hi everyone. well your NEELIMA writer of SWASAN ONLY FOR YOU is back with her another ff- SWASAN AASHIYAN and also INSEPARABLE SWASAN: INTOXICATING LOVE.
also i will start SWASAN ONLY FOR YOU SEASON 2 soon.
this story starts from when swara left mm along with ragini accusing sanskar for laksh’s disappearance. there are some changes i have made which will be unfolded later on in the story. so let’s begin with the story.
so the story starts with a leap after swaragini leaving mm.
about one and half months later of laksh’s disappearance.
standing by the window and gazing at the plants in the pot placed in the corridor she was remembering the past which moistened her eyes with tears. well tears has been a part of her life and since these one and a half months her eyes were never dry but this was unnoticed by all. emptiness filled her heart but a hope kept her alive.
she remembered the time when someone grew plants like this in pots and in the garden. it was that time when they were none to each other but friends and at that time also he loved her and being far they still were so close, near to each other, wiping each other’s tears and understanding each other and now is the time when he is her husband, her life, her everything but still is so far from her. one and a half months they haven’t seen each other and it’s not his fault but hers.

the worst part in all this is that she knew she is doing wrong, she knew he will be hurt, he will be pained, and yet she took that step. with each passing day she just wish to see him and talk to him and show him all her love and care but she can’t do that because he doesn’t want that.
swara- [to herself] sanskar i will yet again break another promise given to you if you don’t find laksh and come back soon because i can’t hold back. i want to tell you all these first as this is your right. and for giving you this right i will have to do what i never intend to do and that is to break one more promise given to you. but this time if the promise will be broken then it will be solely for you and this time for breaking my promise you won’t be angry but may be the thing i will tell you may cause anger to you. i miss you and i love you a lot. i am sorry. please find laksh fast. i can’t wait more whatever may be the consequences of my return. i just want to come back to you and this time i won’t hurt you. i am sorry for what i did. i am sorry.
some tears escaped her eyes again and she herself wiped it as no one else was there to wipe it for her. the pain she is enduring in her heart and soul is eating her bit by bit everyday. although she never wanted this, no one wants but she unintentionally either choses it or she gets it by destiny.

lost in her own world of miseries, pain, loneliness and hope she comes to sense with the ringing of her mobile. with slow strides she reached the bed side table and picked up her mobile only to be happy and glow because it was the call of her love, her sanskar. after a long one and half months she will talk to him, he is himself calling to her. her happiness has no boundaries. with happy tears she immediately picked up the call but she felt nervous to talk to him. it’s so much time that they have spoken to each other.
on the other side sitting in his car which was parked at road side sanskar was waiting for the call to be received. he had mixture of emotions when he traced the mobile screen to call swara. and when the call was received he too went silent.
both had so many emotions on their faces and heart and off course one of them was the feel of the other due to the light breathing sound they heard because of the dead silence around them. after a long separation finally they were at the point where they could talk.
all other thoughts went numb and just the thought of the other occupied their mind and the feel was incredible.
swara- [slowly, softly, shiveringly, and lovingly]- san..s..kar…
sanskar on the other side closed his eyes hearing her voice specially his name from her after a long span. his heart filled with happiness, an unknown satisfaction feeling the love in the voice. he was lost at that moment and was about to reciprocate it with same love by calling her name but stopped due to the knock on his window. he looked up to find the inspector and reality striked him. the inspector pointed out a direction and seeing there all the past memories flooded his mind. he then looked at his mobile which was connected to swara.
closing his eyes to calm himself he spoke to her.

