily when he did it making swara to laugh out loud as she was doing it for her masti.

Swaara- [laughing continuously making sanskar confuse] oh god sanskar…… ufff ….ahhhh I can’t laugh more… [but she again laughed]

Sanskar- what’s their to laugh so much?

Swara- sanskar I just asked you to do so to see your reaction but you were so sincere and your expressions… ha ha ha….

Sanskar- acccha [he pulled her and tickled her making her laugh more]

He too laughed with her and exhausted they laid down on bed. Lying on the bed they talked, he romanced a little, she shied and smacked him several times.

Later he went to office and she was at home. The day passed.

Precap- sujata ap and raglak return back. A shock awaiting you all.

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Next episode tomorrow itself.

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