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swar was hugging sanskar while he just stood sternly without reciprocating. Since she was sobbing and hugging him, it was getting difficult for sanskar. He just pulled her out of hug.
Sanskar- enough of your drama swara. I heard what you had to speak. Now no more.
Swara felt hurt by his words. He quickly picked few of his clothes and unbolted the door jerking swara’s hand who tried to again stop him, walking out while forcefully shutting the door behind halting swara’s steps making her scared with the loud noise it produced.
In guest room-
Sanskar was in washroom, splashing water on his face continuously. It didn’t affect him much so he took a shower relaxing himself, trying to get relief from the headache and also burying his emotions.
Changing into casuals he took medicine and went for a nap. Although not so peaceful but it gave some relief to him.
Swara in her room was still for some time, only tears flowed out of her eyes. Then she slowly started arranging back his clothes which were scattered. While keeping his clothes back she leaned on the cupboard and cried holding his clothes.
Evening time- in mm hall
Laksh- [came from office, to ap who was in hall ] maa bhai has come. Where is he?
Ap- [confusedly] sanskar….but I didn’t see him.
Laksh- no his car is outside and he was supposed to come today.
Ap- you go and freshen up. I will see to him. Where is your papa?
Laksh- who…papa and chachaji met an old friend so they are with him. Will come in some time?
Ap- ok.

Laksh went to his room. Ap was going to swasan room when she saw the lights of guest room on.
Ap- [to self] why is lights on in guest room?
She went and knocked on the door. Sanskar opened the door who has woken up only a while before. Ap was confused seeing sanskar in the guest room and sanskar was surprised to find ap on the door.
Sanskar- maa…..ammm……did you had any work……if so you could have called me.
Ap- no…actually beta I was going to call you only but seeing the lights of this room on, I thought to check. Why are you here? Swara is back home so now you should be in your room.
Sanskar- maa actually i…wo….it didn’t came in my mind. I wasn’t in that room for so long so when I came I just……[he didn’t know how to say more and be convincing at the same time]
Ap- ohh……it’s ok. It happens sometimes. [hesitantly] I have to talk something.
Sanskar- yes maa…. First come inside.
Ap- [coming inside] who..sanskar..beta I am sorry for not talking to you for so many days. [sanskar was going to say something but was stopped by ap] let me speak beta. Aadarsh will do something like that I didn’t thought also. Now he is in jail, far from us. That day I lost my one son and then when laksh wasn’t being found. I didn’t understand where he went so suddenly. I held you responsible for that and so didn’t utter a word to you but it was my mistake to rationalise between my all sons. I hurt you. I am sorry beta. Hope u will understand me.
Sanskar- it’s ok maa. I understand.
Ap kissed on his forehead.
Ap- accha now you won’t be here. Arre swara is back home. You must be happy now. Now shift to your room. Who lives in guest room in their own house. And haan laksh was asking for you. Do one thing come in hall. I have to feed you sweets for the good news too.

Sanskar- good news. What good news maa?
Ap- come down then I will tell.
Ap smiled and went down.
Sanskar sighed. In the noon itself he came after having arguments with swara in this room and now he has to go back there for ap.
Taking his clothes, he went to swasan room. Opening the door he entered and saw the room arranged neatly and swara was standing near the window, leaning on the window pane. hearing the cracking sound of door she was disturbed and turned to see sanskar entering. She didn’t move from her place but kept looking at him with her watery blur eyes. Sanskar showed as if he didn’t bother of her presence. Opening the cupboard he threw the clothes in making a roll and without looking at her came out of room.
In hall-
Laksh seeing sanskar came excitedly to him and hugged tightly.
Laksh- bhai.. what is this? you should take your calls. No information, no talks, nothing.
Sanskar- I was busy in work.
Laksh- Don’t know how could you be so busy in work. [Dramatically sighs] [sanskar fakely smiles]
Laksh- accha I have a super, fantastic, good news. Guess what… [he paused while sanskar narrowed his eyes at his actions and suspense]… you are going to be bade papa and I am going to become papa.
Sanskar- [smiled and hugged him happily ] congratulations laksh. I am so happy for you.
Laksh- thank you bhai. I am able to live this happiness just because of you, otherwise I would have still been stuck in the mess I myself created.

Sanskar- forget the past laksh. Learn and live the present. And now you have to be more responsible.
Laksh- yaa I know. [Whispering] don’t worry soon it will be your number. [Winked at him secretly with a teasing smile]
Sanskar looked at swara who was also present there listening laksh but soon averted his gaze.
After dinner sanskar has gone to the study for doing some office. He thought it was better to work in study rather than going in the room. Downstairs swara did chores after dinner like keeping the food in freeze and arranging the kitchen. After the work was done she ascended the stairs to go in her room. Walking through the corridor she saw sanskar talking on phone. [guys you must remember the infrastructure of mm in serial. There was sofa placed in corridor, the place where after swasan confession swara came to mm for the kundli matching and they talked upstairs corridor and swara called him cute, that same place]
She walked forward unconsciously watching him. Sanskar while talking turned feeling someone’s gaze and saw swara who was walking towards him. Swara suddenly tripped as her leg stuck beneath the carpet and her leg twisted. She yelped, her breath hitched and feared to fall and tried holding the sofa but in vain. Sanskar who saw this rushed and held her in time by putting his one arm around her shoulder, holding her and other hand held her from belly preventing her from falling.

