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it’s going to be one week that laksh has disappeared. mm was constantly being visited by police who found no trace of laksh. things were getting worse. ap, and ragini have been highly depressed due to the absence of laksh. losing one son [aadarsh] as he did such a shameful act ap and dp felt void without laksh while ragini did lose her charm for not having laksh beside her.
at the same time rp and sujata’s condition was also same. they all are a family and laksh has grown in front of them same way as sanskar, so they too were highly worried for laksh and also for ap and dp.
but in all this the most affected relation and person were swasan.
sanskar felt a little guilty for raising stone on laksh and had devoted himself completely in finding him. he forgot everything else and just concentrated on his mission to find laksh. but in amidst of all these he was feeling the tension between him and swara. since the day they are back to mm both hadn’t exchanged words else than a simple yes or no or some very formal or emergency talks.
their relation was never this way. both were so distant from each other. swara most of the time was with ragini consoling her and accompanying her or looking after household chores and elders. she seemed lost, her face and eyes deprived of the shine it held earlier even after being in any misery.
sanskar always found his clothes and belongings ready as usual but the difference was the one looking after all these was never found in their room or rather say rarely came in front of him in their room.

sanskar knew very well that behind all these somewhere it was his fault too along with her’s and the situation and they desperately need to talk and give time to each other to sort themselves out. but that was the thing being not possible due to the circumstances. he was too busy in handling office single-handedly along with maintaining the conduct in media about maheshwari industries that had been a chaos due to aadarsh earlier and also to maintain the secrecy of laksh involved in drugs and his missing news and above all these in tracing laksh.
while swara was going through something unknown to sanskar. his words which were constantly haunting her. ragini’s depressed condition and her state played a great role on her mind and thoughts. she was highly disturbed and was unable to think wisely, infact she was not able to think itself. it was like her mind and heart was blocked by so much incidences that it wasn’t able to process things.
with all these going in mm, everything looked silent as if the silence before storm. and yes it was so, as the day came when things started falling apart.
inspector came in mm to inform about no progress in laksh’s case. all were present in mm hall with sumi and shekhar too.
inspector- sorry mr.maheshwari but we could not find any trace of mr. laksh. it seems like he willingly went far fromhere without leaving any trace behind. and that’s why we all are unable to find him.
sanskar- [angry] what do you mean by he willingly went. he is my brother and he won’t do such stupid things. just continue to find him. do you understand.
inspector- mr. maheshwari i understand your situation and we are truly into finding mr laksh. you don’t need to tell us about our work. and on your insistence we will continue our search for mr. laksh. now will take your leave.
the inspector left from there leaving behind shattered souls.
ragini was crying sitting on the sofa. she was not able to bear all these.
ragini- [coming to sekhar] baba please take me from here. this place haunts me. i remember laksh in each and every corner of this house. i won’t be able to live here until laksh returns. please baba take me from here.

sanskar- ragini.. please. keep hope. we will find laksh soon. he will return. when we have waited forthis much time then sometime more we can wait. right.
swara- till when we should wait sanskar. when are you going to find laksh. this evening or night or the next day. tell na in how much time you will find him. till when should my sister wait.
sanskar- [shocked] swara..[composing himself] swara i am finding him.
swara- you are finding him. yes you are finding him and you should, afterall the reason for his disappearance is you only. then to correct your mistake you should find him.
sanskar- swara what rubbish are you speaking. i am responsible for his disappearance. seriously. think before you speak.
he was moving towards ragini when swara held him by his collar and started speaking in anger, all that came in her mouth.
swara- are you feeling angry on me? haan….what will you do? shout on me or raise hand on me?
sanskar- swaraa…..
sujata- swara key keh rahi hai chori [swara what are you speaking?]
swara- you are responsible for laksh’s disappearance. just because of you we lost the battle even after we won it. what had you said that day that whether you or laksh…. in your anger did you realise what did you say and did. you raised stone on laksh. would you have killed him … haan say naa…
swara- only because of you sanskar ragini is in this state without laksh. her suhaag is not with her.
ragini- swara let it be. don’t say all these to sanskar… laksh will come….. it’s just that i am unable to live here without him but i will wait for his return. please stop all this swara. [to shekhar] please baba take me with you.
ap- but ragini beta.
ragini- maa please allow me. i will return with laksh’s coming back. please maa.
dp- ok ragini. you can go. we understand.
ragini- thank you papaji.
shekhar- ok then. let’s go beta.
swara- i will also come with you baba.

