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All were sitting at dining table. Sanskar was coming down from study room after doing some work. Swara hadn’t come down till now.
Sujata- sanskar where is swara? Why didn’t she come till now?
Sanskar- i don’t know mom. I was in study.
He said without showing much worry to others but the moment he heard sujata’s question he had immediately looked upwards towards his room direction.
Sujata- why hasn’t this girl came yet down then? Uttara go and call that girl.
Sanskar-uhh…mom I will go. I have to bring my bag too.
Sujata- let uttara go. You first have your breakfast in front of me.
Sanskar- I will have it mom. Please…
He strided towards swasan room. Here sujata just let a frustrated sigh as sanskar never listens to her.
In the room sanskar entered worried for swara but maintained his composure. He saw swara who was sitting on bed, her face contorted with pain as she tried to drape the crape bandage on her foot but couldn’t. Her hairs wet and her saree sliding as it was unpinned and she placing it correctly over her shoulders multiple times in frustration. Her eyes were down but he could make out that she had tears in her eyes as a drop of tear was formed on her lower eye lash just ready to fall anytime.
Trying to casually walk in as she hadn’t noticed him till now according to him, he walked towards the couch and kept his laptop in his office bag and then walked to cupboard and took his overcoat and spoke while wearing it-

Sanskar- mom is asking for you downstairs.
Swara looked at him through her eye lashes teary eyed. She has known that he was there the moment he came and knew his every move but didn’t raise her head. She didn’t blink her eyes so that the tear ready to escape her eyes may not slid down her cheeks. Pressure on her ankle while taking shower and getting ready had increased pain in her foot. She just anyhow had draped the sari around herself and has been trying to tie the crape bandage for some relief but due to pregnancy she isn’t bending much or pressurizing on her stomach and so isn’t able to properly tie the crape bandage. She felt tears as none was there to whom she can ask help.
When sanskar came she expected him to come to her and help her but he just casually was doing his work. She quickly wiped the tears that flowed before he could see.
Just the last night she has determined herself to get him back anyhow. And so didn’t let her heart and mind lose the determination over the slight pain of her foot upon her love, her husband.
Swara- I will come in a while. [she said slowly preventing her voice from breaking]
She again unwrapped and tried to redrape the bandage but in this process a painful sigh escaped her lips as her ankle got twisted when she pulled the bandage from under her foot as she squeezed her eyes shut.
Sanskar immediately turned towards her and saw her holding her ankle. Coming to her he kept his hand over her ankle, making her to look at him.
He took the bandage from her hand, as she withdrew her’s and looked at him. Both shared an eyelock. He soon recovered from the captivation of her pained look and emotional eyes and removed the drape knowing that she hadn’t applied something over the swelling.
Properly applying pain relief cream, he again draped the bandage being very sincere about the fact not to hurt her even a little. She looked at him for the time being to read the emotions that reflected on his face.
Sanskar- it’s done. Will you be able to walk?
Swara- i can, I think. It’s just I was continuously standing for a long time….so may be that’s why the pain started.
She stood and walked few steps with little difficulty and stumbled but sanskar held her immediately although she had balanced herself. He made her sit carefully.
Sanskar- let it be. I will inform mom about your ankle. Get it checked by doctor. That will be better.
Swara- no it’s ok. I will be fine. Don’t tell others or they may take tension.
Sanskar looked at swara forlornly. She can’t change. She prefers everyone over herself, over his words, over her well being. His thoughts about not being with her anymore felt more correct to him. His concerned and worried look changed to blank and soft tone to harshness. She observed this sudden change in him but couldn’t understand the reason.
Sanskar- do whatever you want?
He turned to move but she held his hand.
Swara- what happened sanskar?

He looked at her mutely and she lowered her head with the intensity he looked at her but still didn’t left his hand.
Swara- [not getting a word from him she spoke] sanskar I know you denied me on this topic but can we please start afresh forgetting all our anger, misunderstandings and solve everything by talking calmly.
Sanskar- [after a long pause, blankly] yes we need to start afresh but not together but separately. And soon I will find the way out to this.
Swara looked at him shockingly as tears filled her eyes. Not wanting to see those shocked and pained eyes of her he turned around and tried to move but couldn’t as swara tightened her grip of holding his palms.
Swara- separately sanskar? Why can’t you agree upon giving a chance for us to talk things out. [said emotionally and calmly although feeling tormented from the events taking place in her life]
He didn’t said anything.
Swara- please agree for once sanskar. May be we really need to talk and are just losing our time for some moments which were result of our anger and the bad situations. Please….[she said very slowly audible enough for them both to hear as her voice broke due to her urge to cry out her pain to him but not being able to do]
She not wantedly but still loosened her grip on his hands seeing him unresponsive. As he withdrew his hand feeling her lose grip a tear drop fell on his hand from her eyes.
He picked his bag and belongings hurriedly with emotionless face and went out without glancing her. Coming downstairs he asked uttara to take swara’s breakfast to room and informed them about her ankle’s condition and left telling sujata that he will have something in office if he felt like hungry.
Swara in room covered her mouth with her palms to stop the voices from coming out of her throat as she cried as soon as sanskar stepped out of their room’s door. She doesn’t want to be weak but nothing is favouring her and over that none to share her pain.
Sumi and shekhar are busy in ayush, here ragini is pregnant and ap is highly sensitive about ragini’s care along with sujata. And over that sujata was angry over swara for her decision but many a times indirectly she cared for swara or helped her. She can’t share this with uttara as she is younger and already she herself has gone through a lot. And the one person whom she has without thinking also shared everything, couldn’t share words with her due to all the problems between them.
She cried until she heard the footsteps approaching her room. She quickly wiped her tears and composed herself not to let others know that something was wrong between them or with her.
It was uttara with sujata, ap and ragini who came to see her.
Ap- what happened swara? How you got this hurt?
Swara- [faking smile] nothing badi maa. While walking my leg stuck under the carpet and it got twisted a little but it’s better now.
Ap- ohh…. Beta you should walk properly.
Swara- badi maa it’s ok. Don’t take tension. I will be fine after taking rest for some time.
Ragini- swara take care of yourself well. And if you need then we will visit doctor too.
Swara- no ragini that’s completely fine.
Uttara- bhabhi have food. If I knew about his I would have brought the food earlier and helped you out. Sorry when I came to call u and bhai I didn’t knew about the problem.
Swara- it’s ok uttara.
Ap- swara beta have food and rest ok. We are going.
Ap- [to ragini] ragini come you too take rest and you should be more careful while walking.
Ap went with ragini.
Uttara- bhabhi have food na.
Swara- I will have in some time.
Sujata- you will have in some time and that boy [sanskar] went without eating. I don’t understand of you both. Have your food silently.[scolding swara for eating she went]
Swara- sanskar didn’t take his breakfast.
Uttara- he said he will have in office.
Swara- ohhk. Aren’t you getting late for college. Go.
Uttara- you have…
Swara- I will have. Now go.
As soon as uttara went, swara called in office and tried finding whether he had something or not. When she knew he didn’t she asked servant to sent a tiffin to sanskar immediately.
Episode ends.
The precap I gave will soon appear in upcoming episode.
thank you. stay happy and blessed.

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