Feeling protected, held by him swara clutched his t-shirt in fist, leaned on his chest trying to get her uneven breath normal and her other hand held sanskar’s hand which was placed on her belly. Fear, worry was clouded in her heart but his mere presence and strong hold relaxed her.
Sanskar on the other hand felt worried seeing her stumble and the next moment he took two long strides and caught her preventing her from falling. He held her protectively when she leaned on his chest, fisting his t-shirt. Anger, pain, every other emotion ruled out in front of the concern and love hidden deep in his heart.
A bit relaxed swara looked up at him when he asked “you ok” from her with so much of concern and worry. She slightly hummed looking in his eyes, lost in them. Suddenly sanskar came in sense and realised what he was doing. He immediately made her stand straight, withdrawing his hands and in angered voice spoke.
Sanskar- stop doing acts like this to gain attention. It disturbs others.
Swara- [looked at him feeling hurt from his words] I wasn’t doing acting. [sanskar stood unaffected] Sorry to disturb you. [said in low voice]
Sanskar moved the other side showing his back to her. She took a step to move from there but cried in pain as she moved her leg. Her ankle has got twisted which pained her when she moved the leg to walk.
Swara- ouch…ahhh
Sanskar heard her painful cry but didn’t turn, although deep inside his heart he so wanted to turn back and ask if she was fine, but he didn’t. swara looked towards him to find him unmoved. Tears brimmed her eyes because of the pain. She took deep breaths to control herself and again tried to move and it was painful but she didn’t make any noise. Somehow she took two to three steps forward but couldn’t take a step more as it hurt really bad. She slowly sat on the floor sobbing slowly due to pain.
After a few seconds she again tried and stood and walked towards the opposite wall to get support in walking. Tears flowed down her cheeks but she didn’t hissed and gulped all her pain. She bit on her lower lip whenever she felt pain so that no sound is produced. She was walking slowly, keeping one hand on wall and other holding her sari pleats.
Sanskar didn’t even turn once but he could hear her bangles tinkling sounds conveying him that she is still here. Not able to control more he turned back to find swara walking with support of wall and tears continuously flowing from her eyes. He cursed himself for speaking those words as he can clearly see that she was in pain and not able to walk properly.

He quickly went to her.
Sanskar- swara let me help you [said trying to hold her hand]
Swara- [showing her hands to him to stop and turned her face towards the wall and wiped her tears] it’s ok…… you do your work….i don’t want….to…disturb you. [said looking at the floor]
Sanskar- what nonsense.
He became angry at her answer but controlled and picked her up in his arms without telling anything making her shocked. She looked at him who led her towards their room. Very slowly he kept her on the bed upon reaching the room. Placing a cushion under her feet, he raised her sari slightly upwards and found her ankle little swollen.
Moving his thumb over the swollen area, examining it, he said
Sanskar- can’t you walk properly. See what you have done.
Swara was looking at him, capturing him and feeling his love in his concern. She hissed when he pressed on the swollen area slightly.
Sanskar- sorry. Don’t worry due to twisting, there’s sprain.
Sanskar brought the first aid kit and sat beside her ankle and was slightly massaging there.
Swara- you care, you love and you are still concerned. [sanskar looked at her hearing her statement] how much ever you say me to stay away, that it’s over but it isn’t. you are just angry. [said smilingly with teary eyes] and I will convince you.
Sanskar froze for few moments hearing her. He looked at her smiling face and thought within self on her words. He got angry that he is showing her his concern, that she is feeling that he still loves her. He is angry that he is again being drawn towards her. He twisted her ankle causing her to cry in pain.
Swara- ahhhh sanskar….[she held his hand]

Sanskar- don’t worry it will be fine. It was just momentary pain. I don’t give life time pain to anyone. And concern, care and all ….huh…don’t keep your hopes high. Know the difference between help and concern.
Sanskar said all this while spraying the pain relief spray over her ankle and then properly bandaging the crape bandage over it. Once done he stood to move when swara started speaking.
Swara- I am not any stranger sanskar. I am your wife. sanskar this is anger that you are saying so. [he was about to interrupt but swara didn’t allowed] I know what you will say but sanskar if you didn’t wanted me then why you refilled my hairline that day and tied this mangalsutra [said holding her mangalsutra]
Sanskar- I just did it for maa [ap]. Don’t try to make things look as you wish.
Swara- [tearfully] for badi maa………sanskar these things tie people for lifetime. You know it very well and what do you mean for badi maa.
Sanskar- wow you realized the significance of these things. Bravo…but it means nothing for me now. I did it for maa means just for her. So don’t expect anything from me. Let me clear you one thing. If you want then you live here or you can even go from here. I don’t care.
Sanskar kept back the kit in drawer and moved to balcony leaving a shocked swara behind.
Episode ends.

Guys now the actual story will begin. Till now things shown were more or less common and known or expected from people.

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