sanskar who was till now shocked to the core with swara’s accusations and numb to speak anything was snapped at swara’s announcement.
sujata- thare ko kahe jaana hai chori. accha ragini ke vaaste… [why have you to go? ohh for ragini….]
swara- [interrupted] no mom.. i am going with ragini and will come back only after laksh’s return.[turning to sanskar and pointing her finger at sanskar] because of this man my sister has to live without her husband, her suhaag. she has to go through so much. so till the time laksh isn’t found i will also live with her the same way as she is living without my sindoor.
swara- [to dp] sorry bade papa but it is my decision and i am sorry to take such decision without anyone’s consent. we will take your leave.
everyone was shocked at swara’s decision.
swara held ragini’s hand and started walking towards the exit stairs along with sumi and shekhar following when a bomb fell on everyone and especially swara.
sanskar- swara if you step out of this house door now then remember that you can never come back to this house again. you will lose all the rights you had for this house and in my life.
his words halted her steps and made her turn to look at him in utter disbelief and shock. his face was angry and stern while she had an expressionless face. she was just looking at his face when she felt grip of ragini’s hand on her arms.
ragini- swara you should stay here…..
ragini was saying this when swara held her hand and looking at him for last time turned to step out of the house and exited the house while stood rooted at his place all numb and pale.
sujata and ap were asking sanskar to stop swara and take back his words and he just looked at her going and disappearing while few tears escaped his eyes. he couldn’t belief that swara left him and went. how could he believe that she went. how could she go leaving him. she knows right he can’t live without her.
he wiped his tears and walked towards his room in disbelief. he wasn’t able to hear others words. he entered his room and locked it from inside. he sat leaning on the door, closing his eyes and was trying to believe on what happened just now.
that’s it for today.

next part tomorrow.

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  1. Adishu

    *crying * loved it….

  2. I am not liking this…..the early story was better…..please continue that only

    1. Samaira_khan

      Even I’m biased towards tht and love it.. But let’s give a chance to this also!!

  3. Sandhiyaswasanian

    Painful episode.

  4. Amazing dear

  5. haapy nd safe Diwali
    ……amazing nd awesome………

  6. Samaira_khan

    Amazingggg di u always write such stories tht make me eager to read the other.. Really last time also when u wrote this story I used Eagerly wait for the next day so tht I could read ur story!! Ur really An amazingggg writer!! ❤️❤️seriously loves this and this is like my Favorite track… Di I want to share my pov to.. Firstly I’m not biased towards swara or Sanskar.. The hint is tht i think Sanskar is not to be blamed for the disseapearence of laksh.. Agree he have hurled Swara..but putting this allegation on him is totally wrong for me!! In serial also he just raised it didn’t throw.. I guess u made some changes.. I have no idea abt tht.. And till date many feel tht swara did right by leaving Sanskar and he deserves it! But for me he dosent deserve a single percent of tht.. Both were wrong tht time.. When Sanskar said swara not to meet them.. Swara did tht too broke his promise.. And Sanskar telling swara on phone was due to his anger on her.. So I think here it was equal.. But what I hated is swara shouldn’t have left him.. I find no fault of sanskar in laksh ‘s disseapearence if swara left cause she was hurt due to Sanskar ‘s words then atleast we could understand a little.. And tht too for which sister who always gave her pain and didn’t rest her.. And Sanskar tht guy who was always with her agree he was bad in starting but still..

    1. I agree with you… Swara is wrong in this part… For his few words she can’t put allegations on him
      Plot is awesome… Waiting for next

    2. Tamil

      I agree with you dear

  7. Awesome dear i too thought like friend samaira waiting for next part

  8. Loved it

  9. It is just awesome please make sure swara will get punishment.it is necessary.

  10. Tamil

    Amazing dear

  11. Vyshu10

    its nice that u wrote wtever hpnd detailedly…..for me both were equally at fault….eager to see how u mould the characters

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