sanskar- [in normal emotionless tone] i have called you to inform that i have found laksh. i will come back with him in an hour and half. so inform ragini and maa-baba about this and will come with laksh directly to maheshwari mansion. so you better know what to do.
swara- [happily] really..it means we……. [call got disconnected before she completes her sentence.
swara- hello..hello…sanskar…
she was left disappointed seeing the call disconnected but cheered up the next moment because the time has come that she will go back to him. everything will get fine just like before. laksh will be back, family will be united and complete and they will be back together.
she hurriedly came in hall and called out for ragini and shemish loudly in happiness.
swara- ragini….ragini…. maa….baba…… where are you all…..come out fast….maa….ragini….
sumi- shona what happened. why are you shouting?
swara just smiled wide with tears in her eyes.
swara- wait maa. let baba and ragini come.
swara- baba ….ragini….baba…..
shekhar- [a little scolding] what is this swara…. why are you shouting?….. see ayush woke up due to your continuous shouts…..
swara- [got sad but then recovered and took ayush from shekhar who was still angry] [to ayush] soryy chotu. didi was just so happy that why. now don’t cry. [she lightly tickled him and the ayush laughed ]

meanwhile ragini came there.
ragini- what is it swara. why were you calling me so loudly.
swara giving ayush to sumi, she came to ragini and cupped her face.
swara- ragini happiness is back in our lives. sanskar..has…
ragini- swara please….i don’t want to talk about sanskarji.
swara became upset but she composed herself because this was not the time for argument and ragini is not in condition to be argued with.
swara- once listen to me. please…
ragini- [turning her face away] say…
swara- [said in one breath] sanskar has found laksh and he is coming back along with him in an hour and half.
it took few seconds for ragini to register her words and then she turned to swara.
ragini- swara…you….are saying..truth.
swara nodded tery eyed and with small smile. ragini hugged her immediately and cried out of happiness.
ragini- swara laksh is coming back… laksh…..finally he is back. my wait is over swara….. laksh… i caan’t believe this…. i am so happy.
shekhar came forward and kept his hand over ragini’s head.ragini turned and hugged shekahr who patted her gently calming her.
shekhar- ragini beta now everything will be fine. don’t cry….. it’s not good for you.
swara looked at everything teary eyed and small smile. sumi came forward and hugged swara sideways and then hugged ragini.
swara- accha now come and get ready. we have to leave for maheshwari mansion. sanskar and laksh will come there directly.
ragini- haan ham abhi tayar ho kar aate hai. [yes i am just coming in a while being ready]
swaragini went to their rooms for getting ready.

swara’s room-
swara took out sanskar’s photo and kissed it lovingly.
swara- finally our wait is over. we will be one again. i am waiting for you. come fast.
background music plays-
swara opens her cupboard and took out a dupatta. she put that dupatta over her head and looked at sanskar photo.
swara- [looking at sanskar’s pic] finally i am coming back to you.
swara got ready and other side in ragini’s room, ragini was very happy and she was getting ready hastily.
shemish and swaragini along with ayush reached maheshwari mansion and swaragini hurriedly came inside and looked around the hall for sanlak if they reached. they were getting impatient. but sanlak till now did not reach. they went in and told maheshwari’s about what sanskar told and all became very happy and started waiting for the brothers to come.
swaragini were pacing in the hall and sometimes coming out to see whether they arrived or not. swara’s dupatta was flying away but she caught it on time and again placed on her shoulders properly.
otherside sanlak were shown who were coming in car. they were lost in their own world. going through lot of emotions the journey was silent. sanskar called on swara’s mobile and she immediately picked up.
swara- hello sanskar.. [said happily]
sanskar- we will reach in 15-20 minutes. did you inform ragini.
swara- haan i informed and we are waiting in maheshwari mansion.
sanskar- ok [and he cut the call]
this side ragini was about to take the call and was to ask to make her talk to laksh but call was disconnected and so she became sad. swara told her that they are coming in 15-20 minutes.
there laksh listening sanskar talking to swara looked toward him but sanskar was looking straight and talking on bluetooth and on mention of ragini’s name laksh was flooded with lot of emotions.
whereas sanskar felt the happiness in swara’s voice and he too felt a little happy. both brothers were lost in their love’s thoughts.
swaragini got even more impatient with each passing minute.
one side sanlak are shown coming in car while the other side swaragini are shown moving to and fro in the hall and other’s tensed, impatient, happy faces.
episode ends.

precap- wait…..
i hope you all like the episode and in further story their will lot more to see. today’s episode was somewhat common but the coming episodes would certainly be very interesting. atleast i will try my best for that.

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